Top 10 Best Gaming Steering Wheels Reviewed in 2021

There is more to game racing than accelerating and turning right and left. A good racing experience involves being able to have as much control of the car and in the most comfortable position. Therefore, to assume a more realistic and natural posture, you will need a gaming steering wheel with ergonomic controls. They are comfortable to use and have rim-mounted pedals that offer a practical racing experience.

List of the Best Gaming Steering Wheels in 2021

10. Thrustmaster TMX Gaming Steering Wheel

Thrustmaster TMX Gaming Steering Wheel

The Thrustmaster TMX Gaming steering wheel comes with fascinating technical features that ensure high performance. This product is reliable, and the engineering is precise to offer you flexibility at all levels. The Thrustmaster TMX is not complicated and hence, ideal for beginners, but experienced gamers will find it very convenient. The steering wheel is for the Xbox 1 but is also compatible with the console’s menus and Windows as well. When playing, gamers will love its ability to rotate at 900 degrees.

The high precision device utilizes optical reading with a 12-bit resolution. It produces realistic force feedback that delivers an enjoyable driving experience at a budget. This wheel comes with reinforced rubber coating for a better racing grip. The rim diameter is perfect for all racing games. All controls within so that you do not take your hands off the wheel when switching between functions. It also has metallic sequential paddle shifters for longevity.

What We Like
  • Rotates 900 degrees
  • Comfortable wheel
  • Metal paddle shifters
  • Supports all systems
  • High resolution (12 bit)
Our Verdict

The Thrustmaster TMX is a rotating gaming steering wheel for the Xbox 1 that also supports windows and other gaming systems. It has a comfortable wheel with metal paddle shifters for changing gears. Moreover, setting it up is easy, which is ideal for novice gamers.

9. HORI Overdrive Racing Wheel

HORI Overdrive Racing Wheel

If looking for a longtime racing wheel, the HORI Overdrive Racing Wheel is an enthusiastic design. Its durable design has excellent force feedback. The diameter mimics a full-size car wheel with a sturdy mounting bracket. You can install it on a flat desk or a mounting stand. It features a quick-handling mode that allows you to switch between the lowest and highest angle of rotation easily. More so, you can adjust the turning sensitivity for you to experience different steering styles under 270 degrees full rotation.

This wheel is Xbox 1 compatible and completely programmable. You can customize some control buttons by assigning them various functions. The foot pedals are also flexible, and you can adjust their sensitivity for nuanced acceleration. Its footrest secures and supports your foot to offer you confidence in driving. Additionally, you may later fold it for ease of storage.

What We Like
  • Officially licensed
  • Fully rotating wheel
  • Sturdy mounting stand
  • Full-size car wheel
Our Verdict

HORI Overdrive is a famous full-size gaming wheel licensed by Microsoft. It is a study product. Its full-size wheel is also comfortable to handle while playing fast-acting racing games.

8. Logitech G29 Gaming Steering Wheel

Logitech G29 Gaming Steering Wheel

The Logitech G29 Gaming steering wheel is an excellent design and an upgrade from the earlier G27 version with additional features. It is compatible with the PlayStation 4 console and a better kit for a personal computer. This wheel comes with extra buttons such as a click wheel for brake balancing and an up or down traction control button. Additionally, this unit has LEDs at the central column that lights up when you are changing gears. The package comes with a floor pedal unit with an accelerator, brake, and clutch like in a regular car. The brake pedal slopes at an angle to give you a more realistic breaking experience. The shift pedals are also responsive to provide you with a sensation experience on your home PC. Its stainless steel hardware and solid steel ball-bearing last for long, while its hand-stitched leather wheel is comfortable and non-slip.

What We Like
  • Reputable brand
  • Hand-stitched leather
  • Steel ball bearings
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Traction control button
Our Verdict

Logitech G29 mimics real steering wheels for cars in many ways. Its decent size, for instance, fits comfortably in hand. It also has durable steel parts and a non-slip and comfortable leather cover.

7. Thrustmaster TX Gaming Steering Wheel

Thrustmaster TX Gaming Steering Wheel

The Thrustmaster TX Gaming steering wheel is an excellent unit that has high-quality controls and response. It is a better version than the standard one and comes with handsome features. The unit has a durable detachable wheel. Therefore, you may choose to mount the wheel to a racing seat or the floor or desk for your comfort and convenience. You receive a sturdy and easy to assemble desk attachment clamp as part of this steering unit.

The pedal shift set comes with full-size and heavy pedals that feel comfortable on your feet. You can accelerate or brake seamlessly using these pedals. Moreover, its button controls are not only durable but also positioned conveniently on the wheel for easy access. Thus, you can drive without letting go of the wheel. Its leather finishing is comfortable to handle. This design will give you a smooth and seamless force feedback experience.

What We Like
  • High-quality controls
  • Good response time
  • Plush leather cover
  • Offers racing comfort
Our Verdict

Because the Thrustmaster TX has a detachable wheel, storing it when not in use is easy. It is durable as well and has leather cladding, which does not hurt nor irritate the hands. Thus, if you are an avid gamer, you can play with it for many hours issue-free.

6. DOYO Motor Vibration

DOYO Motor Vibration

Owning a versatile gadget is not only economical but boosts your flexibility while playing. The DOYO Motor Vibration gaming steering wheel is compatible with nearly all platforms, including PlayStation 3 or 4, Xbox 1, Xbox 360, PC, Nintendo SWITCH, among others. The 270-Degree steering wheel features double vibration motors with mode switching and sensitivity adjustment. It also has a clamp to secure it on a tabletop quickly and firmly.

The diameter is large enough to offer you a comfortable driving experience similar to a real racing car steering. Its rim turns at 270 degrees to provide a realistic racecar experience. Original models also include a floor pedal unit that is adjustable for a more comfortable heel to toe maneuvers. Besides, they have a rubber grip to prevent slips and a retractable carpet grip system to keep them in position.

What We Like
  • Carpet grip (retractable)
  • Adjustable pedal unit
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Secure tabletop clamp
  • Realistic experience
Our Verdict

You will like the realistic racecar experience that the DOYO Motor Vibration steering wheel offers. It fits comfortably in hand. It is also easy to set up and has a responsive pedal unit with carpet grip.

5. Simraceway SRW-S1 Gaming Steering Wheel

Simraceway SRW-S1 Gaming Steering Wheel

The Simraceway SRW-S1 Gaming Steering Wheel features a hand lever system as opposed to mounted designs. It is a unique design that is portable and allows you to use it while seated or standing and at any position. It features a motion-sensitive steering technology that is compatible with all PC racing games. This unit gives you maximum driving experience with all control at the reach of your fingers. The lack of too much hardware makes it easy to maintain and to store when not in use. The brake lever and throttle system allow full range breaking and acceleration giving you a more realistic racing experience. Most of its controls and directional pad are customizable to allow you to program it to match your driving and gaming preferences. Additionally, you can adjust the sensitivity of the steering to your comfortable driving style.

What We Like
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Low maintenance parts
  • Comfortable driving angle
  • Works seated or standing
  • Realistic racing experience
Our Verdict

With the Simraceway SRW-S1 wheel, you can drive your car seated or standing comfortably. It fits seamlessly in hand and has low-maintenance parts that last for many years. Finally, depending on your playing style, you can adjust the sensitivity of this gaming steering wheel to have a custom and enjoyable experience.

4. Logitech G920 Gaming Steering Wheel

Logitech G920 Gaming Steering Wheel

The Logitech G920 Gaming steering wheel features dual-motor force feedback. It allows you to feel the tires turning on every type of terrain. You will also experience the over and under drifting to enable you to respond with precision. The unit is compatible with Xbox 1 and PC and has a hall-effect sensor that uses magnetic fields to sense its position and make fine adjustments for precise steering. It also has easy to access game controls that include a directional pad and console buttons located right at your fingertips.

The construction standards of this unit offer its durability and comfort. It also comes with reliable stainless-steel paddle shifters and pedals. The hand-stitched leather wheel has a racing diameter and a 900 degrees rotation. The wheel shaft works with robust steel ball bearings that make it look and feel like a real racecar wheel. It has helical transmission gears to reduce vibration and noise.

What We Like
  • Helical transmission gears
  • Rotates over 900 degrees
  • Hand-stitched leather wheel
  • Stainless steel paddle shifters
  • Wheel has a hall-effect sensor
Our Verdict

The best wireless keyboards and vertical mice from Logitech are among the most dependable in the market. However, its gaming steering wheels have gained popularity as well because of their versatility. Logitech G920, for instance, is a long-lasting model with a comfortable leather wheel (hand-stitched). It also has robust paddle shifters (steel) and a rotating handle with a Hall Effect sensor that improves its precision. Gaming with one is enjoyable.

3. Thrustmaster T150 RS Gaming Steering Wheel

Thrustmaster T150 RS Gaming Steering Wheel

The Thrustmaster T150 RS is a versatile design that performs well on different platforms. It is the official racing simulator for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 and compatible with PC installed with Windows 7 to10. The wheel delivers unrivaled performance and flexibility for all gamers in all types of racing. The realistic wheel has all controls within reach of your fingers. It features a mix of belt pulley and gears system with a metal ball-bearing axle.

This unique engineering hence allows you to turn the wheel at three rotations smoothly while delivering more realistic force feedback. The units come with a set of pedals that can be adjusted using three angles of inclination for your best comfortable position. Installing this unit is very easy as it comes with an automatic recognition PS system. It also has a sliding switch between PS3 and PS4 for optimum compatibility with both systems.

What We Like
  • Supports all gaming stations
  • Realistic wheel (with controls)
  • Practical force feedback
  • Metal ball bearing axel
  • Adjustable angle/position
Our Verdict

Thrustmaster T150 RS is superior to most gaming wheel brands in many ways. If you want a comfortable wheel with realistic feedback, for instance, it is an excellent brand. Its metal parts are durable, while its support for all gaming stations has made it sought after. You can use one with an Xbox, PC, or a PlayStation.

2. Fanatec Forza Racing Wheel

Fanatec Forza Racing Wheel

The Fanatec Forza Racing Wheel is an affordable design with a consideration of the mainstream audience in mind. This wheel has three full turn capabilities for an efficient and enjoyable driving experience. The force feedback has a faster response, is much smoother, and has a precise feel. This excellent design features a rev counter available in most games. The adjustable ClubSport pedals allow you to choose the stiffness of the brakes. Additionally, they come with a sturdy metal framework that withstands high pressure for durability.

The rim has a brushed and anodized Aluminum core and a genuine leather cover with white stitches. Its diameter is similar to those of racing cars and has accessible control buttons. Changing the steering wheel is very easy and swift thanks to the automotive grade quick to release mechanism. The product is highly and effectively compatible with either PS4, PS3, PC, or Xbox 1.

What We Like
  • Accessible control buttons
  • Works with all consoles
  • Impressive response time
  • Durable aluminum core
  • Adjustable ClubSport pedals
Our Verdict

The Fanatec Forza is a fun-looking and durable gaming steering wheel that comes ready to use. Its aluminum core is light yet durable. It also has accessible controls, adjustable pedals (ClubSport), and an efficient system with good response time.

1. Thrustmaster F599XX EVO 30

Thrustmaster F599XX EVO 30

The design is a replica of the Ferrari racing wheel to allow you to experience a unique driving. It comes with high-end luxury genuine Alcantara material wrapping that is appealing to race drivers and car lovers. The handstitched wheel has a larger diameter identical to automotive standards. The wheel allows you to comfortability steer and experience every driving sensation. It offers maximum force feedback effects that make you feel the wheel turn on every terrain.

Its ergonomic design allows optimized positioning of your fingers. Additionally, all the control buttons are responsive and located strategically for easier access and comfortable driving. It has two large wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters that move with the wheel. The wheel is detachable with a quick-release mechanism to switch from one wheel to another. Moreover, the high-quality material and used to make it can withstand abuse for many years.

What We Like
  • Genuine Alcantara wrap
  • Quick-release mechanism
  • Wheel-mounted paddle shifters
  • Handstitched wheel (non-slip)
  • Ergonomic design (comfortable)
Our Verdict

The hand-stitched Thrustmaster F599XX EVO 30 steering wheel is comfortable, durable, and has an ergonomic design that its users like. Moreover, because it does not slip as easily as standard plastic ones often do, it is beneficial to people with sweaty hands. You will love the unique driving experience that this product offers.

Shopping Guides for Gaming Steering Wheels


While playing video games, people like to make quick manoeuvers to outperform their competitors. If you are one of them, you will need a premium gaming steering wheel that complements your preferred racing game. It should have responsive motors. Moreover, look for a product that you can maneuver as you play.


Many gamers spend hours behind the wheel playing competitive events with friends. Such high impact games can stress your wrist or bruise your hand if you have a low-quality steering wheel at home. Thus, you should check the comfort of your preferred brand before reaching for your pocket or credit card. What is the material of its wheel? Leather-covered brands are gentle on the hand and thus are suitable for regular play. Moreover, if possible, look for a model that you can adjust to boost comfort.

Ease of Use

Do not buy a product that requires a complicated set up to work. Once you have ascertained its comfort, evaluate its ease of use. Can you hook in up for a gaming session without requiring special tools or equipment? Such a steering wheel will serve you the best.

Conclusion: Having a gaming steering wheel will put you at an advantage over your competitors while playing online. However, do not buy any random product. For the best results and or experience, look for a well-engineered gaming steering wheel that is comfortable as well. It should be responsive and made of quality parts that last for long.