Top 10 Best Golf Bags in 2019 Reviews

To most golfers (experienced and inexperienced), having quality golf clubs is the key to getting professional results on a course. While this is true, golf clubs are overly heavy accessories. If you cannot carry your set effortlessly around the course, the probability of winning a game is slim. This is why gold bags are important must-have accessories. Designed for transporting golf clubs, their spacious designs offer sufficient storage. These 10 models are also light, ergonomically designed for easier transportation, and have compartments for balls and other personals. Purchase one to secure your golfing accessories well and have a memorable whenever you are playing.

10. Nike Air Sport III

To stay ahead of its competition, Nike used contemporary production technique to develop accessories that people like. In the golfing niche, for instance, Air Sport III, for instance, is a pioneer bag, liked by pros and novices. Featuring a functional 9-pocket design, its spacious body accommodates golf clubs, balls, and even towels well. Its classic oval top (8.5 inches) accommodates larger golf clubs, while its full-length divider system prevents grinding. Over the years, therefore, your gold clubs will remain new and ready to use. You will also transport scorecards, pens, and GPS machines safely in all weather.

9. Wilson NFL

A popular one-size bag among golf lovers globally, Wilson NFL is a lightweight carry bag with a stable stand. Angled for easier access, its steel legs are also sturdy, foldable, and designed to ease its use in all settings. Apart from its convenience, Wilson NFL is a popular product because of its durability. The ripstop nylon used to make it, for instance, supports colossal weight without ripping or losing its shape over time. It is also water-resistant has reinforced mounting straps that do not dislodge under pressure. Wilson NFL has five functional pockets including a side-mounted one for valuables, an apparels pocket, and a bottom pocket for beverages.

8. Wilson Golf Cart Bag

Perfect for professional use, this cart bag from Wilson is a durable one-sized accessory with 14 top organizers for clubs. Apart from separating and organizing clubs neatly, the dividers protect them from scratches/dents that lower their aesthetic value. They also prevent defects that might impair their accuracy and therefore the performance of users. The rip-stop fabric (diamond) used to make it, on the other hand, delivers a rip-proof performance in all weather. Come rain or shine, your personals will stay safe and your golfing experience memorable. Finally, buyers get a padded carrying strap, a matching rain hood, and pockets for apparels, balls, beverages, and valuables.

7. Datrek Lite Rider

Made of light nylon/nylon fabric (in black and royal), this USA-made golf bag never disappoints. Weighing only 4.7 pounds, for instance, you can concentrate on playing rather than worrying about your heavy golf bag. For easier transport, this bag features a comfortable life assist handle that improves balance. It also has a padded sling strap and a well-balanced body that you can carry effortlessly to and from golf courses. Filled to capacity, this one of a kind bag accommodates up to 14 golf clubs. It also has an easy-to-access penholder, a fleece lined pocket for storing valuables, and a protective rain hood.

6. TaylorMade Purelite

Stand bags are convenient accessories that make golfing fun. TaylorMade Purelite, for instance, is a stable black, yellow, and grey-themed model with padded full-length dividers. Its top is a spacious 5-way model that secures several types of clubs. Storage pockets (seven) are large and functional, while the sturdy anti-split stand offered secures it well on all terrain. It rarely slips. It also supports a lot of weight without bending or losing its shape. Unlike some poorly designed bags that predispose personals to elements such as rain or sunshine, this model takes care of these elements. Its tear-proof fabric is water-resistant. The rain hood and umbrella sleeve integrated into its design improve protection further.

5. Callaway 2019

Released in 2019, this 14-golf Callaway bag has grown in popularity to become a sought-after model by professionals. With one, you get an orange, black, and white 10.5-inch bag that weighs a paltry 5.6 pounds. Even at full capacity. You can travel with it effortlessly without straining your back. The 14-way divider offered is perfect for club organization while E-trolley base fits on most pushcarts for easier transport. Perfect for outdoor use, Callaway 2019 has a large umbrella sleeve that shields sunrays well. The 18 pockets offered, on the other hand, are not only functional but also designed to protect personals further.

4. Bag Boy Revolver

Approximately 15.5-inches wide and 13-inches high, Bag Boy Revolver is a spacious red/black-themed bag with a 14-way divider. The divider is spacious, secures and organizes golf clubs well, and rotates for easier access. When playing, therefore, forget about walking around your bag to access your preferred club from time to time. For safety, the divider also features a novel Clip-Loc technology that prevents it from spinning out of control. In total, players get eight functional pockets. The deluxe shoulder strap offered has padding for comfort while its trunk lift handle is sturdy and snap-proof.

3. K-Cliffs Practice Bag

Even though this K-Cliffs Practice bag is not a large as contemporary full-sized models, its functionality is unmatched. Whenever you are practicing or traveling with one or two golf clubs, forget about the bulky golfing bag. This model is light are perfect for traveling. Its black body has a charming outlook while its improved strap system does not dig into shoulders as some hard models. It is also adjustable, detachable, and lacks irritant buckles that might compromise your experience. This practice bag comes fully padded for stability. It also has a detachable plastic tube that secures and protects golf clubs well in the harshest of conditions or environments.

2. ProActive Sunday Bag

Great for traveling, ProActive is a recommended golf bag in most top 10 best golf bags in 2019 reviews. Made of quality polyester, it is also durable and has a spacious interior that accommodates several clubs comfortably. Because of its low-profile design, storage in car trunks and campers is also easy without damaging expensive clubs. This bag retails in two sizes (5 and 7-inche) and has three pockets for storing divot tool, tees, and golf balls.

1. RJ Sports EX-250

RJ Sports EX-250 is a mossy oak oversized golf bag with a 14-way top (divided) that secures clubs well. Putter tubes are large and functional while its removable snap hood protects belongings from rain and other elements. Finally, you get seven easy-access pockets, a beverage compartment (insulated), and a 1-year warranty for each retail purchase.

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