Top 10 Best Fishing Kayaks In 2019 Reviews

Traditionally used for water sports, kayaks have found their way into the fishing industry with a bang. Unlike traditional boats that individuals used for fishing, they are cheaper, lighter, and easy to use. Furthermore, even with their compact designs, most models are spacious. They have sufficient storage space for rods, fish, and other luggage. As most products, however, all kayaks do not work the same. The 10 fishing kayaks that we have talked about here in, for instance, are high-performance editions that benefit both starters and professionals. Materials are high-grade while their functional designs perform well on all water bodies.

10. Sun Dolphin Excursion SS

Featuring an olive-themed 10-foot design with an electric console and a storage compartment, Sun Dolphin Excursion SS is a top-rated fishing kayak. If you spend a lot of time on the water and want to improve how you fish, it is one of the best candidates to consider. Lightweight, for example, it rides seamlessly on both calm and choppy water. Its impact resistant body lasts long, while the functional rod mounts it comes with (flush and swivel) make fishing fun. Sun Dolphin Excursion SS has a comfortable seat that you can fish on for hours and a load capacity of approximately 250 pounds. You also get a lifetime warranty for it.

9. Lifetime Sport Fisher

With Lifetime Sport Fisher, you get a 60-pound tandem kayak with a versatile all-in-one design for fishing or recreational use. For comfort, for instance, it has a broad and padded seat that cradles the body well as you row or ride. Its camouflage-themed body is both durable and eye-catching, while its ultra-stable hull design has better tracking, compared some models. With a load limit of approximately 500 pounds, Lifetime Sport Fisher can fit and support individuals of various weights and heights. You can also carry all types of gear during your fishing escapades without sinking this kayak and or compromising safety.

8. Ocean Kayak Prowler 13

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 is a comfortable sit-on-top kayak with a classic and fade-proof urban camo design. Built for fishing, this body is durable and has many upgrades that benefit individuals on the water. Its upgraded hull, for instance, is quieter, stable, and faster than those of traditional kayaks are. Whilst fishing in rough or calm water, it performs better overall. For storage, you get a bow to stern internal tank that you can access from a front hatch. This space fits multiple rods. Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 also has an oversized rear tank that you can use to store coolers, bait well, and tackle boxes. Other add-ons that users like are its cup holders (two), rod holders (two), and paddle keeps (two).

7. Lifetime Muskie Angler

Featuring a classic sit-on-top design measuring 120-inches, Lifetime Muskie Angler is a comfortable adult-sized kayak with a stain-proof tan theme. Attainable with paddles, it comes ready to use. The high-density polyethylene (UV protected) used to make it is durable, while its adjustable footrest positions fit individuals of all stature. Whether you are tall or short, you will have a good time in this fishing kayak. To maximize the stability of anglers, Lifetime Muskie has a flat-bottomed hull that does not rock in most water bodies. The padded and adjustable seat that it comes with, on the other hand, orients users naturally and comfortably.

6. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10

Choose the Vapor 10 from old Town Canoes and Kayaks to get a durable brown camo kayak or fishing and recreational riding. Made of heavy-duty polyethylene, it is light, super-stable, and has a streamlined hull that cuts through water like butter. Its spacious cockpit is comfortable to sit in and operate from, while its adjustable seat (Comfort Flex) is both comfortable and durable. Key angling accessories that you get with this kayak include deck bungee and flush-mounted rod holders. You also get essential cockpit amenities such as a cup holder, a tray, and paddle pack.

5. Sevylor Coleman Colorado

Fishing as a sport is an enjoyable activity. Done in pairs, it is even better, considering the team spirit that it instills in individuals. With Sevylor Coleman Colorado, you can now achieve the latter. A popular two-person kayak or fishing, it is spacious, comfortable, and fun to use. The 18-gauge PVC used to make it withstands abuse well, while its reinforced bottom (1000D tarpaulin) does not puncture easily. Moreover, unlike the traditional single hull kayaks that individuals used in the past, this model has multiple air chambers. In the event of a breach in one or more chambers, it stays afloat rather than sink. Sevylor Coleman Colorado has built-in rod holders and a trolling motor that works exceptionally. Load capacity, on the other hand, is 420 pounds.

4. Lifetime Tamarack

Ranked among the best sit-on kayaks for individuals of all skill levels, Lifetime Tamarack has improved how individuals fish on lakes and rivers. Its tan-themed body is aesthetic and very easy to maintain. Sizing is approximately 120 inches. The UV-protected polyethylene used to make, on the other hand, it does not crack, freeze, nor shutter as other plastics. For novices, Lifetime Tamarack has a flat tracking hull that improves its stability and maneuverability. Its footrest (adjustable) and seat (adjustable) are comfortable, while its two storage compartments are large. Finally, you get a five-year limited warranty.

3. Lifetime Sport Fisher (10 foot)

This 10-foot Sport Fisher kayak from Lifetime is a spacious blow-molded fishing accessory made of high-density polyethylene. Even though light, it has a stable and durable design that rides smoothly on both lakes and rivers. Weight capacity (500 pounds) is also impressive, while its ability to accommodate up to three individuals comfortably is ideal. Instead of using separate kayaks, you fish as a group during your free time. As most Lifetime kayaks listed, this model has an adjustable footrest that accommodates individuals of all stature. Paddle clips and pole holders are durable while its superior hull is perfect for tracking. You also receive a limited five-year warranty (covers defects).

2. Sun Dolphin Journey

Whether you are talking about looks or performance, Sun Dolphin Journey excels. Recommended for fishing, this drab green kayak is popular among many anglers for its myriad of desirable features. Its wide and open cockpit, for instance, is not only comfortable but also allows for easier exit and entry. Seating position is natural and comfortable, while its large dry storage compartment accommodates most fishing accessories. Users also like its adjustable braces and the functional rod holders (swivel and flush mount) that come built-in and ready to use.

1. Intex Explorer K2

Featuring a rigid I-beam floor and an inflatable low profile body that performs well on mild water, Intex Explorer K2 never disappoints. Considered the best product in this niche, it also has a comfortable two-person design and a striking yellow theme that other anglers can see from a distance. Finally, you get a removable skeg that delivers better directional stability and adjustable seats (with backrests) that cradle users comfortably.

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