Top 10 Best GoPro Stabilizers in 2019 Reviews

Are you looking for the best GoPro stabilizers for you treasured camera? Well, you are at the right place as I will give a step by step guide on how to choose the best among the market best-selling stabilizers. To get the best shots with GoPro cameras, it is imperative to have a stabilizer. As cameras reduce in size and become lighter, it becomes hard to keep them in place to take a perfect shot, and this is where stabilizers come into play.

Do you really need a Stabilizer for your GoPro Camera?

While most of the GoPro cameras comes with a software-based image stabilization, it is always hard to achieve great results with the camera when taking hand shots due to the camera’s small size.

A monopod may do the trick if you hold it above your head and take the shot. You may get great results by using this technique, but it is doubtful that those results would be as consistent or good as the shots you would get for the main task the monopod was designed to do. Monopods are great when used to provide ground support for your camera. They are however bulky and needs a great technique to use them successfully.

There are different types of stabilizers, but all are made to get a more steady shot with your Go Pro camera. Various stabilizers help you to get diverse types of shots which match your style and the environment where you shoot your photos or videos. Choosing the best GoPro camera stabilizers is not about finding the one that will hold the weight of the camera but one that will you the best shot in different circumstances.

Types of Go Pro Stabilizers

There are two types of Go Pro camera stabilizers: the non-motorized stabilizers and the motorized stabilizers. Each of them has different working principles but the same function of keeping shots steady.

a)Non-motorized stabilizers

These stabilizers are sometimes referred to as mechanical stabilizers. The difference between non-motorized and motorized stabilizers is the mode of control. Non-motorized stabilizers give you more control over delicate camera movements. It is ideal for people who are taking a shot of a moving object. Getting a great shot of a moving object with a motorized stabilizer is hard, if not impossible.

The major drawback with this kind of stabilizer is that it takes awhile to master its operation so as to achieve smooth shots in reference to the camera movements. They require more user precision and interaction than the motorized stabilizers. If you have prior experience with hand-held camera systems, then you will learn the art of these stabilizers quickly, and in no time you will get shots that you never thought are possible even with stabilizers.

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b)Motorized Stabilizers

Motorized or electric stabilizers are pretty easy to use, unlike mechanical stabilizers. Once it is set up and fine-tuned, you can start taking shots straight away. The stabilizer maintains a level shooting and all you have to do is to frame the shot. Most models allow you to get low-angle or high-angle shots by adjusting their angle of tilt and the stabilizer maintains that angle for you.

The drawback of this kind of stabilizer is that the tilt angle changes sometimes hence requires you to keep a closer look to keep the angle.

Factors to Consider when Buying the Best GoPro Stabilizer

i)Mode of operation- The stabilizer can either be electric or mechanical. Choose the one you think gives you the perfect shot. The pros and cons of each system have been discussed above. Both options work great. Electric stabilizers have an inbuilt motor for stability while mechanical stabilizers use gravity.

ii)Battery Capacity- If you go for the electric stabilizer, consider the capacity of the battery and if it is rechargeable. The capacity of the battery will determine the amount of time you can use the stabilizer. This is of great importance if you are shooting a video or photos on a remote location.

iii)Size- The size of the stabilizer will determine if it is portable and if you are comfortable using it. Ensure that the product you are investing your money on is the right size and not too big or too small.

iv)Weight- The weight of a GoPro camera stabilizer will depend on the overall design and the accessories it comes with it. Just like size, make sure that you are comfortable with the weight of the stabilizer before ordering it.

The Best GoPro Stabilizers in 2019

To make sure that your GoPro tape is of the best worth, you may indeed want to use a stabilizer. We are going to look at the best GoPro stabilizers as per their performance, ease of use and their cost. The Top 10 Best GoPro Stabilizers in 2019 Reviews are:

10.Steadicam CURVE-RD Video Stabilizer for GoPro Cameras

If you are working on a limited budget, Steadicam CURVE-RD Video Stabilizer for GoPro Cameras may be the one for you. It does not take a lot of money to get a good GoPro camera stabilizer. Steadicam CURVE-RD is a great video stabilizer that is both inexpensive and works great with all GoPro models. It is simple, very stable and really easy to use. Regarding design, the stabilizer has a curved weight holder. Its weight can be adjusted to ensure that it is perfectly balanced. The handle is made out of plastic and has a rubber finish that ensures it does not slip even in sweaty hands.


i)The stabilizer is very affordable.

ii)Easy to use

iii)The handle has a rubber finish for firm grip.


i)It cannot be folded hence takes a lot of space.

Best GoPro Stabilizers

9.Feiyu G3 Ultra 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for GoPro HERO 3/3+ and 4

Feiyu G3 Ultra is one of the most popular GoPro camera stabilizer featuring a 3-axis movement for maximum stabilization. The high-torque electric motors and its knob are controllable for easy framing of objects.  The tool is motorized by an inbuilt battery set and can be charged using USB cable. You can even attach a selfie stick on the stabilizer to take aerial footage. It comes with a remote control for a hands-free operation.

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i)It is easy to attach a GoPro camera as no screws are involved.

ii)Leveling the camera is easy even with minimal knowledge of gimbals.

iii)Hands-free operation using a remote control.


i)Not durable like other products we have on this list.

Best GoPro Stabilizers

8.Polaroid Steady Video Action Stabilizer System

Just like Polaroid camera are good in taking photos, stabilizers are excellent in giving you a steady shot.  It’s made from aluminum hence durable and lightweight. It weighs 3 pounds which make it easy to hold for a long time. Its knob has a rubber clench hence you get a tight and comfortable grip. The included counterweights enable easy balancing and general functioning of the equipment at all times.


i)Has a spirit level for easy calibration.

ii)Made of aluminum hence lightweight and sturdy.

iii)Easy to use.


i)It is time to calibrate it fully.

Best GoPro Stabilizers

7.Movo Photo VS01-SP Handheld Video Stabilizer System

Movo Photo VS01-SP Handheld Video Stabilizer allows you to take steady shots with your hands with very minimal fatigue. It is ideal for GoPro cameras and other lightweight mirrorless cameras or camcorders with weights of up to 1.5 pounds. You can use the stabilizer for outdoor sport and action activities. The ball joint gimbal design separates your hand movement from the rig. You can adjust the counterweight as you wish so as to achieve best results.


i)It is lightweight hence allows one hand operation.

ii)The shots are steady thanks to its ball point gimbal design.

iii)It is easy to use.


i)It needs a bit of training to shoot action videos.

Best GoPro Stabilizers

6.BINKO Videook Handheld Stabilizer GoPro Stabilizer

Binko GoPro stabilizer is one of the cheapest while versatile stabilizer in the market. You can use it on your GoPro camera and even on your iPhone. It features a simple design which makes it a walk in the park to understand the working principle from the time you unpack it. It is lightweight, and hence you can take it with you everywhere you go.


i)Easy to use due to its simple design.

ii)Ergonomic hence you can hold it for long without any fatigue.

iii)Very affordable and is great for those who are just starting out.


i)2-axis operation hence not ideal for action activities.

Best GoPro Stabilizers

5.Neewer Feiyu G4 3-Axis Handheld Steady Gimbal PTZ Camera Mount

This stabilizer another great alternative if you are looking for a high-end GoPro camera stabilizer. It has a power output interface that you use to power the GoPro camera and even a video output port to feed the video to a screen. It has an extension bar that you can use to take aerial videos. The extension bar is made of carbon fiber for maximum durability. The wired remote control gives you a way to control the gimbal on all the 3-axis.


i)It is of high quality hence durable.

ii)Has a power supply unit that you can use to power the camera.

iii)Comes with an extension bar for taking aerial videos.


i)The stabilizer is a bit costly.

Best GoPro Stabilizers

4.Finegood Handheld Hard Sponge Handle Camera Stand Steady Stabilizer

Finegood stabilizer is made of a high-tensile aluminum alloy that is strong yet lightweight for maximum portability. The rubber pad on the top of the stabilizer protects the base of the camera from abrasion. It supports cameras having a weight of less than 2.1 pounds. The stabilizer’s design is awesome hence you get 360 degrees stable shooting. It is easy to operate due to rather simple design.

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i)The stabilizer has a rubber padding that protects the camera from abrasion.

ii)Professional quality design yet affordable.

iii)It is easy to operate.


i)Although it is made of aluminum, it is a bit heavy when used for long.

Best GoPro Stabilizers

3.Feiyu WG Lite Single Axis Wearable Gimbal Stabilizer

Feiyu WG Lite is a great GoPro camera stabilizer that is lightweight and wearable. It cable of capturing stabilized footages especially sports or action activities. It is compatible with GoPro 4, 3 and 3 plus. The stabilzer has ample space for mounting the GoPro LCD. It is a miniaturized fashion of the Feiyu gimbal with amazing results in a compact design. The stabilizer has a single-button control for ease of use.


i)The package comes with a T-clamp that you can use to attach GoPro accessories.

ii)Has a compact design for portability.

iii)Single-button operation for ease of use.


i)Costly considering the quality you get.

Best GoPro Stabilizers

2.Steadicam CURVE-BK Video Stabilizer for GoPro Cameras

Coming at position two is Steadicam CURVE-BK Video Stabilizer. Just like its counterpart in position ten, the stabilizer is of great quality. It is ideal for GoPro cameras such as Hero 2, Hero 3, 3 Plus and Hero 4. After just a little practice, you will able to get high quality, shake-free footage of professional quality. The stabilizer comes with a lockable handle for the smoothest video capture. Weighing just 0.5 pounds, Steadicam CURVE-BK Video Stabilizer is one of the lightest stabilizers you will find on the market.


i)Lightweight hence portable and your hand suffers less fatigue.

ii)It is made of durable aluminum.

iii)You achieve smooth footage in action and sports activities.


i)It takes awhile to learn to balance the stabilizer.

Best GoPro Stabilizers

1.SUTEFOTO S40 Handheld Stabilizer Pro Version for Camera Video

At the tp of our list is SUTEFOTO S40 Handheld Stabilizer that can be used in most cameras apart from GoPro cameras. It can support cameras having weight of six-and-half pounds. It is easy to assemble and is extremely portable. The black powder coating on the aluminum body ensures that there are fewer signs of wear even after using it for long. It gives the option of low and high angle shooting with high precision thanks to the low friction joints.


i)Versatile hence you can use it on your other cameras.

ii)Lightweight and durable thanks to its aluminum construction.

iii)Ability to do both low and high angle shooting.


i)It is a bit expensive but worth the price.

Best GoPro Stabilizers


These are the best GoPro stabilizers in the market. By getting one of these products, you will be taking your GoPro camera experience to a new level. They are made to give you the best results while remaining ergonomic. Happy shopping!

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