Top 10 Best Electric Blankets In 2022

When the night is frigid, you need more than just a blanket – yes you need an electric blanket to keep you warm and shield you the elements of weather. And no, an electric blanket is not your every “other day” kind of blanket.

Electric blankets are designed to ensure that you sleep in the right temperature without necessarily requiring additional covers. It is said that they can help cut on power costs too by lessening the level of the thermostat in the bedroom.

Consequently, we’ve reviewed the 10 best electric blankets based on voltage, controls, machine washability and thermostats. Each of these blankets guarantees a warm, comfortable night sleep.

10. Sunbeam Heated Fleece Electric Blanket

Made by Sunbeam, a brand synonymous with high quality, this electric blanket promises to keep users warm without having to turn on the thermostat. It features up to five individual settings so that the user can set the level of warmth as per their needs. This blanket also comes with a preheating system that works by heating the sheets before bedtime.

The automatic shut off function enables users to fall asleep at the right temperature all night. The Sunbeam Fleece is made from polyester (hence soft and comfortable) and is machine washable, which by extension translate to ease of cleaning.

9. Biddeford Electric Heated Sherpa Blanket


This electric blanket is equipped with digital controls and an incredible 10 heat settings as well a 10 hour automatic shut-off feature to guarantee its users safety. It is available in King, Queen, Full and Twin sizes and attractive colors in Linen and Sage to match a plethora of bedroom décors.

Its design echoes luxury and sophistication while the ability to generate therapeutic warmth is the primary reason it features in this list of 10 best electric blankets. Note that the King and Queen sizes come with multiple temperature controls. And for those who may be concerned, the Biddeford is machine washable.

8. Roadpro Polar Fleece Heated Travel Blanket


The Roadpro is the ideal electric blanket for those are always on the move or those who like to take frequent camping trips. The blanket is made of 100% polar material. Get this; it can plug directly into a cigarette lighter socket, effectively making it one of the most convenient electric blankets.

The Roadpro Polar Fleece comes with an 8 ft power cord as well as a LED indicator on the plug to ensure that the user is always aware of the warmth levels. This electric blanket folds with relative ease and even comes with a zippered bag for increased portability.

7. Biddeford Comfort Knit Electric Heated Blanket


According to one of its users, the Biddeford Comfort electric blanket is “cuddly, soft and heats up nicely.” Similar sentiments are repeated across most customer reviews, giving a hint that this blanket is worth every buck it sells for.

Top among its features include the analog twin and full controls to give the user absolute control over the therapeutic warmth provided by the blanket. The Biddeford Comfort also comes with 10 heat settings to suit various room temperatures. This blanket could as well make a perfect winter gift for the loved ones.

6. Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket


From Trillium Worldwide comes the Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket, a piece designed for the on-the-go living. This is the electric blanket to purchase for anyone planning to embark on a long road trip or a vacation during winter.

It is compact to save space when placed in a travel bag and can plug into a 12-volt power outlet so powering won’t be a problem. The quality is top-not (it is made of 100% high quality, soft polyester fleece) not to mention that it comes with a timer, a reset button and an auto feature for safety. It has a 7 feet power cord.

5. Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket


The Microplush is one of the best electric blankets for money and there a couple of reasons for it. First off, it boasts the patented ComfortTec Control function to keep the level of warmth in check and easily accessible push buttons controls as well as digital display.

It can be set to warm the sheets a few minutes before bedtime, and with 10 heat settings, the user will always sleep in comfort. The Microplush can heat for 10 hours non-stop. It will sense and adjust the warmth accordingly. Buyers in pursuit for more controls may opt to buy the King and Queen Sizes.

4. Soft Heat Low-Voltage Electric Heated Blanket


With a Triple-rib design and plush, incredibly soft material, this electric blanket is in a class of its own. It uses low technology to guarantee the user’s safety as well the comfort need to sleep soundly in a cooler room. The Soft Heat electric blanket is divided into two individual zones as well as multiple lighted controls for customized warmth. Note that this blanket shuts off automatically after 10 hours.

The best electric blanket ought to be lightweight, and this one has ultra-thin wires to reduce the bulk. That way, the user is assured that there will be no cold or hot spots during sleep. Besides, the integrated overheating protection brings to the fore peace of mind.

3. Sunbeam Camelot Cuddler Electric Heated Warming Blanket


The Sunbeam Camelot takes innovativeness and comfort to the next level – quite literally. This is perhaps one of the very few electric blankets that automatically respond to body, room or bed temperatures and adjust the degree of warmth automatically.

What’s more? It is made from deluxe micro plush fabric that makes it remarkably soft and inviting. The Sunbeam Camelot also features the unique PrimeStyle controller and is ergonomically designed for a better grip and three warm settings for versatility. This blanket will switch off after three hours so users may need to take note of that. With a 5 year limited warranty, quality and durability are guaranteed.

2. Sunbeam Heated Blanket with EasySet Pro Controller


The Sunbeam EasySet is available in four softness ratings; soft, extra soft, ultra soft and premium soft to match the needs of even the choosiest of tastes. It features a patented wiring system that senses and adjusts to the surroundings throughout the night.

Because of the quilted design, the Sunbeam EasySet can preserve warmth for hours even after shutting it off. It is worth noting that this blanket has 10 heat settings and turns off automatically after 10 hours. And yes, the EasySet is machine washable and dryer safe.

1. Soft Heat Luxury Electric Heated Blanket


The Soft Heat Luxury electric blanket promises even heating from head to toe. It is equipped with thin wires, evenly spaced at intervals of 3 inches to provide more heat. The safe and warm low technology used by this blanket keeps users safe allowing them even to snuggle with pets.

In as far as comfort is concerned the Soft Heat Luxury is made with some of the finest fabrics on the market. This is the electric blanket to purchase for those after sound sleep without compromising their partner’s preferences thanks to the dual controls available with the Soft Heat Queen and Cal King versions.

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