Top 10 Best Fishing Scales Reviewed In 2021

Fishing is a fun sport and commercial activity for men and women. However, even though nothing excites people than catching fish, the law prohibits anglers from catching fish below a set weight limits. Therefore, before you venture into the open waters, it is essential that you have a quality fishing scale in your boat or kayak. Herein, we have taken time to identify the best fishing scales and outlining their features for your consideration.

Our Picks for Best Fishing Scales in 2021

10. Weston Spring & Hook Scale Fishing Scale

Weston Spring & Hook Scale Fishing Scale

The Weston Spring & Hook Scale is a versatile fishing tool. It is ideal for fishing as a sport or as a business. Fishing is a water activity, and having a rustproof gadget will be more convenient and without worries. The spring and hook design is one gadget that will meet this objective. Crafted using anodized aluminum, its hardware will ever remain rust-free. This sturdy scale will remain functional and last a lifetime without losing accuracy.

Weston can measure up to 100 pounds, which is the right standard for a good fish scale. It also has on the bar readings and a scaler that record the heaviest weight of all time. Thus, it is an excellent sport fishing and competing with your friends. Its handle also offers an excellent grip to your wet hands, and it will not slip while weighing a massive fish.

Why We Like
  • Tested for health/safety
  • Supports up to 100 pounds
  • Stainless steel hook/spring
  • Anodized aluminum shell
  • The handle has a good grip
Our Verdict

Weston is a portable spring and hook fish scale that supports up to 100 pounds. Its food-grade design is resistant to rusting. It is also non-slip and testes for health and safety, which is desirable.

9. Berkley BTDFS50-1 Digital Fishing Scale

Berkley BTDFS50-1 Digital Fishing Scale

Traditional scales tend to be cumbersome in reading weights accurately. The Berkley BTDFS50-1 Digital fishing scale sorts this problem by displaying clearly, the accurate weight of your fish to a decimal point. You will not strain your eyes reading weights on its display screen. This digital scale will immediately record weights and store up to ten measurements in its memory.

Additionally, you may also use the tare weight feature to weigh your fish cumulatively. This highly accurate design is water-resistant and hence durable. Its odor resistance abilities make it applicable for other activities besides fishing. With a capacity of 50 pounds, this scale is adequate to weigh most standard sized fish. It also comes along with two sets of weight display, which is in pounds or kilograms. It also has detachable and replaceable batteries in case the installed ones ran out of power.

Why We Like
  • Pounds, ounce, and Kg scales
  • Uses replaceable batteries
  • Supports up to 50 pounds
  • Stores up to 10 measurements
  • Easy to read scale (digital)
Our Verdict

Are you looking for a fish scale that supports up to 50 pounds? Berkley BTDFS50-1 is a dependable digital model that also generates readings in ounces and kilograms. Its digital scale is accurate and easy to read. It also has a portable battery-powered design that with built-in storage for up to 10 fish measurements.

8. ReelSonar Digital Fishing Scale

ReelSonar Digital Fishing Scale

The ReelSonar Digital fishing scale is a new model in the market with a sleek design and smooth curved edges. It is comfortable in hand and compact, which is beneficial to people who travel often. It also has an accurate digital scale that can weigh up to forty-five kilograms of fish issue-free. The enlarged LCD screen displays higher font readings for ease of your recording.

ReelSonar has a powerful rechargeable battery that, once fully charged, can last for many hours. You need not add the weight of fish manually to get the total weight. Its design has a tare option, which sums up the net weights. It also comes with a fish lip grabber and a stainless-steel hook for convenience of holding the fish in place. If you are interested in knowing the length of your catch, a tape measure is also part of this package.

Why We Like
  • Built-in tape measure
  • Removable fish lip hook
  • Accurate tare feature
  • Stainless steel hook
Our Verdict

ReelSonar is an all-in-one digital fish scale with a durable hook (stainless steel), a removable fish lip hook, and a tape measure. If you travel often, you will also appreciate its portability and ability to resist rust when exposed to fresh or saltwater.

7. Fiblink Fishing Scale

Fiblink Fishing Scale

The Fiblink Fish scale is a unique design and ideal for sport fishing lovers. It is easy to use the device since it comes with additional features. One of the convenient features is the lip grabber that allows you to hold the fish quickly and tightly, ready for weighing. It eliminates the hassle and mess of trying to hook and unhooking the fish from on its mouth. More so, it allows you to handle the fish and weigh it with one hand.

The Fiblink Fish scale utilizes a spring-loaded dial and can weigh up to 40 pounds. A wrist strap comes with the handle for securing the scale from falling into the water. The hardware is of pure stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion from salty waters. It is also sturdy and suitable for weighing all types of fish. You will as well get a tape for measuring your catch.

Why We Like
  • Long ruler (5 feet)
  • Supports 40 pounds
  • Rust-resistant parts
  • Sturdy lip grabber
  • Comes ready to use
Our Verdict

The Fiblink supports up to 40 pounds. However, is heavy-duty stainless steel hook rarely fails under stress. You will also love its stainless steel handle and the adjustable 5-foot ruler on offer.

6. Piscifun Professional Fishing Scale

Piscifun Professional Fishing Scale

Getting a dual-purpose weighing product is more to your advantage. Most scales come only with the weighing function. However, the two in one Piscifun Professional fishing scale is a unique device that will serve you comfortably. It comes equipped with a lip gripper for holding and sorting your catch with one hand. The tip of this lip gripper is soft and narrow, and will not to injure the fish if you intend to release it back in the waters.

This scale has clear reading marks and can weigh up to a fifteen kilograms load. It also includes a three feet ruler for measuring the length of fish with ease. The hardware comprises of a solid stainless-steel tube and does not easily bend even with a heavy load. The handle has a grooved rubber contact that maximizes its grip while handling slippery fish in the water or on the dock.

Why We Like
  • Non-slip handle (rubberized)
  • Has a sturdy lip gripper
  • Durable stainless steel tube
  • In-built ruler (three feet)
Our Verdict

Piscifun is a professional-grade all-in-one fishing scale with a few notable attributes. Its rubberized handle (grooved), for instance, is comfortable to use. It also has heavy-duty parts (stainless steel) and a ruler that can measure up to three feet.

5. Rapala 50lb Digital Fishing Scale

Rapala 50lb Digital Fishing Scale

Are you looking for a weighing device that is compact enough to fit in your fishing suit pocket? The Rapala 50lb Digital fishing scale is your perfect choice. As tiny as it may seem, this simple design is super-efficient and highly accurate. It has a single reset button for ease of use. A 9-volt battery enhances the efficiency of this scale while weighing up to 50-pound fish. Thus, it can weigh a big fish without any challenge.

The handle has gentle curves to fit your palm and fingers while lifting the fish. It has weight measurements displayed in both kilograms and pounds to suit your preference. This digital design has a stainless-steel hook attached to a flexible stainless beaded cord and is all non-corrosive. The casing is additionally watertight to ensure the inner electronic components are safe. Thus, the scale is not only sturdy but also durable.

Why We Like
  • Supports up to 50 pounds
  • Accurate digital system
  • Stainless steel hook
  • Pound and Kg measurements
Our Verdict

Rapala delivers accurate measurements of up to 50-pound fish on demand. Its battery-powered digital system is super accurate. It also has long-lasting parts (stainless steel) and portable design with easy-to-use controls. You can switch it on/off or tare weight with the touch of a button. Add one to your angling items.

4. MANGO SPOT Fishing Scale

MANGO SPOT Fishing Scale

The MANGO SPOT Fishing Scale features added functionalities for your convenience. It features a data locking function to allow you to weigh your fish without losing any single weight recorded. Additionally, it has a tare weight function for net weighing. This compact scale can weigh up to 50 kilograms of load. The display has an overload indicator to advice you when your weight exceeds its weighing limit.

This device comes with two small size batteries power all its functions. Its power consumption is minimal, and its auto-off feature ensures it switches off after two minutes of no activity. Therefore, these two batteries can provide power for a long time. The hardware and casing of this product are very sturdy. The design ensures that the device withstands watery environments. The hook is of stainless steel and non-corrosive on salty waters for longevity.

Why We Like
  • Rustproof hook (stainless steel)
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Supports 50 kilograms
  • Data locking function
Our Verdict

The MANGO SPOT supports up to 50 kilograms without its stainless steel hook bending or breaking. Moreover, to prevent damage further, it has an overload indicator that tells you when you have exceeded its limit. Other useful attributes are its data lock function for saving readings, portability, and ease of use.

3. Brainydeal Digital Hanging Fishing Scale

Brainydeal Digital Hanging Fishing Scale

The Digital Hanging fishing scale is a double functionality product. It also works well as a luggage weighing scale. You may use it to measure your suitcase before taking on a trip. The high capacity rechargeable batteries use to power it are durable. It also offers two options for locking your weights, that is a no auto-lock and an automatic lock. This design can comfortably weigh up to 88lbs or 40Kg and 20 grams at the minimum.

The LCD screen is more extensive than for other similar models for ease of reading measurements. This display also consists of a battery indicator to let you know for how long it will serve you. You hence need not worry about sudden battery low situations. The display also notifies you when the battery charges fully and when you are weighing a load that exceeds its capacity. Above all, this scale is compact and portable in your pocket.

Why We Like
  • Accurate to 0.04 pounds
  • Supports up to 88 pounds
  • The scale has an easy to read LED
  • Locks weights automatically
  • Rechargeable batteries
Our Verdict

Brainydeal is accurate to 0.04 pounds. Thus, if you angle fish for commercial purposes, you will get your money’s worth whenever you use it to weigh fish. It is also beneficial to sports anglers because of its portability and ability to support 88 pounds.

2. Dr. meter PS01 Digital Fishing Scale

Dr. meter PS01 Digital Fishing Scale

Finding all your needs in one product is not easy. However, Dr. Meter PS01 Digital fishing scale will impress you with its high-end features. It comes with a robust, metallic hand strap to hold the scale firmly while weighing a fish of fifty kilograms. It operates very well with only two triple-A batteries that come with this package. Its weighing accuracy is very high, with a margin of error of five grams only.

This design is elegant, and the style of display is unique. It is super easy to read measurements on the LCD screen. The measurements are in four available options, including grams, kilograms, pounds, and ounces, depending on your preference. Dr Meter PS01 Digital fishing scale includes a versatile, built-in one-meter tape graduated in feet, inches, and centimeters for taking measurements. Its convenient weighing button, data locking, and auto-off mode are additional fabulous features.

Why We Like
  • Four measurements
  • Easy-to-use weighing button
  • Has an auto-off mode
  • Two triple A batteries
  • Durable metallic shell
Our Verdict

Dr. Meter PS01 has a margin of error of just five grams, which makes it one of the most dependable weighing scales to date. It is also portable, durable, has easy-to-use button controls.

1. KastKing Water Resistant Digital Fishing Scale

KastKing Water Resistant Digital Fishing Scale

Fishing is more physical and can be very messy. You will need a reliable and rugged product that can withstand falls and knocks. The KastKing Digital fishing scale is the kind of tool you need for sport or commercial fishing. Its seamless design and ABS plastic casing make it highly water-resistant. It will drop in water but remain intact. Weighing with this product is very easy, thanks to its sizeable non-slip polymer handle that offers you a firm grip.

This scale is lightweight and hence, portable in your pocket always. Its enlarged digital display also comes with a backlight to make reading easier under low light. Its internal memory can store up to nine different measurements, which you can scroll and preview. This design further entrenches a measuring tape at the bottom of the scale. This measures the length of fish conveniently and accurately while still hanging on the hook.

Why We Like
  • Supports up to 110 pounds
  • Enlarged digital display
  • Screen has clear backlighting
  • Long-lasting ABS plastic
Our Verdict

KastKing weighs just 8.5 ounces. However, you can secure and weigh up to 110-pound fish on it without its metal hook breaking or its ASB plastic shell cracking. It is portable and easy to use too.

What to Look for in a Fishing Scale


You come across two broad types of fishing scales – analogue and digital. Even though both models are good, digital scales are the more accurate of the two. They are also smaller and relatively easy to use because of their onboard controls. Analogue scales are better in terms of cost, even though they are not as accurate as digital scales are. Choose the best model.

Load Limit

How many pounds or kilograms of fish can your scale of choice support? Any model that can support at least 40 pounds is ideal.


While in use, people expose fishing scales to elements such as water (salt and fresh), which cause rust. Whenever you are shopping for a fishing scale for day-to-day use, opt for a model that can withstand such elements. It should be durable and able to withstand elements such as rust and corrosion while in use.


Do not waste your money on a digital scale that offers inaccurate readings. Check the accuracy of your desired scale and buy the best.

Conclusion: A scale can help you to get accurate measurements of fish whether you angle for sport or as a job. However, you need a durable product that can deliver precise measurements on demand. Our top 10 picks meet this threshold. They are durable, reliable, and recommended for personal and professional use.