Top 10 Best GPS Trackers for Kids in 2019 Reviews

Doesn’t it sound impressive to have a gadget that gives you real-time feed on the whereabouts of your child? Well, of course, it is!  Parents are no longer worried about how to track and locate their children’s, thanks to the GPS trackers. Most of these gadgets have smartphone apps that enable remote monitoring of a child’s movement. The device uses a 3G network to offer a real-time update on the movement of your baby. They are compact and very resourceful. Here are top 10 best GPS trackers for kids in 2019 reviews.

10. Zytree Mini A8 Tracking Device

Zytree uses a SIM card, with 4-number authorization on a concurrent operation. It has an LBS positioning, which works in some economies including China, Spain, Thailand, Portugal, Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam, Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladeshi, and India. On an overall analysis, this tracker is simple to operate, easy to install, compact, and works with substantial functional efficiency. Moreover, It has four frequency band support, SOS emergency call service and a VOX back call option as well. Besides, it has a long standby time.

Best GPS Trackers for Kids

9. SkyNanny 2.0 GPS Child Tracker

SkyNanny is a state-of-the-art GPS tracker comprised of wearable device; it operates on an easy-to-use app, which is compatible with all Android smartphones. It is a superior technology that does not rely on a server; thus, it preserves your privacy. It uses a GSM SIM card right in the mobile slot. Some of the merits attached are: small phone bills, reduced gadget theft, optional number alert, and direct monitoring of the child’s location without making intrusive phone calls. It is a dedicated device that enables a secure communication of issues as well as relaying of panic, and this includes the SOS panic press-button.

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Best GPS Trackers for Kids

8. Sourcingbay Waterproof Mini GPS Tracker

Besides being waterproof, this tracker uses the GSM and or GPRS networks as well as GPS satellites to track the subjects of interest. It can be traced and located via SMS, the internet, mobile apps; it works with both IOS and Android devices. It serves as an auto record, voice surveillance, geo-fencer, speed alert, SOS call alert, and low battery alert. It works with a SIM card for 1900MHZ, 1800MHZ, 900MHZ, and 800MHZ. Note that this device is not compatible with 4G or 3G SIM cards.

Best GPS Trackers for Kids

7. PocketFinder GPS Child Tracker

This is an efficient, interactive, and accurate tracker with a smartphone app, which provides real-time feed on your child’s location. It operates on a full-time online account, hence does close monitoring. It tracks the arrival and departure at a particular geographical zone; it transmits alerts to your smartphone on real time basis. Moreover, this gadget allows 60-day data history recovery. Furthermore, this device can be tracked on mobile basis via smartphones, tablets, and or computers. It also has a multi-user log in for other loved ones as well.

Best GPS Trackers for Kids

6. X-Doria KidGPS Tracker

This classic blue gadget has a panic mode, which enables your child to alert you, in the case of any panic. Moreover, it gives a platform for your child to give you their exact location under such circumstances. In fact, you can get the real time and exact location of the child on demand. All these are possible due to the Kids-GPS tracking app. Besides, X-Doria KidsGPS Tracker enables you to receive push alerts when your kid arrives and leaves certain locations. To make things more interesting, the gadget lets you share the location of your child with other trusted people.

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Best GPS Trackers for Kids

5. ModFamily GPS Tracker for Kids

Buy this tracker and have access to a pinpoint GPS indicator with an SMS link to Google apps. It is compact, portable and straightforward to operate. It comes with technology that tracks kids, pets, the elderly, vehicles, and other things of interest. It works on emergency alerts, real-time feeds, and notifications in case of imminent danger. All you need is a T-Mobile, and a SIM card; then you are ready to go. You can, therefore, get an exact location of the subject via SMS service. Moreover, it gives alerts on zone violations, SOS, unauthorized movements, excessive vibration and over speed. It has GPS system, AC adapter, user guide, gift box, CD, lanyard, and USB cable as accompanying accessories.

Best GPS Trackers for Kids

4. PeleusTech TK102 Mini Spy Realtime

Here is a device which is real compact and straightforward to use as well. It functions as a voice surveillance, auto track, and support location upon cell trigger, real-time tracker, and GPS-GSM dual position. It offers movement and over-speed alerts. In fact, it follows everything and everyone. With this device, you can protect your child, the old, the incapacitated, a pet and any other subject of interest. It operates in SMS mode, and mobile yet brand new GPS SiRF-Star III chipset. Besides, you can use this tracker to locate personnel, track thieves, vandals, and other criminals. You can as well follow using the computer, cell phone, and Google Earth.

Best GPS Trackers for Kids

3. Trax Personal GPS Tracker

Trax Personal GPS tracker is impressively accurate. It can work non-stop for a whole day, thanks to a perfect battery life. This tracker uses an ingenious algorithm to offer a real-time feed. Besides it operates upon an intuitive app, which enables monitoring. It also has an insert SIM card, which comes with two years of free internet data for roaming within 33 countries. You can get push alerts, notifications, and the sort via a smartphone. Besides, it has a durable plastic case, silicone clippers, USB charge mode, and an info sharing platform.

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Best GPS Trackers for Kids

2. Spy Spot Investigations Real-Time Live Mini Micro GPS Tracker

Get three weeks tracking on non-stop battery power with Micro GPS Tracker; its indicator tells when recharge is needed. It displays speed in miles per hour and allows designation of perimeters. It requires no installation; it can be monitored via any MAC, PC, smartphone, iPad, as well as a tablet. It tracks and relays reports on sharp braking, motion, and over speed. Besides, reports are also provided via emails and SMSs.

Best GPS Trackers for Kids

1. Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

The use of GPS satellite ensures solid track on location with unrivaled accuracy. It also works with a 3-dimensional accelerometer for more accuracy even in motion. It is discreet, compact; It has a water-resistant magnetic case, High-tech tracker unit, and compatibility with computers, tablets, smartphones, and all using spy tech GPS space. It records on a yearly timeline, sorts customized reports on time, speed, and position in Google maps. Besides, you can set several alerts delivered via emails, SMS, speed breaks, accelerations, stops and such likes. Moreover, it has a long life battery.

Best GPS Trackers for Kids

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