Top 10 Best Fabric Steamers in 2019 Reviews

Are you tired of wearing creased and or shabby looking clothes to work and or school? Do not stress yourself with the unsafe and hard to use hot iron in your home. While well-made ones work well, a quality fabric steamer will serve you better. Because they use steam rather than radiant heat, steamers are safe on fabrics. They straighten them well without burning and or compromising their structure in any way. They also work faster and have lightweight and easy-to-use designs that most women and men appreciate. Finally, steamers are perfect for removing bad odors from clothing. If you are sensitive to perfumes, buy purchase one of our 10 recommended steamers to freshen them naturally. They are affordable, certified-safe, and ideal for personal and commercial use.

10. URPOWER Garment Steamer

Perfect for traveling and for home use, URPOWER garment steamer is a portable handheld accessory that irons garments well. Fitted with a refillable 130mL tank, it produces 7-10 minutes of soothing steam that removes stubborn wrinkles consistently. Heat up is fast (2 minutes), while its ergonomic nozzle (newly designed) distributes steam powerfully to iron the toughest of fabrics. This steamer is compact and portable. It is also comfortable and shuts off automatically whenever water level is too low or when its system gets too hot. This is unlike some hot irons that often compromise the safety of users.

9. Pure Enrichment PureSteam XL

Pure Enrichment PureSteam is an extra-large steamer with a high-powered (1500 watts) standing design that heats in just 45 seconds. Perfect for ironing beddings, fabrics, and curtains, its versatile system benefits individuals of all cadres. It is also flexible and has a built-in 0.5-gallon water tank that produces approximately 60 minutes’ worth of steam per fill. This makes it an ideal commercial steamer. For individuals that steam large batches clothes at a time, it is also a valuable product to consider. This steamer has a garment hanger for storing clothes and a fabric brush for removing stubborn stains. It also has a satisfaction guarantee (2-years) and a warranty (2-years).

8. TaoTronics Garment Steamer

With TaoTronics, you get an ETL-certified garment steamer with a sturdy and leak-proof design that lasts long. While its 120mL capacity is incomparable to Pure Enrichment PureSteam’s 0.5-gallon one, its performance is admirable. For instance, its fast heat-up system produces steam in just 90 seconds. Steam output is impressive (6 minutes continuous), while its compact and lightweight design is easy to use. You only need a compatible electrical outlet (110-volts) to have straight and fragrant clothing. With this TaoTronics Garment Steamer, you get a free fabric brush for removing tough stains and a heat-resistant glove.

7. Rowenta IS6200

Recommended for steaming fabrics and garments, Rowenta IS6200 is a full-size valet steamer with a powerful 1500-watt system. Foot-operated (on and off), its convenience is admirable. By freeing hands, for instance, you will do a better job steaming your clothes devoid of skill level. Its telescoping pole adjusts for easier access while its onboard tank (81-ounces) produces one hour of steam (continuously). For safety, Rowenta IS6200 has a stay-cool handle. It also supports roll-and-tilt maneuverability and comes with numerous add-ons that better the experience. Its large steaming head and flexible hose, for instance, ease its operation. You also get a hanger with clips (built in), a lint pad, and a free stain-removing fabric brush.

6. Jiffy Steamer J-2000

Jiffy Steamer J-2000 is a 120-volt garment steamer with a durable steam head (plastic) and a 1300-watt element. Made of quality brass, the element is a durable solid brass model, certified for use with all 120-volt outlets. The high- impact plastic used to make its case durable, while its flexible hose (5.5 feet) eases its use. Over time, therefore, you do not have to worry about this steamer breaking down or compromising the value of your clothing. Steam output is fast (2- minutes) and consistent (1.5 hours) while its large head (6-inches) covers a large area. Jiffy Steamer J-2000 has a three-year warranty.

5. PurSteam PS-910

PurSteam PS-910 generates quality sleep in just 45-60 seconds. For those that appreciate smartness but hate ironing, this steamer will serve you the best. Recommended for heavy-duty use, the 60-minutes of quality and stable steam it produces removes wrinkles well. It also refreshes garments well has a hot yet safe system (248 degrees Fahrenheit) that kills up to 99.9% of germs. Forget about wearing a smelly shirt or blouse to work. You should also forget about wearing wrinkled clothes or burning your Sunday best with a hot iron.

4. Conair ExtremeSteam

With a dependable dual-heat system and a compact and easy-to-use handheld design, Conair ExtremeSteam steams perfectly. White-themed, its premium plastic body is both stylish and long lasting. Courtesy of its 1110-watt electrical element, heating is fast and consistent. The concentrated steam it is produces is approximately 30% hotter. Its wide head, on the other hand, covers a larger area that comparable models, which has its share of pros. When straightening or refreshing heavier fabrics, for instance, you get better results with an original Conair ExtremeSteam. It is also effective against all stages of bed bugs, dust mites, and even bacteria that often colonize clothing. In addition to the one-year warranty offered, you get a free creaser, fabric brush, and soft cushion brush.

3. Steamfast SF-407

Fitted with a 1500-watt heating element (electrical), Steamfast SF-407 is a powerful household steamer. Heat up is just 45 seconds. Its 40-ounce water tank produces continuous steam for 45 minutes, while its gentle system is safe for everyday use. It does not damage natural fabrics, for instance. It also straightens and deodorizes fabrics better than comparable high-performance steamers. Whenever you are working on upholstery, curtains, linens, or clothes, this telescoping fabric steamer never disappoints. You even get a clothes hook and an attachable fabric brush for better results.

2. Pure Enrichment PureSteam

Rated among the top 10 best fabric steamers in 2019 reviews, Pure Enrichment PureSteam delivers fast and consistent results. Although light, for instance, its quality design withstands abuse well. Gripping and operation are simple, while unique nozzle design maximizes exposure and therefore its effectiveness. Whether you have natural or synthetic fabrics, therefore, expect fast memorable results. Safety is top-notch, while its 8-foot two-prong power cord eases its setup even in tight spaces. Steam output is modest (10 minutes) and the 2-year warranty offered formulated to cover all production defects.

1. PurSteam Fabric Steamer

Known for its superior components, PurSteam is a global leader in the home appliances industry. This fabric steamer, for instance, is a popular fast-heat model with a durable aluminum element and an 180mL water tank. Its lightweight construction is perfect for traveling and for home use. Its BPA-free ABS/PP body is durable, while its premium steam channeling system works well on a multitude of fabrics. In drapery, for instance, the powerful burst of steam it generates removes the toughest of wrinkles. It is also effective on most clothing.

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