Top 10 Best Green Screen Kits in 2021 Reviews

If you want to capture a perfect shot, having the best camera is not enough. Even if you have the skills, if proper lighting is not provided, you won’t get a satisfying shot. Proper lighting enhances the beauty of the photography by giving them natural looks.

There are varieties of green kits available in the market with different features but one thing they all have in common is their ability to improve your photography. No matter what, a proper green kit is as essential as a professional camera for a photographer. There are some factors like your need, portability, size, weight etc. that you will need to consider while going for a green kit.

List of The Top 10 Best Green Screen Kits in 2021

10. LimoStudio Lighting Kit

LimoStudio Lighting Kit

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The LimoStudio’s lightning kit is something that a photographer must have in his workplace. It includes a Green color Muslin backdrop Screen with five backdrop holders. It provides the necessary lighting and enhances the beauty while capturing a photo/video.


  • 1 x Green Backdrop Screen of 6’x9′ made of fabricated material.
  • None gloss and reflective and surface
  • Wrinkle-resistant and lightweight fabric
  • Dust of the surface and reuse type
  • 5 x Backdrop Holders which are used on the crossbar of diameter 28mm
  • Load carrying capacity of 5lbs
  • a must for hanging muslin or any other clothes as backgrounds
  • Stretches and remove wrinkles of the cloth

9. ePhoto Lighting Kit H604SB-1020G

ePhoto Lighting Kit H604SB-1020G

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EPhoto’s lighting kit is an affordable and good quality green kit with really awesome lighting setup. The whole kit includes 9 light bulbs of 60w, 2 tripods light stand of 6.5 ft, 2 softboxes, a boom arm and its stand, softbox for hairlight, 2 support stands of 8ft, a green screen and much more which all fit into a storage case.


  • Has softened light with a softbox
  • Light output of 2700 watts
  • These are operated with light bulbs of four day-light Studio
  • The lights can be easily controlled by a simple ON/OFF switch
  • Works with 110V – 120V

8. Fotodiox Collapsible Background Kit

Fotodiox Collapsible Background Kit

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The Fotodiox’s background kit is designed in such a way that it can be used by anyone, an amateur to a professional. The 2 in 1 design helps you to choose the desired chromakey color perfect for the shot and it is very easy to set up. When folded the whole set can be stored and carried around in a case.


  • Has a background panel which is double sided: Chromakey Green on one side and Blue on other
  • A support stand for setting up easily
  • Has a size of 5ft x 7ft which is perfect for portrait photography or a video shoot
  • The support stand can be lifted up to a height of 7ft to hold the panel
  • Has a 2 in 1 collapsible design
  • A durable spring type metal frame

7. LimoStudio Photography Umbrella Lighting Kit, AGG408

LimoStudio Photography Umbrella Lighting Kit, AGG408

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LimoStudio’s AGG408 lighting kit is the perfect one for any improving photographer or a professional. The kit consists of almost every equipment needed for giving a natural light appearance to capture a good shot.


  • 3 Fluorescent Light Holders of Single Head
  • 3 light bulbs of 45W
  • 2 33″ White Umbrella Reflectors
  • 2 86″ tall umbrella light stands of high quality
  • A 28″ tall tabletop type light stand of high quality
  • A Support Stand with Crossbar (10′) and 3 Legs stages
  • A 10 x 20 ft. Muslin Backdrop OF Green Chromakey Background Color
  • 2  4″ Canvas Backdrop Clamps

6. Linco Photo Video Light Kit AM169

Linco Photo Video Light Kit AM169

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The Linco light kit allows you to take high-quality photos with the perfect lighting environment. The kit will give an output power of 400 watts. The main feature of the kit is a backdrop stand and three backdrops made of muslin – white, black and chromakey green. The kit is suitable for use in a studio as well as for outdoor locations.


  • Two Umbrella Reflectors Softbox (Silver)
  • Two 32″ Premium Soft Umbrellas which comes in white
  • A carrying Bag
  • A 77″ tall and 78″ wide background supporting system + A 5x10ft backdrops which come in three colors (Black/ Green/ White)
  • Four 77″ feet tall light stand: lightweight and sturdy + Four Mini Light Heads

5. Fancierstudio – Chromakey Green Lighting Kit (H69G)

Fancierstudio - Chromakey Green Lighting Kit

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The Fancierstudio’s lighting kit is great for capturing a photo or video with perfect lighting. It has been the choice of professional photographers for many years and is equally good for amateurs.  The green display can be used as/for backgrounds, decorations, and display banners. The green screen videos will look amazing and stand out from other videos.


  • Background Stand Included
  • A backdrop support stand which is 8ft tall 10ft wide
  • Chromakey Green Screen: 6′ x 9′
  • Two 45watt bulbs and Two Ac Adapters
  • Two 33″ umbrellas which are shoot through type
  • Two 7ft Lightstand
  • CFL bulbs which are rated for 120v (USA standard)

4. Fancierstudio Kit H804 6x9G

Fancierstudio Kit H804 6x9G

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If portability is the priority then don’t think twice, the fancierstudio kit includes an 8ft tall, 10ft wide stand kit and a 6′ x 9′ backdrop made of green muslin. It supports materials like canvas and paper too. This backdrop stand is the best for home studios with a small space and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor shoots.


  • Background Stand with 6’x9′ green screen; ideal for shooting videos
  • A 6ft x 9ft muslin backdrop,
  • Backdrop stand carrying case included
  • Lightweight Tripods made of Aluminum
  • A lightweight and collapsible background support system

3. Excelvan Background Stand Support System Kit

Excelvan Background Stand Support System Kit

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The Excelvan background support stand kit which is portable is a great kit to have for all levels of photographers. It is the best solution to capture photos and videos for commercial product’s catalog and web retailers, especially for portrait and costume. The backdrop stand kit allows you to take photos anywhere anytime.


  • A non-woven backdrop which can be folded into small squares
  • Best solution for an amateur as well as a professional
  • Assembly frames which are suitable for objects of different sizes
  • Fit for backgrounds of Canvas, Nonwoven, and paper
  • Ideal background for portrait, costume, and photography of large objects
  • Easy to set up and portable

2. LimoStudio Backdrop Background Screen, AGG1777

 LimoStudio Backdrop Background Screen, AGG1777

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LimoStudio offers the latest and high-quality video & photo equipment available on the market. The green Chromakey Muslin is of top quality and is wrinkle-free, machine washable and nonreflective. It is also crimped along the edges to avoid damages or tears


  • A solid green backdrop background made of muslin 9 x 15 ft.
  • Three  4.5″ Muslin backdrop clamps for photography
  • The material is machine washable
  • Best for capturing portraits and product shootings
  • A weaving and seamless surface

1. LimoStudio Lighting Kit, AGG1388

imoStudio Lighting Kit, AGG1388 - Best Green Screen Kits

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LimoStudio’s AGG1388 is an all in one kit suitable for professional as well as amateur photographers and video makers. The lighting kit is designed in such a way that it creates and spreads soft lighting evenly.


  • Solid and Premium quality products
  • A Backdrop Support Stand and Cross Bar
  • A Muslin (Green, Black, White)
  • Four Tripod Light Stands
  • Two Softbox Lighting Diffusers
  • Two Umbrella Reflectors in white
  • Three  Backdrop Support Clamps
  • Five Backdrop Holders and a Heavy Duty Bag

Buying guide

The best and latest green screen kits or lighting kits have been selected and given above along with their features. whether you are an amateur or a professional, you can select the best one from the above according to your photography needs.


Even if you are a professional photographer with great skills and the best camera available in the market, poor lighting can cause you to take low standard photos/videos. Also, a proper background is necessary to take portraits, magazine cover shoots etc. So, buying a good lighting and background set is equally important as having a good digital camera, for a photographer.

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