Top 10 Best External Storage For iPhone in 2019 Reviews

Are you looking for the best external storage for iPhone? Look no further as we have the best collection of external storage for iPhones. External storage is of great importance if you have large files to store or if you are just looking to have a backup for your important files.

What are the benefits of buying the best external storage for iPhone?

a)Extra space

The latest iPhone model has a maximum storage of 128GB while the older models have internal storage of 8GB. If you have many files like songs, videos, and photos, you run out of space within a short time. External storage gives a perfect choice to store files so that you can free up some space. Having extra space on your iPhone boosts its performance.

b)Storage for old files

Are there old data in your phone? You don’t have to delete them as old files bring back good memories of the past. You may want to delete old photos so that you can have room to take new ones but that is not the best decision. Get an external storage and save those files as you may need them in future.

c)Backup for critical data

If you misplace your phone, you can get another but if you lose data it is hard to recover it especially if you don’t have a backup. External storage gives you a safe alternative for keeping your most treasured files. iPhone external storage is portable, and you can always add more files that are important.

d)External storage devices are portable and convenient

Unlike other backup options like laptops, iPhone external storage is smaller, lighter and portable. You can carry them in your pocket or even purse without adding noticeable weight. You can access your files even while standing. There is no need of internet connectivity to access your files. Their portability and convenience make them a superior choice.

e)Ease of transferring files between devices securely

External storage gives the ability to copy files from an iPhone to other devices such as iPad, iMac, and even a laptop. It is more secure to transfer file this way than sharing them over the internet. Some external storage devices have encryption that makes it even safer store and transfer files.

What features should you look out for when buying external storage for iPhone?

You will be using the external storage or the flash drive from time to time. Therefore, you need one that can handle occasional abuse. You should consider the physical durability of the casing and connector and that of the NAND memory chips. You can write and delete a flash memory for a fixed number of times. A dynamic wear leveling ensures that all memory blocks wear off uniformly. A metal case and a robust connector will guarantee physical durability.


What files are you saving on the external storage? The answer to this question will determine the capacity of the external storage. High-quality photos and HD videos usually take a large chunk of the iPhone storage while documents take less space. Choose the flash drive for iPhone that matches your needs as buying the highest capacity drive costs more, and performance and durability become an issue for drives having a capacity of more than 32GB.

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If you are going to transfer large files, speed is another consideration to have in mind. USB 3.0 flash drive have transfer speeds of 60MB/s which makes it makes it more superior to USB 2.0 which usually have speeds averaging at 5MB/s. USB 3.0 is compatible with USB 2.0 ports. You get speeds of about 25MB/s when you use USB 3.0 flash drives on USB 2.0 ports. The cost of USB 3.0 flash drives is much higher than USB 2.0 flash drives but offer you better performance.


The security of your data is of great importance. There are some models of external storage for iPhones that come with component-level encryption. If you have an option of buying an encrypted flash drive, go for it. You wouldn’t want your sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.


Does the external storage have an option for automatic backup? You must have a system that regularly backups your external storage devices. FDP Flash Drive Sync is an example of an app that regularly backups data so that you will always have an extra copy. You can have a free trial of this app.

By considering the above factors, I have compiled the Top 10 Best External Storage For iPhone in 2019 Reviews so that you can buy the best.

10. iDiskkUSB Drive for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

iDisk USB drive is Apple MFi certified so you can buy it without any worry of compatibility issues. It is one of the most affordable external storage for iPhone with a capacity of 32 GB. The USB 3.0 and Lightning connectivity gives it amazing speeds of transferring a file from the iPhone or a PC. You can download the free iDisk Pro app from the store so that you can browse, share and copy files easily. The external flash drive has a great external design, and the internal chipset can handle millions of write and erase.


i)It automatically syncs with the phone to transfer photos and other files

ii)It is very affordable compared to other products in the list

iii)Has a sturdy and durable design.


i)The caps are detachable and can be misplaced easily

Best External Storage For iPhone

9. Lightning Flash Drive [AppleMFiCertified], PQIiConnect[USB 3.0]

This external flash drive boasts of 32GB of data hence you get a lot of space to save you most treasured data. The space grey color gives this external flash a stunning appearance. The physical structure is sleek and durable. It is Apple MFi certified, and you can buy it without any worry of compatibility. The USB 3.0 connection makes it faster to transfer large files from Mac or PC. The lightning connector is long enough, and you don’t need to remove the phone cover to use this external storage.


i)The capacity of 32GB gives sufficient space to save music, photos and videos

ii)The flash has a sleek and durable design.

iii)It is affordable


i)The dust caps are not tethered, therefore, can be misplaced easily

Best External Storage For iPhone

8. Omars 32GB USB Flash Drive with Lightning Connector, Gold

Omars 32GB USB Flash Drive is another affordable option to consider. The flash drive is MFi certified which makes it more convenient and easy to use. It has a lightning connector on one end and a USB 3.0 on the other end each having a dust cap to safeguard the connectors. The flash drive has a metallic casing which makes it sleek and durable. It gives you 32GB of external storage space where you can save photos, music and videos thus freeing some space in your phone. It is available at an affordable cost.

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i)The flash drive is durable

ii)Has a big capacity while being affordable

iii)USB and Lightning connectivity makes it versatile


i)The caps are not tethered hence can be misplaced.

Best External Storage For iPhone

7. Naztech Xtra Drive 16GB USB 3.0 Mobile Flash Drive

This Naztech Xtra Drive gives you 16GB of external storage so that you can backup or free some memory in your iPhone. The external drive is compatible with iPad and iPod. The USB 3.0 connector allows you to transfer or access files on a Mac or PC. The external flash drive has a sleek design. The body of the flash drive is made of aluminum which makes it extra durable. You can download a free software tailored made for the flash drive to make it easy to transfer files and for better file management. The lightning and USB 3.0 connectivity makes the transfer of files fast.


i)USB 3.0 and lightning connectivity makes transfer of files fast

ii)The lower capacity variants are very affordable

iii)Has aluminum body for maximum durability


i)You need to remove case as the lightning connector is a bit short

Best External Storage For iPhone

6. PhotoFast i-FlashDrive EVO

PhotoFast i-FlashDrive EVO is one of the most secure external storage for iPhone due to its passcode protection. The external flash drive allows to free up space on your iPhone. You can transfer file your iPhone fast by connecting the external flash drive using the lightning connector. The USB 3.0 connector makes it easy to access your file on a Mac or PC. The protective caps on either side makes the connector durable and clean.


i)Has a sturdy and durable construction

ii)The drive has lightning and USB connectors for use on iPhone, Mac, and PCs

iii)The flash drive is of great capacity


i)The external flash drive is a bit costly

Best External Storage For iPhone

5. SanDisk Connect 32GB Wireless Flash Drive

This is one of the most innovative external flash drives for iPhone. It offers you a wireless connectivity between the storage device and your iPhone. You can save and access your files such as music, photos, and documents wirelessly. Apart from being compatible in iPhones, you can you the external flash drive on Android devices. The charge on the flash drives last up to 8 hours. It is compact which makes portable and more convenient. It is just like the Lacie Fuel but more compact. You can connect the flash drive to your existing network or use the network it creates.


i)It is compact which makes it portable

ii)Has wirelessly connectivity which gives you more freedom

iii)It is versatile because it supports both iPhone and Android devices.


i)It is a bit costly

Best External Storage For iPhone

4. LaCie FUEL 1TB Wireless Storage with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and USB 3.0

If you are not for the idea of plugging an external drive into your iPhone lightning port, LaCie FUEL is the perfect choice for you. It comes with a large storage of 1 TB and Wi-Fi connectivity. The high capacity will ensure that you never run out of space. LaCie Fuel creates its wireless network which enables you to access your files wirelessly and also save files without any physical connection. The battery that power this external storage for iPhone lasts up to 10 hours. You can use the external drive with all your wireless devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

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i)Wireless connectivity hence you can save and access files wirelessly

ii)The external storage has a large capacity and a great battery life

iii)The external drive is versatile has it be used by many devices at once


i)You have to disconnect from your home wireless network to connect to the external storage hence no internet connectivity.

Best External Storage For iPhone

3.128GB Lightning Flash Drive

With an enormous capacity of 128GB, this external flash drive for iPhone offers you enough space to store your favorite music, movies, and even documents. If you love taking photos your iPhone, then you will find the external flash drive handy. The external flash drive is compatible with the free app i-Easy Drive which eases the communication between your phone and the external drive. The i-Easy app also allows you to organize your files well by categorizing as either music, video, or documents. The flash drive also comes with a memory card reader.


i)The external drive has a large capacity of 128GB

ii)Compatible with i-Easy app

iii)It has a sturdy design which makes it durable


i)It not USB 3.0 hence takes time to transfer files

Best External Storage For iPhone

2. HooToo iPhone Flash Drive USB 3.0 with Lightning Connector External Storage

HooToo iPhone Flash Drive gives you great functionality and durability thanks to its USB 3.0 and lightning connections. You can transfer files up to speeds of 80MBs which save you time while transferring files of large capacity. The storage of 32GB is decent and can comfortably hold most of your treasured documents and files. The free app iPlugmate enables you to view files and stream music and videos easily. The cap is securely tethered to the body of the flash disk. The best thing about this external flash drive is that you get it at an affordable price.


i)The external flash has a sleek and durable design

ii)It is very affordable

iii)You can stream multimedia files stored on the flash drive on your phone


i) The dust caps makes it a bit challenging to insert the flash drive on the lightning port.

Best External Storage For iPhone

1. SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive3

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive3 enables you to expand your iPhone internal storage. The external flash drive has a lightning connector that allows you to transfer data fast. The connector is flexible hence cannot break easily. You can connect the flash drive with your phone’s cover on. Together with SanDisk’s iXpand Drive app, the flash drive allows managing your files in different categories. The app also backups new files automatically every time you connect it to your iPhone. The flash drive comes with a password protection software that safeguards your data. The drive is USB 3.0 which enables you to connect with a PC.


i)Available in 3 different storage capacities

ii)The drive with the help of an app backups your data automatically

iii)It is USB 3.0 hence you transfer data at amazing speeds.


i)The iXpand app does not support audio codecs such AC and DTS since they are proprietary codecs by Dolby

Best External Storage For iPhone

By choosing one of these products, you can be sure to have made the right decision in buying one of the best external storage for iPhone in 2019.

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