Top 10 Best External Hard Drive Brands in the World

Are you looking for the best external hard drive in the market? You are the right place. I will explain the importance external hard drives and the best brands in the market. Hard drives extends the storage capacity and offers backup for media and files. This is essential because sometimes computers crashes or they are stolen. In order to choose the great brand, you ought to be more keen to differentiate poor quality hard drives from quality ones.

They are available in different storage capacities from 2GB up to 1000 GB. It should be ready to install working with wide range of computers. If you are in the market for an external hard drive  you should evaluate its quality, reliability and the assigned cost. It connect to the computer via USB cable or firmware networks. The computer should automatically detect your hard drives. External hard drives have useful features hence preferred companions to our computers. These features include the following;

i)Extended capacity

External hard drives are available in large capacities. Overloading internal storage makes it hang unnecessarily reducing its efficiency. Up to 1000 GB or more hard drives are available in today’s market. It is recommended that you store the large sized media in the external hard disk. Video editing requires large storage space for higher performance.

ii)Great Speed

They are connected to a computer via firmware connection or USB. Firmware connections works at high speed taking shorter times to copy files. These hard drives have different RPM ratings. Choose one that matches the speed of your computer to ensure the two systems are harmonizing. USB is suitable for small-sized files such that of ward documents.


Most of the hard drives are portable. This is because they made from lightweight materials.You can carry them around with minimal strain. It can be used away from home.


No drives to be installed so as to use an external hard drive. All you have to do is plug the device to your computer. They are automatically detected prior connection. It is very advantages as they are compatible with windows, apple and mac computers.


Hard drives are flexible. You can have it in different capacities. Its capacity can be extended by use specialized programs.

vi)Size and type

There are only two models to choose from. Your preference is based on the current arrangement. Depending on your needs, either you have HDD or a SDD. Desktop HDD hold a capacity of 4TB measuring 3.5 inches while laptop HDD features capacity of 2TB measuring 2.5 inches. They are available in two sizes 3.5 inch and 2.5 inch. SSD on other side, are very small. They limited to 2.5 inch form factor.

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Have a look at the following list of Top 10 Best External Hard Drive Brands in the World. They are vividly described below.

10. LaCie Rugged 1 TB 9000488

This external hard drive is compatible with USB 3.0. It also work with thunderbolt for connectivity. Media transfer is done very fast at speed of 240 MBs per every second. Its hardware is flexible. Flexibility improves is functionality by raising its speed. On construction, the design include a protection mechanism that absorbs shock up 5 feet. Good choice of materials makes the hard drive more resistant to corrosion so that you can use it anywhere. It very lightweight while lasting longer. It use SSD version for greater performance. The device backup and transfer large volume of files within very short time. It is compatible with mac and PC devices.


i) Very fast.

ii) Includes shock and dust protection mechanism.


i) Gets hot on usage.

Best External Hard Drive

9.Transcend StoreJet 25M3 Military USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

Large capacity is major aspect we are considering when choosing an external hard drive. It hold a capacity of 1000 GB which is great for storing large sized files. The drives transfer’s data using modernized USB 3.0 cable. It features extraordinary 3-layer shock system that protects your computer and other connected devices. This product is equipped with higher generation fabulous speed USB 3.0 that gives a 3X speed faster that USB 2.0 brands. Additionally, USB 3.0 covers wide bandwidth. It transfers data at rate 90MBs every second. It is durable, reliable and compatible with various computer models. Its frame is made of silicone material. This transcend brand is equipped with touchable auto backup button for prompt data backup.


i) USB 3.0 is included.

ii) it is capable of streaming TV broadcasting.


i) Complex backup software.

Best External Hard Drive

8. Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC Hard Drive

This portable external hard drive boast a unique USB 3.0 cable. Also, it has highly secured hardware encryption. It incorporates NFC technology so that the users can unlock the hard drives easily so to access the preferred files. It offers maximum security to the stored files by limiting its access by strangers. You must insert the smartcard in order access the media. It features US military ordinary shock protection having chassis and unique bumpers. This design eliminates shock in case of accidents such as unplanned bumps and drops. Great choice of quality material used to make it ensures the drive is resistant to water and dust.

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i) Includes a shock resistant protection.

ii) Made of waterproof materials.


i) Highly priced.

Best External Hard Drive

7.WD 500GB My Passport External Hard Drive

This external hard drive is extremely portable. It has large storage capacity of 500 GB to accommodate large volume files. Exceptional AES 256-bit hardware system is included. It is very advantageous because it automatically update the stored media to cloud for backup. This is very important because sometimes the hard drive might be displaced or damaged. Its stylish design makes it so attractive. Available in various colors give the user a chance to choose according to its personal taste.  It make use of USB 3.0 for faster connectivity. The dealers provide 3-year guaranteed warranty. It is very reliable.


i) Durable design.

ii) It transfers at faster rate.


i) Connecting cable is very short.

Best External Hard Drive

6. Toshiba’s Canvio 1 TB Portable Hard Drive

Toshiba Canvio is available at an affordable price. The hard drive has I TB capacity accommodating large-sized files such as video editing applications. It boast a shock absorber system alongside plug-in-play system. The frame is uniquely designed so that it looks so attractive. This makes a great choice for those embrace physical appearance and low budget consumers. Furthermore, the disk offers full backup for the recovered disk. Cloud storage is automated offering maximum safety to your files. The stored files are safely secured since the user can set the password limiting its access by intruders. The construction include internet connection so that you can share the media via connected network to other devices.


i)Automated cloud storage.

ii)Sturdy construction that include internet connection.


i)It has no backup software.

ii)Limited warranty.

Best External Hard Drive

5. Seagate’s 5TB Backup Plus External Hard Drive

Embrace the growing technology. This is one of the best external hard drives in today’s market. It has extraordinary capacity, five times larger than normal computer. Though it’s highly priced, the product delivers excellent storage and backing up of the stored media. It is never a burden for those who love travelling. It is compatible with USB 3.0. This ensure quick transfer of files from one device to the other. It is very flexible as it allows the users to manipulate the stored information at ease. Compatible with android and iOS systems.


i)Massive storage capacity.

ii)Operates at high speed.

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iii)It includes Seagate dashboard softwares.


i)It is a bit heavy.

Best External Hard Drive

4. Seagate’s 2TB Backup Plus External Hard Drive

This another product from Seagate company but with a capacity of 2 TB. It features a glossy design making it very popular over other shoddy drives. It is companionable to high speed USB 3.0 for faster transfer of data. The drive is available at reasonable price that do not strain your resources. Ideal choice for family storage. It includes 500 GB cloud storage for two years at no charge.


i)Affordable price.

ii)Cloud storage capability.


i)Lower form factor.

ii)Consumes more power.

Best External Hard Drive

3. G Technology’s G-drive External Drive

G-Technology external drives are of high quality. It has a capacity of 100 GB. It features dependable speed for greater performance. The drives is small and lightweight making it portable. Additionally, the product is compatible with windows OS and mackintosh systems. It make use of 2.5 inch hard drives that transfers at rate of 7200 revolution per minute. The USB 3.0 used delivers at approximately 90 MBs per second. The robust aluminum frame is highly resistant to any form of corrosion.


i)High transfer speed.

ii)Good choice of quality materials.


i)Different formatting options for every operating system.

Best External Hard Drive

2. Western Digital’s My Passport 2TB Ultra Hard Drive

This hard drive is very versatile. It can be used with laptop computers and other PCs. It includes cloud storage that secures you stored data for many decades. The external hard drive is extremely slim thus the user can carry it along at ease. Available in various colors giving customers wide variety to choose from. Its assigned price is affordable to most of the natives. The drives utilizes compact 2.5 inch drives. WD software’s offers greater protection.


i) Slim hence portable

ii)Massive storage capacity.

iii) Available in various colors.


i) Flimsy case.

Best External Hard Drive

1. Western Digital’s (WD) My Passport Studio Hard Drive Storage

This WD external hard drive has a sleek design and supports FireWire devices. The hard drive transfers data at a high speed. It is also compatible with USB 2.0 though slightly slower than USB 3.0. The aluminum frame gives the hard drive the desired durability.  The user can set personalized password that prevent intruders from accessing personal files. Perfect for Mac and Windows operating system.


i) Enormous capacity.

ii) made from excellent quality materials.



ii)Uses mechanical drives.

Best External Hard Drive

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