Top 10 Best Fishing Scales Reviewed In 2019

For anyone who is into fishing, finding the best fishing scale is always their priority. A fishing scale is called best if it effortlessly passes your durability test, it is user-friendly in that you don’t feel like you are breaking your fingers while measuring your item, is super accurate, gives you the best measuring options and is best priced. For newbies or those who have not had a chance to use a fishing scale long enough to tell the best and the worst apart, buying one can be hectic because you don’t know what features to prioritize. However, with this article, your search is about to get simpler because we have covered all you need to know and even listed the top 10 best fishing scales reviewed in 2019. Read through.

What to Consider When Buying A Fishing Scale

  • Dial or Digital: On the market, you will find both digital and dial fishing scale. Choose the one that suits you best.
  • Accuracy: It’s crucial to consider the correctness of a fishing scale before purchase. Always go for a product with the highest degree of accuracy.
  • Ease of use: It’s obvious that you want to use a fishing scale that’s easy to operate. Ensure that the reading system is easy to read. Also, in the case of buttons, ensure that they are easy to press and are accessible. Great labeling of the operational buttons allows for easy and accurate utilization of a given fishing scale.
  • Durability: The build of a fishing scale determines its durability. Ensure that the materials used in the construction of your preferred model are of the highest quality. For metal, it should be corrosion-resistant. Water resistant fishing scales should be preferred.
  • Portability: Go for a compact and lightweight fishing scale. It will be easy to store and transport. The compactness of a fishing scale could also allow for one-handed operation.

10. MOOBOM 110lb/50kg Hanging Fish Scale


Are you looking for a portable and high-quality fishing scale? Then, considering the MOOBOM 110Lb/50KG Hanging Fish Scale is a wise decision. It suits regular travelers, shoppers, fishing enthusiasts, among others. Therefore, it’s a multi-purpose gadget. It will help you weigh items up to 50KG. Its accuracy comes with a negligible error not exceeding 10g which is impressive. What’s interesting, this digital fish scale weighs in various units of weight including Grams, Pounds, Kilograms, and ounces. You can select your preferred unit of weight through the unit button.

Also, this gadget is power efficient thanks to the featured automatic power off function which shuts it down when left unused for about 60 seconds. You will fall for its superior construction. The MOOBOM 110lb/50kg Hanging Fish Scale features a solid body. Its body includes a stainless steel hook and a metallic hand grip. It will never corrode even under extreme weather conditions. Therefore, this gadget is ultra-durable. The manufacturer provides this gadget with the needed 2AAA batteries.

The featured tare function in this device is there to facilitate the use of a container to measure the weight of items. Whenever it’s necessary to use a container to help in weighing, always start by attaching the container to the hook. Then, press the tare key. The scale will reset to 0.00. Now, you can place your goods in the container for accurate weighing. Also, the MOOBOM 110lb/50kg Hanging Fish Scale comes with a built-in tape measure. You can measure various items in foot, inch or centimeter. The tape measure measures 1 Meter. For added convenience, this digital fishing scale features an LCD screen. It displays the weight excellently regardless of the surrounding light conditions.


  • Weighs items up to 50 KG
  • Easily portable
  • Auto power off function makes it power efficient
  • Solid construction hence durable
  • Tare function- Allows for weighing items through the help of a container
  • Built-in tape measure
  • Bright LCD screen


  • It requires regular re-tar when measuring many things. This could be tiring to some people.

The MOOBOM 110lb/50kg Hanging Fish Scale is an impressive gadget. Most of its users say that it works as described. When used as instructed, it could serve you for a long time. It’s also affordable and worth more than its cost.

9. MadBite Digital Fish Scale

MadBite Digital Fish Scale

Meet the newly released digital fishing scale that everyone is seeking. The MadBite Digital Fish Scale comes to let you weigh fish from 20g to 50 KG. It measures the weight in KG or LB. Its broad weighing range makes it ideal for adventurous fishing enthusiasts who regularly catch a wide variety of fish; from small to the large ones. Its accuracy level is also impressive. Its error is only up to 5 grams which make this digital fishing scale reliable. What’s more, this fishing scale features a compact design. Therefore, you can easily store it in your tackle box or the pocket. Also, this is a lightweight digital fishing scale as it weighs only 103 grams.

The included back magnet is there to hold the scaling hook to avoid snagging incidences while you travel or store this device. You will enjoy working with the MadBite Digital Fishing Scale as its overall design makes it easy to use. Included in its sturdy body is a robust had grip that ensures your fish, as well as other items, are weighed with ease. Furthermore, its hook is professionally made to make sure that any hooked item is always free from slipping. Even more, this digital fishing scale includes a thermometer. It measures temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

Among the highly appreciated features in this product is the LARGE LCD screen. Reading out the weight of various items is incredibly easy and accurate thanks to the featured LCD display. It also brings you a retractable 39-inch tape measure to let you measure the size of various items with ease. The MadBite Digital Fishing Scale is powered by 2 AAA batteries, purchased separately. Its auto shut off feature ensures no power wastage when out of use. Finally, this digital weighing scale is water resistant, hence durable and suits use anywhere.


  • Easily Portable- Lightweight and compact design
  • Accurate- An error not exceeding 5g
  • Broad weighing range- 20g-50KG
  • Easy to use- Comes with a sturdy hand grip, large LCD display
  • Includes a high-grade thermometer
  • Auto shut off- Power efficiency
  • Water resistant


  • Some users complain about the featured thermometer. They say that it’s way off by about 26 degrees F. It could provide you with inaccurate temperature readings. However, remember that the thermometer is just an added feature.

The MadBite Digital Fishing Scale is a handy, portable gadget. It has all it takes to serve you with no disappointments. Despite its thermometer which might malfunction with time, all the other features on this scale serve with no issues. It’s durable thanks to its sturdy construction and water resistant nature. Improve your weighing activities with this digital fishing scale.

8. Phileex Fishing Scale Gear

Phileex Fishing Scale Gear

With the new Phileex Fishing Scale Gear, your fishing adventures have never been better. This is a tool that comes to simplifying fish gripping and weighing in the best way. It’s a generic fish lip gripper with an accurate weigh scale. Its accuracy is within 0.5 ounces. It suits griping all types of fish including bass, salmon, catfish, steelhead, among others.

However, it does not suit weighing small catches as the object weight must be above 1KG and less than 15KGs. It will help you weigh various items in LB and KG units of weight. You will always enjoy using this gadget as it’s easily portable and comfortable to use. Its clamp is not only stiff but also holds well as it’s entirely skid-proof and coated with a sponge. You can use this gadget with one hand. Even more, the excellent tapering of the grip allows for holding both the small and big fish. With its solid construction, you can expect it to last long.


  • High-grade fish gripper
  • More comfortable- Features a skid-proof grip
  • Ring Cord- Comes in to help when the fishing gripper drops up
  • Specially designed gripper- suits all types of fish
  • Durable- Solid construction
  • Accurate dial weighing scale


  • Doesn’t show the weight of items less than 1 KG or more than 15 KGs

Well, it’s clear that this is a great product. It’s built to serve in an undisputable and exceptional way. All its features are rare to find in other products within and even above its price range. It’s worth buying.

7. Ultimate54 Portable Digital Hanging Hook Fishing and Luggage Scale

Ultimate54 Portable Digital Hanging Hook Fishing and Luggage Scale

Ultimate54 Manufacturing comes in to let you say no more to the unreliability of the inferior fishing scales with this high-grade digital fishing scale build for utmost user satisfaction. Among the fishing scales we analyzed this one caught our attention due to its performance, compactness and lightweight nature. It features a perfect balance between being precise and reliable. You will love carrying it around or storing it as it requires minimal space. Its solid construction makes it durable.

It weighs in OZ, LB, KG or Jin, units of weight. You can use it to weigh as little as 1 LB or as much as much as 110lbs. Also, it features priceless functions for utmost convenience including auto-zero, auto-off, data lock and tare button. It’s vibration resistant to maximum accuracy. Again, worth noting is its backlit LCD display as well the low battery and overload indicator. The accuracy of the Ultimate54 Portable Digital Hanging Hook Fishing and Luggage Scale is undisputable as it features a high precision strain gauge sensor system. It sources its power from 2 AAA batteries included in the package. The manufacturer also provides a free luggage strap to aid traveling with this gadget.


  • High accuracy
  • Easily portable
  • Great functions including auto-off, tare button, auto-zero, data lock.
  • Solid construction- durable
  • Backlit LCD screen- easy reading
  • Broad weighing range-1LB-110LBs
  • 30 Day 100% satisfaction guarantee and 2-year warranty


  • Some of its users say that it features a small hook which makes it unsuitable for weighing the large fish.

However, the hook still works great when holding a reasonable size fish or other items within the weight limits. The Ultimate54 Portable Digital Hanging Hook Fishing and Luggage Scale serves as it promises. It will provide you with extreme value beyond its cost.

6. Fiblink Fish Lip Grabber Gripper Grip Tool Fish Holder Stainless Steel Fishing Gear with Scale

Fiblink Fish Lip Grabber Gripper Grip Tool Fish Holder Stainless Steel Fishing Gear with Scale

Fiblink is the proud manufacturer of this amazing fish grabber/gripper with a weighing scale. Its entire build is on point. This tool comes to serve dual purposes, that is, weighing and holding your catch. Its spring loaded dial scale weighs items up to 40 LB. Also, the scale is easy to read. What’s interesting, this tool allows for one-handed operations thanks to its excellent design. It features non-slip EVA handles with a variable wrist strap for added security of the gripped item.

Its stainless steel body is corrosion-resistant. Therefore, you can use this gadget in both salty and fresh water. Even more, its gripper is specially designed to suit holding all kinds of fish. Its durability will impress you as it will survive for decades even under heavy-duty use. Apart from the gripper and the weighing scale, you also get a built-in 28-inch ruler to help in measuring the length of your catches.


  • Ultra-durable- Stainless steel body
  • Suits use in both fresh and salt water
  • 28-inch ruler and 40 LB weighing scale
  • Wrist-strap and non-slip EVA handles provide utmost security to the gadget and the catch from falling overboard
  • Specially designed gripper- Grabs all types of fish
  • Positive locking jaw


  • Some of its users complain about the small numbers on the weighing scale. They might be tough to read especially for the old people.

The Fiblink Portable Fish Lip Grabber Gripper with Scale is a high-quality, durable and affordable gadget. Purchase it with utmost confidence. It will serve you in the best way.

5. Piscifun Fishing Scale, Fish Lip Grabber, Portable, Fishing Tackle 40lb, Stainless Steel

Piscifun Fishing Scale, Fish Lip Grabber, Portable, Fishing Tackle 40lb, Stainless Steel

Buying from Piscifin means that you are getting yourself a real Piscifin grip as they never authorize any other sellers to sell their fish Lip Gripper/fishing scale and this is to the buyers’ advantage because you will know who to compliment or complain to if things don’t turn out as they should.

Now on to the main business, what you will be getting here is a clear scale and a precise tape. This scale stands up to 40lbs/15kg and reads clear. And because no one to hurt the fish they are fishing, the manufacturer designed this lip grabber to have a narrow and soft measuring tape that does no harm to the fish when catching or releasing them. The ruler length is approximately 1m/3ft.

This item is made from stainless steel thus it is rust free making it ideal to use in all types of water and performs even better in all freshwater fishing: Lakes, Rivers, Wade fishing. With the Stainless Steel components and tube, you are sure that none will break down even in saltwater and can survive many years of hard use. The steel material is adjustable thus allowing for both freezing cold and hot weather use. It is better than plastic. This item features a rubberized grip to give the user a firm grasp making fishing enjoyable all through.


  • Clear Scale and Precise Tape
  • Narrow and soft measuring tape that does no harm to the fish while catching or releasing
  • Rust free use for all freshwater
  • Stainless steel components and tubes that do not break down even in saltwater thus surviving years of hard uses
  • Adjustable steel material that allows for both freezing cold and hot weather
  • Rubberized grip for a firm grasp


  • Isolated complaints of the measuring tape not being long enough. It is approx 1M.

If you like fishing, this should be your number one fishing scale. It is designed to give you the best fishing experience and does not harm the fish. You can it when fishing in both fresh and saltwater fishing and is super durable.

4. Rapala Fishing Scale, Digital, 50lb

Rapala Fishing Scale, Digital, 50lb

For those searching for a compact digital fishing scale here is your perfect deal. This scale here is super accurate, and only requires a single 9V battery to do the magic. It weighs up to 50 pounds, so if you are aiming a big fish, you will have no problems. It is a digital scale that offering high-end features. You will enjoy fishing with the Rapala digital 50 lb. fishing scale as it also makes measuring easy by presenting the measurements in both kilograms and pounds. Take your fishing experience a level higher by going digital. You can use the scale in both salt and freshwater fishing and performs perfectly in either hot or freezing cold weather.


  • Compact fishing scale
  • Extremely accurate
  • Holds up to 50lb fish
  • Digital scale offering high-end features
  • Uses one 9V battery
  • Measures in both kilograms and pounds


  • Isolated complaints of the fishing scale having no peak hold function.

For those who want to go digital in fishing, the Rapala digital 50 lb. fishing scale is the way to go. It is extremely accurate and only needs one 9V battery to function. It is super compact and holds up to 50lb fish.

3. Brainydeal Digital Fishing/Hanging/Luggage Scale

Brainydeal Digital Fishing

This is a digital and portable fishing scale that also combines as a luggage scale. So it correct to say that it’s a “2-in-1” product in terms of functionality. The Brainydeal digital fishing scale offers two choices when it comes to locking function i.e. automatic lock when of reading if weight is stabilized and No Automatic lock just like spring scales. With the two options, you can choose the one that works for your situation.

With this scale, you will never worry about overloading your battery or not accomplishing your mission due to a low battery as if features an overload and low battery indicator. The scale weighs up to 88lbs, 40Kg, 1,210 oz. minimum. The fact that you can also use it as a luggage scale works to your advantage because you can use it in different situations even to measure your luggage before going to the airport.


  • Portable Fishing Scale
  • Offers Auto lock and no auto lock weighing options
  • Has an overload and low battery indicator
  • Pairs as a fishing scale and luggage hanging scale
  • Has a high accuracy
  • Has 3 Unit Selection oz., lb., kg
  • Features ABS Engineering plastic


  • Isolated complaints of the scale locking in the weight readings too quickly when weighing heavier items.

If you need a multi-purpose fishing digital fishing scale, go for the Brainydeal digital fishing scale. It has high accuracy. It has a weight-reading-lock meaning that it reads and saves the weight for you.

2. Dr. Meter Fishing Scale, ES-PS01 50KG/110lb, Electronic Balance Digital Postal Fishing Hanging Hook Scale

Dr. Meter Fishing Scale,

This is a blacklit LCD Display hanging hook fishing scale by Dr.Meter, a reputable and reliable fishing scales manufacturer. This scale captures all your fishing scale needs and presents them in an incomparable way. It features a metal hand strap that’s strong enough to cater for your scaling needs and only needs 2 AAA batteries, which are included in your purchase, to function. It weighing capacity is 50kg/110lb and an accuracy of 5g or 10g.

You will love the LCD screen display as it becomes super easy to read the weight off the scale which can be presented in 4 options: g/kg/lb. /oz. based on your preferences. This fishing scale also has a built-in tape that can measure any objects in ft./in/cm as long as they are within 1M. You will also like the data lock & auto off and the convenient-weighing unit switch function. The handle and the hook are made of stainless steel meaning you can carry it and use it in any water (fresh or salt) and the hook is concealed in its back slot making it even more durable.


  • Portable digital scale
  • LCD screen weight displays
  • Has a metal hand strap
  • Can display the weight in either g/kg/lb. /oz.
  • Comes with the 2AAA batteries needed for it to function
  • Has a 50kg/110lb. weighing capacity
  • Features data lock & auto off and the convenient-weighing unit switch function
  • The hook is made of stainless steel concealed at the back slot for durability


  • Isolated complaints of the metal holding ring at the top of this scale being somewhat small for people with big hands but either way its solid & well-built thus does the job as needed.

If you are into outdoor sports e.g. fishing, traveling or shopping, then you will find this scale to be helpful as it will help in all your weighing needs. It is so accurate and has all the necessary features to make the process easy.

1. Mango Spot Hanging Hook Fishing Scale, LCD Display Electronic Balance, 110lbs/50kg

Mango Spot Hanging Hook Fishing Scale

The Mango Spot Hanging Hook Fishing Scale features a multi-unit display in lb/oz/kg/Jin giving you a chance to use whichever you are comfortable with. Its weighing capacity is 50kg/110lbs and has a data lock function. For it to function, you will need 2 AAA batteries that are included in your original purchase, and you won’t have any problems due to overloading as it features an overload indicator. Also, you will be able to save your batteries life because this fishing scale has an auto power off that switches off your scale after 120 seconds of no operation. The hook is in stainless steel, and it’s built for durability. The scale is in a portable size to enable you to carry it with you.


  • This fishing scale has a stainless steel hook build for durability
  • Has high-accuracy
  • Multi-unit display in lb/oz/kg/jin
  • Has an overload indicator
  • Auto-power off (after 120 secs) after any operation
  • Has a tare and data lock function


  • Isolated complaints about the scale’s handle not being wide enough but this would mean that it is not compact enough.

This is an awesome little fishing scale. If you go fishing a lot then you will love how this scale works. It has high-accuracy and an overload indicator to give you an easy time while measuring.


Get yourself the best fishing scale. It doesn’t have to be overly expensive, but it definitely should do the job and pass the durability test. From the list above, you can choose one that suits you best and our guide on things to consider before buying one will help you make the right decision. We hope that we have simplified your work and that you will have an easy time shopping for your fishing scale.

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