Top 10 Best Eye Pillows of 2022 – Reviews

Those of you in need of a reliable eye pillow would know by now just how hard they are to come by, the quality ones at least. Intended to relieve stress and provide comfort throughout the night, these pillows aren’t always as smooth and comfortable as advertised, which is where a bit of market knowledge comes in handy.

After taking into consideration hundreds of models from various producers, we put together a list of the ten best eye pillows money can buy for you to look at.

Best Eye Pillows of 2022

10Hot cherry Denim Eye Pillow

MicrowaveThis pillow is composed of cotton denim (pure) which comes with a dye (natural) which is sourced from the macadamia tree, specifically, the bark of it. It is filled with cherry pits which can be heated using a microwave. The heat acts as a muscle relaxer and gets rid of pain (mostly muscle pain) all over the body. The cherry pits can also be cooled in the freezer for approximately 2 hours if you require a cool comforting feeling instead.

9Aromatherapy Scented Natural Lavender Eye Pillow

Spa Comfort

MicrowaveThis eye pillow has a combination of Lavender and Buckwheat hulls which are ideal for a fresh scent to last you throughout the night. This pillow is washable and has flax seed fitted to provide additional comfort. Depending on the feeling you want, you can either warm it using a microwave or chill it in the fridge to ease your stress levels. Other than that, you will find it quite easy to care for due to its peculiar construction.

8Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Eye Pillow


MicrowaveMade of pure 100% silk and completely environmentally friendly, Earth Therapeutics eye pillow is one of the most comfortable eye pillows out there. This pillow has been inflated with a natural aroma that composes chamomile, lavender, and citrus. This aroma has been proven to be very soothing during sleep, which is why so many quality eye pillows use it these days, especially the top-shelf ones.

7Dreamtime Breathe Easy Eye Pillow


MicrowaveThis pillow assists one to relieve their headaches and nose or throat blockage, thanks mainly to the natural herbs in its making which have the purpose of helping with decongestion. One can chill it to ease eye swelling or if experiencing a headache or heat it up if that is what they’re after. It is also nicely sized and has natural fabrics which provide comfort for you. Interestingly enough, its cover can be removed and washed without any issues to speak of.

6Spa Comfort Eye Pillow

Spa Comfort

MicrowaveMade using 100% aromatherapy organic herbs potent with tension and stress easing capabilities, Spa Comfort is exactly what you need to ensure better relaxation come night time. Not only can you chill it or warm it to suit your particular needs but you can also receive acupressure benefits from it as per its flax seeds composition. Not only that but you will also find this pillow to be quite easy to care for.

5Flax Seed Eye Pillow


MicrowaveMade using 100% pure flax seeds blended with lavender buds, this particular eye pillow is your best shot at excellent comfort during the night. What’s more, it gives you the option of preparing it either in a freezer or a microwave for better stress relief. As a matter of fact, hot or cold eye pillows are excellent at solving some of your muscle pain in the long run, just as long as you remember to use it on a daily basis.

4Lavender + Flax Seed Eye Pillow


MicrowaveMade using a blend of flax seeds and lavender, this is yet another brand of eye pillow that seeks to offer you unmatched comfort. It is ideal for meditation, yoga, massaging, and even for anxiety relief. To boost your comfort, you can either cool it inside a freezer or warm it in a microwave.

In addition to having lavender and flax seeds, it also boasts a silk fabric that is not only super tender but which also offers a soothing effect over time. It is also accompanied by a carrying bag to allow easy mobility and can be utilized as a simple hot therapy prop to reduce the tightness in your shoulders.

3Savasana Now Eye Pillow

Spa Comfort

MicrowaveThis particular eye pillow features a natural lavender aroma which gets rid of anxiety and tension when used regularly. It is made in such a way that you can either warm it using a microwave or freeze it in the fridge as per your specific needs. Furthermore, this eye pillow has natural flax fitted that provides acupressure properties that most eye pillows simply cannot provide.

2DreamTime Inner Peace Lavender Eye Pillow


MicrowaveDreamTime’s Lavender eye pillow is widely regarded as one of the very best out there, both in terms of comfort and durability. The pillow is made using herbs and the finest fabrics possible to guarantee you relief from both muscle tension and stress.

Moreover, it is also stacked with flax seeds which offer relaxation and acupressure properties many such pillows do not. Besides allowing you to cool it and or warm it at ease, it is also fitted with a standard side zipper that allows you to access it anytime you need to refill or wash it.

1IMAK Eye Pillow


MicrowaveIf you are suffering from sinus pain, headaches, puffy eyes, or migraines, then IMAK’s comforting eye pillow should definitely be seen as a long-term investment. Not only will it play a major role in helping you overcome these conditions but it will also block light and give you the much needed comfortable rest you crave for.

Furthermore, aside from benefiting from its tremendous comforting properties, you will also find it easy to maintain given its machine washer-friendly construction. Other than that, it also boasts a fine quality construction that not many other eye pillows could match, at least not in this price range.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?


What To Look For In An Eye Pillow

Spa ComfortLike we already said, there are way too many types of eye pillows out there and they’re not all made by reputable manufacturers. So to avoid getting anything other than the eye pillow that best suits your needs, you’re going to have to do a bit of research beforehand.

A good way to do that is to figure out what type of pillow you want and how versatile its use should be. In this regard, let us point out that most eye pillows can be heated up or cooled down as per your requirements. Not all can be expected to provide the comfort some of you might need, so make sure to take a look at the peculiars when choosing one.

Adjustable straps – Some eye pillows come equipped with adjustable straps, buckles, or Velcro depending on their construction. What you want is an eye pillow that not only provides comfort but one that won’t fall off your face during the night either. While adjustable straps are by far the most comfortable, they don’t necessarily keep a tight fit at all times, which is where velcro seems to do a much better job. As for the buckle-bound eye pillows, they do indeed provide the best type of bonding, alas at the expense of your general comfort.

Beware of internal lining – You will also find that some eye pillows boast an internal lining made of wool or any similar material, a contraption that can prove quite discomforting in the long run. What you want is an eye pillow with a slim or inexistent lining, because these tend to cause your face to sweat during the night. This also applies to synthetic pillows or any other type of materials that settle too tightly on your skin.

They have to block light – Another thing to look for when shopping for an eye pillow is how opaque they are. Reason being that they have to be able to fully prevent light from reaching your eyelids, thus disturbing your sleep. Having said that, you also want to make sure that these eye pillows aren’t too bulky or heavy in any way, because what’s the point of giving you the pitch-black sleeping environment you crave if they’re going to prove uncomfortable in the long run?

How To Use An Eye Pillow

FurnishingsThe first thing you want to do is to ensure that your sleeping environment warrants the use of such a pillow to begin with. So if you live in a well-lighted home, perhaps you could try using shades of other sorts before employing the use of an eye pillow. Used in a quiet, dark room, an eye pillow can provide exemplary standards of comfiness. In fact, it couldn’t hurt for you to also adjust the pillow’s temperature to fit your needs, which brings us to our next point.

Warm up your eye pillow or cool it down as much as it is needed. Most such pillows are designed to handle constant changes in temperature while also capable of retaining said heat or coldness for hours-on-end. In fact, many eye pillows are designed with the intended purpose of being used as such, with some even boasting interior compartments built to retain heat throughout the night.

If your eye pillow doesn’t quite provide the levels of comfort you were expecting, then why not fold it in two so it will have a more solid, square shape. While you’re at it, you could also place the eye pillow at the base of your neck for muscle relief. If the pillow has ben previously warmed up, you could now proceed to any breathing exercises you might think of doing to further your relaxation levels.

Interestingly enough, eye pillows can also be used to relieve back pain quite a lot. You do this by placing the pillow folded in two between the seat area and whatever inflicted part of your body that might be troubling you. When doing so, make sure to warm up the pillow beforehand so as to boost its therapeutic properties. Like we said, eye pillows are usually designed to retain heat better than regular cloth, so the use of an eye pillow in situations like these is imperative.

What You Need To Know About Eye Pillows

Not many people know this but light pollution at home can really mess with your sleeping patterns and the general rest you get when sleeping. A good way to use an eye pillow is in tandem with blackout curtains or any other accessory you might use to block out UV rays. In fact, you will find that many eye pillows are actually advertised as such, mostly because of the opaque nature of these pillows and the environment you would use them in.

Unlike sleeping masks, eye pillows are primarily aimed at boosting your relaxation levels in an almost therapeutic fashion. Sleeping masks, on the other hand, have the sole purpose of blocking out light from bothering you. Although you shouldn’t consider eye pillows as a replacement for any sleeping mask you might be using, they can definitely provide a more relaxing experience while still having most of the benefits that make eye masks so useful.

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