Top 10 Best Hammock Tree Straps in 2021

Midst the busy life full of worries and tensions, it is very important to spend some time relaxing and having fun or else there is no meaning to life. Hammocks are the best way to take a break from one’s busy life. Whether it is to take a nap or to think calmly for some time there is no better choice than a hammock.

Hammocks can be set up anywhere and can also be carried while going for a picnic or tour. It is important to buy a good quality hammock to have a wonderful time swinging on it. It is equally important to buy a top quality hammock strap as it is what holds the hammock securely. Having a good hammock set is a nice way to spend some time relaxing.

List of Top 10 Best Hammock Tree Straps in 2021

10. MalloMe – XL Hammock Straps

XL Hammock Straps - Hammock Tree Straps Set Versatile

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Even the most adventurous people need to pause for some time and relax. Hammocks are one of the best ways to relax for thrill-seeking people and MalloMe straps allow you to hook your hammock to almost anything in just 1 minute. It is made of very durable stretch free polyester and has the capacity to carry a load of more than 2,000 lbs.


  • A set of three straps 12 Feet Long x 1 Inch Wide, 20 Attachment Loops
  • No-Stretch Triple Stitched Heavy Duty Seams
  • Two Carabiners which are free locking type and a bag
  • Suitable for both single and double hammocks
  • Hang Your Portable Single and Double Parachute Hammocks
  • Anchor points that are perfect for posts, trees, large rocks, boat masts, docks, roof racks, and more

9. Nature’s Hangout – Hammock Straps

HangTight Hammock Straps

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Nature’s Hangout hammock straps are very durable and easy to set up for any type of Hammocks. One of their main features is the reinforced stitching which provides extra safety. A daisy-chained type of loops system is used by which you can set up your hammock in less than two minutes with height customization. Free from learning how to tie complicated.


  • Nylon – tear-resistant, lightweight and tree-friendly
  • Total of 32 adjustable Loops & 20ft long
  • Made of 100% sand and waterproof material
  • Premium Hanging Straps and Carabiners
  • Can carry a load of 2,200+ LBS, stitching – Reinforced double-power stitching type
  • Completely stretch resistant webbing of polyester

8. Honest Outfitters – Single / Double Hammock with Straps

 Honest Outfitters Single & Double Camping Hammock With Hammock

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The Honest Outfitter’s hammocks are one of the best in the market and they provide single and double hammocks. Hammock straps are also included in the sets which can easily be set up in a very less time. For packing up quickly there is an integrated stuff sack provided. The hammocks are made from triple interlocked stitched high-grade nylon which a load capacity of 400-500lbs.


  • Hammock straps are used rather than rope: faster and easy setup
  • Lightweight materials are used
  • The carabiners support a 1000 pounds-force: stronger hence safer and no sharp edges
  • Includes: a camping hammock, 2 hammock straps and 2 carabiners made of solid steel

7. Rallt – Hammock Straps

Hammock Tree Straps - 2000+ LB Breaking Strength, 20 Feet Long, 36 Loops

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The Rallt’s Hammock straps are adjustable suspension straps made from polyester which doesn’t have stretching properties. The straps are very strong with a 3/4″ tubular webbing of polyester with a load carrying capacity of more than 2000lbbs. The bar tack stitches are used which is said to be stronger than the material itself.


  • 20 FT total, 36 loops combined and reflective tracers
  • Compact and ultra-light weighing only 11.7 OZ
  • Compatible with brands like Eagles Nest, Grand Trunk, and Kammok
  • Setup & relax in 1 minute: daisy-chain loop system
  • Reflective stitching: easy set up during night time
  • Long enough to set up on anything

6. Live Infinitely – Outdoor Hammock Set

Double Outdoor Camping Hammock Set-

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A camping hammock is something which creates a sense of connection and enjoyment between people. The hammock can be set up anywhere you wish with the help of the tree straps included in the set. Be it in your backyard or some other beautiful place, all you need is a few minutes to set the hammock up.


  • Made of 210T nylon which is parachute grade
  • Lightweight, compact and portable
  • Hammock has a load carrying capacity of 500 LBS
  • 2- 16 Loop tree straps, upgraded wire gate carabiners, and a large gear pouch
  • New type of nylon sling end: increased strength, reduced weight and no need to double check the knots

5. Favofit – Hammock Straps

 Hammock Straps, XL Hammock Tree Straps, 1400 LBS+ Heavy Duty, Lightweight, Easy Setup

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Favofit’s hammock straps are easy to set up, heavy duty and lightweight. They can be tied to any material and will hold the hammock in place. The straps have been developed after performing extensive texts regarding the quality and durability. The carabiners are rated at 1124 lbs per piece.


  • Material: high-density polyester
  • Total of 36 loops – 18 loops per strap
  • Aircraft grade aluminum alloy material
  • Easy to set up in less than a minute
  • Load capacity per strap: 700 lbs
  • 100% polyester with no-stretch property
  • Compact, portable, lightweight and tree-friendly

4. Pro Venture – Tree Hanging Straps

Pro Hammock Tree Straps with CARABINERS

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If you have the Pro Venture’s hammock straps then you will experience a safe calm and pleasant hammock experience. These tree-friendly straps can be set up in a very less time and are heavy duty. They help you to have a peaceful hammock experience without the fear of falling down.


  • A Safety Rating of 400LB total, and have been tested to a maximum of 1200LB
  • Made of 100 percent stretch proof polyester
  • Length of each strap – 8ft
  • A total of 30 triple stitched safety loops (30 total)
  • Ultra-light, extra strong and highly durable
  • No sagging or damage to trees

3. Ohuhu Hammock Straps

Ohuhu Hammock Straps with 2 Heavy-duty S Hooks and Carabiners

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Ohuhu’s hammock straps come with latch style and S hooks and everything we need to perfectly hang a hammock anywhere. The straps deliver a very comfortable swinging experience. The straps have a ring thread through the end for holding it firm and secure around any object.


  • Material: Nylon and iron
  • High quality and compact
  • Has a weight carrying capacity of 500lb
  • Has two 110” hammock straps at a 1.5” width with threads of double cross type: more safe and secure
  • Simple and easy mounting and demounting of hammock
  • Tree-friendly: cause no damage to the tree if tied around one
  • comes with a carrying bag

2. Sahara Sailor – Hammock Straps

Hammock Straps XL (Set of 2), Sahara Sailor Adjustable Hammock Tree Hanging Straps

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The hammock straps of Sahara Sailor are made of polyester webbing which is stretch resistant, to ensure strength and durability in a wide range of outdoor conditions. They have a load carrying capacity up to 1400lbs and has a total of 30 adjustment points. These tree-friendly hammock straps are simple and easy to set up even by someone who has never tied a knot in his life.


  • 2 straps which are 10 feet long: each with 15+1 adjustment loops
  • Strong hammock straps: made by 100% stretch resistant polyester webbing
  • Triple-stitched loops
  • Hammock suspension system: simple set up in seconds and easily adjust the height
  • Support: Kammok, Hennessey, ENO, DoubleNest, Grand Trunk, and Yukon
  • Included 2 stainless steel carabiners

1.The Adventure Guys – Hammock Straps TAG XL

TAG XL Hammock Straps with Carabiners

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The hammock straps of the TAG are extra-long and can be tied to anything of large width. They are made to be perfect in all the cases like durability, strength, stretch resistant etc. It can carry a load up to 500lbs easily. The set includes an instruction manual which can be read by anyone after which the hammock can be set up easily.


  • Highly resistant to stretch: triple stitched seams on poly-filament webbed strap
  • 9 FT long with a total of 20 loops and load carrying capacity up to 250 LBS
  • Lightweight, strong, durable and compact
  • Large hammock hooks for providing flexibility in choosing your hammock location

Buying Guide

A list of the best ten hammock straps available in the market has been selected for your convenience and given above. You can choose the one you wish depending on the features of each product.


Having a top quality hammock is not enough to have a good relaxing time. One must be able to relax in a hammock without the fear of falling down anytime. For that, you will need to have a good quality hammock strap which can be tied securely to any object and will give a calm and safe swinging experience.