Top 10 Best Folding Bike Trailers for Kids Reviews In 2021

If you are wondering that how to fit in or carry your cargo, then bike trailers for kids are a saviour in this case. Bike trailers come in different types and styles. While some of them excel at a road, others are expert in different functionalities like jogging. Some bike trailers also come with adequate space for kids. So, choosing the right bicycle trailer can be very troublesome. Especially when the matter comes down to durability, you definitely do not want to buy a trailer that will not last long enough.

Hence, you will have to be absolutely sure about the features and everything you need in your trailer. Well, there is nothing to worry about since we are here to help you out. Have a look at our great bike trailers and choose the right one.

Table of the Best Bike Trailers Reviews

10. Pacific Cycle InStep Sync Folding Single Bicycle Trailer

Bike Trailers

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If you are looking for a reliable bike trailer, then the Instep Sync is sure to satisfy your needs and raise your anticipated benchmarks. It comes with 16-inches sturdy air-filled tires that can drag the trailer through sidewalks, bumpy roads or uphill easily at the recommended speed. Travelling and storing this is hassle-free since it has a folding frame construction with wheels that are easily collapsible. To sweeten the deal, the 2-in-1 canopy in this comes along with weather shield and bug screen. What more do you need?


9. InStep Double Bicycle Trailers for Kids

InStep Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer

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The Instep Take 2 ensures that none of your family members is left out when you decide to go on an adventure. Your little ones would have a comfortable ride on the padded seats and the weather shield/bug screen two-in-one canopy ensures they are cozy and protected from uncooperative elements. Even after comfortably seating your children in the trailer you are left with additional storage of 12 pounds. That means no extra bags for groceries or gears. As you can see, the trailer can be easily converted into an efficient stroller and the pneumatic tires of 16-inches assure supreme performance.

8. InStep Quick N-EZ Double Bicycle Trailer

InStep Quick N EZ Double Bicycle Trailer

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This trailer is rather too convenient and saves a lot of cost by serving a dual purpose. Apart from being a bike trailer, you can use this as a stroller by quickly attaching the stroller kit that includes a handle and a front wheel. You can easily attach this lovely trailer to most adult bikes and the 16-inches tires with the moulded rims mean a comfy and smooth ride for your children. Plus, it is a folding frame beside having detachable wheels hence facilitating compact storage. And it has a two-in-one canopy that protects from a bug, as well as bad weather, makes this trailer a wise choice.

7.  Allen Sports Deluxe Red Two-Child Steel Bicycle Trailer

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Child Steel Bicycle Trailer

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Allen Sports from the early days of Dick Allen has been committed to making high-quality bike related products and the Deluxe 2 is no exception. It has a lightweight yet durable steel construction with steel wheels to go with it. Whereas it can be folded and the wheels release instantly which further make storage and transporting the bike trailer easy. The Deluxe 2 can easily accommodate and carry two children and has a max carry-load of 100 pounds. If you still have any concerns about safety, Allen Sports has taken care of it with their safety harness besides an added safety flag.


6.  Schwinn Echo Yellow Double Bike Trailers

Schwinn Echo Double Bike Trailer

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Schwinn has designed the Echo Double by keeping your child’s safety and comfort as their top priority. Plus, it has a large window with the meshed surface keeps the bugs away while keeping your child cool and dry. For added security and comfort, the seat even includes a helmet mesh as well as comfy shoulder pads. The 20-inches wheels that are alloy spooked promise excellent performance. Finally, the coupler can be attached to any type of bike.

5. Aosom Elite II 3in1 Double Child Bike Trailer


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The excellent Aosom Elite II will serve you as a child bike stroller, jogger and a trailer saving you a lot of money. Unlike average trailers, this comes with a complete suspension system and boasts 20-inches wheels. That means with this you can take your child on uneven terrain and still allow him a smooth ride. You don’t need to worry about the trailer rolling away since it comes with a hand lock brake system that secures it in place. Moreover, the locking swivel at the front wheel of this 3-in-1 design is a remarkable feature. One can carry up to 88lbs thus making it safe and cozy for every child.

4. Schwinn Trailblazer Folding Frame Single Bike

Schwinn Trailblazer Single Bike

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First of all, if you are worried about the compatibility of your bike with this trailer, you need not be. The Schwinn Universal coupler included with the trailer can attach almost any bike with this trailer. You can carry this around anywhere and be storing it is also not a problem since it can easily collapse the folding frame to give it a more compact form. Plus, the two-in-one canopy will safeguard you from all the harsh weather conditions as well as bugs.


3. Schwinn Rascal Orange Pet Trailer

Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer

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Most of the trailer on the market is designed for people with kids. But pet owners don’t need to be disappointed since the Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer exclusively serves you. The non-slip interior is extremely soft and padded enough to fit one pet up to 50 pounds comfortably. The trailer even has a cute doggy door at the rear which means shortstops for water or bathroom breaks are even shorter. It also has an adjustable leash length which helps you to keep your pets in place. And the bugs or mosquitoes will not disturb you like the adjustable bug screen of this excellent bike trailer will keep your darlings safe.

2. Bell Smooth Sailer Child Trailer

Smooth Sailer Child Trailer

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If installation and setting-up your bike trailer has been a dark story, you can rest easy with the Smooth Sailer. It was easy, fast and secure installation with a five-point harness system. Made of a long-lasting strong steel frame, it resists all weather conditions and it can be released easily.  You can have two kids in the trailer up to 100 pounds, thus increasing your time with them and taking them out on mini adventures.

1. Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer

Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer

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Another ingenious product from the folks at Allen Sports, the top bike trailer in this list is exquisite. Connecting and disconnecting this trailer with most bikes is quick and easy. It has a lightweight steel construction that keeps it sturdy yet and lights while the foldable frame makes storing it easier. The trailer even specializes in having a safe foot guard tube that keeps feet of your child safe in case the journey gets a bit rough. It also has safety harness and safety flags to alarm the passerby about your arrival. Overall it’s a great product to just get out with your kids, work those muscles a bit while having a great time with your family.

Now fun and adventures with kids or pets have become totally safe with the help of trustworthy bike trailers. It assures all possible safety and makes travelling easy. Hence, without further delay; move on with your bike trailer.

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