Top 10 Best GPS Bike Computers Reviews In 2022

It is quite hard to tell how far you rode your bike without a good bike computer. Bike computers are the latest gadgets on the market. They help you keep track of your bike speed, average speed, trip distance, total distance, time and much more. These gadgets are a must-have for frequent riders helping you know how fast you can ride and how far you went. However, these units are not created equal, and one has to research through the different models on the market to get the best.

In this post, we get you through the selection process by reviewing the best bike computers on the market right now. Make sure you read through our reviews below choosing one that best suits your needs.

Table of the Best GPS Bike Computers Reviews

10. CAT EYE – Velo 7 Bike Computer/Speedometer and Odometer

Bike Computers

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The Cateye bike computer is the leading brand in the industry and one that will give you all the stats you need.  The computer displays for you the current, average and maximum speeds as you ride. This speedometer also offers the trip distance, total distance, time, clock, pace arrow and elapsed time. Computer for bike features a wired speed sensor to help you detect the accurate speeds. It is a perfect choice for beginners and one that comes with a long-lasting battery. The battery can last up to three years.


  • Wired speed sensor
  • Three years long-lasting battery
  • All favourite speed, distance and time stats are displayed
  • Detects when you stop to stop counting automatically

9. CatEye Padrone – Wireless Cycling Computer

versatile device

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The CatEye Padron is another excellent bike computer with a wide range of stats. The computer displays the max speed, average speed, current speed, time elapsed, trip distance, total distance, clock and much more. Distance is saved in miles for easy reading. It is a quality computer that runs on a long-lasting battery. Operation of the device is quite simple with functions located at the base. Overall, this is an excellent computer that easily mounts and adjusts on the bike for easy use. It also stops automatically when you stop and starts to count when you start riding.


  • Detects stops automatically and to stop the count
  • Displays a wide range of stats
  • Buttons on the base for easy operation
  • Easy mounting

8. SOON GO Wireless Waterproof Bicycle Odometer Computer/Speedometer

SOON GO Bike Computer Speedometer Wireless Waterproof Bicycle Odometer Cycle Computer

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The SOON Go bike computer is an excellent choice with curved body design and quick-press button for easy operation. The computer is multi-functional displaying riding time, speed in mph/kph, current speed, average speed, max speed, odometer, scan, distance, and a maintenance alert. There is an inner motion sensor that automatically starts the computer when you start riding and stops when you brake. Overall, this is easy to install the device with a green backlight for easy reading in low light conditions. It is waterproof and ideal for use in all weather conditions. You also get three months replacement warranty and 24 months warranty.


  • Waterproof
  • Accurate distance tracking
  • Inner motion sensor for automatic start and stop
  • Multi-functional

7. Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer

Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer

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Wahoo GPS bike computer is a great device that lets you download configure and pair for easy bike stat tracking. The bike computer comes with the Wahoo app that pairs and manages configurations. It is an excellent choice at downloading routes so that you get pop-ups and notifications when taking the wrong turn. It is an advanced computer that integrates with the Strava Live segments to give you accurate stats. This is a 100% wireless computer that only requires plugging in to charge.


  • Wahoo app for pairing and configurations
  • Downloads routes
  • Gives notifications when taking a wrong turn
  • 100 per cent wireless

6. CAT EYE – Velo Wireless Bike Computer

CAT EYE - Velo Wireless Bike Computer

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Cat Eye bike computers are a big brand in the industry, and this model is another great choice to give you all your favourite stats. It is an advanced computer that goes as far as giving you calorie consumption. You can manually set the odometer ensuring you don’t start over when the battery is changed. It also comes with the FlexTight Bracket for easy mounting. It easily mounts and adjusts. This device automatically detects stops and starts so that you can concentrate on the road. Overall, it is an excellent choice to track calories burned.


  • Wireless detection of calories burned
  • Easy to mount and fasten
  • Automatic stop and restart
  • Saves your miles and allows for manual reset

5. Cateye CC-MC100W Micro Wireless Bicycle Computer

Cateye CC-MC100W Micro Wireless Bicycle Computer

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This is one of the best Cateye bike computers boasting of 12 features and 10 functions. It is a quality device with backlight for easy data reading. The computer sets easily using bracket mounts on the handlebar or stem. It is a pretty versatile computer ideal for road and mountain bikes. The display reads the max speed, current speed, average speed, two elapsed times, two trip distances and much more. There is also a clock that can be set in the 12/24 hour system to keep you updated of time. Overall, this is a great buy running on long-lasting batteries.


  • Gives a wide range of stats
  • Simple and easy to mount
  • 10 functions and 12 features
  • Clock

4. Garmin Edge Explore – Touchscreen Touring Bike Computer

Garmin Edge Explore - Touchscreen Touring Bike Computer

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Garmin bike computers are among the best, and this pick here is an excellent choice with a high resolution for clear reading. The computer features a waterproof touchscreen that is highly visible even in direct sunlight.  The screen allows for faster start reading. There is a further built-in GPS tracker to track how fast and far you’ve ridden. It is a pretty versatile device compatible with other cycling awareness devices. You can also pair it with your computer to gain connected features like the group track, live track, and smart notifications.


  • Pairs with a smartphone for more features
  • Easy to use GPS
  • Preload Garmin map
  • Compatible with other cycling devices

3. CAT EYE – Strada Digital Wireless Bike Computer

CAT EYE CAT EYE - Strada Digital Wireless Bike Computer

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The Strada Cat Eye bike computer is a more sleek design and a great choice to buy this year. The computer is pretty small in size but features a large LED screen for easy stat reading. It features two-in-one sensors that combine all measurements to a single unit for easy interpretation. It is a quality computer to give you all your favourite readings of speed, distance, time and pace. You can easily save your miles with a further option for manual setting of the odometer. It is a versatile device that let you switch between bikes due to the dual tire size.


  • Option to manual set the odometer
  • Dual tire size to switch between bikes
  • Two-in-one sensor
  • Fast and accurate data

2. Garmin Edge 520 GPS Cycling Computer

Garmin Edge 520 GPS Cycling Computer 010-01368-00 and Garmin Bike Speed Sensor

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This is an excellent pack of the Garmin bike computer and Garmin bike speed sensors giving you value for money. It is a quality bike computer compatible with Strava live segments. The computer comes with a two-month free trial. It is a great way to connect with other riders and compete. It also features the cadence sensor that fastens to the crank to easily measure strokes as you pedal. You can always be sure of accurate speeds and distance. Overall, this is an excellent computer to help you improve your personal riding speeds and distance.


  • A bike computer and speed sensor
  • Connects with Strava live segments
  • Self-calibrating speed sensor
  • Accurate speed and distances

1. GPS Bike Computer by iGPSPORT with Support Heart 

GPS Bike Computer Big Screen with Support Heart 

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The GPS bike computer is our final choice with a big screen for easy data reading. It is a great buy with a highly sensitive GPS to help you make the right turns.  The sensor supports all brands and helps you monitor the heart rate and speed. This is a quality computer with a durable battery and a large 2.2-inch anti-dazzle screen. It is also Strava compatible and comes with a two years warranty so that you can buy with confidence.


  • Strava compatible
  • Two-years warranty
  • Large screen
  • Durable 1200mah battery


These are the best bike computers on the market currently and buying from our list guarantees you quality. They are highly rated and have some of the best features to help you keep track of your favourite statistics. Go right ahead and choose one that best suits your needs.

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