Top 10 Best Fax Machines for Small Business in 2022 Reviews

Choosing the Best Fax Machines for Small Business might not be simple task for every person. This owing to the fact that they are various types available in the market with different qualities. Buy from reputable dealers who are trustworthy is one of the important things to do. This is because they offer quality products at affordable price. Even though fax machines are trailing behind due to rapid popularity of printers, still they are very useful machines in the office. It help you receive or send fax very fast.

Due to increased technology, many fax machines can perform other functions such as copying, printing and also scanning. The fax machine that you intend to purchase should easy to operate and of great convenience. When compared to modern printers, fax machines have various advantages especially to small business. Dedicated fax machine is what every busy business man or women wishes to have in the office. This is to ensure reliable performance, easy paper handling together with awesome print quality.

Factors to Consider When Buying Fax Machines

Most of the Best Fax Machines features many slots for single touch speed dial numbers. They also have ability to stream faxes to various locations. Extensive memory accommodate hundreds of pages when you receive many faxes yet not yet printed. Some might comprise of phone features such as caller ID, calling and answering machine among many other useful features. Fax machines who have embraced modern technology make use of laser technology. On the other hand, earlier machines used thermal-transfer technology. This technology is ideal for light fax machines users. They are various important factors that you should consider while choosing Best Fax Machines for Small Business. They include;

a)Type of the Fax Machine

Fax machines are broadly divided into two categories that is stand-alone machines and multipurpose device. Your desirable input and output will determine the model that you will go for. Stand-alone machines features only single function meaning it can only deliver faxing. Its major advantage is that it give deliver its intended purpose to satisfaction. Works very fast. Contrary to stand-alone fax machines, multipurpose fax machines do various task at a go. It perform scanning, printing, faxing and copying. It only drawback is that it is a bit slow.

b)Fax Features

Basic fax machines receive and send fax documents. Advance models perform various functions. They must poses additional features to deliver this function. They are very fast delivering great excellent performance. These features include caller ID that recognizes who is sending the mail. Other features include automatic redial together with fax forwarding. Their main function is to ensure faster sharing of information.

c)Speed of the Machine

You feel so down anytime you are using a machine it takes a whole time to perform the task. Take for example you are loading an important document from internet yet the computer you are using is not working as you expected. It always irritates so does a slow fax machine. The speed of the fax machine should be reasonable. One of the main feature that determines the cost of the fax machine is the speed. Contemporary fax speeds ranges between 20 seconds per page to a faster rate of 2 seconds per page.


As mentioned above, speed influence the cost of fax machine. They are other factors such as model, quality and manufacturing company. This factors determines the initial cost. Bear in your mind the running cost such as ink usage and the maintenance cost.  The total cost should be reasonable to avoid too much straining. Budget yourself well before going to the market to buy these machines.

e)Printing output and memory storage

Memory available for the machine will determine the number of pages that you can hold as it awaits printing process. Basic fax machines has a capacity of 25 pages capacity while advanced hold up to 500 pages capacity. Large memory allows you to retrieve documents in case where the power has failed. Ensure the output print-outs are of great quality.

The Best Fax Machines for Small Business

Having considered the above mentioned factors, buy one of you class. It should satisfy you needs. Every citizens understands their budget well so ensure you purchase within your means in terms of operation and maintenance cost. We have made your work easy by sampling the Top 10 Best Fax Machines for Small Business in 2022 Reviews.

10.Brother IntelliFax-2840 Fax Machine

Brother IntelliFax-2840 delivers high printing performance. It features unique design that is very easy to install and operate. This machine is a monochrome laser fax machine which sends and receives fax very fast. With this fax machine, you will not need an additional printer since this machine can help you to copy and scan your documents. It has an adjustable 250-sheet paper tray. Its speed of transmission is about 2.5 seconds per page transmission.


i)Has a paper tray at the bottom. Very easy to set up.

ii)Feeds faxing papers very fast.


i)The display brightness is not clear to read the received faxes clearly.

Best Fax Machines for Small Business

9.Panasonic Plain Paper Fax and copier Fax Machines

It is one of the popular fax machine for small business. It features highly improved features. Most of the fax machines occupy large storage space. This is a very big problem for many new small business owner with small rooms or who is conducting business at their home. This great copy and fax machine solve such problems. Therefore this product is ideal for small business with limited working area. This because it is small in size and is able to carry larger loads of the fax work. It has the ability to create up to twenty multiple copies.


i)Its compact design makes it easy to use.

ii)Made from durable materials hence it last for decades.


i)After sometimes it might result in low quality documentation.

Best Fax Machines for Small Business

8.HP CB782A#ABA 640 Inkjet Fax Machine

This fax machine delivers excellent quality output. Good looking design enhance the modern welcoming appearance to your office. This great machine does faxing, copying and scanning of the documents at the higher speed. The fax speed goes up to 6 seconds per page while the copying speed goes up to 4 pages per minute. The inkjet technology allows you to print in a great speed and you will get your page printed well in 6 second. It is super-fast in fixing a lot of pages instantly. This machine also has professional quality and resolution of up to 400 by 200 dpi. It is capable of storing up to 50 pages and do programming of 100 speed dials.


i)Operates at higher speed so that it can produces 4 pages every minute.

ii)Available at affordable price, very simple and easy to use.


i)Has no settings for adjusting the volume.

Best Fax Machines for Small Business

7.Brother Wireless Color Inkjet All-In-One Fax Machines

If you are having many tasks you need to finish in your work place, then you require hard paper. Therefore, if you are looking for what can assist you to do your tasks such as copying, printing , faxing and scanning, then this is the printer which can assist you finish all those tasks all at once. This is a 4-in-1 printer that can carry out several jobs at once. This fax machine operates quietly. Compact design ensures easy operation.


i)Very easy to install and operate.

ii)Features automatic document feeder.


i)It has limited storage memory of approximately 100 pages only.

Best Fax Machines for Small Business

6.Epson WorkForce WF-2540 Wireless All-in-One Fax Machines

This machine has compact and elegant design with multipurpose workability. The design ensures that you finish your tasks faster and efficiently. It comes with 2 ½ inch LCD control panel which allows you to easily navigate your options. These multiple options include either Ethernet connection or hotspot. With this machine you can easily print from smartphone, iPad, iPhone and tablets. This fax machine prints at a faster speed and produces high quality laser output. Also, the machine loads the papers less often and delivers great performance.


i)Capable of connecting Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB.

ii)Produces quality products.


i)The ink is very expensive.

Best Fax Machines for Small Business

5.HP Professional Quality Plain-Paper Fax Machines

This fax machine is very simple to use. It is equipped with a more efficient 1 touch button which will let you to quickly access the reports, system set up and all the other tools you require for your use. This machine have been made with 100 speed dials, 20 1-touch dials, 50 paper sheet tray and the reporting of the management. It also has 200 page memory. Uses HP 701 series ink cartridges. Therefore, if you want to save on the desktop space you need to purchase this printer.


i)It is of appropriate size hence no need to worry about storage space.

ii)It gives good quality outputs.


i)The alarm that alerts whenever the new fax is received is a bit low.

Best Fax Machines for Small Business

4.Canon Lasers Image Class MF4770n Fax Machines

This very fast fax machine gives you the best laser output. It works very fast. Simple to operate by pressing a button to perform faxing, copying, scanning and printing of documents by the use of Ethernet network. This fax machine is environmental-friendly. Uses about 1.3 watts of energy only. When you have Apple Air print you can simply print from your iPhone, iPad, tablet or Android phone especially when you have installed Mopria Print. It can copy and print up to 24 pagers/minute.


i)Prints, scan and fax at higher speed.

ii)Has an Ethernet connectivity. This guarantees that the fax machines can share the files with other machines.


i)It is stand-alone machine thus the user cannot multi-tax while using it.

Best Fax Machines for Small Business

3.Brother IntelliFax-4100e Fax Machines

This fax machine is best for you to buy if you are having a small business. This machine comes with the laser technology which is very perfect and efficient in creating very clear copies. This product is a little bit expensive but due to its lower cost per page allows you to save a lot of money. This fax machine is a high quality machine that is very easy to use with no errors or the paper jams. This black-and-white fax machine also features functions including copying, printing and scanning. Its speed of transmission is about 3 seconds per page.


i)Faxes produced are very clear.

ii)The cost of operation is greatly reduced.


i)Very selective in terms of operating systems it is not companionable with Windows Vista 64bit.

Best Fax Machines for Small Business

2.HP M476dw Wireless Color Laser Multifunction Printer

This is one of the strongest and high performing fax machines from HP companies. This machines features advanced technology for proper operation. It produces excellent quality products. This fax machine enhances the accessibility since it is wireless therefore you can connect one machine to other very easily. It easily captures the scans and send them faster to the next location which helps improve the productivity.  With this machine you can benefit from increased uptime, no unplanned costs and decreased risks.  It has in-built scanner, fax and scanner.


i)Has various security options such that you can set your personalized password.

ii)Ensures quality printing especially for graphics.


i)The price is a bit expensive when compared to its operating speed.

Best Fax Machines for Small Business

1.Oki Data MC362w MFP Fax Machines

If you are looking for a printer that is very fast, then you need to purchase this model. This machine will ensure that your documents are printed. Moreover you are provided with HD color output. Additionally, the fax machine guarantees super speed workability at all the instants. With this machine you can copy and print twenty three pages to twenty five pages per minute, both black and white. This indicates that you can print the 1st color page in eight seconds. It also allows you to recycle the old drum and toners. It provides both duplex and simplex printing, faxing and scanning together with file conversion.


i)Converts hard copy files into electronic files.

ii)It is highly versatile as it can print both black and colored documents.


i)Perfect for picture printing as it might make long text hard to read.

Best Fax Machines for Small Business

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