Top 10 Best Dual Monitor Stands Reviewed In 2019

Working with properly mounted monitors or LCD screens could boost your productivity significantly. You get to assume the best working position.

Well, all you need to set up your monitors in the best way is a high-grade dual monitor stand installed on your working space. With this tool, working with your computer becomes pretty easy and comfortable.

We are here to ensure that you purchase the best dual monitor stand.

However, before going ahead to see what the top ten best dual monitor stands in 2019 have to offer, it’s wise to understand some of the key factors to consider when buying a dual monitor stand:

  • Flexibility: You need to purchase a dual monitor mount stand that offers maximum flexibility. A fully adjustable dual monitor mount stand will let you assume the best working position by providing you with your preferred viewing angle.
  • Durability and Strength: It’s wise to ensure that your preferred dual monitor stand is strong enough to support a broad range of monitors. Ensure that you consider its weight holding capability before purchase.
  • Build: Always ensure that your preferred dual monitor stand looks great beyond being durable and flexible. It should Freestanding of high-grade materials for ultimate sustainability.

10. Mount-It! Dual Monitor Desk Stand Mount for LCD LED Computer Displays

Mount-It! Dual Monitor Desk Stand Mount for LCD LED Computer Displays

Mount-It, a re-known monitor stand manufacturer, is proud to present you with this high-grade dual mount stand. It suits use with the dual desk mount monitors. Despite featuring a superior and exclusive design, this stand comes to you at a reasonable price.

Its Universal VESA 100*100 and 75*75 monitor compatibility makes this mount ideal for use with any monitor with rear bolt holes available on the market so far.

This mount comes packed with full-motion capabilities to facilitate perfect monitor positioning. Also, the featured swivel and tilt functions will help you set the optimal configurations for the contrast settings and brightness as well as avoiding the sun’s glare.

The featured adjustable tilt features and height pole are there to help you assume strong body positions to prevent strain.

Among the priceless features of the Mount-It! Dual Monitor Desk Stand Mount is:

  • -45-+45 degree tilting
  • 180-degree swiveling
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Integrated cable management system
  • Allows for both portrait and landscape monitor installation


  • Ultra-sturdy construction
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Comes with all the needed accouterments and tools


  • The arms are a little hard to bend

Purchase the Mount-It! Dual Monitor Desk Stand Mount with utmost confidence. It’s a quality product that will serve you in the best way with no disappointment. You will love its sturdy build, which makes it ultra-durable.

9. VonHaus Free Standing Heavy Duty Double Arm Dual Monitor Stand

VonHaus Free Standing Heavy Duty Double Arm Dual Monitor Stand

Designed and engineered by the VonHaus Manufacturing, this product presents you with an attractive way to mount two monitors side by side. It holds 13-27” monitor and television screens of up to 17.6LBS weight.

The screens should have VESA dimensions of 1008100mm/ 75*75mm. Ensuring that your monitors are compatible with this dual mount stand is a wise decision.

Its selling functional features include +/- 45-degree tilt, and +/-180 degree swivel functionality, which let you assume the best healthy working position. You need no tools to adjust the screens to your preferred viewing position.

This stand features a freestanding design as well as a weighted base for ultra-stability and use in almost any environment.

It’s easy to set up as it comes with a full instruction manual as well as the necessary set up and installation hardware.

Its integrated cable management system ensures that all the associated wires are well hidden at all times. Therefore, your desktop will always look tidy for optimum productivity.

This unit measures 28.6*12.5*18.4 inches and weighs 10.9LBS.


  • Ultra-stable
  • Durable
  • Very configurable- Height/angle/tilt
  • Great appearance after set up


  • Some of its users complain about its instruction manual. They say that it’s slightly unclear

Generally, this is a great product to use. You can install it on any workspace to save on space and make productivity efficient and comfortable. Deliver projects in time through the help of this amazing dual monitor mount stand that will improve your passion for your work.

8. OFC Express Dual Monitor Stand

OFC Express Dual Monitor Stand

If you are looking for a high-grade dual mount stand, then considering the OFC Express Dual Monitor Stand is a wise decision. It’s a product designed and engineered by the trusted OFC Express. This stand comes to let you take your working space to a whole new level. You can now maximize productivity on your limited workspace with this stand.

It lets you raise the monitors thus clearing the desk space while providing a healthy viewing position. It’s designed to hold two monitors.

With the OFC Express Dual Monitor Stand, your working space will always be neat and organized. Its space-saving design utilizes ¾-inch material as well and uses highly sturdy metal inserts to allow for easy assembly. On top of that, it has the power to hold up to 60LBS.

Its extreme elegance makes it exceptional. This dual monitor mount stand is available in several finishes to suit your preferences and working space décor in the best way.

It measures 36*11*4.2 inches and weighs 10 pounds.

It’s a product of the USA.


  • Sturdy build
  • Easy assembly
  • Saves a lot of space
  • Easily accommodates screens from 2-24” computer monitors or television screens up to 42”


  • Quite pricey
  • Not fully adjustable

The OFC Express Dual Monitor Stand delivers as it promises. You will not experience any quality issues with this product. You should experience a great change in your working area after setting up this stand.

7. VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Free Standing Desk Stand

VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Free Standing Desk Stand

The VIVO manufacturing is proud to present you with this amazing dual monitor free standing mount stand. Most of its users continue to provide very positive feedback regarding its quality, performance, and versatility.

The VIVO STAND-V002H is constructed of premium-quality aluminum and steel for maximum longevity. It suits use with two LCD monitors from 13-27 inches in size and supports monitors weighing up to 33LBS each. Furthermore, it uses 100*100 mm or 75*75mm mounting holes and measures 29.5 inches from the desk to the top of the center post.

Worth noting, is that this stand mounts the monitors in a vertical manner.

Its key selling features include:

  • Tilt: -30 to +30 degree
  • Swivel: 360 degree
  • Rotate: 360 degree
  • Support for both landscape and portrait monitor installation modes
  • Adjustable height

With this product, assuming the healthy working position has never been easier. You can now work with utmost confidence as this free mount stand will provide the best view for your projects.


  • Durable construction
  • Suits a broad range of screens and monitors; up to 27” in size and weighing up to 33LBS
  • Features great view configuration functions including tilt, rotate, adjustable height, among others
  • Easy to install and set up monitors
  • Free standing design makes this mount stand ideal for use anywhere


  • Its paint scratches easily. Therefore, utmost care is necessary while utilizing this dual monitor mount free-standing stand

The fact that this product is a vertical monitor mount stand makes it exclusive. This is a great product for its price. Upon installation and mounting the monitors, the VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Free Standing Desk Stand serves its purpose in the best way. We recommend it for use in any environment including home, office, among others.

6. FLEXIMOUNTS M13 Clamp Dual Monitor arm Desk Mounts

FLEXIMOUNTS M13 Clamp Dual Monitor arm Desk Mounts

This is just another high-grade full-motion double arm desk mount that suits use with 2 10-inch-27-inch LCD monitors weighing up to 8kgs. This dual monitor mount stand is ultra-sturdy as it features a sturdy aluminum die-cast build. Its exclusive features include a cable management system that gathers and arranges all the cables in the best way.

Even more, this stand allows for easy height adjustment to let you assume the best working position and view. Your shoulders and spine will always feel at ease and comfortable. It tilts from -15 to -15 degrees and comes with an 180-degree swivel angle.

Before purchasing the FLEXIMOUNTS M13 Clamp Dual Monitor arm Desk Mounts, ensure that your monitors feature 75*75mm/ 100*100mm VESA holes or support bracket mount installation.

With this product, you will always be free to install your monitors through any of the two mount options. One mount option is the clamp, which suits use with desk thickness between 0.79”-1.97”. The second is the grommet, which matches table thickness between 0.78-2.36 inches and holes from 1/3”-2.76”. Its mount pole measures 17.2-inches.

Installing and de-installing this stand is super easy. Furthermore, the manufacturer provides an installation guide video on YouTube.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Dual installation options-Clamp and grommet
  • Fantastic tilt angle- -15 degrees to +15 degrees
  • Allows for pole height adjustment for the best working position
  • Easy to install and de-install


  • Only works with monitors weighing less than 17.6LBS which is quite limiting

The FLEXIMOUNTS M13 Clamp Dual Monitor arm Desk Mounts is worth buying. It has vital components and capabilities. You can purchase it for use anywhere. It will suit your working prospects appropriately.

5. Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand (5TPP7)

Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand (5TPP7)

This is just another high-grade dual monitor mount stand. It’s a model from the Dell Manufacturing. It comes to help you improve your productivity and optimize the viewing comfort through its variable functional traits including swivel, tilt, horizontal monitor slide, and height adjustment.

You can easily mount two Dell monitor panels with VESA compatibility and begin to enjoy great productivity as well as a tidy and clutter-free desktop.

It comes with Dell Quick release system to let you snap monitors easily and securely into place without using screws.

The featured U-shaped stand comes with a cable management slot to prevent cable clutter. Even more, the stand includes two adapters, which guarantee perfect mounting of any VESA compliant monitor. The U-shape design also saves space to let you write, reference materials and work on other tasks with ease on the large working space.

It will work with any monitors with a screen up to 24 inches and weighing up to 14.3 pounds.

You can trust the quality, performance and compatibility of this dual monitor stand as it has undergone testing and validation with Dell systems.

When used with a valid Dell system, you get to enjoy Dell Technical support.

It will see you through many projects for a long time without depreciating or disappointing your efforts to boost productivity.


  • Build like a powerful tank with heavy steel slabs for maximum longevity
  • Heavy base for ultimate stability
  • Cable management system
  • Works with a wide range of VESA compatible monitors thanks to the featured adapters


  • Its large base occupies a large part of the working space. Therefore, the space saving capability of this dual monitor mount stand is wanting

All in all, this is a highly recommended product that will serve you in the best way. It’s from a trusted manufacturer. It comes with no quality or performance issues. It’s worth buying.

4. WALI Dual LCD Monitor Mount

WALI Dual LCD Monitor Mount

Could you be looking for a high-grade free standing dual mount stand? Then this model by the WALI Company could suit your needs appropriately. It’s a dual monitor free stand constructed using premium-quality aluminum and steel. It’s compatible with a broad range of LCD monitors weighing up to 22LBS and measuring 27-inches in size. All its joints are adjustable. Therefore, you can now decide how stationery you want the entire setting to be.

Again, this dual monitor free stand allows for each VESA plate to adjust up/down by up to 0.8-inches. Hence, the monitors will always be excellently aligned.

Mounting the monitors on this stand is ultra-easy thanks to the featured detachable VESA plates that are made to screw into the monitor and then slide onto the sturdy frame on the stand. This stand features 100*100mm and 75*75mm mounting holes.

This dual mount stand is conspicuous due to its dynamic design. You will love the comfort that comes with installing this stand as it adjusts quickly to let you assume the best working position. You can tilt it to adjust to the best reading position, or rotate from portrait to landscape mode. Therefore, you will hardly experience eye or neck pain. Again, you can use this free stand in almost any environment including homes, schools, dorms, offices, businesses, manufacturing plants, IT networks, among others.


  • Ultra durable
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy installation
  • Adjusts easily to create a comfortable working environment
  • Universal Compatibility- Fits monitors, panel TV, LCD, Plasma, and flat screens up to 27-inches


  • This dual monitor free stand is limited to monitors which mount similarly. If your monitors fit differently, it could be difficult and at times impossible to align them horizontally. Therefore, ensure that you use matching monitors before using this free stand.

This is a great mount which is easy to assemble. Your monitors will always be perfectly lined up. Thus, your working environment will always be comfortable. Its sturdy construction allows it to last long to serve you in the best way.

3. AmazonBasics Dual Side-by-Side Monitor Display Mounting Arm

AmazonBasics Dual Side-by-Side Monitor Display Mounting Arm

Designed by AmazonBasics, this dual side-to-side monitor arm stand is a great product to use at work. It comes to let you suspend up to 2 LCD monitors concurrently for a practical and productive multi-display working area. Through its ability to raise the monitors off the desk, you can save a significant working space and eliminate all the unnecessary clutter.

This side-by-side monitor adjusts easily for a perfect viewing position while reducing shoulder, neck and eye strain.

From display tilt to height retraction and adjustment to the integrated portrait to landscape mode, the AmazonBasics Dual Side-by-Side Monitor Display Mounting Arm provides an exclusive and superior motion range.

The dual arms extend the monitors forward by up to 25 inches. Even more, you can choose to rotate each arm to allow any or both monitors to be viewed in portrait or landscape mode. This way, pages can be viewed entirely without scrolling.

The monitor’s arm feature a 13-inch height range to serve different people in the best way. Especially pertinent, with the multiple secure joints, your monitors will always be safe and exceptionally flexible for the best set up.

This stand installs in no time and can be configured in two distinct ways. You can use the desk clamp to attach it to any table up to 2.6 inches thick or utilize the grommet mount to install it through holes up to 3 inches thick and between 5/16-2 inches wide.

With its cable management system, all the cables will always be neatly arranged under the arm.

It’s recommended for use with monitors measuring 27 inches or less. You will love its reliable and attractive base while its great adjustment capabilities bring absolute comfort and convenience to your working place.


  • Ultra-durable
  • Full adjustability-height, rotation, tilting, and much more
  • Dual installation options- Clamp and grommet mount available
  • Cable management system for a tidy working space


  • Limited weight holding capacity for its price

This is a high-grade dual monitor mounting tool that will help you upgrade your working area in the best way. You can use it in any environment. It will serve you in the best way as it’s reliable and made to last.

2. Halter Dual Monitor Stand

Halter Dual Monitor Stand

If quality, performance and comfort provision are your top priorities in a dual monitor mount stand, then bless your luck instincts for coming across the Halter Dual Monitor Stand. Some of the factors that allow this stand to rank among the best products in this category include its sturdy construction, full adjustability, and VESA compatibility.

The Halter Dual Monitor Stand features a double-link swinging arm that offers a robust and secure positioning of two large, flat-screen monitors. With this dual monitor mount stand, you can now free up most of your working space for optimum productivity.

It suits use with 100*100mm/ 75*75mm VESA compliant monitors weighing up to 16LBS.

It can tilt, rotate, adjust height and tension, slide side-to-side for a comfortable working environment and the best viewing position. As a result, you will experience no eye fatigue, back and neck pain.

Whenever you want to display some presentations at work, the LCD monitors will rotate around the pole to face your audience.

Installing this dual monitor mount stand is ultra-easy. In fact, the installation takes minutes. The manufacturer provides the necessary installation hardware. You will not need to drill any holes on countertops or into your working desk.


  • 36-inch double link swinging arms
  • Vesa compatibility
  • Easy to install desk clamp
  • Full adjustability
  • Ability to hold 2 27-inch LCD monitors
  • Die-cast high-grade aluminum pole with sturdy clamp mounts


  • The threads featured in the main pole are not machined correctly. Fortunately, this is a temporary downside that can be corrected by the manufacturer in future.

The Halter Dual Monitor Stand is worth way far beyond its affordable price. It offers excellent services. You can use it anywhere to mount two compatible monitors in the best way. It’s worth buying.

1. VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

 VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Meet the VIVO STAND-V002: A revolutionary dual LCD monitor desk mount stand. Its undisputable build, as well as priceless features, make this product exceptional and widely sort. In fact, it ranks as the number one best-seller on Amazon.

It works with two monitor screens of 13-27 inches in size, weighing 22LBS and featuring 100*100mm or 75*75 mm rear mounting holes.

This stand features an adjustable arm which allows for 15-degrees tilting, 360-degree swiveling, 360-degree rotation, as well as height variation through the center pole. Even more, you can choose to place the monitor in landscape or portrait shapes.

The versatility offered by this screen placement product will let you enjoy ergonomic viewing. You will not experience fatigue as you can now position your body in the best way while you work. Say no more to wasting your desk space with this dual mount stand that features a clamp mount design that eliminates all the unnecessary clutter.

It comes with a heavy duty desk C-clamp, a grommet mount, and VESA bracket plates to allow for easy installation.

Also, the VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand features detachable cable clips to help you maintain your AV and power cables in an organized manner.

The STAND-V002 is made of high-grade aluminum and steel. Its excellent build guarantees its durability.


  • Easy installation
  • Supports desk installation
  • Excellent cable management
  • Supports full articulation- Healthy body positioning while you work
  • Durable
  • Reasonably priced


  • The rotation function is quite hectic. Fortunately, you can adjust the bezel plate to prevent the monitors from rotating

Generally, this is a high-grade mount that works well. Its versatility ranks among its top selling points. You can transform the look of your office, home, among other areas with the STAND-V002 Dual monitor stand.


We are confident that the reviewed top 10 dual monitor stands have all it takes to serve you in the best way. Improve your productivity by utilizing one of the reviewed products. You will find one or two dual monitor stands in this list that suits your prospects work space in the best way. All the best!

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