Top 10 Best Feminine Washes of 2022 – Reviews

While some could be led to believe that feminine wash deals with unpleasant odors alone, there are in fact many uses for such a product besides the scent issue. As some of you may already know, feminine wash can also be used to prevent infections, irritation, and to provide deep cleansing of your nether regions without doing anything too invasive in the process.

After taking into consideration most of the feminine wash products available on sale at this point in time, we put together a list of the ten best feminine wash products money can buy.

Best Feminine Wash – 2022 Reviews

10Nature Certified 100% Natural Feminine Wash

irritationThis 100% Natural Feminine Wash is a popular product by Nature’s Certified and contains 78% organic elements. Not only does it work as a cleansing liquid for you intimate areas but can also be used on your face as well as on your body. In fact, it is highly recommended by most women who have had the pleasure of using it, which is why it is considered as one of the best feminine washes for women.

9Sliquid Splash Natural Feminine Wash

urinary tract disorders

irritationPerfectly formulated for external usage, the Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash helps you stay fresh, clean and odorless while keeping your pH level healthy and maintained. This mild scented hypoallergenic wash prevents any kind of odor ensuring that you can stay comfortable even when crossing your legs, working out and while you are on your period.

Thanks to its brilliant formula this wash can be used on all types of skin including sensitive skin as it does not contain any harsh chemicals or soaps. Perfect for daily use, this cleansing wash will leave you feeling confident and clean throughout the day.

8Organic Glide Probiotic Natural Feminine Intimate Body Wash


irritationThe Organic Glide Probiotic Natural Feminine Intimate Body Wash is a specially crafted mousse that helps to keep away and clean all bacteria that causes odor from the area surrounding the vagina.

This body wash contains probiotic elements which are known for its special ability to boost the immune system and fight against allergies, but also beneficial for vaginal infections and urinary tract disorders. Perfect for everyday use, this body wash also helps maintain pH balance at acceptable levels.

7Healthy Hoohoo All Natural Gentle Feminine Wash

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irritationCreated to prevent and minimize odor and loaded with anti-bacterial elements and special cooling properties of cucumber, the Healthy Hoohoo wash helps maintain freshness and keeps your body free from vaginal infections of any kind. Thanks to its all-natural ingredients including aloe vera, it is the perfect cleanser to help in the reduction of infections and soothe inflamed skin.

It is also free from harsh and harmful chemicals and is safe to be utilized on sensitive skin. Gentle and mild, this cleansing wash will surely meet anyone’s demands as far as comfort is concerned.

6Luvena Therapeutic Feminine Wash

urinary tract disorders

irritationThanks to its mild and gentle formula, the Luvena Therapeutic Feminine Wash helps in eliminating and preventing odor causing bacteria around the vaginal area. Consisting of specialized bio-active enzyme protection, this feminine wash aids in sustaining the pH levels and is perfect for all kinds of skin.

It also helps to clean and pacify skin irritations and comes with an intensive skin hydrating feature that keeps your skin fresh, nourished and clean throughout the day.

5Summer’s Eve Night-Time Cleansing Wash


irritationFormulated with a combination of lavender fragrance, chamomile botanical extracts, and other high-quality ingredients, the Summer’s Eve Night-Time Cleansing Wash is the perfect liquid to help you stay fresh and clean throughout the night. Utilize this wash during your evening shower to help clean away odor and maintain your pH balance.

It is designed and tested by well-known dermatologists to work wonders on all kinds of skin, which makes it both gentle and mild. Furthermore, this wash is entirely safe to use as it does not contain any harsh elements and irritants to speak of.

4Vagisil pH Balance Feminine Wash

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irritationLoaded with Lactoprebiotic, the Vagisil pH Balance Feminine Wash is the ideal solution to help maintain and support your pH balance at all times. This cleansing wash helps sustain and support a proper balance during your period or during menopause.

Consisting of a mild fresh fragrance, it helps keep the area around the vagina clean, healthy, and fresh throughout the day. Thanks to its specially designed formula, this wash can be used on all types of skin, without any worries as far as itching or irritation goes.

3Vagisil Intimate Wash

urinary tract disorders

irritationThe Vagisil Intimate Wash works towards blocking out and eradicating all kinds of unpleasant odors, keeping the vaginal area clean and fresh throughout the day. Thanks to its odor block technology and unique formula this cleansing wash is perfect for all kinds of skin and recommended for everyday use by gynecologists around the world. It is highly effective, safe to use and sure not to cause any itching or nasty side effects.

2Lemisol Plus Gentle Daily Cleanser


irritationWith the ability to maintain a proper pH balance throughout the day, the Lemisol Plus is a gentle daily cleansing liquid that is uniquely put together with all natural and safe ingredients that make it perfect for daily usage.

This cleansing wash helps to keep you feeling fresh, confident and ensures the exterior area of your vagina is free from bacteria at all times. It also includes methanol which contains a minty fresh fragrance that aids in keeping the intimate area free from odor.

1Summer’s Eve Simply Sensitive Cleansing Wash

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irritationThe Summer’s Eve Simply Sensitive Cleansing Wash is uniquely formulated with high-quality mild ingredients that are perfect for women with sensitive skin. Great for everyday use, this cleansing wash helps eradicate all traces of odor and bacteria from around the vaginal area.

It also helps maintain the pH balance at a reasonable standard, which is definitely something to look for in such a product. We should also point out that this cleansing wash is clinically tested and highly recommended by well-known doctors and dermatologists around the world.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?


What To Look For When Shopping For Feminine Wash

urinary tract disordersYou need to understand right from the start that the very use of feminine wash is quite debatable with great arguments for and against its use. On one hand, there are those who say that a woman’s vagina has evolved to clean itself biologically and that the use of any additional chemicals could cause serious damage in the long run. On the other hand, feminine wash has come a long way over the years, which leads its supporters to consider it a basic component of any woman’s arsenal.

Either way, if you’re in the market for some feminine wash, here is what you would do best to look for:

Glycerin contents – The reason why you want the feminine wash of your choice to contain glycerin is because of its moisturizing properties. A well-known humectant, this compound can attract and retain moisture to the skin, which in turn, will help hydrate your vagina. In other words, if you’re dealing with dryness down there, then make sure to use a vaginal wash that contains glycerin as part of its formula.

Lactic acid – Another thing to consider when looking for a feminine wash is the lactic acid contents. It has long been known that the lactic acid found in milk has excellent cleansing properties, which helps maintain a vagina’s pH levels. At the same time, lactic acid is known to prevent the growth of bacteria which may, in turn, lead to various conditions including infections and irritation.

Look for sodium lauryl sulfate – For those of you who don’t know, sodium lauryl sulfate is found in many shampoos, soaps, and shower gels out there. The main property of sodium lauryl sulphate is that it forms micelles, which are basically small compounds that clean skin-damaging bacteria. Not only that but it is also known to prevent a wide range of bacterial infections without posing any health risks whatsoever.

Avoid scented products – Last but not least, you want a feminine wash that isn’t too scented. Ideally, you should look for a feminine wash product that is 100% unscented, but you could perhaps settle for a slightly scented wash just the same. The main problem with scented feminine wash is that they contain hazardous chemicals which have the potential to cause skin irritation and allergies around your nether regions.

Pros And Cons Of Using Feminine Wash

feminine wash productJudging by the sheer popularity of feminine wash, it would be safe to assume that there isn’t much wrong with the product itself as long as it’s properly used.

While some women do indeed possess the biological capacity to maintain a healthy vaginal tract, there are many out there who do not.

For them, the very idea of a product to help them deal with unpleasant odors and irritation is a godsend. Having said that, strong arguments can be made for and against its usage, with a lot more supporting its use than against it.


Balanced pH levels – The great thing about most feminine wash products is that they are formulated to maintain a healthy pH level around the vagina at all times. While most women’s bodies can maintain a healthy 3.5 to 4.5 acidity level, there are some who simply cannot without additional help. As you may or may not know, acidity is the main culprit when it comes to bad odors, which is what a balanced pH level will avoid.

No more bad odors – Along with acidity levels, certain bacteria like to appear around a female’s genitalia regardless of how often she cleans herself. This is actually unavoidable for some women who are cursed to be more prone to developing peculiar bacteria cultures. Feminine wash products, however, are formulated to deal with virtually every single issue that might cause unpleasant odors to appear.

Gets rid of itchiness and discomfort – Another important aspect of feminine wash products is their capacity to quickly and efficiently cleanse the area of any impurities. Although most of the women who use feminine wash products are looking to deal with unpleasant odors, they tend to forget that feminine wash is mostly designed for cleaning purposes. As such, you can expect a feminine wash to be much more efficient at cleaning your nether regions than soap or shampoo.


Excess use leads to health problems – This is more or less what could be said about almost any product people use to maintain proper hygiene. The truth of the matter is that feminine wash doesn’t really have any side effects if properly used.

When used in excess, the chemicals used its making may cause a feminine wash to cause irritation of urinary tract problems, but only if used more often than indicated. A good way to avoid that is to always read the label before using it.

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