Top 10 Best Folding Wagons in 2019 Reviews

There are various tools that have been made specifically to make sure your work is easier and comfortable to do. One of those tools is a wagon that has the ability to enable people to do so many kinds of jobs; folding wagons are popular due to their flexibility to carry different stuff. A folding wagon may be used in various situations and places, for example, you could move farm suppliers with a wagon, and sports gear can also be carried in it, trip packs may be transported in it. It is also very common to see people take their kids in wagons. It is a great choice for people who live in apartments or one who like to take the wagon on their cars.

There you are and therefore what exactly do you need to know when buying a folding wagon? And what considerations would you take when buying them? These questions are answered in this review with a view to establishing the best folding wagons for you to choose and where to get them on the market today. The following brands of folding wagons are unpacked and explained as you will realize their particular features that would suit your needs.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Folding Wagons

a)The primary use for the Folding Wagon– The first thing you should think about is the main reason why you are buying the wagon and its intended use. You will settle on one that best suits your needs by looking if it has the capability to perform it satisfactorily.

b)Terrain- If you are using the folding wagon on a sandy beach or a rough terrain, go for one with tires that can handle this kind of terrain. On the other hand, if you are buying a wagon for use in tight hallways, choose one that has small turn radius for better maneuverability.

c)Cargo space- If you are buying a folding wagon for groceries, a small one will suffice. If you need to carry more cargo or even you kid on the wagon, a large cargo space will make more sense.

10.Timber Ridge Best Folding Wagon

Made of the best polyester material to increase its durability and can as well be folded. It can carry up to 150 pounds and is such a utility brand because it can do all kinds of moving ranging from the beach to sporting equipment haul. Timber Ridge folding wagon can be easily used in rough terrains as it has an extending handle which can allow you to move the wagon in different positions. It’s one of the best due to its ability to carry much weight, and as well its steel frames give it an edge where you want to go to the roughest of the terrains.

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i)It has an extending handle for effective control in rough terrains.

ii)Durability enhanced by the 600D polyester material.


i)Rubber tires hence prone to wear and tear.

Best Folding Wagons

9.Big Wheel All Terrain Outdoor Beach & Garden Multipurpose Folding Wagon

Looking for an all-terrain folding wagon? This one here suits exactly what you want with all its features meant for exact flexibility in all terrains. It can be used for camping and sporting activities. Beach activities are also a suit for this utility wagon. It has a strong frame meant to withstand all kinds of terrains, and the design of the wheels serves exactly this purpose on making sure you don’t get stuck in the sand nor will you get stuck on the camping sites. It goes without saying that most all terrain wagons are not beautiful as such however this is not the case here as the design has not been able to take away its beauty.


i)Grand pulling swivel allows you to pull with much ease.

ii)Can be cleaned easily and its assembling takes little time possible.

iii)Its ability to be pulled even when folded makes it a unique feature for this wagon.


i)Its wheels though meant for all terrains may not hold much more weight.

Best Folding Wagons

8.Maxima Folding Wagon by Impact Canopy

Here again comes one of those durable and multifunctional folding wagons that is portable meant for you. It is a wagon that can carry up to 150 pounds made of heavy duty powder coated steel making it one of the most durable in the market. Its polyester material increases its durability and to a great extend improves its performance. Its handle is versatile and can be folded to make it easy to pull and push. The design of its wheels increases its performance as they are detachable, extra-large and have a cup holder. The wheels are of different sizes this improves its performance.


i)Their extra-large detachable wheel improves its performance.

ii)Powder coated Steel for heavy duties.


i)Most people may not like the design of this wagon based on difference sized wheels.

Best Folding Wagons

7.Everyday Sports Collapsible Folding Wagon

Here comes one of the best folding wagons of the modern generation meant for you, whether you love the beach or not you will love this wagon. It also caters for all family fun whenever needed. The following size specifications make the wagon the best regarding the weight it can carry, usually 155 pounds. It is 5.25 inches long by 21.65 inches wide by 23.62 inches high and when folded; it is 23.62 inches in length, by 5.9 inches in width by 32.28 inches high.

All these combinations are tailor made for the flexible multifunctional modern generation wagon. The wagon has a power handling driving mechanism as well as a safety brake, and these are not so common to other wagons right? Apart from these two features, it has a 3-point seat belt, an anti-shock safety bar; cushion seat, and auto locking mechanism. These are all tailor made for the perfect beach and outdoor runs.

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i)Power handling driving mechanism

ii)Safety seat belts and brakes

iii)Auto locking mechanism of the wagon is a modern feat.


i)The handle needs to be reinforced when carrying big loads by welding it to the body.

Best Folding Wagons

6.Creative Outdoor Distributors Original Folding Garden Wagon

It is a versatile wagon that can be used for both outdoor and indoor movements. This one has a canopy meant for further protection of the things being carried; as a result, it increases its functionality. It has a weight capacity of up to 120 pounds, and as such, this is a big game folding wagon for you. A set of uniqueness has also been added due to its yellow tires and black wheels.


i)Ideal for most conditions hence flexible

ii)Comes with a covering material for ideal execution


i)You need to tighten all screws and bolts after receiving it as they are not tightened by the manufacturer.

Best Folding Wagons

5.Impact Canopies Collapsible Folding Wagon Utility Cart Beach Wagon

Impact Canopy is the manufacturer of this amazing wagon that has important features made available for your enjoyment of the outdoor travels that usually require you to haul so much especially mostly in car boots. This wagon is made of durable and easy to clean polyester fabric that serves you for years. It can be folded easily and can be carried as such in minimum space for example in the car trunk, hence its enhanced portability. It has large wheels that are rubber made and makes sure they can move on any surface easily.


i)Large and can carry more items

ii)Made of durable polyester fabric

iii)Wide wheels allow it to move easily on most surfaces.


i)Rubber wheels wear out fast.

Best Folding Wagons

4.Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Wagon, Camo

Here comes a wagon that has been made in a color that doesn’t shout and does not require daily cleaning. It is dull in color and as a result doesn’t quite need so much cleaning due to its cocoa color. This wagon has an extending arm and is as well lightweight making it one of the best regarding long travels. The wagon also has durable wheels that are flexible enough due to their size and can be able to allow outdoor explorations.MAC Sports is durable all round and carry up to 150 pounds suitable for among others outdoor trips to the beach, campsites, parks and even to haul heavy materials. Has two cup holders.


i)Steel frame coated with powder increases its durability

ii)Among the best suited for outdoor events

iii)Can be cleaned easily

iv)Has an extended telescopic handle


i)Rubber tires are not necessarily what most people want due to their smell.

Best Folding Wagons

3.Radio Flyer Kid’s Ultimate EZ The Best Folding Wagon Ride On

There has been much anticipation for this wagon, and here it is. If you were fired up for this one then maybe this review helps to explain the features that this product has. Designed specifically for carrying kids, this wagon can as most of them are folded however this is better due to its portability and ease of fold. The cart can accommodate two children comfortably. It has two seats for the kids and four cup holder meant for the kid’s cups. This wagon has a removable UV canopy that protects the kids from harmful UV rays; this means you can have your children enjoy the ride under such conditions without fear of the rays. The canopy is removable, and thus you can be able to have it removed when you want to. A DuraCleanTM fabric has been used to make this wagon. This material is also easy to clean.

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i)Has a telescopic handle for ease of transportation.

ii)UV canopy makes it even more functional

iii)Seatbelts have been fitted to ensure safety of the kids

iv)Easy to clean due to its fabric


i)It is meant for children ferrying only, though.

Best Folding Wagons

2.EasyGoWagon2.0 – Red Folding Wagon – Collapsible Heavy Duty Utility Pull Wagon

Here is one of the lightest portable folding wagons now in the market. It serves various functions due to its nature to be collapsible and ease of transport when not in use. It can get to about an eighth of its normal size when folded which makes it so easy to carry. There is also a bag that is provided for you to use while carrying it when not in use. The wagon is about 31 pounds in weight and hold.


i)It folds compactly and makes it easy to transport. It also holds the record for being the lightest folding wagon in the market.

ii)It is durable due to the 600 D polyester material.

iii)It has a wide wheelbase that makes it more stable.

iv)It is designed to have a sunshade.


i)It may not be suitable for some terrains and errands.

Best Folding Wagons

1.Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

This is one of the best brands in the market designed to give you ease of travel and above all comfort when carrying whatever you desire. It is a portable wagon that allows you to fold and as such occupies less space when transporting it or when it is not in use. Its design allows you to ferry a variety of stuff, and kids can also be carried in this wagon and with ease due to its material being strong enough to hold up to 150 pounds. It is made of strong steel for durability purposes, and strength of the wagon is also realized in the strong polyester material used to make its ferrying material.


i)Durable due to strong steel and polyester material.

ii)Wonderful design places it among the best.


i)Rubber tires may need to be replaced from time to time.

ii)Rubber produces a bad smell in case one decides to open the wagon.

Best Folding Wagons


Wagons that can be folded are portable and are a trend now in the modern days; you will be able to choose the best from this review based on the features described. Wagons are preferred because of their efficiency, durability, aesthetic value, flexibility and functionality. Therefore I hope this review helps you get the best folding wagon.

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