Top 10 Best Hair Crimpers in 2019 Reviews

Are you looking for one of that best hair crimpers that would serve you for some time is affordable and will never disappoint? Then say no more here we have assembled a list of top quality hair crimpers in 2019 just take a little time to take a look at these quality products we have researched on based on reviews, market and customer reactions.

The best hair crimpers should be able to have quality features, and in this review, we have looked at each unique features and configurations of each of the top crimpers in the market today. Look at what you should be considering when you want to buy a crimper and then make a choice which one you would like to have from this list.

Best Hair Crimpers Buyers Guide

It is not always easy to maintain long hair and have them look cool every day. They might even seem a nuisance at times. You also do not want people showing that disgusting look on their faces when they see your rough and unkempt long hair. To avoid this just get a crimper and have your hair look beautiful each morning and all day. This guide is a consideration you should take when looking for the best crimper that suits your circumstances.


Consider the size of the crimper itself and the ability to use easily without it being too handy for you. You should buy that one that fits your hand easily, and you don’t struggle using it. Crimpers will bring an improved texture to your hair and based on the length of your hair you may want to achieve a given style. The textures only then go for a crimper that is small. A wider crimper will bring with it subtleness to your hair with waves created. Short hair is suited for a crimper that is small and thin in width. Small crimpers always work better on short hair due to its ease of movement. Large and wide crimpers will work best on longer hair and cover more area.

2.Plate Technology

With advancement in modern technology, today crimpers have moved from the old day crimpers that were ponytail and ruler-straight based to new ones that specialize on the type of hair you have. There are various crimper plates today such as metallic, ceramic or even tourmaline crimper plates.

Titanium plates are known for strength and can get to the highest temperatures. They can avoid static electric currents usually present in hair.It remains one of the best plates as it is strong even more than steel and guarantees better and faster results. It is the best for coarse and thick hairs. The plate is best also for professional use.

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On the other hand, tourmaline produces smooth tresses and prevents friction unlike ceramic only. A mixture of ceramic and tourmaline or tourmaline and titanium would bring a fantastic plate. Less friction means less hair damage. It is the best for normal use as well as those coarse hairs that are thick. Tourmaline produces moderate tresses. It is less expensive in most cases.

3.Heat settings

Thick and long hairs require crimpers that produce more heat and cover more space less thick hairs will need crimpers that produce less heat and cover less space. Crimpers that have a variety of heat setting and heat tools are the best in the market today. There are those that would even offer as many as 25 heat settings for you. Such allow excellence regarding flexibility and style to any hair long or short thick or thin. Some offer the highest degree of heat and would even make soft and curly the most stubborn hairs. A crimper that heats fast enough would be the best for you too.

The Best Hair Crimpers in 2019

You can choose the best crimper now considering these features seen in the reviews below. Of course, other factors such as the price and durability may be at play. We can now look at the Top 10 Best Hair Crimpersin 2019 Reviews.

10.JINDIN Triple Barrel Hair Curler Ceramic Crimper Iron Curling Wand Wave Curl Tongs Hairstyling Tools

This is one of the best in the market today if not the best. We chose to rank it as the best in the market due to its quality and effectiveness as well as unique features that it offers. It heats up quickly making it one of the best in that regard and therefore you can easily have different hair styles with this feature. You can regulate the temperature off this crimper to suit your needs, and again this is a safety mechanism for you. It is a tourmaline ceramic made plate, and this is associated with effectiveness and creates curled wands and soft waves that are shinier.


i)It is safe due to its ability to offer temperature regulation mechanism.

i)It has 3 barrels of iron allowing you to have a variety of styles.

i)It is safe and easy to use this crimper.

i)A 360 degrees rotatable swivel is one of the best features of this crimper.


i)It is one of those that use so much electricity.Best Hair Crimpers

9.Hiliss Hair Weaver Crimping Iron Mini Travel Tools

It is one of those travel crimpers made to be mini size but still a high-quality product appearing here to complete the list of the best hair crimpers in 2019. It allows you to have a zigzag texture of your hair crimping with the desired comfort and with ease due to its ergonomic nature. You can hold this crimper freely and with minimum effort but still achieving results that you will be happy with. It is an 110V-220V crimper and is recommended for travelers.


i)It is the best for travelers.

ii)It leaves a zigzag style of texture.

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iii)Power compatibility mechanism of 110V-220V.


i)It does not easily give a variety of texture styles.Best Hair Crimpers

8.Bed Head BH309 Groupie 1″ Mini Travel Crimper

This is also a mini travel crimper that makes this list complete. It is made of a 1-inch ceramic plate that is iron made and makes it perfect for touch-ups. The crimping plates allow you to have various styles while using this traveler’s crimper. This one heats up very fast at about 30 seconds and also runs at a constant temperature it saves so much valuable time for you.


i)It has a tangle-free swivel cord.

ii)It is a time save crimper heating up so fast.

iii)It works at a constant high heat.


i)It consumes so much electricity

ii)It has no heat adjusting settings.Best Hair Crimpers

7.hiLISS Creative Volume Hair Crimper

Check out the best professional travelers’ crimper here then on this list. It is for the first time one of the best, and it is a creative hair crimper that possesses the ability to add texture to the hair from the roots and also boosts volume. It has slim ceramic plates that allow you to enjoy a completely safe relaxing experience that is comfortable and comes with various styling features of crimping. Its 360o swivel cord is there for minimal tangles.


i)One can adjust the temperature to suit various styles.

ii)It is known for volume boosting and texture addition to the hair roots.

iii)It is mainly a traveler’s crimpers and is highly portable.


i)It takes quite some time to heat up.

Best Hair Crimpers

6.EWIN(R) 1PCS Crimper Crimping Wave Waver Hair Ion Real Hair Curling Curler

This is new in the market but has gained popularity already, and it is one of the quality crimpers today. Made from the Korean ceramic tourmaline plates, it is known for its stylish variety curls. It also has a strong mechanism to regulate temperature to avoid injury to your hair. It comes with dual voltage for purposes of suitability. A dual voltage of  110 v and 220 v.


i)A dual voltage mechanism is available.

ii)It has maintenance of temperature mechanism to avoid hair damage.

iii)It can allow a variety of styles of curls.


i)It takes quite some time to heat up.

ii)It might not suit travelers.Best Hair Crimpers

5.Infiniti Pro by Conair 1″ Tourmaline Ceramic Crimper

Rated as one of the best crimpers in this year this Infiniti Pro Crimper can add, lift and volume the roots of the hair. The crimper gives you a perfect satisfaction without harming your hair. It is powerful heater enables you to do curling in style and in time.


i)Its technology allows a closer to the root contact.

ii)It is affordable relatively to other crimpers.

iii)It has a powerful heater


i)It takes some time to heat up.

ii)It is not a convenient one for travels.

iii)It is not a stylish curling crimperBest Hair Crimpers

4.Hot Tools 1″ Micro Crimper Gold Iron

This is also a highly rated crimper that has several special features. It is known for its lovely curly textures. It heats up fast and is easy to use as well as having a temperature regulating mechanism. Some of its special features include the following;


i)It heats up faster allowing light textured crimps.

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ii)It has a Rheostat control dial allowing variable heat settings to be used.

iii)It is ergonomic and easy to use.


i)It is one of those that consume much electricity.

ii)Not easy to travel with this one.Best Hair Crimpers

3.JEEGOL Ceramic Titanium Night Crimper Iron, Full Size

This is also in the class of the best in this year. It is made of Nano titanium plates that are so easy to clean and produce constant heat that is also sufficiently high. The plates help it bring out results most desired of soft, luxurious, stylish hairs. It has got sensors that monitor the amount of heat that is being used, and the temperature is therefore regulated. It is ergonomic and fits in hand easily and can be easily used. The crimper is designed to be slim and has a 2.5 m swivel cord. It can heat up to 450 F.


i)2.5-meter swivel cord

ii)It is one of those that heats up to 450oF.

iii)It is made of a Nano Titanium plate

iv)Sensor monitoring temperatures restore warmth to the best possible styling level.


i)It is one of those that consume so much electricity.

ii)It might not be easy to carry around for example in a suitcase.Best Hair Crimpers

2.Bed Head Bh307cn1 Totally Bent Chrome Crimper, 2-Inch

This one here makes our top ten lists and is a quality product that is made of a 2-inch crimping plate made of chrome. It supports heat directly and enables it to heat up directly. It brings out the best for you in that it improves texture and boosts hair volume. Its hair styling variety is a plus for it. It has got a range of heat settings for convenience purposes for you.


i)Adjustable heat settings for convenience.

ii)It is fitted with plate lock switch.

iii)Chrome plates work better in direct heating for faster styling.

iv)Allows piece texture and volume boosting.


i)High power rating.Best Hair Crimpers

1.Hot Tools 2179 Deep Waver with Ceramic Tourmaline and Pulse Technology

This makes too the shortlist being one of the latest and is designed with ceramic tourmaline plates that create an ultra-deep waves in any kind of hair short or long whether the hard type of hairs or the soft ones. It uses the infrared technology to preserve the hair’s natural moisture, and its tourmaline ensures sealing of hair cuticles as well as improving hair shine. It has a patented pulse technology for a stay hot performance.


i)The infra-red technology preserves natural hair moisture

ii)Its plates ensure the improvement of hair shine.

iii)Ultra deep waves that suit every type of hair.


i)Complaints about heating up being slow.Best Hair Crimpers


Get the best hair crimpers that suits your needs considering what exactly and where you are going to use the crimper. This list I hope serves you best as you get the best product today having been reviewed based on customer reviews and comments on the products.

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