Top 10 Best GoPro Stabilizers in 2020

One of the main challenges for camera enthusiasts is capturing steady footage. Whether you are engaging in a selfie moment, or recording a rare occurrence, having to take many pictures in the quest to get one that is clear and not blurry is always frustrating. That’s why you should starting to own and use goods GoPro Stabilizers to help you shooting with GoPro.

We’re living at a time where information and content sharing is at its peak. Anyone with excellent pieces of information such as videos and pictures could earn a living from the same. Stabilizers for GoPro try to curb the problem of blurry footage especially for large audience activities such as extreme sports, concerts, to mention but a few. Stabilizers for GoPro come in to help anyone using a GoPro achieve a smooth gliding movement when recording videos or taking photos. These stabilizers represent good value for their cost and may just help an aspiring filmmaker produce professional footage.

Below we bring you the top 10 best stabilizers for GoPro in 2020 reviews. We have vigorously tested the stabilizers, and we have narrowed it down to the ten best as highlighted below. These are the ones that impressed us, and we believe they are worth the consideration by potential buyers.

List of Best GoPro Stabilizers in 2020

10.  Fantaseal M-LPC Camera Stabilizer

Fantaseal 4-in-1

The M-LPC is a professional grade stabilizing action grip that allows filming high action activities like snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, motocross, auto racing, etc. It is a 4-in-1.  It supports cameras, camcorders, smartphones, and DSLR. It has an ergonomic C-shape design which curbs stress as well as offers comfort and a secure grip for extended usage. It has a lightweight and high-quality EVA handle that provides shock resistance and durability. It comes with a removable mini ball head tripod adapter which can be used to attach flashes, LED flashlights or even microphones at any angle. This stabilizer is simple to use as no remote is needed, you can easily control your GoPro using the app. Its advanced low angle shooting system is ideal for mounting small camera positions while on the go. It comes in black and is lightweight, weighing just under a pound.

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9.  Fantaseal M-MMS2 Camera Stabilizer

Fantaseal Ergonomic Camera

The M-MMS2 is a pistol style camera mount. It is a 3-in-1.  It acts as a grip, cell phone clamp, as well as a GoPro mount. The featured smartphone clamp can support a device of up to 5. 5 inches. It is manufactured by high quality and sturdy ABS material for durability purposes. Its body is designed ergonomically for holding your device for an extended period. Control is simple. It can be monitored using the GoPro app via Wi-Fi to take photos and videos seamlessly and therefore a GoPro remote is not necessary. It comes with a lanyard for those butter fingers out there to protect against accidental slips. It comes in black, it’s light at 0.44 pounds and also relatively small. It is compatible with GoPro Hero4, Hero3+, and Hero3.

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8. Xsories X-Steady XEAC3A013 Gimbal Stabilizer Mount

XSories X-Steady Electro Cube

The XEAC3A013 is an electronic, one-axis cube stabilizer for small cameras. It ensures the footage composition is on point and level. Included in the packaging is a foam grip which is not only shock-resistant but also comfortable to hold for long periods. It integrates well with u-shaped poles for exploring different angles. The X-Steady excels at achieving steady and dynamic footage by eliminating camera shake. It features a quarter inch universal screw insert that allows mounting of a variety of cameras, GoPros, smartphones, etc. It weighs at just 6. 4 ounces and comes with one rechargeable lithium ion battery as well as a dedicated charger. When fully charged, its battery can last up to 8 hours with continuous use.

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7. Calas 3-way Grip Stabilizer Mount

Calas 3-way Grip

The Calas 3-way, just like its name suggests, is a 3-in-1 mount. It acts as an extension arm, tripod or camera grip. It comes with a tripod adapter which is compatible with GoPro Hero 1, 2, 3, 3+, and 4.  It is lightweight and compact and therefore offers convenience while transporting or storing it. Its pole is made from stainless steel ensuring that it’s both waterproof and usable in salty water. The GoPro camera attachment has an 180-degree swivel head allowing the camera to capture all angles. The rubberized grip offers comfort and stability for holding. The folding arm not only makes it less bulky and suitable for carrying but also ensures you capture selfies without the mount popping up in the shot. It comes with an elegant black theme.

6.  Neewer NW-Z1 Rider 2 Gimbal For GoPro

Portable Steady Multi

The Neewer stabilizer model is a portable, 3-Axis, multi-functional Gimbal for GoPro Hero 1, 2, 3, 3+, 4, SJ4k, 5k, 6k,7k, and 8k. It comes with two lithium ion 900mAh batteries which provide more than four hours of working time. It allows the user to charge the GoPro Camera battery directly using the power supply module. It also features three functional buttons for controlling tilt, pan, and mode. It’s quarter inch universal screw port allows the user to attach all kinds of camera equipment. Its tilt angle is 270 degrees while its roll angle is 90 degrees. The package includes a micro USB charger, a dedicated charger, and a Velcro strap.

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5. KumbaCam 3 Handheld GoPro stabilizer

KumbaCam 3 Axis

The KumbaCam 3 is a well-known Stabilizer that finds use in getting smooth footage from GoPro cameras. It is equipped with a 3-axis stabilizer that can mount GoPro Hero 3, 3+, and four cameras. It comes with three modes. The first is heading follow the way which keeps the phone pitch and roll angles constant. After heading follows the handheld position. The second is heading mode which maintains the phone’s direction. The third is locking mode which ensures the phone is retained in the forward position from the handle. It is made from high-quality materials which are reliable and stable. Included in the package are a USB connector, GoPro mount stabilizer, 18350 battery charger, and two 900mAh rechargeable batteries.

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4. FeiyuTech G3 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Feiyu G3 Ultra

The FeiyuTech G3 is a gimbal that was designed to support GoPro and other similar all-action cameras. It has an expandable outing with no screw design making it compatible with the GoPro Hero 4 with an LCD backpack attached. This version of FeiyuTech is suitable for all action cameras with a height ranging between 1. 29 and 1. 81 inches and as wide as GoPro Hero 4 with the backpack attached. It weighs about one pound and comes with two lithium ion batteries. The quick disbursement feature allows for quick connection and disconnection of the GoPro. It has a 100-degree roll rotation and 320-degree pan rotation for capturing all angles. The FeiyuTech is compatible with remote and Feiyu extension bars. It comes equipped with four batteries and one battery charger. Each battery has a capacity of 2560mAh.

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3. CamKix Hand Grip Stabilizer

Stabilizing Hand Grip

The CamKix is a hand grip universal cell phone holder that can be used in a variety of ways. It comes equipped with a tripod adapter and a dual mount system which enables you to capture videos and photos with two different angles and two different devices concurrently making it ideal for sporting activities, interviews, music video shooting, etc. You can control and monitor your GoPro with your phone by using the GoPro app. The hand grip offers a firm grip to keep the device mounted steadily. The CamKix acts as a compact selfie stick such that you don’t have to worry about the mount appearing in the photos. The CamKix is versatile in that it offers a variety of GoPro mounts and accessories to suit all needs. It’s built from high-quality materials and is finished in black.

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2.  Opteca XGRIP-BK Stabilizing Handle

Opteka X-GRIP

The X-GRIP comes in a black color and is ideal for both amateurs and professional users. The support offers comfort, control, and stability. It is perfect for shooting extreme sports such as skateboarding, skiing, etc. The detachable shoe enables attachments such as video lights, LED lights, etc. making the X-GRIP perfect for shooting videos and photos in low light areas. The handle is padded with cushioned NBR that curbs the stress of lengthy shooting. It comes with non-slip rubber rails for added grip. It is made from high-quality ABS plastic that acts as an impact absorbent. It weighs less than half a Kg and offers a maximum camera height of 120mm. It is designed specifically for GoPro HD Hero 4, 3+ and 3.

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1. Roxant Pro ROX-1A Video Camera Stabilizer – Best of  GoPro Stabilizers in 2020

The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO - Gopro Stabilizers in 2020

The Rox-1A design and construction provide professional-style stabilization with less shake, motion, and vibrations to give high-quality videos. The lower arm is finished in a non-slip grip material that is extremely comfortable for handling over long periods and eliminates sway in the process. It can take on various devices such as smartphones, DSLRs, video cameras, GoPros and any other type of camera weighing, not more than 2. 1 pounds. For precise adjustments, it features three separate counterweights. It is ideal for shooting in tight places, through crowds, stairs, in cars, while running, skating, etc. It is compatible with DSLRs such as GoPro, Canon, Nikon, Lumix, Pentax, etc. Once you purchase the Rox-1A, they provide you with lifetime support as well as video training tutorials all free of charge.

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The reviews of the top ten best stabilizers for GoPro in 2020 above, provide you with what can be termed as the best services based on both testing and customer reviews. However, the products we highlighted are different and offer different qualities. We also believe that each potential buyer, both beginner and professional has different needs. This post should, therefore, be sufficient in helping you make an informed decision. Good luck in your selection and shooting moments with the support of the best stabilizer for GoPro.

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