Top 10 Best Fountain Pens Reviewed In 2019

‘Don’t you think handwriting will is slowly becoming obsolete?’ That was a question a friend posed to me. And for a moment, I thought about SMSes, emails, typing, audio recording and electronic signatures. Even worse, swiping credits cards to pay for goods is the norm as opposed to writing checks. But I believe there will be no such a time when pens will stop being used. Pens are still widely employed in offices to append signatures and take quick notes.

While you can use a ballpoint, a pencil or a roller ball pen and still communicate, fountain pens are far much better. Fountains pens are a symbol of class and are popular with learned people! Why the focus on fountain pens? First, fountain pens offer comfort when writing such that you don’t need to use lots of pressure doing so. The result is an excellent handwriting. Secondly, the ink dries fast (left-handed people will appreciate this). Finally, they are environmentally friendly since you don’t have to replace and dispose of after use.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Fountain Pen

When shopping for a fountain pen, your primary focus should be the nib as it determines how well a pen will write.

  • Nib size: Dimensions of the nib range from broad, medium, fine to extra fine.
  • Nib shape: You can consider a fountain pen with round, snub or italic nib.
  • Body: Here, the size, weight, and material come into consideration.
  • Ink filling system: Although all pens use ink, they don’t fill the same way. You can choose cartridge system, converter, built-in filling system or eye-dropper.

With numerous brands of fountain pens in the market, it can be a daunting experience to choose one that will offer you convenience and the class you belong. We have researched and reviewed the top-most fountain pens on the market to help you escape that hassle

10. Gullor 450 Fountain Pen, Pouch, and Cartridge

Gullor 450 Fountain Pen, Pouch, and Cartridge

Gullor brings you a set of high-quality and charming writing instruments comprising of four pens, four original pen pouches, 5-color, 10 pieces ink cartridges and 1 PU leather pen pouch. The PU material makes it strong and extremely durable.

The pen uses the international standard ink cartridges. That allows you to use any other ink cartridges on the market.

Gullor 450 has a fine nib offering a smooth and no-skip writing. It comes with a stylish yet strong cap that possesses a push mechanism. The cap allows you to protect the nib when not using the pen.

You may lack better terms to describe the pens. The adjective beautiful would be an understatement. Simply eye-catching!


  • Fine nib offers smooth, no-skip writing
  • Nice looking
  • Affordable for a whole set
  • Refillable cartridges


  • We did not find any sensible complaint worth your attention. Rest assured that these are gorgeous yet top-quality pens

9. Jinhao 599 Fountain Pens Diversity Set, Transparent

Jinhao 599 Fountain Pens Diversity Set, Transparent

Jinhao 599 fountain pens come as a set of 8 with multiple colors. With a medium nib designed for use by new and old users alike, the fountain pens exhibit a transparent and unique style. The clear feature ensures that you can track the level of ink. The nib is made of very hard metal which ensures the paper doesn’t tear when scribbling. It also ensures that it is steady enough to withstand breakage. If you use quality ink, you will note that it dries in seconds ensuring that your writing material remains clean.

The barrel offers a firm grip that assures you of an exceptional writing experience. Besides, each of the pens is lightweight weighing only 20g further enhancing your comfort. Also, each of the pens in the set is 13.8 cm, which ensures the pen balances well in the hands as you write.

The pen uses a smooth ink technology that ensures a pen does not dry out even if you keep it for long. That is one key feature that renders this pen long lasting when compared to the competition.

Jihao 599 uses both cartilage and converter. With a converter, you are free to use multiple colors of bottle ink. Of importance to note is that the pens do not come with ink.


  • Works with both cartilage and converter
  • Light weight, comfortable and balanced
  • Long-lasting-does not dry


  • The pens do not come with ink. However, ink is widely available even on Amazon

8. Pilot Fountain Pen with Extra Fine Nib

Pilot Fountain Pen with Extra Fine Nib

Pilot is known for its quality products. And now, they present this fountain pen. If you are after an excellent fountain pen for writing training, then this is it. It features an unmatched extra fine nib that does not require much pressure when writing. It is too sharp you might be tempted to think it will tear your paper but it does not happen. The soft, flexible nib offers smooth writing without skipping when applying very minimal effort. What’s more, the nib is gorgeous but sturdy enough to withstand long hours of usage. This is not the kind of pens whose nibs spoil even before the ink is over.

Also, the ink dries right away, ensuring that you don’t spoil your paper. This pen is an excellent option for the left-handed people who tend to spoil everything when using a pen with ink that flows freely. Besides, the lines of your writing will be very thin giving you a very legible handwriting.

The fountain pen comes with a replaceable ink cartilage. However, for those who love using different colors, you can purchase a cartilage converter.

Pilot fountain gifts you a fine grip ensuring you are comfortable when scribbling down. Besides, this is not one of those pens that lack balance. It is lightweight with the weight distributed evenly to ensure that you have an outstanding writing experience.

Such an affordable price for such an extra-fine fountain pen is clearly unheard of. Gift yourself this pen today and get value for your money.


  • Extra-fine
  • Lightweight and balanced
  • Ergonomic grip for comfort when writing
  • Replaceable cartilage
  • Can either be cartilage or converter


  • The fountain pen does not come with a converter, but you can purchase one and fix it

7. ZenZoi Bamboo Fountain Pen, Converter Included

 ZenZoi Bamboo Fountain Pen, Converter Included

‘Old is gold,’ they say. Reward yourself with an old yet elegant handcrafted fountain pen. ZenZoi bamboo fountain pen is one-of-a-kind. Made from 100% natural bamboo, ZenZoi fountain pen has a medium nib best for executive signs. Even if you want to present as a gift to someone, the top-quality gold plating offers the pen a classic look for those who love to impress. A matching bamboo stylish box takes the experience to a whole new level. You can be sure you will make someone smile.

The stainless steel nib offers you smooth yet no-skip writing experience you won’t get in any pens. Besides, that material makes it robust enough to withstand shocks from accidental drops. For calligraphy enthusiasts, you are also covered. With a classic vintage set, you will enjoy beautiful writing like never before.

The pen features international standard ink cartridges. There are ZenZoi cartridges on Amazon, but it allows you to use any other cartridges. As such, you don’t have to have to be limited to the manufacturer’s default cartridge. However, you will have to buy ink cartridges on your own as they are not included in the package.

In case you want to use different colors, do not feel left out. In the package is a new ink refiller converter that you will find in the barrel of the fountain pen. Need we mention the converter is reusable meaning you will have it as long it is functional. You simply fix the converter as you would do with the cartridge. What remains is just to draw any ink color from any bottle. The manufacturer believes in the quality of this fountain pen and offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Stand out with this elegant, sleek, classic and high- performance fountain pen.


  • Uniquely and stylish design (bamboo)
  • Features an ink cartridge but has a cartridge converter
  • Stainless steel nib provides a smooth writing experience
  • 100% natural bamboo


  • You may need to be extra-cautious to avoid breakage of the pen especially from the plastic part

6. EastVita 8812 Fountain Pen Rose Wood Barrel

EastVita 8812 Fountain Pen Rose Wood Barrel

If there are high quality and exotic pen that represents an ancient era then, then it is EastVista fountain pen. This exceptionally engineered pen is a symbol of class and sophistication. Several features make it stand out.

It has a medium karat-gold themed nib that gives it a luxurious look. The nib offers a smooth and no skipping writing experience making your writing even better than it is. Featuring is a nice-looking cap that provides the push mechanism for the pen. As such, you no longer need to worry breaking your nib upon accidentally dropping your fountain. Not again will you complain about messing yourself with an uncapped pen in your pocket the nib is hidden as long as you have it capped. Even more, the cap has a fabulous clip that lets it cling to whenever you clip it.

EastVista fountain pen features an international standard ink cartridge. That feature makes it compatible with other ink cartridges around the world provided they can fit. The manufacturer has Jinhao ink cartridges that fit and work well with EastVista fountain.

Another cool feature of this pen is that; comes with a cartridge converter. Upon fitting the converter, you are free to use any other bottled ink colors.


  • Comes with a cartridge converter
  • Has a genuine gold-plated nib
  • Compatible with third party cartridges
  • Offers a luxurious mood


  • It may not be possible to replace the nib of the fountain pen. Nonetheless, the pen is superb

5. Sheaffer Calligraphy Maxi Kit, 3 Fountain Pens

Sheaffer Calligraphy Maxi Kit, 3 Fountain Pens

If you love to experiment new decorative writing or would like to learn calligraphy, Sheaffer Calligraphy is an excellent kit. The nicely stocked kit carries an array of instruments. You will find 3 calligraphy pens, and 3 nibs of the medium, fine and broad sizes. The nibs do not come in different sizes just for the sake. They are diverse so you can change your writing whenever you feel like.

Also in the package are 20 Skrip ink cartridges by Sheaffer that come in different colors. That offers a variety letting you pass your message with ease. Not only do the many ink cartridge colors offer a range, but also boost your creativity more. What’s more, when you want to switch to another color, there is not more soiling your clothes emptying the pen. These pens don’t require you to wash when changing the color. What a huge time saver! Also, the ink cartridges are replaceable once they run dry. So that means you will not have to incur the cost of purchasing yet another kit.

Even better, it doesn’t matter if you are green in calligraphy, Sheaffer Maxi kit is designed for everyone. That is because it comes with a calligraphy instruction guide for beginners and veterans alike. Provided you are willing to spare some time to learn. You will soon become a guru thanks to the calligraphy kit.

Get the Sheaffer calligraphy kit, learn and try it on a wedding or party invitation cards.


  • Comes with a free calligraphy manual
  • Different colors provide a variety and enhance creativity
  • No need to wash when switching to another color
  • The kit comes as a single package


  • These pens are perfect for beginners in calligraphy. Experienced people may need to look elsewhere

4. Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain, Classic Design

Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain, Classic Design

With a current rating of 4.4 stars on Amazon, Pilot MR fountain pen is designed to perform and last long. Pilot MR has a reputation for developing writing products of high quality. Pilot MR exhibits a distinctive and classy look thanks to the polished steel accents.

‘Pilot MR Animal Collection’ as it is duped, comes with fountain pens, gel rollers, and ballpoint pens. And don’t forget that each of these collections features a brass barrel and steel accents offering an outstanding writing experience. The brass and steel material render the pen highly durable. Besides, each collection exhibits an old art deco with the nice-looking pens of different colors with exciting bands.

What’s more, do you have a person you treasure or love and are undecided on the type of gift to present them? Then you are covered. Grab ‘Pilot MR Metropolitan Collection’ writing instruments that come packed in an adorable box and wow them. A fast drying ballpoint, fountain pen, and smooth writing gel are all in a single package.

The fountain pen has a sturdy brass barrel. Also, with a stainless steel nib, this fountain pen offers a smooth and non-skip writing. Moreover, the gel ink fine pens have an elegant yet classic look with a brass barrel that renders it soft for a comfortable grip. In the box too, is the Pilot MR ballpoint, medium point that has quick drying ink that even the left-handed people will appreciate. Finally, in the Pilot MR Metropolitan Collection is a pencil that transforms your writing experience with lead.

Pilot MR fountain pen comes with one cartridge (only Pilot). However, if you want to use different colors from an ink bottle, then a bladder-type convertor accompanying it will come in handy.

Gain your luxury at an insanely affordable price for either of these collections and elevate your writing to the next level.


  • Elegant, yet classy and distinctive designs
  • Fountain pens, gel rollers and ballpoint pen all come in a single cute package
  • Brass barrel and steel nib makes it strong and durable
  • Cartridge but is compatible with an accompanying converter
  • Smooth and comfortable grip


  • There are a few complaints about the fountain pen lack balance when capped. However, most agree that it is a headline-worthy pen

3. JinHao 250 Steel Gold Trim Fountain Pen

JinHao 250 Steel Gold Trim Fountain Pen

A classic stainless steel fountain pen will rank you higher when scribbling notes or appending your signature. With a metal steel chrome body, there is no doubt this is a highly sturdy pen. No more worrying about breaking your pen when you drop it accidentally. It is light weight weighing only 35g and with a 4.7 inches length offering a comfortable grip. It features a carefully engineered cap that has a push ON/OFF mechanism. The mechanism comes in handy in minimizing chances of the pen landing on the ground with the nib by mistake.

The pen has an ink cartridge that meets and even exceeds the international standards. However, because a cartridge system limits the number of colors you can use, it comes with a converter that allows you to an unlimited number of colors. However, it is important to note that it the pen does not come with ink. Therefore, you have to purchase ink cartridges separately. Besides, the ink cartridges are refillable and hence reusable. That eliminates the need to buy another pen as you will just refill it with more ink. You are assured of an excellent quality product, and that is ascertained by the 120-days warranty given on the fountain pen.

JINHAO 250 offers a no-skip, and no-leak handwriting that will speak for itself.


  • Has a cartridge system but comes with a converter
  • Features an ON/OFF technology keeping the nib intact
  • Sturdy steel material
  • Offers a comfortable grip
  • 120-days warranty


  • Except for a few misplaced complaints that are incomprehensible, the fountain pen’s super

2. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, Charcoal, Fine

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, Charcoal, Fine

If you have ever dropped your pen on a hard surface like a floor, you will understand why you ought to consider the material used in making your fountain pen. With a strong ABS plastic body, you can be sure this is not the type of pens that break at the slightest shock. The plastic body is easy-to-grip promising a happy writing moment.

Featuring is an adjustable and glossy clip that offers a funky look when put it into your breast pocket coat. Also, the cap is also metallic like the body making it hard enough not to break easily. Besides, Lamy has a black-coated steel fine nib.

Also, the pen features ink cartridge T10 by Lamy which offers simplicity and convenience. However, to use different colors of bottle ink, it allows modification to use with Z24 cartridge converter. You will fit the converter into the pen the same way a cartridge does. That saves you the need to buy two types of pens. Please note that you have to purchase Z24 cartridge converter separately.

The design, smooth flow of ink and the price make this pen one of a kind and provide you a pleasurable writing experience. Get an exceptional fountain pen at a reasonable price.


  • ABS plastic body renders the pen strong and durable
  • Features a flexible and pretty clip
  • Genuine steel coated fine nib
  • Smooth writing
  • Allows you to interchange to change from cartridge to converter to use varied bottle ink colors


  • We came across review claiming the pen not fine point as the manufacturer claims. However, that might be dependent on our different understanding of the degree of fineness

1. Pilot Varsity Disposable Different Color Fountain Pens, 7-Pack Pouch

Pilot Varsity Disposable Different Color Fountain Pens, 7-Pack Pouch

Rated 4.5 stars and with over 1507 customers’ reviews, Pilot Varsity fountains pens pack had to rank position 1 in 2019. Transform your old school writing style with this stylish and sleekly designed plastic pen. It is all about convenience and ease of use. The pens come in a lovely and reusable 7-pack pouch. Did I mention that in that single package, you will enjoy writing in 7 different colors including black, blue and red? It is up to you to choose the color you want depending on the application.

Each of these pens exhibits some cool features. Each pen features an ancient style barrel yet a stylish modern design that makes it stand out from the pack. It has a top-notch ink system that guarantees you of a smooth writing. Ever better, the ink system design is in such a way that the supply of ink is visible. As a result, you can track the level of your ink. Pilot Varsity fountain pen relieves you the inconvenience that arises from carrying an empty pen unaware.

The nib of a fountain pen is a major determinant when it comes to your writing experience. You can avoid that frustration by acquiring a pen with a real fountain pen medium-sized nib. That will give your already nice handwriting a boost and even help you write smoothly and comfortably. Get premium writing feel with a pen that does not skip a very affordable price.


  • Affordable
  • Fashionable and stylish for those looking to impress
  • Extremely convenient and easy to use
  • Adorable reusable pouch
  • Genuine medium nib


  • The pens are not refillable. However, we believe they are good for the money and guarantee convenience for you can check the ink left


Since handwriting is here to stay, we need to give it a new perspective. Although you can still write using standard pens, a fountain pen offers an outstanding experience. Fountain pens need minimal pressure, they offer exceptionally thin lines, improve your writing, and you can use them to impress. It is our hope the reviews above will help you see the need to gift yourself a fountain pen.

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