Top 10 Best Guitar Capos in 2019 Reviews

Are you in the market for guitar capos? We have a collection of the best guitar capos in 2019. Best Guitar Capos guarantees a high guitar pitch. A capo is often used to transpose a song to accommodate a wide range of singers. Capo techniques alter the mood of the guitarist. Also, capos have different styles. One of the styles resembles to Drop D tuning. They are various guitar capos available in today’s market. Some capos such as Shubb C7B are well designed for beginners. You can achieve artificial “DADGAD” by placing partial capo into the ADG strings. Some capos have various rubber pads to give the guitarist a chance to capo any string combination on a single fret.

The Best Guitar Capos should evenly distribute pressure along fret. This is essential to guitars with curved necks. It controls buzzing caused by strings that are slightly loose. Also, it ensures that the string is kept in tune due to resilient clamping mechanism. Take your guitar with you when on the market to purchase the capo for testing. Pay great attention to the rubber. It should be sufficient enough to shield the finish in the guitar neck. A capo is used by both acoustic and electrical guitarist.

Types of Guitar Capos

Guitar capos are divided into three categories. They include;

a) Clutch Capos

These type of capos delivers maximum performance. They operate up to the 11th fret. No need of pulling the string out of tune. Also, they do not have more levers. Guitars tune can be adjusted in simple tiny increments. Very easy to operate using one hand. The only drawback with clutch capos is that they are bit expensive.

b) Lever Capos

Unlike clutch capos, this type makes use of spring operated technique. The user can remove quickly using one hand. Sometimes spring operated technique can create too much pressure that pulls the string out. The problem can be solved by placing the capo just to the fret. Place them well to avoid pulling off.

c) Partial Capos

Partial capos resemble lever capos. The only difference is fret positioning of the strings. For this reason, partial capos are very versatile. Can be used with other capos for more efficient tuning.

Tips on how to use a capo

i)Always place the capo just near the front fret to eliminate buzzing.

ii)While using a capo in an entry-level guitar, re-tuning is very essential.

iii)Always disconnects the capo when not in use. Leaving it for long reduces the lifespan of the frets.

iv)Turn upside down especially when using kyser to cover A, D and G strings.

The Best Guitar Capos in 2019

We have prepared a list of the best guitar capos in the market to help you narrow down the many brands and models available in the market. We have taken great care to choose those that have great performance and gives you value for money. The Top 10 Best Guitar Capos in 2019 Reviews are:

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10.Planet Waves NS Capo Pro Silver

This capo results from the collaboration between the popular product designer J. D’Addario & Company and Ned Steinberger. Its smooth, ultra-light design allows you to position one hand on the neck of your guitar faster and accurately. The aircraft grade lightweight aluminum construction virtually adds zero weight on the neck of your guitar when you are using it. You can eliminate the string buzzing and enjoy ideal, and excellent in-tune performance by adjusting the micrometer tension. It has been designed for either 6 or 12 electric and acoustic guitars with the radiused fretboards. You can operate your guitar with only one hand. It is also available in a classical guitar version and medium price range.


i) Well engineered with a matte finish.

ii) No returning is required for it to maintain the correct intonation.


i) It does not keep the tension well.

Best Guitar Capos

9.YMC Black Color Quick Change Guitar Trigger Capo

This guitar capo perfectly suits the electric and acoustic guitars, folk and classical guitars which are built with the spring tension since it makes placement and releases easy and quick. It has the protective rubber which doesn’t damage the strings of your guitar. You can easily place it on and off the neck or transfer to other frets with just a single hand. It is strong and lightweight. With this capo, you can bring up the pitch to suit your range of vocal. It is also available at a low price on the market.


i) Works excellently with acoustic and electric guitars.

ii) Appropriately placed strings.


i) It cannot work with larger guitars.

Best Guitar Capos

8.Guitar Capo Acoustic and Electric Guitars

This guitar capo has been designed to offer great performance as it stays in-tune with great intonation an all the frets. It is designed to fit well electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, folk guitars, ukulele and banjo. You can change between the frets very fast. This product uses the mechanical steel spring with internal memory which offers the strength and resistance to fatigue. Its great quality silicone pad will provide protection against damage to your guitar. It is made from the light aircraft grade zinc alloy mat which makes to last. It is also affordable as its price range is medium and comes with a lifetime warranty.


i) Leaves no scratches on your guitar.

ii) Multi-purpose. It can be used with acoustic guitars, ukulele, electric guitar and many others.


i) Springs loosen after sometimes.

Best Guitar Capos

7.Shark Zinc Alloy Spring Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitar

This cool guitar capo enables you to play great music.  It has been designed and shaped to resemble a shark. It is made from a zinc alloy of a high grade, and it weighs about 138g. Despite the fact that this capo might be heavier when compared to other guitar capos, its design will enable you to stand out from others when you are playing. You can reposition easily with just a single hand. It also ensures that all your strings are applied the pressed perfectly and in tune. Its silicon made pads offer protects your guitar’s neck from scratches or any other damage. It is small in size, portable and very convenient making it fit into your bag easily. It also has a unique, exquisite surface finish.

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i) Awesome and shiny appearance looks so attractive.

ii) Perfectly constructed to last for ages.


i) Its grip is tightly fitted hence a lot of force is required to force open.

Best Guitar Capos

6.Shubb C3K 12 String Guitar Capo

If you are an expert guitarist, then there are things that you require to make your music sound better and this capo is one of them. This capo suits perfectly the professional guitarist when they are performing as they are the ones who are very certain of the kind of sound they need.  It can be used for both the acoustic and electric string guitars and those guitars which have fret boards of 2 inches with the curved radiuses. This capo is also very easy for you to snap it to your guitar’s neck and remove it. When you clamp it firmly on fret allows your guitar produce high-quality sound and intonation. It also has a stunning black chrome finish.


i) Work best with 12 string guitars.

ii) It is small and lightweight hence portable.


i) Does not accommodates guitars with a large neck.

Best Guitar Capos

5.Kyser KG6B 6 String Capo

This product is one of the most popular capos which is mainly bought by both the beginners and the professionals. This quick-change capo has been engineered expertly and made from lightweight, strong aluminum for it last. The quick change and the spring tension clamps clamp firmly on the neck of your guitar for holding the intonation. You can easily and quickly release and reposition it without disturbing tuning. You can raise the pitch clearly of the six string acoustic guitar, and you will realize it doesn’t change the fingering when you play the different chords that you want using a different key. With this capo, you can clip on the fret with one hand only. It also helps to transpose your guitar in few seconds. Its price range is modest.


i) Accessible replacement parts make your work very easy and ample.

ii) It does not damage your guitar.


i) It is very expensive but does more than expected.

Best Guitar Capos

4.Jim Dunlop 83CB Guitar Capo

This type of guitar capo has been designed for the pros at a fair price. Its ergonomic shape and padded handle may look unusual, but it is due to that, it enables easy fret positioning. It is made from the strong, lightweight aircraft quality aluminum which you will not even notice it is present on your guitar. Its strong spring action clamps the capo in place firmly and prevents from slipping. The firm grip assures you that you can make loud and clear sound from your guitar.  It has also been designed to allow fast changes. The curved shape of this capo fits for 6 and 12 string guitars. Its price range is medium.


i) Compatible with various types of guitars

ii) Unique design makes key changing very fast.


i) Leaves some marks if you touch other parts other than frets.

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Best Guitar Capos

3.Shubb GC-30 Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Capo

This guitar capo offers smooth and accurate output since it has been made with stainless steel that resists both scratches and nicks.  The custom made rubber design has been made in such a way that it doesn’t bend the strings. Its unique capo design has been trusted and liked by many musicians over the years. You can also clamp and release it quickly. With this capo, you don’t need to reset pressure for each use as set it once and forget it. You can use it with both electric and acoustic guitars. Its price range is medium hence affordable.


i) Distinctive design appeal to most of the musicians.

ii) It is of great quality yet available at a very low price.


i) Requires more to fit on your guitar perfectly.

Best Guitar Capos

2.Planet Waves NS Guitar Capo

This capo offers several innovative and simple to use option which fit a wide range of instruments and the user preferences. It is so special in that it is made from the aircraft grade aluminum which makes it rugged to take a beating and very light on the fret board. This capo has been designed for use electric and acoustic guitars with the radiused fretboards. It is not recommended to be used on 12-strings guitars, though. It is perfect for those individuals who are particular in the quality of sound they produce. With the micrometer tension adjustment in it, you are assured that the in-tune performance at every fret is buzz-free. You can use a single hand to transfer it from one fret to another. It is also available at a very low price.


i) Easy to adjust spring pressures.

ii) Well engineered to boost its lifespan.


i) Very expensive hence may not be ideal if you are working on a limited budget.

Best Guitar Capos

1.Guitar Capo GP004 by DD

If you want your guitar to provide you reliable and great performance, then this guitar capo is one of your best choices. With this capo, your guitar will give you beautiful and varied tones. It has been designed in a small size from a sturdy material which makes it very suitable for the guitars of various widths. The capo is designed to fits perfectly to 6-strings acoustic and electric guitars. It is also a padded capo with a strong spring action grip to enable quick changes. Its simple operation and fast release design enable you to hold the string tight and nicely. It also comes in a silver color and at a very affordable price.


i) Silvery appearance looks so nice and attractive.

ii) Crafted from durable materials.


i) Uses plastic screws. These screws can break very easily especially when tightly screwed.

ii) It is rough on well-finished guitars.

Best Guitar Capos


Guitar Capos play an important role in ensuring that you get nothing but the best sound from your guitar. We know the importance of a guitar in a song that is why we have selected the best guitar capos for you. We hope you will find the one that suits your requirements and most of all your budget. Happy shopping!

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