Top 10 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners for Kitchen Reviews In 2019

Your knives need to be sharpened regularly to get the best out of them. When it comes to keeping your knives and tools sharp, you need the best electric knife sharpeners. While people still use sharpening stones and rod to sharpen their knives, electric knife sharpeners remain the best option. They are easy to use and easily sharpen your knives to your desired sharpness depending on the use.

In this post, we are going to narrow down your search for electric sharpeners to just 10 that we think are the best. Make sure you read our electric knife sharpener reviews below before making any purchase decision.

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Table of the Best Electric Knife Sharpeners Reviews

10. Work Sharp WSKSTS –W Electric Knife and Tool Sharpener

Electric Knife Sharpeners

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This is a pretty versatile electric sharpener that will sharpen every type of knife from the kitchen knife, hunting knife to pocket knives. It is a quality selection that helps you sharpen knives easily and quickly as a pro. It features a premium abrasive belt that allows the knife to meet all sharpening needs from coarse, medium and fine. It is quite easy to use and comes with precision sharpening guides that help establish the right sharpening angle. Overall, this is a versatile sharpener made in America and one that has been in the industry for 40 years now.


  • Versatile tool sharpener
  • Precision sharpening guides
  • Premium abrasive belts
  • Even ceramic blades

3. Secura Best Electric Knife Sharpener – Sharpening System

Secura Electric Knife SHARPENER

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The Secura sharpener is another two-stage sharpener ideal for non-serrated knives. It is a powerful sharpener that delivers professional results. The first sharpening stage sharpens and rejuvenates the knife edges while reshaping the angle. In the second stage, the knife is polished and honed to deliver ultra-thin sharpness.  The foot of the sharpener is strong and non-slip to keep it firm during the sharpening process. Overall, this is a great buy with mesh receptacles that capture all the metal fillings.


  • Stable and non-slip foot
  • Stage one for sharpening and rejuvenating the edges
  • Stage two for honing and polishing
  • Mess receptacle

2. Wusthof Stainless Steel Electric Knife Sharpener

Wusthof 3-stage PEtec Electric Knife Sharpener

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The Wusthof is a beautiful stainless steel knife sharpener made to the highest safety and quality standards in the US. It is a three-stage electric knife sharpener designed to deliver ultra-thin sharpness. It also hones and polishes the knife to 14 degrees. This is a versatile sharpener working on both serrated and straight edge knives. It sharpens through three stages for better professional results. Coming to a universal black colour, this is your ideal sharpener in the kitchen.


  • Beautiful black colour
  • Stainless steel case
  • Three-stage sharpening
  • Sharpens straight and serrated knives

1. Presto Professional Electric Knife Sharpener – 08810

 Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

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The Presto 08810 is another cheap option, but one that will meet most of your sharpening needs with ease. It is a pretty versatile sharpener made of durable plastic for long-lasting use. This sharpener is a perfect choice for sports and kitchen knives. The blade guides are interchangeable providing optimum sharpening angles. Overall, it is easy to use sharpener coming with three sharpening stages.


  • Three sharpening stages
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Easy to use
  • Interchangeable blade guides


These are the best electric knife sharpeners on the market currently best places to offer you excellent value for money. They are sturdy and of high-quality to serve you for long. Go ahead and select one that best suits your needs from our list today.

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