Top 10 Best Hard Knuckle Gloves

Whether you’re playing paintball, learning how to shoot or are combat athlete, a pair of hard knuckle gloves could make the difference between hitting a target and losing a match. The best hard knuckle gloves should provide sufficient flex to keeping your fingers moving while offering a better grip at the same time. It ought to be warm and breathable. And because settling for the perfect pair of gloves can be somewhat daunting, we’ve dissected the market to bring you the top 10 best hard knuckle gloves so that you can have an easier time choosing what matches your requirements. Here are our top picks;

10. Fantastic Zone Ventilate Hard Knuckle Gloves

Made from genuine, high-quality leather for maximum performance, these gloves are ideal for activities such as riding and exercising. They feature an adjustable Velcro closure to keep your hand comfortable with every use. The Fantastic Zone hard knuckle gloves also come with strategically placed molded foam to ensure the back of hand remains protected all the time. These gloves have a wrist Velcro adjustment design so that you can wear and take them off quickly. The pre-curved hard knuckle protection design aligns with the contours of your hand for a better grip while the palm’s water resistant suede fabric guarantees years of use.

9. Hatch Reactor Hard Knuckle Glove


If you’re a regular biker, you will love these hard knuckle gloves. With heavy padding in the palm area, the Hatch Reactor offers an excellent grip for braking or raking. The palm reduces vibration which by extension enables you to control your bike without hurting the fingers. The outer edges of the gloves are equally padded for extra protection. How about durability? Well, you may want to know that these gloves are made using hard polymer and covered with goatskin leather for longevity. If you have small hands and looking for hard knuckle gloves with a tight fit, the Hatch Reactor could be an excellent choice.

8. Rothco Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves


The Rothco hard knuckle gloves are fire and cut resistant to protect the back of your hands and fingers from injury. They feature carbontek molded knuckles covered with water-resistant goatskin leather. The leather extends to the palm and the thumb areas for even more protection. The Rothco is the ideal pair of gloves to go for if you’re regularly engaged in activities that require protection of your hands such as firefighting. They could also be perfect for combat athletes who want to throw heavy punches to their opponents without hurting their fingers.

7. ILM Alloy Steel Knuckle Gloves


Designed to contour with your hand’s joint, the ILM Alloy Steel hard knuckle gloves provide unmatched protection for your hand and fingers thanks to the anti-collision protection. The palm is crafted using a 3D classic plastic non-slip lines to ensure that you don’t hurt your palm in case of a fall. The outer part of the ILM Alloy Steel is large and U-shaped to align with the shape of the back of your hand. Besides, this pair of gloves sports an attractive, fashionable look that’s pleasing to the eye. The ILM Alloy Steel is ideal for riders, particularly during the cold summer months.

6. Crownover Tactical ECHELON Hard Knuckle Gloves


If you frequent the target range, the Crownover Tactical hard knuckle gloves are worth checking out. They are specifically designed for handling a handgun in adverse conditions or for paintballers who want to improve the grip during the game. You can also use it for other outdoor activities such as riding, cycling, and airsoft. The Crownover Tactical is made using breathable microfiber for breathability and comfort. It also features durable straps on the back and wrist area for a secure fit. You may also want to know that the Crownover supports touch screen operation.

5. TitanOPS Full Finger Tactical Combat Tactical Gloves


The TitanOPS is a high-quality pair of hard knuckle gloves that brings to the fore reasonably low profile and well as adequate manual manipulation that protects your fingers without necessarily hampering the sense of touch. These gloves have enough padding on the finger backs and the palms to keep your hand protected. The outer material is bacteria resistant, odor free and can be used a couple of times without washing. And even when you need to wash them, the material is machine washable and dries fast. The TitanOPS is ideal for hunting, combat, hiking and tactical training as well as cycling.

4. Mechanix Wear Tactical M-Pact 3 Covert


With 100% Spandex construction, the Mechanix provides internal fingertip protection for an excellent, abrasion resistance. The palm features dual reinforcement for increased durability. These gloves are perhaps the best option for a casual wearer. It supports first touchscreen operation on the forefinger and thumb. The Spandex grip material is ideal for handling guns or gripping the forestock of your crossbow. These are machine washable and come with a nylon web loop for easier storage. One feature that makes Mechanix one of the best gloves on the market is the Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) knuckle guard that offers remarkable impact resistance.

3. Fox Head Men’s Bomber Glove


From arguably the most recognized brand of motorcycle apparel on the planet comes the Bomber, one of the most innovatively designed hard knuckle gloves on the market. These gloves feature uniquely molded Poly Carbonate knuckles for a superior fit. It has perforated leather for extended life. The Bomber has a double layer Clarino palm, a grip made of silicone and a hook-and-loop closure. Just like the name suggests, this is one pair of gloves one that you may want to wear in combat matches or while visiting the shooting range. As a matter of fact, the Bomber is known for its punch taking ability.

2. Mechanix Wear Tactical MultiCam Original


The Mechanix MultiCam Original is made for use in military-like situations. They are made using TrekDry material which allows a constant flow of air to keep the hand and the fingers comfortable for handling guns.

The MultiCam camouflage also helps keep the hands cool. You don’t have to worry about dexterity thanks to the single layer palm construction. With dexterity comes a firmer and better grip.

The Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) shields your fingers and hands even in extreme conditions. And for those who may be concerned, the Mechanix MultiCam Original hard knuckle gloves are machine washable.

1. Reebow Gear® Military Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves


Making it to the top of our top 10 best hard knuckle gloves is the Reebow Gear®, high performing hard knuckle gloves designed for paintball, airsoft, shooting, assault, combat, battling, and other outdoor activities. And with molded hard shell knuckles, you can rest assured that these gloves with adequately protect your hands from abrasion and impact.

The Reebow Gear® is nicely stitched, has a breathable wrist and will give you a sense of support and snug required for extreme outdoor activities. What’s more? The gloves dry fast, are water resistant and lightweight. With the incredible flexibility and dexterity that these gloves have, you can be sure of more precision and strength while shooting.

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