Top 10 Best Electric Shaver For Women In 2017 Reviews

If there is one grooming item every woman needs, it’s a good electric shaver. Plastic disposable razors are both a hassle and an unnecessary expense. Why not start off 2018 with savings curtsy of a new electric shaver? Here are some great first shavers for any woman:

#1. Panasonic Close Curves 3-Blade

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This version of the Panasonic Close Curve Electric Razor is a three-blade design, made with in express purpose of getting ahold of and severing each and every hair with each pass. It even has a pop up trimmer to help the harder to reach places and longer hairs. Perfect for shaving when both wet and dry- you can take this shaver with you in both the tub and the shower, and there’s no need to worry about dropping it! Its slim shape makes sure the device fits snuggly into the palm of your hand. This particular shaver is a hypoallergenic stainless steal, completely free of nickel! This makes it a great choice for sensitive skin or allergy prone users.

#2.Panasonic Close Curves Electric Shaver

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Yet another suburb choice from Panasonic, this shaver is yet another reincarnation of the close curves shaver. Much like it’s other Panasonic shavers this shaver will work on both wet and dry skin, and it’s design allows it to enter the shower or bath with you. The metals are picked with sensitive skin in mind and, as such, is made with a nickel free hypoallergenic steel. Not only does this shaver have a pop up to help collect and cut longer hairs, but it also has an attachable bikini line trimmer as well!

#3.Remington F5-5800

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Want a close shave with less passes of your shaver? Try out this Remington F5 model. This shaver features a pop up trimmer and pivot and flex capabilities to make sure your able to get the hair from every angle – leaving you silky smooth and ready for whatever life throws at you. It holds up to 60 minutes of power when fully charged, and features an LED display to let you know when it needs to be plugged back in. This professional quality shade is sure to wow, and if it does theres a two year warranty (though we doubt you’ll need it).

#4. Satiny Smooth All-in-One By Conair

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Yet another fantastic wet and dry shaver, great for in and out of shower use. It charges on a convenient stand that takes up very little counter space and it’s sleek design makes it easy on the eyes. It’s multiple foils, trimmers, combs, and brushes truly make this an all in one product that is all a woman needs to remove any unwanted hair she’ll ever have! (It even does eyebrows!)

#5.Braun Silk

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This battery powered shaver is a beautiful blue design that fits neatly in any bathroom drawer, and fits even better in your hand. It’s light weight and is designed with a rounded top to gentle glide over all the counters of your body – thus making it a gentle and enjoyable shave. It even has an exfoliating attachment to keep your legs extra silky smooth!

#6.Remington WDF4840 Women’s Shaver (Purple)

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This model of the Smooth and Silky shaver makes use of the top notch Remington design, making it an exceptional and truly enjoyable grooming experience. It’s four blade design allows it to trim close and comfortably in few passes of the device. The device is designed with aloe vera strips between each hypoallergenic foil, making it an irritation free experience. The shaver holds up to thirty minutes of shave time off the charger, allowing you to take this wet/dry shaver into the shower with you – letting you get all your grooming done at once.

#7.Sunmy®Electric Cordless

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The Sunmy®Electric Cordless is a cute pink design that’s both lightweight and easy to hold. (As well as being pleasant on the eyes, opposed to traditional razors.) This insures your hand does not become fatigued through your shaving routine. The razor is gentle on even the most sensitive of areas while still thoroughly removing any hair it comes into contact with. It should leave you skin smooth and stubble for up to seven weeks after one shave. This comfortable yet effective shave is the result of its three in one blade design. The device itself is waterproof allowing you to use it both in and out of the shower. Its process is virtually pain free and promises to be more enjoyable the most other electric shavers you could chose from.

#8.Eco Friendly Personal Pubic Shaver & Trimmer ALL IN ONE By Bare It All Contour

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The All In One By Bare It All Contour is a sleek unisex design. It lacks both a charging stand or a cord; instead it plug directly into the wall. It’s lithium power cell and materials make this shaver an eco friendly alternative to other shavers, along with allowing it to hold up to sixty minutes of shave time. It’s sleek and compact design makes it both pleasant to look at and keeps it far enough out of the way so you don’t have to if you don’t want too. This versatile little shaver is great for removing hair bump, rash, and itch free!

#9. Styles II Lady Epilator Set

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Styles II Lady Epilator Set truly makes sure you get your monies worth. It’s gorgeous design flits in the palm of you hand, and its diminutive sizes doesn’t begin to let you in on just how much this shaver can do. Its four in one design makes it a good choice for most of your personal hygiene needs. It’s gentle callous remover setting grants your feet smoothness like never before in minutes! While it’s shaver and clipper duo makes sure you get the closets shave possible. This shaver works on a root level making sure your shave last longer and less hair grows back. All this along with it’s hour long battery makes this a great pick for 2018.

#10.Satiny Smooth by Conair Dual Foil Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver

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The Satiny Smooth by Conair is a cordless wet or dry shaver that really gets the job done. This shaver features two independent full width trimmers (one of which pops up to help with trimming that pesky bikini-line), as well dual free-floating foils and cutters. The whole thing comes with a handy cleaning brush to help clear out hair from the harder to reach crevices of the device. It’s decked out in purple and white with a purple charging stand to match, making this little shaver far from an eye soar on your bathroom counters. Perfect for keeping intimate places trimmed and looking nice on your counter sets this trimmer at number ten on our list of the best electric shavers for women.

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