Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Transmission Jacks for Sale Reviews In 2019

In the world of automobiles, there are requirements from your end which you need to look after. While having a long road journey though you might not anticipate a hurdle, it is always better to be prepared and keep the needed tools in the reach of your hands. Among all the other tools, a car jack is an essentially important tool that can save you a lot of time and spare you from unforeseen circumstances. The heavy-duty transmission jacks on which you can rely must meet the abilities to work fast and still remain stable in the process.

So next time when you are in need to remove any part from under the vehicle, keep a transmission floor jack handy as these are convenient to use as you can position it at the centre and do all the needed work without any hassles. Let’s discuss the top auto transmission jacks for sale to help you choose the product that meets your demands and works as per your need.

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Table of the Best Heavy Duty Transmission Jacks

10. OTC 1793A High-Lift Transmission Jack

Transmission Jacks

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It is designed keeping in mind praiseworthy usage and operation. The universal saddle can be tilted from front to back and even side to side plus come with corner brackets that can be adjusted along with safety chains so that you can position the load in a perfect way. Besides, it also has flash-chromed rams that will eradicate any chances of rust making its way to the hydraulic system and the foot operated the pump with lowering paddle help in hassle-free control while positioning or removing the required transmission. The 1000 lbs capacity with inbuilt safety overload system makes sure no accidents are caused due to any overloading. It even has polyurethane swivel wheels for optimum stability and easy transportation.

2. Torin Hydraulic Transmission Floor Jack – 0.50 Ton

Transmission Floor Jack

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Ease of usage is an important factor when choosing a jack used for transmission; the Torin Telescopic floor jack is a wonderful piece of machine that does the work with ease. It has a four leg base and 3” steel wheels that rotate 360-degrees for a smoother experience. It is the ball bearing casters that help in the full rotation. The high lift range of 49.6” to 68.7” helps you have a better experience on every usage. Moreover, it has a design that can be used both in-ground and above-ground which helps in removing or installing any kind of transmission from cars and light trucks. The safety chain can be tilted in any direction and the dipped enamel finish combined with a durable steel structure maximizes safety and durability.

1. Alltrade Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack – 4000 lb

Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack

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If you are looking for a product that has a stand out lifting capacity, the Powerbuilt is undoubtedly the best choice to make. With an unmatched 4000 pounds lifting capacity, it is the strongest on the list and ensures heavy duty at its best. Be it cars, trucks and even ATVs, it will lift all effortlessly and gets the job done efficiently. Furthermore, it has incomparable durability for long-term running and also features a very flexible design that can suit and work with multiple types of vehicular frames. The patented design also features a removable lift saddle along with paddle lift rails for better usage. Have security and safety in your hands as it has to lock safety bars that eliminate any hassles associated with jack stands.

Key Features:

  • It was made in China
  • It is easy to use
  • It was designed for the triple lift and multiple types of vehicle
  • Designed for lifting trucks, cars or ATVs
  • It supports 4,000 bl capacity
  • Product weight is 85 pounds
  • Product dimension is 27 x 17 x 9 inches

Troubles on road are unexpected and with the presence of jacks used for the purpose of transmission, most of the on-road hassles have a solution. So, for a happy ride, get a reliable car transmission jack for your vehicle.

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