Top 10 Best Electric Nail Drills of 2019 – Reviews

Despite how many beauty salons women have to choose from nowadays, there are still some who prefer to do their own nails within the comfort of their own homes. This can not only save them an awful lot of money in the long run but it also allows them a more hands-on approach if you pardon the pun.

At the same time, there is also the hygiene element to consider, because when you have your very own nail drill set, you have the guarantee that you’re the only one using it. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best electric nail drills money can buy.

Best Electric Nail Drills of 2019 – Reviews

10iMeshbean Colorful Complete Professional Electric Nail Drill

buy from amazonExtremely versatile and packed with tons of features and great tools, the iMeshbean Colorful Complete Professional Electric Nail Drill is among the best DIY kits available on the market. With a powerful speed of up to 30,000RPM, it runs on a voltage of 110V/AC. The pen is made from top notch durable material and is quiet and smooth to utilize.

Furthermore, its parts and bits can be easily interchanged without the use of any additional tools. It also comes with a unique dial to increase or decrease the speed and can be used with or without the foot pedal that comes with the set.

9Subay Professional Electric Nail Drill File Kit

buy from amazonUniquely constructed with premium grade metals, the Subay Professional Electric Nail Drill File Kit can be used for multiple uses. From carving, grinding, polishing, sanding, to engraving, sharpening, and routing, this machine can drill into glass with ease without any worry of overheating.

It works perfectly with glass, acrylic, gel and natural nails at an approximate speed of 20,000RPM and comes with a special dial for speed control. Designed to work with low vibrations and less noise, it ensures less pressure, more comfort and longer usage time. This nail art drill machine is ideal for salons, spas and beauty parlors and can also be used at home.

8AGPtek Electric Nail Art Drill Pen

buy from amazonThe AGPtek Electric Nail Art Drill Pen is a professional grade 60-piece nail kit that is uniquely designed to cater to all your nail requirements. Lightweight, durable and made from high-quality materials, this set is smooth and quiet to work with and offers precise and accurate results.

Ideal for utilization in a salon or at home it comes with multiple features that include carving, polishing, engraving, drilling, routing, sharpening, sanding, and so on. Backed up by a powerful motor, this drilling set uses a standard plug with an approximate voltage of 110-120 volts.

7Medicool 520 Professional Electric Nail Filing System

buy from amazonBacked by a powerful motor, the Medicool 520 Professional Electric Nail Filing System runs at 20,000 RPM and comes equipped with a special speed dial for better speed control. The machine is compact in size and features a lightweight hand piece that produces less sound and low vibrations.

It also comes equipped with a forward and reverse switch and an easy to use twist locking chuck. Worth pointing out is the fact that this device is not powered by batteries, hence requires an electrical outlet for utilization.

6Vogue Professional Electric Nail Drill Kit

buy from amazonThe Vogue Professional Electric Nail Drill Kit is a wireless battery operated machine that comes with 7 attachments. Ideal for your natural nails and gel nails, this nail drill kit includes a diamond cone, a mandrel, buffer, sanding band, flat sapphire, mounted point and callus remover. It works great on tough toenails, provides the perfect pedicure and helps to remove unwanted calluses with ease.

The bits and other attachments can be easily changed without the need of any additional tools, which is a nice feature to have. Along with the nail drill, you will get a special vinyl pouch, batteries, an instruction manual, natural, gel and acrylic nails and callus bits.

5Zeny Complete Electric Nail Drill Kit

buy from amazonBoasting high quality, premium grade metals in its construction, the Zeny Complete Electric Nail Drill Kit is a high powered device that is well built and powder coated for added durability. Equipped with an easy speed control dial, it produces low vibrations with less noise and long lengths of operation time without the worry of overheating.

Thanks to its replaceable fuse feature, this device can be easily maintained for a long time span. Furthermore, its hand piece is sleek and comes with a good grip, a feature complimented by the fact that its bits can be interchanged easily without the need of any additional tools.

4Valyria Complete Electric Nail Drill Machine Manicure Pedicure Kit

buy from amazonPerfect for both manicures and pedicures, the Valyria Electric Nail Drill Machine is an easy to operate, durable device that works great with both artificial and natural nails. Featuring an optional foot pedal for easier utilization, it comes with speed dial to enable proper speed control, and a forward and reverse switch.

Thanks to its special design and construction it produces low vibrations and ensures a good grip. The hand piece comes with vents to allow proper heat radiation and prevent any overheating. Not only that but its components can be easily attached and interchanged thanks to its simple twist and lock mechanism.

3KEDSUM Professional Electric Nail Drill Kit

buy from amazonWith the ability to work at a speed of 500 to 20,000 RPM, the KEDSUM Professional Electric Nail Drill Kit is backed up by a special speed control and ideal for both manicures and pedicures. Featuring a comfortable grip, this device produces fewer vibrations with low noise. Suitable for both left and right handed users, it comes with a forward and reverse switch and includes 6 attachments to choose from.

The device can file, shape, and buff nails, remove corns and calluses and get rid of unwanted cuticles. Extremely sturdy, robust and but light in weight and compact in size, the device is constructed with high-quality aviation aluminum alloy which is super durable. Equipped with the latest twist and lock feature, the attachments can be easily interchanged at any given time.

2Belle Electric Manicure Pedicure Acrylics Nail Drill

buy from amazonFeaturing the latest design and technology, the Belle Electric Manicure Pedicure Acrylics Nail Drill comes with a silicone rubber sleeve that is resistant to heat and helps by reducing the risk of overheating issues. Other features include a forward and reverse switch, making it unique and fit to be utilized by both right and left handed people.

It also includes a foot pedal that can be used to ease the operation. Perfect for carving, sharpening, polishing, sanding, engraving, grinding, and routing, this machine can be utilized on natural nails, acrylic nails, gel nails, as well as pets nails.

1PureNails 7-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure System

buy from amazonIncluding 7 durable sapphire coated attachments, the PureNails Professional Manicure & Pedicure System is a one of a kind, well-designed nail set that files, buffs, polishes, and sharpens nails while also capable of removing cuticles and smoothing out calluses as well as annoying corns.

Unlike other traditional nail drilling kits, this device comes with an inbuilt LED light that helps with accuracy and precision during utilization of the device. Backed up by an AC adapter, this machine offers much more power and consistency as compared to other machines.

Featuring 2 variable speed settings it works great with both delicate and tough areas. This kit comes with a handy travel pouch that makes it easier to carry. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best electric nail drills out there.

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What To Look For In An Electric Nail Drill

What To Look For In An Electric Nail DrillThere are many reasons for wanting to own an electric nail drill of your own, none perhaps more important than the convenience of doing your nails at any time you see fit.

That said, we should point out that not all electric nail drills are built to the same standards and that some are definitely better than others.

To ensure that you get nothing but the absolute best, here are the characteristics to consider before buying one:

Power – A drill’s power is the first thing to consider when buying one, not only because it gets the job done quickly but due to how much more maneuverable it can be. On average, some of the most powerful nail drills out there boast a drilling power between 20,000 and 30,000 RPMs. If you’re only interested in a limited application of such a drill on your natural nails, then you could technically choose one under 10,000 RPM just the same.

Nail type – Another thing to consider is what type of nails you plan on using it on. We say this because your nails can influence a drill’s file set depending on whether they are natural, acrylic, or both. It has to be said that most electric nail drills, or at least the high-end models, come equipped with detachable bits that you can attach to the drill at any given time, bits that are designed for various typeS of nails.

Price – It may seem intuitive for some, but price is a very good indication of quality when it comes to nail drills. As such, you will find that some of the most versatile, multi-purpose nail drills out there are usually made by reputable manufacturers, which is reflected in their price. Speaking of which, the expected price of a nail drill set isn’t all that big to begin with, so do your best not to skimp on spending that extra dollar on a drill that looks promising.

Different Types Of Nail Tools

types of nail drillsGiven the versatile nature of electric nail drills, you can expect them to pack many files to choose from, each with its intended purpose.

If it’s your first time using one, you should perhaps not crowd yourself with too many files until you get a good grip on how an electric nail drill works.

With this in mind, here are the main types of files and accessories that an electric nail drill can come equipped with:

Natural nail bit – This type of bit is either made of rubber or rubber-like materials and it is usually shaped like a cylinder. You use this bit to remove dead cuticles and buff your natural nails before adding any artificial nails. Having said that, let us point out that you could very well use it simply to remove dead cuticles. Doing so, you want to be extra careful not to damage the skin around the cuticles.

Pedicure bit – Like the name suggests, this bit is designed to help you with your pedicure or any pedicure-related task for that matter. For this reason, this bit is shaped in a way that helps you remove calluses and hard spots near the toenails. Interestingly enough, pedicure bits are usually an essential part of any electric nail drill kit, but you will find that high-end kits usually feature more than one pedicure bits per set.

Barrel carbide bits – These bits can be small or large depending on what you’re suing them for. Their intended purpose is to shape and thin the surface of acrylic nails while helping you cut said nails for backfilling. Although intended to be used at the surface of the nails, there are no real limitations to how deep you can use them if you’re skilled enough to operate the drill any other way.

Under-nail cleaner bit – Pretty self-explanatory, the under-nail cleaner bit has the purpose of helping you clean underneath the nails, be it for cosmetic purposes or to facilitate some other, more intricate procedure. At the same time, this bit can be used to thin the underside of the nail to help with the drilling process. Not only that but these bits will often be used as part of a more complex procedure, even though you can simply use them to clean your nails.

Standard manicure and pedicure attachments – It is accustomed for any electric nail drilling set to boast basic manicure and pedicure attachments for you to use. In this regard, you can expect the kit to contain callus removers, polishing felt cones, and a nail tip polishing tool for good measure. It is also common for these attachments to hook into the nail drill itself without the need to use any additional tools.

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