Top 10 Best Fruit Bowls In 2019 Reviews

Fruits are delicious vitamin-rich foods that form part of the balanced diets individuals should consume every day. However, even though diverse, storage is a major issue, considering their perishability. They are also squish-prone and often lose their flavors if stored in the chilled environments that refrigerators offer. To solve the foregoing issues, consider purchasing one of our recommended fruit bowls. Their spacious designs contain numerous types of fruits well. They are also stable, non-scratching, and have eye-catching designs that you can use a centerpiece in your kitchen and or living room. Here is an in-depth review of their features and desirable attributes.

10. KOVOT Mesh Bowl

To keep fruits fresh and tasty longer, proper aeration is essential in storage. Instead of storing apples and oranges in paper bags, for instance, buy this mesh bowl from KOVOT for memorable results. Measuring 10 inches, its spacious design accommodates both large and small fruits well. Its breathable mesh construction keeps fruits fresh longer, while its charming red theme blends well in kitchens and living areas. To keep fruits clean and protected from flies and other insects, this bowl has a fitting top cover that comes in handy. The cover is functional and has a charming design that complements the look of the washable bowl offered.

9. LivingAid Classical Bronze Bowl

Do you want a spacious storage bowl for fruits with a charming and long-lasting outlook? This classical brown LivingAid bowl is a versatile accessory with the foregoing desirable attributes. Measuring 12-inches, for instance, its spacious basket-like design accommodates most fruits (including bananas. It also sturdy, made of decorative copper, and has breathable mesh sides that keep fruits cool and fresh for long. Because of its mesh outlook, it also displays fruits elegantly, which makes it an ideal centerpiece for home or commercial use. LivingAid Classical Bronze Bowl is scratch-resistant, lightweight (1.0 pounds), and resists tarnishing or corrosion.

8. Spectrum Diversified Pantry Bowl

Recommended for use on countertops and in confined spaces such as pantries, Spectrum Diversified is a versatile bowl with numerous notable attributes. Chrome-themed, for instance, it has a charming modern-themed outlook that blends well in homes. Its open design accommodates most types of vegetables and fruits, while its premium metallic construction lasts long. When dropped accidentally, it does not break nor bend easily. Its chip-proof finish is also durable, while its 7 x 12.5 x 6.5-inch European style is perfect or serving pastries and bagels.

7. Lenox Entertain 365 Surface Bowl

Available in white, Lenox Entertain 365 is a stylish surface bowl, constructed using high-grade porcelain. Even though the material is not as durable as steel or aluminum used to make most bowls, it has a charming outlook. It is also stain-proof, dishwasher-safe, and lacks chemicals that might affect the longevity or quality of fruits over time. Once you have stored your desired fruits, therefore, the will ripen evenly and stay fresh longer without using a refrigerator. At full capacity, Lenox Entertain 365 Surface Bowl contains up to 16 ounces of oranges, apples, and bananas.

6. Seville Classics Bamboo Fruit Bowl

Bamboo is a good-looking and sustainable material used to manufacture many household accessories. In the fruit bowl niche, for instance, is a popular accessory known for its affordability and effectiveness. Seville Classics, for instance, is a spacious 11 x 12.9 x 17.3-inch bowl with a banana hook that works great. Made of 100% solid bamboo, its durability is desirable. It is also food safe (BPA-free) and has four non-slip feet that also protect delicate surfaces from scratches. Whether you place it on your countertop, glass table, or on top of your refrigerator, this bowl works excellently.

5. MetroDecor mDesign Fruit Bowl

Are you tired of your worn out bowl that keeps scratching and spoiling your fruits in storage? Choose MetroDecor mDesign as a replacement to get a versatile bronze-themed accessory that works well. Durable, for instance, it works perfectly on exposed areas such as countertops. You can also use it in pantries and on dining tables with positive results. If storage space is a concern, MetroDecor mDesign has a spacious (10-inches) basket-shaped design that fits most fresh produce. Whether you enjoy apples, oranges, or bananas, you will have an enjoyable experience with this woven bronze-finished steel bowl.

4. InterDesign Axis Fruit Bowl

With InterDesign Axis, you get a handy fruit bowl that works best on kitchen countertops. Measuring 12-inches x 6-inches deep its spacious design holds most fruits and fresh vegetables. Its delicately crafted surface does not scratch fruits, while its decorative design works as an excellent centerpiece in homes. Finally, forget about the stinky plastic bowl that compromises the quality of your fruits. The steel used to make this bowl is naturally BPA-free. It is also durable, very easy to maintain, and has a decorative chrome finish that does not chip nor fades over time.

3. InterDesign Twigz Fruit Bowl

As the InterDesign Axis bowl listed, InterDesign Twigz is a notable countertop bowl with a sturdy basket-shaped design that never disappoints. It is spacious, for instance. Unlike some models that hold a handful of fruits at a time, this 10 x 4-inch model fits numerous fresh fruits. Its sturdy and breathable wire construction keeps fruits fresh longer, while its raised feet keep fruits clean.

2. A.C.K. Trading Co. Tuscany Fleur De Lis

A.C.K. Trading Co. Tuscany Fleur De Lis is a medium-sized fruit bowl with a stylish and fade-proof yellow theme. Whilst heavier than most products listed, this durable day-to-day fruit bowl works well in homes and restaurants. It is both dishwasher and microwave-safe and has a smooth surface that contains most fruits well without squashing. If you enjoy bananas or delicate fruits such as apples, this might be the product for you. Buy from Amazon to get a discounted rate.

1. DecoBros Wire Fruit Tree Bowl

Featuring a versatile all-in-one design (including a banana hanger), DecoBros Wire Fruit Tree is the best fruit bowl for 2019. Measuring 13 x 5-inchs, it holds numerous variable-sized fruits. The removable hanger offered is sturdy, while its classic bronze-themed body has an eye-catching outlook that users like. This bowl is affordable and has a patent pending (USPTO) design that lasts long.

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