Top 10 Best Foam Rollers in 2020 Reviews for Massage & Fitness

Workout enthusiasts understand the power of using a foam roller during or after regular exercise sessions. Foam rollers are among the modern practice tools that come in to make exercising fruitful and safe for everyone. If you have experienced the lingering pains and aches that accompany strenuous workouts, as well as the dragging post-workout recovery processes, then you will appreciate the role of a foam roller throughout your exercises.

On the market today, there are many brands of foam rollers by different manufacturers. You can choose to purchase a portable foam roller, a soft one, or an ultra-firm model. Again, you can also find foam rollers designed to serve specific purposes like myofascial release or building and massaging certain muscles.

Foam rollers find use in soothing, massaging and rejuvenating the sore muscles and other sections of the body. The material employed in the making of foam rollers vary from one brand to another. If you wish to have a quick post-workout recovery, then you should go for a foam roller made from the dense core, hardened materials. However, if you just need a gentle massage, then a foam roller with a soft material will do.

Below, we review the top ten best foam rollers in 2020.  Our primary aim is to ease your selection and to ensure that you get the best product that suits your needs. Read on to find out which product is the best for you.

10. NewCell Integrate Foam Roller

NewCell Integrate

The NewCell Integrate Foam Roller is a unique product whose primary aim is equipping fitness and sporting enthusiasts with excellent services when it comes to post-workout recovery or mild massage to various body muscles. The bi-directional zone construction design used in its making sets it apart by providing ultra-spine comfort. Its exterior is comfortable and soft while its sturdy inner tube provides maximum stability thus safety to the user of this foam roller. Acupressure and optimal massage is facilitated by the exclusive trigger point zone included in the making of this foam roller. Its lightweight nature and compactness make it ideal for frequent travelers who don’t want to neglect their workouts while on the go.

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9. ErgonFlow Foam Roller

NEW Foam Roller

This new foam roller model by Ergonflow is getting considerable attention from athletes and fitness enthusiasts across the globe. Its overall construction is on point as it comes with a high-density EPE foam core reinforced with a mid-density foam casing thus highly useful and durable. It’s a foam roller that’s recommended by re-known physical therapists for maximizing the trigger point release. It does not lose shape or break down even when used for extreme workouts. It works magic in reducing and eliminating chronic pain in the lower, upper and mid back, the neck region, Legs, and arms. If you wish to develop the best postural muscles or realize maximum pain relief and relaxation after a strenuous workout, then look no further than this foam roller.

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8. Exous Bodygear Grid Foam Roller

Exous Bodygear

The Exous Bodygear® Company brings you this multi-purpose, 3 zone massage foam roller that works magic in foam rolling and providing the most diverse trigger point release. Its construction features the use of premium quality materials which ensures maximum strength of this tool. It’s suitable for heavy duty utilization thanks to its robust inner ABS tube that never cracks. Its lightweight nature and small size promote its portability and easy storage. On the market, this is the only foam roller that facilitates the release of tension around the feet thanks to its good thumb like force massage sensation. The available online videos provided by its manufacturer facilitate easy and accurate use of this foam roller for optimum results.

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7. ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller

ProSource Sports Medicine

Do you appreciate products with simple designs but excellent functionality? Then your search for the best foam roller might come to a closure after an encounter with this foam roller model. Its basic design makes it easy to maneuver, store, as well as transport from place to place. If you are experiencing pains, aches, or stubborn knots on various muscles around your body, then this tool is for you. Its high-density construction allows for fast post-workout recovery. Its generous size makes it ideal for both short and tall fitness enthusiasts. You can easily roll out the legs or your back regardless of your height and body size.

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6.  Rolling With It Foam Roller

The Foam Roller

The versatility of this foam roller makes it ideal for any athlete and heavy duty utilization. This foam roller model is not only ideal for physical therapy and massage but also does exemplarily well at myofascial release. Its construction involves the use of environmental friendly EPA foam which makes it safe for use even around children. The materials used in its making are of the highest quality and strength to ensure that it maintains its shape, and no flaking or chipping occurs even with heavy duty use. You are free to choose from the two available sizes of this foam roller depending on your body size.

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5. OPTP PRO-ROLLER Soft Density Foam Roller


Whether you need a foam roller for physical therapy, relief from muscle tightening or post-workout massage, this product will serve your needs with no disappointments. Its development includes a durable molded polypropylene foam construction technology and provides its users with 2 pounds per cubic FT density for ultimate effect and quick results. Its overall surface is smooth, firm and supportive and remains intact even with heavy duty utilization. You are free to choose from the three available sizes of this foam roller with the largest measuring 36 inches. This is a foam roller that suits both weekend warriors and the everyday fitness enthusiasts.

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4. Black High-Density Foam Roller

Black High

Do you engage in mild exercises that rarely result to aches and pains? Could you be looking for a gentle and soft foam roller for the regular massage? Then, look no further than this product. People who enjoy soft self-massage using the re-known relaxation and exercise methods will find the OPTP Pro roller very practical and user-friendly. Its soft material is not an indicator that this product is delicate. Instead, it comes ready for consistent heavy duty abuse. Its cross-linked development design promotes relief in all your target spots. Cleaning this foam roller is as easy as ABC. If you are committed to mild exercises, then it’s only wise that you incorporate this incredible foam roller in your workouts.

3. Master of Muscles Foam Roller For Muscle Massage

Muscle Massage

The making of this foam roller sets it apart from all the other brands available on the market so far. Taking a closer glance at it, you will notice that its breadth size is twice that of most of its competitor brands. Its thickness allows for consistent, heavy-duty application. It will serve you beyond your expectations whenever you need to roll out your entire back or just the IT band. Its firm but flexible bumps promote maximum effect to the sensitive body regions. Your large muscles that include quads upper and lower back, and lats will be well catered for throughout your exercises thanks to the excellent construction of this foam roller.

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2. LuxFit Premium High-Density Foam Rollers

LuxFit Premium Foam Rollers

The Master of Muscle Foam Roller is a favorite tool for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and body builders. It’s a foam roller that brings you all it takes to achieve quick post-workout relief from pains and aches around the body muscles. Also, many individuals appreciate its services when it comes to myofascial release. Regardless of whether you engage in extreme sports like boxing, rugby, running, and bodybuilding, to mention but a few, this foam roller model will serve you in the best way whenever you need a quick recovery from vigorous exercises that overwork the muscles. Its lightweight nature and compact design make it suitable for frequent travelers as it fits well in the small gym bags.

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1. TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

TriggerPoint GRID

The manufacturer of this foam roller utilizes high-quality foam throughout its development. The only slight difference between this foam roller and the traditional models is that its foam is quite less as compared to that used in traditional foam rollers. However, it delivers beyond the user’s expectations. The distro density zone construction featured in the making of this foam roller is among the factors that make it exclusive by providing effective and targeted massage to various muscles. If you are a frequent fitness fanatic, then this product will serve you in the best way as it is designed for consistent, heavy-duty application. Its compact design allows for easy storage and portability of this foam roller.

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The ultimate first step to realizing the best results is by getting a high-quality, durable and excellently constructed foam roller. We have played our role by providing you with the top ten best foam rollers in 2020 reviews. The power to select your preferred foam roller remains with you. Go for a quality product that will suit your needs and provide and accurate account for your money.

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