Top 10 Best Dual Monitor Stands for Desk at home/office Reviews In 2021

The current demand for hi-tech arrangements is unbelievable. And everywhere you go you will see people going Gaga over various technological inventions. In this high-tech market demand, a lot of people often resort to working with dual monitor stands for multiple reasons. Along with the enhanced viewing, if you have it, you get an edge over the rest. However, you do not need to worry about alignments and angles. This is easily doable with its adjustable features.

In this list of the top 10 best dual monitor stands, you will see only the finest and most reliable options. The detailed reviews will help you have a better understanding of the products and make you choose the best. Have a look at the list for more information.

Table of the Best Dual Monitor Stands Reviews

10. VIVO Dual LCD LED Monitor Mount Stand with C-clamp & Adjustable Arms

Dual Monitor Stands

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Often, it becomes a necessity to mount multiple monitors for a grand experience. This mount stand is created to serve just that purpose. It is so designed to hold two monitors ranging between 12” to 27”. And also carrying weights up to 22 pounds each. These monitors are safe to be tilted within a range of -80° to +90°.

Furthermore, this stand also facilitates easy 360° rotation and 180° swivel along the central pole. Adjustable height makes this stand even more convenient. The monitors are easily installed with means of VESA detachable brackets. All instructions and hardware required to do so are provided along.

Key features:

  • The central clips feature detachable cable clips that make managing all the wires so much easier.
  • Easily fixable to the back of a desk, up to 4” thick.
  • A heavy-duty C dual monitor stand clamp or an optional grommet mount is used.

9. WALI Free Standing Dual Fully Adjustable Desk Mount

WALI Free Standing Dual Fully Adjustable Desk Mount

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What’s better than one monitor are two monitors mounted side by side. This grand setup is coming from the manufacturer, Wali. Crafted to hold two monitors up to 27” each, it can withstand a weight up to 22 pounds each. This stand makes use of VESA technology for mounting monitors.

Nonetheless, the lovely stand indeed has a high-grade material construction giving it an edge of sturdiness. It is ergonomically engineered to give a user the most comfortable working experience without the usual pains and aches. For optimal support, a V-base guarantees steadiness of this free-standing dual monitor stand. A maximum of 0.8-inches of monitor height is attainable just with the twist of screws.

Key features:

  • Certainly promises neat cable management.
  • The patented demountable function is indeed beneficial.
  • Includes 4 adjustable joints of 90-degrees and 2 adjustable joints of the 180-degrees swivel.

8. AmazonBasics Premium Aluminium Dual Monitor Stand – Lift Engine Arm Mount

AmazonBasics Premium Aluminium Dual Monitor Stand - Lift Engine Arm Mount

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The advantage of dual monitor stands is the simple and smooth toggling between applications without it any hassle. AmazonBasics eases it through putting up two displays on one stand only. Ergonomically engineered, this product features all the perks that make the working experience comfortable. It is fitted with arms that can be elongated or retracted. Further, one can tilt it within a range of 70° back and also, 5° front and so on.  In short, you can quickly transform it from landscape to portrait mode.

For more convenience, clamp it to the end of a desk having a thickness between 0.4” to 2.4”. Thus giving the user all the workspace. The arms are very sturdy and can bear loads up to 20 pounds each.

Key features:

  • VESA compatibility allows for 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm detachable clamps.
  • The versatility involved in positioning aids in minimizing fatigue.
  • Can independently rotate in 360-degrees.

7. HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount – Full Motion Monitor Arm Stand & Height Adjustable Monitor Riser

HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount - Full Motion Monitor Arm Stand & Height Adjustable Monitor Riser

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Dual monitors aim at more productive work compared to a single one as it prevents the repeated toggling between applications. Huanuo is a famed producer of computer goods and this height adjustable dual monitor stand is one of its kinds. It is engineered for easing the working experience. Having in-built clamps that attach to a desk edge up to 2.4” in thickness, this greatly increases the workspace.

Furthermore, its arms are fabricated. So you can tilt, rotate, swivel and mould in any way to give the most ergonomic work experience. It can fit most monitors between 15” to 17” and can bear a load of up to 17.6 pounds on each arm.

Key features:

  • Use of 13.8” gas spring that works better than mechanical springs in keeping the monitor in position.
  • VESA mounting facility of 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm gives it an edge of versatility.
  • Cable clips aid in neat management.

6. HUANUO Free Standing Dual Monitor Stand with Swivel and Tilt

HUANUO Free Standing Dual Monitor Stand with Swivel and Tilt

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Forget drill holes; increase the space on a desk with the use of a premium monitor stand. It is can hold two monitors easily. And each can weigh up to 17.6 pounds. It has skilful use of VESA patterns of 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm allows. Thus, one can install a versatile array of monitors.

Moreover, one can affix it by means of a clamp to the need of desks up to 2.8” in thickness. The usage of this stand is far-reaching. Thus tilt it, rotate, swivel it anyway a user wants to give him the best ergonomic satisfaction. Each arm weighs mere and you can surely end-up saving a good amount of space.

Key features:

  • This stand features two modes of setting up. Either use the broad stand to place it on the desk, or clamp it.
  • The stand houses clips facilitate cable management.
  • Indeed a dual LCD monitor stand that can fit in LCDs ranging from 13-inches to 32-inches.

5. EleTab Dual Arm Monitor Stand – Height Adjustable VESA Mount

EleTab Dual Arm Monitor Stand - Height Adjustable VESA Mount

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Use of two monitors makes work easier and entertainment more entertaining. EleTab Dual Arm Monitor Stand is such a stand that makes this possible. Having two arms that can tolerate a load of 17.6 pounds each, it is a wonderful addition to any workspace. The use of the VESA pattern allows for a wide range of monitor to be installed into this stand.

Furthermore, the stand is also loaded with removable cable stands that ensure a clutter-free desktop and workspace. Nevertheless, 360-degrees rotation promotes hassle-free working practices.

Key features:

  • Clamp it using C clamps, or make use of the Grommet Mount, it features two different options of mounting.
  • Align the monitor anyhow, whether in portrait or in landscape for the best working experience.

4. Fezibo Dual Monitor Stand for 17″ to 29″ LCD Computer Screens

engineer the products

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Fezibo intends to make the working experience better by using safe work methods. The stand is adjustable to a height of 17.7″. It is also possible to tilt the monitor to ±35°, swivel it to ±90°, and rotate it at ±180 ° screen. And even set a pan angle between ±180° thus making for the safest work methods.

Furthermore, the arms are fed with gas springs. Thus, gives them super strength and can bear loads up to 17.6 pounds each. Its lovely structure allows for monitors between 17” to 29” be easily mounted upon it. The tensions are subjected to adjustments. Above all, you can mount a desk of 3.35-inches thickness in the grommet.

Key features:

  • Use of aerospace aluminium alloy to engineer its products that makes it very durable.
  • Extremely suitable for it to face rugged use.
  • 17-inches to 29-inches monitors can easily fit in.

3. HUANUODual Arm Monitor Stand with C Clamp/Grommet Base

 HUANUODual Arm Monitor Stand with C Clamp/Grommet Base

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A premium monitor stand from an expert maker, this is a brilliant stand. It brings the monitors to eye level keeping neck and muscle aches at bay. With a gas spring system, it ensures smooth adjustments. Plus, this stand comes with two mounting options. One can easily mount it with the aid of a C clamp that is affixed to a desk up to 3.1” thick.

Besides these, an individual can use a grommet mount kit that supports a maximum thickness of 2.95”. Make adjustments to heights as per preferences, relieve yourself from back pain and get better viewing experience. The gas spring system to a boon to this product.

Key features:

  • An eminent space saver on the desktop.
  • Fits a wide array of monitors by the judicious use of VESA mounting patterns of 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm.
  • Screens ranging from 17” up to huge ones such as 32” are compatible.

2. HumanCentric XT-Series Premium Monitor Stand & VESA Mount

HumanCentric XT-Series Premium Monitor Stand & VESA Mount

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Dual monitors make work easier but end up taking too much space. To get over such a predicament, HumanCentric has designed its XT-Series stand that is an exclusive product. Equipped to be adjusted to a comfortable height, this device is designed to be clamped. Hence, saving up a lot in space.

Added to it, the arms can tilt, rotate, swivel and such, that it offers the best ergonomic comfort of a user. Any monitor below 27” is compatible with this stand.

Key features:

  • The box packs in all the essential tools, hardware and instructions.
  • It can support as much as 20 pounds on each of its arms.
  • Feature a unique clip and channel system that has all the wires and cord. Keeps the desktop clutter-free at all times.

1. Mount-It Monitor Desk Mount & Computer Monitor Stand

Mount-It Monitor Desk Mount & Computer Monitor Stand

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Posture and productivity are the two main constraints while using computers as well as monitors. The Mount-It Monitor Desk Mount blends these two smoothly. This stand that can house two monitors at a time. As a matter of fact, it can tolerate a load of 20 pounds on each of its arms. Its innovative design enables a wide variety of monitors to be installed ranging from 20” and going up to 32”.

Furthermore, the stand also has a Gas Spring system that makes for easy and smooth adjustments. Thus providing a superior working experience.

Key features:

  • VESA plates are installed. It makes for easy attachment and removal of monitors.
  • Two options are available to mount this stand. A user can either make use of C clamps to affix it to the end of a desk. Grommet mounting kit aids in the mounting process.

Enhance the viewing experience and install dual monitor stands for securing the placements. Less worry always!