Top 10 Best Function Generators in 2019 Reviews

Are you looking for the best function generators in the market? We have a collection of high quality and affordable function generators. If you are an electrical engineer or a technician then you probably know the pivotal role that a function generator plays in the development, testing and repair of electronic equipment.

Function generators can be used to develop electrical equipment such as amplifiers and introduce an error signal into the control loop. It is also used to generate different waveform so that you can check the performance of your electrical equipment. You can also set the waveform to assume different frequencies. The best function generators will have a high resolution and range to give you the ultimate control.  Like any other, generator, functional generators works at higher efficiency understand standard conditions. Slight fluctuations from this condition impair the generators.

Environmental Conditions  That affect a Function Generator

Be aware that not only environmental factors affect functional generators. There exist other factors, but our concern goes to ecological factors. They include;


Ambient temperatures are important for working of the functional generator. The main reason is the fact that all generators require air for combustion. Air from the environment combines with fuel for ignition. For diesel generators, you have to infuse the fuel and air altogether. You have to compress air at peak temperature to achieve the desired temperature. There should maximum heat dissipation.


High attitudes areas have low pressures. This is very disadvantageous to the Best function generators. They deter the normal functioning. They take long to ignite under such conditions. Also, at high attitudes, there is no sufficient ambient air rich in oxygen.


Humidity measure of water content available in the atmosphere. High concentration of water vapor displaces oxygen. Low levels of oxygen minimize ignition resulting to poor generator performance.

How to Determine the Rating of a Function Generator

Best function generators are of various sizes. You have to buy these generators based on your power requirements. Ideal generators do not exist in practical life. Most function generators operate at 80 percent efficiency. Basically, generators are are rated based on capacity, efficiency and the output. Most companies who deal with function generators have come with a standard way to rate generators. It will give the user an idea how to get the best function generators. Unfavorable conditions degenerate the normal performance of the function generator.

Factors to consider while choosing Best Function Generators

1.Load considerations

Buy a functional generator that will sustain your power needs. Large function generators are a perfect choice for industrial applications. Consider comprehensive generators for research and learning purposes.


Generators need thorough maintenance to boosts its performance to greater heights.

Best Function Generators in 2019

Companies use composite materials during manufacturer. The outer part should be from robust materials to resist environmental corrosion’s. Interior part is a metallic chip. Spacious monitors make signals analysis ample.   There are various functional generators in the market. Not all performs as expected. Here are the Top 10 Best function generators in 2019 Reviews.

10.GM Instek SFG-1013 DDS Function Generator

The Best function generators from GM Instek are popular due to their reliability and quality. Provides wave forms of high-stability and accuracy. Its design utilizes Direct Digital Synthesized technique and large scale FPGA chip design to serve your needs to satisfaction. It features 3MHz frequency range and output waveform selection of square wave, sine wave, TTL and a triangular wave. The DDS technology offers a solution of great value to people in need of the signal source at a fair price.  This device can measure the bandwidth of 100MHz accurately. It also features 6-digit LED display and the display output control. Recommended for temperatures between 0 to 40 degree Celsius and altitude less than 2000m. The product measures 251mm length by 91mm width and by 291mm height.


i)FPGA chip design ensures accurate signal measurements.

ii)Produces stable wave forms.


i)No instructional manual but easy to set up any instructions.

Best function generators

7.B&K Precision 4011A Function Generator

This function generator is an important one as it combines many functions into a single unit. This product is made by B&K Precision. Moreover, this instrument offers improved convenience of the built-in frequency counter thus the output frequency can easily be determined. It features both fine, and coarse tuning controls enabling precise output frequency stability. The great constancy guarantees that there is no drifting of the output frequency. The wave forms it produces include sine, triangular, square, ramp and pulse wave forms output. This product also offers many services including variable DC offset, variable duty cycle, variable amplitude output, 20dB attenuation and 20Vpp output into open circuit.


i)They provide perfect sine, pulse, and triangular wave forms.

ii)Its control knobs are easy to manipulate.

iii)This functional generator is versatile because it covers a broad range of frequencies.


i)They are quite expensive.

Best function generators

6.JYETech 08503 – Portable Digital Function Generator

The JYETech 08503 function generator from JYE Tech is small and is portable. This product generates continuous sine, square, triangle, ramp and staircase wave forms. It doubles the servo controller and also makes the servo test in just a microsecond resolution with a programmable pulse width, cycle, and amplitude of the user. The settings of the frequency range between 0 to 200 kHz and that of the amplitude range between 0V to 10V peak to peak.  The offset field is set digitally between -5V to +5V. Additionally, the product features 1Hz frequency resolution, 256 bytes memory depth and 2.5Msps sample rate as well as 50ohm output impedance, 15V DC power supply voltage and 150mA current consumption with no loading. The product measures 155 by 55 by 30mm and weighs 100 grams.


i)The company includes the power supply cord, Easy to read reference guide and output cables.

ii)It is lightweight weighing 100g for easy transportation.

iii)It has internal memory that store all information.


i)Covers low frequencies hence it might not be suitable for industrial applications which deal with large signals.

Best function generators

5.Tektronix AFG1062 Arbitrary Function Generator

This arbitrary function generator produces all the types of the wave forms that are required in the laboratory applications.  It is recommended for a bandwidth of 25MHz or 60MHz, 1 to 10 V pp output amplitude, two output channels, 1Uhz frequency resolution and 14-bit vertical resolution. The device features 50 in-built wave forms that have continuous and many modulation functions including FM, FSK, ASK and PSK. This instrument has amplitude sweep, frequency sweep, and the burst functions modulation. It also has dedicated 3.95-inch TFT LCD, menu, and simple-to-navigate front panel. The product weighs 10.5 pounds. Additionally, this device provides the best money value.


i)Menu buttons and the LCD is easy to control.

ii)Well designed for Arbitrary with continuous modulation.

iii)Includes user manual, calibration documentation, and the power cord.


i)LCD monitor is small measuring approximately 4 inches.

Best function generators

4.Keithley 3390 Function Generator

This signal generator is easy to use. Programmable technology automates its functionality. The model features advanced function; arbitrary waveform together pulses capabilities. This function generator measures square, sine, noise, triangle, and DC signals. Also, it has an inbuilt AM, PM, FM, PWM, ASK modulation. The product offers high-quality output signals. They combine high signal integrity, lower noise, superior waveform memory, 5ns rise and fall times. Recommended for waveform applications. The arbitrary waveform generator features the capacity of working with the 256k points, 14-bit resolution. Additionally, the product is available at a reasonable price that does not strain your income.


i)Produces all types of wave’s forms that are the sine, square and triangular.

ii)Signals are not subject to noise distortion.


i)It cannot be used with the low-frequency range.

Best function generators

3.Rigol DG1062Z Function Generator

This device is a multi-functional generator. It combines multiple functions in one device such as arbitrary waveform generator, function generator, pulse generator, noise generator and harmonics generator. It is a portable generator and offers high performance. The product is good for R&D, education, test, and production. It features two standard functional channels to make the connection between two independent generators easy. The product is capable of measuring 60 MHz, 200Ms/s waveform. The new innovative signal fidelity and arbitrary waveform capability improve its performance further. It can also generate the art waveform and restore the signal distortion. This product is one of the best function generators on the market today. Readily available at a fair price.


i)DDS technology improves the quality of produces signals.

ii)Generators produce ten conventional generators.


i)The instruction in the manual is written in English only. Not all people understands.

Best function generators

2.Silent Technologies SDG2042 Arbitrary Waveform Function Generators

This function generator provides 1.2 GSA per second sample rate, therefore, faster than ordinary function generators.The device features two channel, 40MHz sine wave, and touch screen display. It adopts True Arb technology and easy pulse technology. This technology assists in solving the weakness experienced in inherent in the traditional DDS generators. Furthermore, the generator includes Single’s Easy Wave arbitrary waveform software that is very easy to install. USB, LAN interfaces, and optional G PUB adapter provide a user-friendly working platform. The product has a built-in high precision frequency counter. This product is one of the top-rated function generators in the modern market.


i)It includes GIB adapter to improve its appearance.

ii)High precision counter.


i)You have to download relevant documentation from the internet.

Best function generators

1.Rigol DG4102 100 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Here come another Best function generators  that creates signals of high quality up to 100MHz sine wave.  This product features analog output, USB Host, USB device and the LAN interface. All for better performance. The set has a sophisticated and easy-to-use interface. The device offers many functions all in a single device. It also has a  menu navigation. With this device, you can easily locate the parameters due to its graphical interface. 7-inch full-color graphical front panel display ensures accurate readings. It is capable of measuring 100MHz bandwidth and the sample rate up to 4GSa per second.


i)They were available at affordable price for its quality.

ii)Accurate frequency range.


i)Controlling the digital user interface is hard.

Best function generators

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