Top 10 Best Fruit Bowls for Kitchen Counter in 2019 Review

Top 10 Best Fruit Bowls for Kitchen Counter in 2019 Review A

Fruit bowls play a big role in how we store our fruits and how long they will remain fresh. Most people struggle with organizing their kitchens forgetting that it is small items like fruit bowls that could bring all the change you need. With a large fruit bowl, you will be able to keep your fruits organized as well as vegetables thus saving on space. The fruit bowls could also add on the overall look of your kitchen or office if you can get one with a really attractive design. You can also get the best bookcases for a more organized office.

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Here are some of the Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Fruit Bowl

Design, Quality and Size: As you look for a fruit bowl to store and display your fruits now or later this year, one thing that will most likely determine your choice of purchase is the look, feel and quality of the bowl. Also, the size of the bowl is a determining factor as well. Getting a bowl that not only blends in with your kitchen set up but also fits the counters or island tables is a huge plus.

Price: The bowl also needs to be within your price range and at most, be extra durable for a long time. That said, you’ll quickly realize that price goes hand in hand with quality, most times. The higher one is, the higher the other gets, but not always so. Hence our reviews always help you make an informed decision.

10. BAMBOO FRUIT BOWL Featuring A Banana Hanger

BAMBOO FRUIT BOWL Featuring A Banana Hanger

To start off, the Seville classics bamboo fruit bowl is one that’d make your top favourite fruit bowls in 2019 easily. This is attributed to the following reasons, embedded in the fruit bowl’s features and benefits. It comes in colour bronze and looks quite elegant, close and from a far. The colour is easy to blend in with most kitchen set ups. It has a favourably nice aesthetics appeal.

It’s made entirely from natural bamboo. Ideally, products made from bamboo last longer and have a high quality feel to them. They are also easy to clean and the surface makes for quick drying which is essential for fighting airborne germs that thrive on water surfaces. You definitely want a fruit bowl that’s easy to clean, this is it.

It is generally well sized and can hold several fruits effortlessly. The bowl itself can easily separate from the hanger while fixing new fruits or separating the two to clean. It’s also very easy to clean. And generally speaking, all kitchen products and utensils should be easy to clean as mentioned earlier. It’s not too heavy and item to move around in the kitchen when refilling or cleaning fruits for storage.

It’s well sized to fit several fruits, both hanging bananas on the hook and placing other fruits on the bowl base. The hook is sturdy and can easily support several bananas without tipping over the base of the fruit bowl. Hanging bananas or grapes should then be a delight. The bowl base has four stand feet beneath it to prevent from scratching the surface of the counter top. You definitely wouldn’t want to scratch your kitchen top, especially if it’s made from expensive stone or wood surface. This comes as a huge plus as it’s quite protective of your kitchen surfaces. .
BAMBOO FRUIT BOWL Featuring A Banana Hanger

The bowl is however taller and may not fit well under all kitchen cabinets. But you can choose to detach the hanger when not in use or completely, to fit under your counter. However, it’s advisable to establish the measurements in relation to your counter size before purchase. Have a look at its measurements on Amazon before purchase, to establish that the measurement is compatible with your kitchen tops.

Generally, if you’re looking for a quality bowl that has an appealing look, a generous size offering to store fruits and not really stuck on price as a key factor for purchase, the Seville classics bamboo fruit bowl should be your best pick. It’s a beautifully laid kitchen product that will ensure that you and your family are eating fruits occasionally from the easy display. Which makes part of the reason of having a fruit bowl in the first place.

  • Bronze finish adding to its elegance
  • Unique design
  • Very durable, thanks to the materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Might not fit in some kitchen counters with the banana hanger on

9. InterDesign Axis Kitchen Countertops Fruit Bowl, Chrome

InterDesign Axis Kitchen Countertops Fruit Bowl, Chrome

You can never go wrong with a pretty fruit bowl in your kitchen or office. A beautiful fruit bowl does more than just holding your fruits. It also makes your kitchen look so beautiful and you might also find yourself eating more fruits than you do normally. This fruit bowl here is not only beautiful but also well-constructed to ensure that your fruits remain in a perfectly fresh state for the longest time.

The fruit bowl is wide and deep. This ensures that it has enough space to hold many fresh produces without some falling off. This also helps you as you won’t be forced to purchase another fruit bowl to hold as many fruits as you would want as this could take up too much space on your kitchen counter. You will also be able to store a variety of fruits as it is easier to arrange your fruits in the bowl with ease. The design also allows it to accommodate more fruits as well as making it look classier.

When purchasing a fruit bowl, you would definitely go for the most beautiful and the best design but most importantly, it should be very durable. The only way to determine whether the particular fruit bowl will be as durable as you would want it to be is through the type of material that it is constructed from. With this fruit bowl from InterDesign, it is made of steel and has a chrome finish thus you can be sure that it will be very durable. You don’t want to purchase a fruit bowl that will not serve you for a long time.

Again, when purchasing a fruit bowl, you should be sure that it will be stable because you don’t want to keep tipping over whether it has fruits in it or not. With this fruit bowl, the balance all around is great and this keeps it balanced even when full of fruits. It is also heavy enough thus stability is enhanced. Again, you don’t want to bruise your fruits or vegetable and with this fruit bowl you are safe as it is also large enough. .
InterDesign Axis Kitchen Countertops Fruit Bowl, Chrome

Also, another way that you might end up bruising your fruits is if they keep falling which is not possible with this bowl thanks to its stability. And, you can add the best mendoline slicer in your kitchen and make the work easier.

Also important is the overall size of the fruit bowl. It should be sturdy yes, but should also be in the right size to ensure that it is not cumbersome on your countertop. You don’t want it to take too much space such that you are left with smaller space than you would need to feel comfortable in your kitchen. The whole idea of a fruit bowl is to store your fruits and most importantly, to help you save on space because storing space on a countertop would take up too much space as there would be no way to organize them.

What’s more, this fruit bowl is modern and very sleek. If you love your stuff in unique and sleek design, you should definitely add this fruit bowl in your kitchen. Also, if you have a loved one and you are wondering what to get them for their birthday, house warming or any other special occasions, get them this bowl and they will remember you each time they step in their kitchen. What’s more, this bowl can also be used in offices to hold fresh or fake fruits and either way it will look great.

  • It’s wide and deep thus holds many fresh produce
  • It is made of steel and chrome finish for great durability
  • It’s large enough to keep your vegetables or fruits from bruising
  • Heavy enough for great stability
  • It’s modern and very sleek
  • It’s sturdy and just in the right size such that it is never cumbersome on your countertop
  • Might be a little heavier than expected but this adds to its stability.

8. Scroll Fruit Bowl

Scroll Fruit Bowl

Everyone wants their kitchen looking extra fabulous and memorably beautiful. You can definitely achieve that in the smallest of ways. Like having a Spectrum Diversified fruit bowl. This bowl is ideal for most type home kitchens and works good as well. It’s well built with a sturdy frame in place.

Spectrum Diversified have a heritage of making high quality products that adheres to excellent product functionality standards and utility. You can learn more about their products and service offering here. This Spectrum Diversified fruit bowl weighing 1.9 pounds, is elegantly designed and comes with an array of features and benefits that would make one choose it over other fruit bowls in the market. Plus, it can be used for multiple uses as highlighted in the following descriptive functions.

The high quality fruit bowl looks subtly nice and comes in two colours to choose from. Namely, black finish and a bronze finish. Black is a general colour that ideally fits most type home kitchen counters and tops. But one can also settle for bronze depending on their preference and the already existing home décor to make an addition in. The fruit bowl looks really nice and is made with a bit of a retro feel to it.

The bowl has three sturdy ball feet that creates great stability for the bowl, allowing it to handle quite a bit of weight that results from piled fruits on the fruit bowl. It can hold quite a number of fruits; apples, oranges, name it, without much strain or pressure on the bowl. Rarely will you have to worry about the bowl tipping over when piling fruits on it. With its heavy duty steel construction make up. One would expect the fruit bowl to cost quite a bit, but contrary to that, the bowl is a low cost product yet its high quality. This is a huge plus for anyone looking to achieve low cost and high quality in one fruit bowl.
Scroll Fruit Bowl

The spectrum diversifies scroll fruit bowl, comes as a perfect size for the table. It’s ideal for creating through saving on space on the counter and also, more interestingly is the fact that it can be used also, as a bathroom placement product for fitting towels or toilet paper. But this is entirely based on your preference. The fruit bowl fits in perfectly on kitchen counters and tops. Part of the reason why, is because it doesn’t have a hoot that may hinder space on the counters and also, its elegant scroll design works juts well for compatibility.

The fruit bowl however has a few shortcomings to it. First, is the fact that it may lead to bruises on the fruit resulting from the wire frame on the base of the bowl. Since, it is not padded or cushioned. To avoid this, you simply add some cushion material such as piled kitchen paper for softness. Be careful to place it flawlessly to avoid making the bowl look untidy.

Another thing that’s slightly debatable is the fact that one cannot use the bowl outdoors mostly as the finish on the frame may erode and lead to progressive rust of the bowl that may contaminate the fruits. This is debatable because generally, most people will use fruit bowls indoors and secondly, it takes a bit off pressure on the bowl for the paint to erode. One thing you will definitely love about this fruit bowl is how strong it is constructed and this is without a doubt, ideal for holding heavy fruits such as mangoes and pears.

  • Strong construction
  • Perfect size
  • Very stable
  • Comes in two colors to choose
  • Multiple uses
  • Unique and attractive design
  • Might rust when used in the outdoor environment



Spectrum Diversified are experts at creating diversified products, as the name suggests. Here’s one more different type of fruit bowl in their product range; the Spectrum Diversified circles round fruit bowl. The fruit bowl is nicely crafted and appeals to a retro look with its varying small, medium and large circular design make up to choose from. Obviously, the three options hold as much fruit as you require at a go, with the large bowl holding more fruit, enough to cater for a big family.

It weighs 9.9 ounces and has excellent functionality abilities. It costs a little more than the Spectrum Diversified scroll fruit bowl but still very cost friendly, nonetheless. It is available in two colours based on your preference, namely; a black finish option or a chrome finish option. These colours allow for blending with your home and kitchen décor depending on where you choose to place the fruit bowl.

The open circle design has a great attractive design appeal that’s beautifully laid and can work well for most home décor and kitchen countertops. Basically, it’s simply and elegantly designed making it stand out amidst other fruit bowl types. This unique design makes it much exquisite. The open design, subsequently helps the fruits and vegetables to ripen evenly. This is somehow attributed to the right practice that’s recommended for storing and displaying fruits and vegetables, as elaborated here.

The fruit bowl can well be adapted and used for multiple purposes such as serving muffins and bread rolls. Also, it goes without mention that its contemporary look, is definitely a unique design that sits perfectly not only in the dining room but also the kitchen. Its light weight but extremely sturdy. It is also pretty spacious and can hold multiple fruits and vegetables. What will impress you is the fact that, even under such pressure, the fruit bowl will not topple over as it has great stability and neither will it curve or bend in, unless the pressure is very much overweight.

However, the circles round fruit bowl has no feet at the base and that means it can easily scratch the surface of the kitchen top (e.g. granite surfaces), when moved unintentionally or carelessly. But this is not necessarily a negative since the lack of feet on the bottom render the fruit bowl more stable and fruits won’t topple over easily. Secondly, the size of the holes, depending on the fruit bowl chosen, are too big for smaller fruits and hence they may escape the fruit bowl after been placed. This may cause damage of the fruit.

You will most likely be thoroughly impressed by the light weight of the bowl withstanding all the abilities it can offer and also, the big size option. Which you can choose between small, medium or large, of the same fruit bowl. The circular design of the bowl is largely appealing and offers a gentle cradle to protect the fruit from compression while stocking fruits on the bowl. It also helps to keep fruits fresh longer since they are well aerated at all times.

In summary, the Spectrum Diversified circular round fruit bowl is impressively and uniquely designed with a lightweight sturdy steel construction making it not only functional but durable. This makes it ideal as a home kitchen product bringing utility and aesthetic appeal to your home effortlessly. And even more importantly is the fact that with this circular black/chrome finish fruit bowl, your fruits will last longer owing to its impeccable design and offering.

  • Available in different sizes
  • Circular design thus perfect protection on your fruits
  • Black/chrome finish
  • Multiple uses
  • Very unique
  • Might not be ideal for storing small sized fruits

6. Francois et Mimi Black Fruit Tree Bowl with Banana Hanger

Francois et Mimi Black Fruit Tree Bowl with Banana Hanger

For people who are looking forward to having a more organized kitchen and being able to store their fruits in a way that they will stay fresh for a longer time here is the fruit bowl you should be purchasing. There is nothing that’s so satisfying for people who love being in the kitchen than a well-organized kitchen. With this bowl, you will be able to not only ensure that your fruits are stored well but also will increase their freshness durability.

The fruit bowl is large and accommodates a good number of fruits. This means that you can store all your fruits in one bowl thus saving on space and being more organized. You will also be saving yourself from frequenting the stores to buy fruits because you will be able to buy as much as you would take for a good number of days. And, you can also buy the so not ripen fruits and store them in this bowl and they will all ripen evenly because it is open.

And, apart from the bowl being large and open, this fruit bowl also features an attractive design. You will not only be taking fresh fruits for many days but you will also love seeing your bowl seated on your kitchen countertop. The bowl will actually transform your kitchen and if you love having some fruits in your office, you can as well have this bowl and see how much transformation it brings.

When it comes to construction, this fruit bowl features a homemade iron construction. It is actually built to last and will be used for so many years what makes it ideal for all the people who love taking different types of fruits. It also makes a great present especially for people who love unique items. This construction also makes it very sturdy and you can feel this even from holding it in your hands.
Francois et Mimi Black Fruit Tree Bowl with Banana Hanger

Also, most people like to separate their bananas from the other fruits. There are two ways that one can do this. You can go ahead and buy another fruit bowl and use it specifically for the bananas or you can opt for a fruit bowl that has a banana hanger. The second option is more convenient is many ways. First, you will not spend double the money. Second, you will be saving on space. And lastly, you will be able to organize your kitchen or office with ease. This fruit bowl has a banana hanger and this makes it the best option.

You might be wondering how stable this fruit bowl is. Well, this should not bother you at all. This fruit bowl has been carefully designed and it is perfectly balanced thus it will never tip over not unless you force it. Even with just the bananas hanging on the hanger, this fruit bowl will remain totally stable and you will be able to access your fruits with ease. Also, the spaces it has makes it easy for one to move it from one position to another.

  • It’s large enough to hold a good number of fruits
  • Very stable
  • Attractive design
  • Handmade Iron construction
  • Features a banana hanger
  • Some people say they are larger than they wanted them

5. Spectrum Diversified Fruit Stand, Scroll Decorative Design, Tiered Server, 2 Tier, Fruit Baskets

Spectrum Diversified Fruit Stand, Scroll Decorative Design, Tiered Server, 2 Tier, Fruit Baskets

This can best be described as a 2-in-1 fruit bowl. For people who would want to buy and store more fruits and vegetable while saving on space, this here is the right fruit bowl to go for. First off, the design is just amazing. The scroll design is unbeatable and the finishing is just amazing. This design makes it so attractive and you will love seeing it in your house or office.

When it comes to the quality of the material used for construction and the actual construction, this fruit basket takes the lead as it has the sturdiest construction thus very durable. This is actually one of those few items that you will proudly pass on to your kids after many years of using them because it remains in a perfect condition for the longest time. Most people will agree with me that the bowl should actually cost more than it is currently priced.

You will be able to store many fruits and in different varieties. It could actually store twice as much fruits as a single bowl would. You could also separate your fruits from the vegetables and this way you will be more organized. You will also realize that by separating your fruits or vegetables, they will retain their freshness for more days than they normally do. You will also have more space to organize other items.
Spectrum Diversified Fruit Stand, Scroll Decorative Design, Tiered Server, 2 Tier, Fruit Baskets

About stability, this fruit basket is the most stable despite its design. Most people might be hesitant to buy it based on stability doubts but the way it is designed and constructed, this fruit bowl remains totally stable whether it has fruits or vegetables in both bowls or just in one. It does not tip over nor does it bruise your fruits.

When you want to ripen your fruits by yourself, this bowl will help you do it evenly as its design allows for even air circulation. You can thus buy a lot of fruits where some are ripened and some not then ripen then ripen them in your house and this way you will be saving yourself the time you use going to the grocery stores every few days. This is a trick used by most people who love taking fruits.

  • Large capacity
  • Sturdy construction
  • Great design
  • Very stable
  • Easy to clean and does not rust
  • Well ventilated to allow even ripening of fruits
  • No banana hanger but you can store them on either of the bowls

4. Home Basics Scroll Collection Fruit Basket

Home Basics Scroll Collection Fruit Basket

You might have seen so many fruit bowls in so many designs, some too common and some so unique but I bet you have not come across one with a decorative scroll design. This design is not only unique but also very lovely. You will have everyone asking you where you got the bowl as most people are looking for unique and also, attractive items. It will not only hold your fruits but will also add a touch of classiness in your kitchen or office and you will love taking your fruits even more.

What’s more, with this fruit bowl, you can use it to store your fresh fruits or even the fake fruits used purposely for decoration, and because of its design, you can get a little creative and use it to hold other kitchen items as well. There is no limit to how you can use it because it will look awesome holding just anything. The size is right for various items and if you just need it for fruits, it will be able to hold a good number of them and even a variety as it is easy to organize them.

Again, apart from featuring the beautiful scroll design, this fruit bowl is super sturdy and durable. These two factors are important in every item because they determine how well the item will serve you and also, for how long. You can be sure that you will be able to use this fruit bowl for a long time as it is super sturdy thus very durable. To add it all, this fruit bowl features a beautiful bronze finish thus every eye will love it and this makes it worth every penny. It is the most beautiful and unique fruit bowl on the market.

It is also well-balanced and does not tip over thus your fruits cannot be bruised in any way. The worst thing that can happen to your fruit bowl is if it is not stable. This means that it can fall off even when it is not holding any fruits and even worse, when full of fruits. The main reason why one considers a fruit bowl is to ensure that their fruits remain in a fresh condition for a long time and to protect them from bruising. It thus defeats the purpose if the bowl is not stable as it will do more harm and you will also have to be extra careful when picking or placing fruits from it.
Home Basics Scroll Collection Fruit Basket

Also, thanks to its design wish gives it better air circulation as it is open, this fruit bowl will keep all your fruits fresh for the longest time. Sometimes we buy too many fruits than we can consume in a short time and a bowl like this comes in handy. Also, some people like to buy fruits that are not all ripen so as to avoid going back to the grocery stores too often. With this bowl, your fruits will ripen just as you want them and you can save yourself several trips to the market. You will also never have to deal with rotting fruits thanks to this design.

If you are wondering about how well this fruit bowl can hold real or heavy fruits just worry not because this bowl is the ideal deal. The construction is right for this kind of a task and the design supports any type of fruits with no problems. Some fruit bowls only hold the fake fruits but this can hold both fake and real perfectly. You will enjoy every single fruits in this bowl and they will all stay fresh for a long time. You will have a more organized kitchen and a beautiful one too and the price is just right for this quality.

  • Decorative scroll design
  • Can be used for storing various kitchen items or fruits
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Holds real and heavy fruits with no problem
  • Beautiful bronze finish
  • Excellent price
  • Keeps all your fruits fresh for a long time as it is open
  • Does not tip over
  • No banana hanger.

3. Spectrum Diversified Satin Nickel Yumi Fruit Stand. 2 Tier, Fruit Baskets, Tiered Server

Spectrum Diversified Satin Nickel Yumi Fruit Stand. 2 Tier, Fruit Baskets, Tiered Server

For those searching for a beautiful fruit bowl this one here is a winner. It has been designed not only to help you store your fruits in a beautiful manner but also to add some classiness to your kitchen. You will be amazed by how much just a single item can transform your kitchen. The fruit bowl will not only keep your fruits fresh but will also display them in a beautiful manner that you will love eating and refiling the bowl every so often.

The open design ensures that your vegetables and fruits ripen evenly. Most people love to buy their fruits and vegetables where some are ripened enough for immediate use while others are far from proper ripening so as to avoid too many visits to the grocery stores or some of the fruits and vegetables going bad. However, the biggest challenge is always how to ripen them evenly and the best solution lies in this bowl. The open design allows even exposure thus even ripening.

Again, when it comes to the bowl’s construction, you will love this more as it features a sturdy steel construction. It thus feels great in your hands and will also hold many fruits with no problem at all. The sturdy construction also sees to it that your bowl remains strong for many years giving you quality services all the way. Every item should be durable because no one wants to throw their money around by purchasing poorly constructed items and this here is totally durable.

Also, most people worry about how safe the fruit bowl is to their delicate surfaces as most bowls end up doing more harm than good by scratching the surfaces. With this fruit bowl, you will have no such worries as it has gripped feet thus will not slide and will not scratch your kitchen countertop. The protective rubber is included in your purchase and you can rest assured that you will not regret your purchase. This is what every kitchen or office needs as you don’t want to destroy your surfaces. You will also not go wrong with the best silicone baking mats in your kitchen.
Spectrum Diversified Satin Nickel Yumi Fruit Stand. 2 Tier, Fruit Baskets, Tiered Server

When it comes to the design, you will absolutely love this one. Basically, these are two open fruit bowls designed to sit one on top of the other with some space between them and this means that you can store more fruits than when using just one bowl. Or better, you will have the option to separate certain fruits or use one bowl for fruits and the other for vegetables. You will end up saving more space than you would if you were to place two bowls on the countertop. It is very stylish.

Also, the design allows for easy access of the stored items. You can easily reach even the fruits or vegetables at the bottom part with ease. Forget the usual fruit bowls. This one takes the cup when it comes to design creativity and the mode of construction. And, despite it being two bowls where one in at the bottom and the other one up, this fruit bowl does not tip or wobble. It is so stable whether it is empty or full of fruits. Thanks to this design, you can either use it to store your fruits or other kitchen items as well.

  • Open design that helps your vegetables and fruits to ripen evenly
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Ideal for delicate surfaces as it has gripped feet and will not slide (protective rubber)
  • Very stylish fruit bowl
  • It’s two open fruit bowls thus helps in space saving
  • The design allows for easy access of the stored items
  • Very unique with a creative design (forget the usual)
  • Does not tip or wobble
  • The design makes it ideal for other uses too other than holding fruits.
  • Does not come with the fake fruits.

2. InterDesign Twigz Bronze Fruit Bowl

InterDesign Twigz Bronze Fruit Bowl

Some people love to keep it simple. No too much unnecessary details or decorations. If you are in this category, you will definitely love this fruit bowl. The design is simple and it does what it is meant to do perfectly. The main purpose is to store your fruits or vegetables in an open or well ventilated bowl to ensure that they remain fresh for a long time and when ripening, they do so evenly. It’s one of those few items that look so simple yet so beautiful.

It is also large and thus can hold many fruits. You don’t need to buy two or more fruit bowls once you get this one. This means that you can organize your fruits in one bowl and save on kitchen countertop space. You can also store your fruits and vegetables together and they will all remain in a perfectly fresh shape for a long time. One thing that most people worry about when purchasing fruits to store is them ending up being bruised especially when storing different types together. With this bowl, your fruits will remain fresh and the bowl does not bruise them either.

The bowl features a wire construction but it is super sturdy. It does not bend or rust. This is the best solution for a better way to organize not only your fruits but also your kitchen or office. It adds to the beauty of your kitchen or office and you will definitely love picking a fruit from it each time you walk in your kitchen and for people who like to keep some fake fruits in their offices for decoration, this is a better way of displaying them. Talk about keeping it simple but beautiful!

You will love the leaf and twig design. It’s a great design and a unique one as well. Most wire constructed fruit bowls feature same or almost the same designs but this one stands out as far design is concerned. For most people, the design is the determining factor when it comes to purchasing some of the household, kitchen and office items. You will not pass this once you lay your eyes on it.
InterDesign Twigz Bronze Fruit Bowl

When it comes to how easy it is to move from one point to another you will be blown away by how easy and safe it is. It is designed to have large openings that act as handles to allow you to transport it with ease. You don’t want to drag it from one point to another on your kitchen countertop so it is only better if you can carry it with ease. You can thus refill your fruits or vegetables from one place then move them to wherever you want them with ease.

This fruit bowl is also easy to clean. One thing with fruits is that you have to store them in a clean environment if they are to maintain their freshness for the desired period. With this bowl, you will be able to clean it as often as you wish and it will only take you some few minutes and it will be sparkling clean. The design is awesome and unique and it is spacious enough to hold many fruits. You will like it.

  • No-frills
  • Large fruit basket
  • Sturdy wire construction
  • Great design (leaf and twig design)
  • Large openings that acts as handles thus allowing one to transport it with ease
  • Easy to clean
  • Has no banana hanger

1. DecoBrothers Wire Fruit Bowl, Bronze with a Banana Hanger

DecoBrothers Wire Fruit Bowl, Bronze with a Banana Hanger

You love décor, you will definitely love anything that will enhance its value and with this fruit bowl, the classic bronze coating will increase your décor’s value. It is designed by DecoBrothers and they surely know what they are doing. The bronze finish gives it that classy look and your friends and family will love it as well. Picking a fruit from a beautiful fruit bowl is so satisfying and you will discover this with this fruit bowl.

What’s more, this fruit bowl features a banana hanger as well so you can be sure that it will be accommodating more fruits than other designs. Also, some people are careful to mix other fruits with the bananas so this could be the best way to ensure that all your fruits are well stored and are easy to access. You can easily remove the banana hanger if you need to for other reasons and you can as well hang grapes with it.

From its design, most people may question its stability if they have not used one like this before. However, there is no need to worry because this is the most stable fruit bowl you will come across. It remains perfectly stable when empty and even when you are just hanging the bananas alone. You can be sure that it will never tip over and bruise your fruits thanks to its carefully thought construction design.

When it comes to durability, don’t be surprised if you end up passing it on to another generation because it is very sturdy and well made for the longest durability. This fruit bowl will be storing your fruits for the longest time and all the while, helping them remain in the freshest condition and in turn, you will enjoy taking them. Also, you will have your kitchen looking good for many years as this bowl will totally transform how your kitchen looks.
DecoBrothers Wire Fruit Bowl, Bronze with a Banana Hanger

It is a very beautiful fruit bowl and also affordable. You don’t want to get just any fruit bowl and place it on your kitchen countertop. You want to make sure that it will adding some value on the overall look in your kitchen. Again, you don’t want to spend too much on a fruit bowl as there are other cheaper ways to store your fruits. With this one here, you will not even notice the weight change in your wallet! It’s that cheap.

Also, most importantly, this fruit bowl’s bottom part does not rust nor scratch the kitchen countertop. This is very important as you cannot tell when one of the fruits will start “liking” and you want to be sure that the juices won’t result to your bowl’s bottom rusting. Again, no matter how cheap or expensive your kitchen counter is, you don’t want it scratched by anything, not even by a fruit bowl. Thus, you will be happy and relieved to know that this one will not be doing any damages.

  • Classic Bronze Coating that increases your décor’s value
  • The banana hanger is removable and can also hang grapes
  • Does not tip over even when you are just hanging bananas alone
  • It is very sturdy and well made for the longest durability
  • The bottom part does not rust nor scratch the kitchen counter
  • It’s very beautiful and affordable
  • Might be bigger than most people would expect.


You will never go wrong with a fruit bowl as long as the construction is perfect, unique design and if it is sturdy and stable. You will be amazed by how long your fruits can remain fresh and how much a single item can transform the look in your kitchen or office. With a fruit bowl you can also store other kitchen items plus vegetables and be able to keep your kitchen organized. There are so many designs as this list reflects and you will surely get one that you will like the most and enjoy one fruit after another. Also, you will do great with a lesson or two on how to store your fruits. Good luck!


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