Top 10 Best Fly Killers of 2019 – Reviews

Flies can be just as annoying as mosquitoes or cockroaches at times, ask anyone who lives in a temperate climate. Although they won’t directly attack you in any way, their constant buzzing is enough to drive any person mad. At the same time, flies are known to carry a lot of bacteria in viruses, which is why you want them far away from any food you have laying around on the table.

When it comes to flies, prevention is many times the best medicine, but if you have a real problem with them then you should perhaps invest in a fly killing device or insecticide. Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at the ten best fly killers on the market to help you through.

Best Fly Killers 2019

10Elucto Large Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter Zap Mosquito Best for Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control


buy from amazonEasily zap bugs with just one swat. This highly reliable and powerful fly swatter can be used immediately with no need for charging. It is powered by two Duracell AA batteries which are included in the package. This fly swatting racket is also very easy to clean due to its single-layered design. The flying insects won’t get caught anywhere inside the device, so they can easily and simply be wiped away from the surface. This device is also environmentally friendly as there is no need for any harsh chemical sprays or other similar fly-killing substances. This swatter also benefits from a full one-year warranty.

92019 Upgraded Mosquito Killer Bug Zapper

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buy from amazonThis new and upgraded fly trap is safe and chemical-free. Insects are attracted and very easily killed byt the high-voltage metal grids which keeps your home free of chemical fly-killing sprays. The mesh screen on this device protects you and your family and prevents any accidental contact with the electrical grid. It is super easy to clean. The dead insects collect in a tray at the bottom of the device where they can then be easily removed and cleaned. It is safe to use and ideal for all environments including both indoor and outdoor use.

8Safer Brand Victor M380 Fly Magnet Reusable Trap with Bait

chemical fly-killing sprays

buy from amazonThis safe fly killer includes patented non-poisonous bait to lure in flies. It is perfect for indoor use as it is non-toxic and not at all bulky. It is perfectly safe for pets, children, and the environment. The trap itself is completely re-useable. Once it is filled with flies, simply dump the contents, re-bait the trap, add water, and then you’re ready to go again. The baited system is designed to last a long time and won’t diminish with time.

7Repel Sportsmen Max Formula


buy from amazonWhen it comes to insects, prevention is sometimes the best medicine. We say this because you can always try to keep flies away instead of killing them through whatever process. All you need to do is to rub this lotion around the areas where flies would usually congregate. At the same time, you will find this repellent to offer a much longer-lasting effect than similar products in this price range.

6Catchmaster 904-12 Clear Window Fly Trap 24-Pack

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buy from amazonThis non-toxic product from Catchmaster has a reputation to uphold, a reputation owed to its world-renowned effectiveness when it comes to catching flies. Easily disposable and easy to use, this clear window fly trap should meet anyone’s standards of cleanliness, much due to its compact design. Also worth mentioning is that despite its compact form, you can expect this trap to catch almost any insect regardless of size, or even small critters.

5Eliminator Electronic Fly and Bug Zapper

chemical fly-killing sprays

buy from amazonIf you’re looking for an industrial sized fly and bug zapper then look no further. Eliminator’s Electric Fly and Bug Zapper can protect an area as big as 5,000 sq ft without being too constly to maintain or too big to store properly. Interestingly enough, this zapper is also chemical and odor free, features one must always look for when shopping for fly killers. In fact, you will hardly even notice its presence inside a room unless you’re staring right at it.

4BLACK+DECKER 941 Zapper Hanging Electric Lantern with Bee Tray



buy from amazonThanks to the UV technology in this fly killer, bugs are lured in a zapped quickly and easily. Simply hang this bug-zapper with the built-in ring with is provided or stand it up on a sturdy table or other flat surface. It is safe for use around children and pets as it has a cover which protects any contact with the electrical grid. The removable tray makes cleaning easy. Simply remove the tray to discard any dead insects and then use the included cleaning brush to scrub away any excess waste.

3Cy-Kick CS Controlled Release Cyfluthrin Insecticide

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buy from amazonThis multi-use insecticide is designed to deal with insects of any kind in a quick and efficient manner. Thanks to its powerful formula, it will dish out in about 90 days, during which time it will effectively dispose of pretty much any insect that might be troubling you. It also works just as well inside or outside the house, giving you the capacity of being in full control over how and where you use it.

2Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger

chemical fly-killing sprays

buy from amazonMarketed as a mosquito killer, this versatile tool will work just as well with flies and fleas. It uses the exact delivery system that pest control professionals use, with the added benefit of being much smaller and lightweight. On average, it will cover an area as large as 5,000 square feet in less than 10 minutes. It is capable of doing that with the help of a propane-powered delivery feature that involves a short style propane cylinder which you can change at your convenience.

1Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun


buy from amazonSimilar to the Propane Insect Fogger, this highly capable Insect Eradication Gun from Bug-A-Salt will rid you of pesky bugs and flies in just a matter of minutes. It does so with the help of a salt recipient that contains 80 shots of salt that you can use to spray throughout the infested area.

What’s interesting about this ingenious insect eradication gun is that it doesn’t use any batteries or additional accessories, allowing you to set it up in just a few moments at any given time. Not only that but you will find it to be much more affordable than similar devices in its class.


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