Top 10 Best Double Edge Safety Razors Reviewed in 2020

Make a great first impression at the first chance itself, for there’s never a guarantee of a second one. And what better way to make it than a well groomed look? Double edge safety razors have been around for some time and help you get that perfect shave, so that you leave people with a positive image of you. Picking the best double edge safety razor may not be easy though, as the market is flooded with this product.

We have simplified things for you and shortlisted here, the ten best double edge safety razors in 2020. The prices vary and there are some really good models at the top end.Aggressiveness and handle length are some other factors which need to be considered before you finally buy one.Read ahead to find out which one perfectly suits you.

Things to Consider When Buying a Safety Razor


The price is likely the first thing you ought to check. When shopping for a double edge safety razor, consider how much money you want to pay. This is because the price for these products may range between 5 to 200 dollars. You can find some quite fine products in any price range. As such, you do not have to spend a fortune to purchase a high quality razor. This factor is especially relevant to first timers. Folks who fear forking over a bunch of notes before they discover whether safety razor is great for them.

Consequently, you may desire to invest in a higher end model for added safety razor benefits. You will more likely discover that there is a difference between a lower end and high end razor. In the provided products below, you will choose the one that best meets your shaving demands while not breaking your purse strings.

The razor handle length

The handle is one of the features that matters a lot in personal preference and convenience. You will choose the type of handle that most comfortably fits in your hand. The handle may be long or short. A person with bigger hands or that needs a little more control may likely go for a longer handle. Razors with longer handles are also known as barber’s pole safety razor. On the opposite, some folks find longer handles a bit uncomfortable to use.

Aggressiveness of the razor

One safety razor model may be more aggressive than another. Aggressiveness means how easy or difficult it maybe for you to cut yourself while using the razor. Factors that determine the aggressiveness of a safety razor are among them the blade gap and the angle of the blade. Also, how much exposed the blade is determines razor’s aggressiveness. We recommend that starters choose a mild to medium aggressive models. More experienced users may go for higher aggressive models, especially those with tough beards.

The razor weight

Mid to high-end models of safety razors are usually available in two weights—heavy duty and classic. The weight of a safety razor further varies from model to model and also brand to brand. Some guys believe that heavier razors offer them greater control. However, this is also an issue of individual’s comfort and convenience.

Open comb or safety bar

Next, you should consider choosing either an open comb or safety bar model of the razor. First of all, open comb safety razors have their blades exposed. They also feature little teeth resembling a comb—hence the name. These teeth help in guiding the hairs being shaved toward the blade. On the opposite, safety bar razor models have the blade concealed behind a metal piece. This reduces cases of accidental cuts. If you are a beginner, we advise you to choose a safety bar razor model. However, more experienced guys may savor the freedom of using an open comb razor model.

Adjustable blade vis a vis fixed blade

You will find that almost all safety razors feature fixed blade. This means the amount of the razor blade exposed is set. However, Merkur plus some other companies are currently manufacturing a few adjustable blade razors. Yet, those who understand exactly what they are doing won’t go for such adjustable blade razors. They can be dangerous and also unforgiving.

Replacement of the blade

Despite this not being absolutely a primary concern in the quality of a razor, you still can consider it when buying yours. Some men are font of a particular razor type, such as the twist-to-open models. Also referred to as butterfly safety razor, it features a single solid piece, with a knob that you twist to open the top plates. His exposes its cutting head. With 2-piece safety razors, the cutting head top unscrews from the base and handle. This allows you to easily replace the blade. Moreover, you will find three-piece razors. The top and base of their head and their handle can be detached. Such razors usually last longer than the previous two types, since they are simpler to clean. Most of all, they have moving parts.

Now you have read all about the vital things to look at when choosing your best safety razor. So here you continue to read about the top 10 best double edge safety razors in 2020.

10. Feather All AS-D2 Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor

Feather All AS-D2 Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor

Number ten of the best double edge safety razors in our review is the Feather All AS-D2. This is a top quality model handcrafted in Japan. It provides the highest quality in craftsmanship and functionality. An all-stainless razor, Feather All AS-D2 is designed to enhance a zero resistant experience in shaving. You will literally enjoy working on your beards with this razor. Majority shaving enthusiasts like the angle of this particular razor blade for closer yet save shaves. Coupled with feather blades, it offers an awesome experience. It is quite simple to install, clean, and provides a great value for the money.


  • It is an all-new quality stainless steel safety razor model
  • Has a comfortable handle for enjoyable shaving experience
  • High quality and beautiful design with precise Japanese craftsmanship
  • Provides clean and smooth shave
  • It is affordable
  • Comes with a badger hair shaving brush for ease of performance


  • It is not suitable for all types of skin
  • Has a narrow razor gap
  • Short-acting finish

Feather All AS-D2, being made of high quality stainless steel material, is doubtless a great choice for anyone. It is quite simple to use. Moreover, it has an admirable design that anyone will fall in love with. No doubt that the Seki Edge Feather All offer value for the dollar.

9. WEISHI Long Handle Version Double Edge Safety Razor

WEISHI Long Handle Version Double Edge Safety Razor

This is another top pick among the best double edge safety razors in 2020. It is a long handle safety razor. Beginners will find it a great budget model. A lightweight, it is made of safe materials and it provides a mild shave. The WEISHI integrates a twist-to-open head design, which makes it easy to fit replacement blades. Its handle has grooves of vertical and horizontal ridges. As such, it ensures a secure, comfortable grip.


  • An affordable yet quality product
  • It is safe and simple to replace blade
  • Also easy to load your blade
  • It offers mild shave, making it easy for starters
  • The razor is lightweight and well balanced


  • Its butterfly hinges can sometimes loosen, making it inefficient and dangerous
  • You may find it harder to achieve a desirable smooth shave

Overall, this WEISHI shaving tool provides you a great double edge safety razor. It is especially nice for beginners, and is a high value for your money. So if you are a beginner in need of an awesome shaving experience, go for the WEISHI Long Handle Version.

8. SMOOTHERE’ Sampson Series

SMOOTHERE' Sampson Series

It sounds like “smooth there”, doesn’t it? Whether you are an old schooler looking for a replacement or a newbie, this is your product. The SMOOTHERE Sampson Series is a great double edge safety razor model featuring exceptional design. Its craftsmanship ensures maximum closeness as well as comfort in shaving experiences.

It offers its users a platinum-grade shaving experience. Moreover, there is no doubt you are going to enjoy value for your money if you choose SMOOTHERE Sampson. Even more, this product comes with five high quality and unbreakable metal blades. Furthermore, it includes a deluxe stand that ensures convenient storage and drying. It is a user-friendly tool that offers you anything you desire in your shaving experience.

Its extra length ensures comfortable grip. It is further weighted to allow you easily shave yourself on the right and safe cutting angle. However, you should remember to let the weight do most of the job while not applying quite much pressure. Also noteworthy, its vintage style works well with most hair types, while being gentle on sensitive skins. It is excellently balanced and offers an exceptional fit and finish that never disappoint.


  • Its weighty handle nicely fits in hand
  • The handle grip is solid for safe stability even if you use soap or shaving cream
  • The razor blade stays fixed to reduce risk of cuts
  • It easily rinses buildup/ hair clogs out
  • Has a low-profile head that ensures no missed hairs, especially under the nose


  • It is a 3-piece model and you may therefore lose the parts if detached
  • Sometimes its screw sticks, making it difficult to separate the handle from the blade. This may make it likely to cut yourself when you use wet and soapy hands
  • The blade can get off-center as you put the razor parts back together. You therefore ought to be careful to ensure it stays straight

The cons of SMOOTHERE Sampson Series are not enough to remove credit, since the pros far outweigh them. It has a perfect handle for many, and its safety features are a great plus. You will find it awesome to shave with SMOOTHERE Sampson.

7. Shaveology Double-Edge Safety Razor

Shaveology Double-Edge Safety Razor

A great starter kit, Shaveology Double Edge Safety Razor is another wonderful product in this category. First of all, it provides you with a set of a whopping five starter quality blades. In addition, you get a blade guard as well as a polishing towel. As such, if you are starting out with safety razors, or you are on a tight budget, Shaveology is yours to lose. It is cost effective yet providing quality performance and value for money. In the set you find a durable quality razor that is also rust resistant. In design, this razor provides a clean and close but also safe shave.


  • The product comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • This razor offers close, clean and safe shave
  • It is easy to use and to replace the blade fast and safely
  • Also affordable for guys on budget


  • Some of its users may not achieve the results they desire
  • Acrylic finish may wear out in the long run, diminishing its shine
  • Quality control problems reported

This is an ideal kit for your everyday use or as a father’s day or holiday gift to your loved ones. And not just a gift, since those who use it will mostly enjoy a great shaving experience. Clean and close shave.

6. Perfecto Double Edge Long Handled Safety Razor

Perfecto Double Edge Long Handled Safety Razor

At number six of our select double edge safety razors is the Perfecto Long Handle version. Perfecto, a great choice you may want to consider, features a double-edged construction. It offers you a close, precise, and clean shave. Moreover, it features study chrome finish. This delivers great style as well as durability. Therefore, you enjoy great value for your money when you buy Perfecto Long handled Double Edge Safety Razor. Furthermore, it has an extra-long and non-slip handle. Individuals with larger hands find it ideal and comfortable.


  • It is a top-grade razor that comes at an affordable cost
  • The razor lasts for several years, ensuring value for money
  • It features a solid grip handle for improved safety and performance convenience
  • Simple to clean, it is also easy to use and maintain


  • Perfecto is however prone to chipping
  • There have been cases of quality complaints
  • Its guard may break

Nevertheless, no one can dispute the fact that the Perfecto Double Edge Long Handled Safety Razor is a great product. Because of the high quality job it delivers, its cons remain too insignificant to deter would be customer. As long you’re that customer in need of a great double edge safety razor, you can anytime order your Perfecto.

5. Parker 99R – Long Handle SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT

Parker 99R - Long Handle SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT

What do you get when you buy a product with countless positive customer reviews? Definitely, you get a high quality product. Now, the Parker 99R is that kind of double edge safety razor garnering so many high rated reviews. It is a long handle super heavyweight model of safety razor featuring the world renowned Parker TTO head. This head is famous for delivering a close and comfortable clean shave. When you twist the knob on the razor’s bottom, its butterfly doors open for easy blade replacement. Parker 99R is such a smooth shaver to boot. Furthermore, it comes with 5 Shark Super Chrome blades. You enjoy a smooth barbershop-like close shave with these top-grade blades. It is also a really elegant design safety razor—a great buy for either your use or as a gift to your beloved.


  • Great aggressiveness due to the heavy weight, making it suitable for tough beards
  • Ideal balance since it features quite comfortable but also beautifully designed handle
  • Easy to replace blade design—in fact simpler than most in its competition
  • High quality and sturdy well made handle for durability and safe use
  • It includes 5 top-grade blades


  • The high aggressiveness may be risky to first timers
  • Some persons may not be comfortable with the long handle, especially short ones

You aren’t going to find so many safety razor models that can beat Parker 99R. As such, you can be sure of a great and enjoyable shave with this product. Moreover, its durability and quality is simply high value worthy.

4. MUEHLE Safety Razor Twist with Open Comb

Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor

The German origin Muehle safety razor is one of the top choices when it comes to grooming beard for the men who like to keep it elegant. Ergonomically speaking, the razor is capable of close shaves which is an important factor when it comes to styling the beard. This flexibility is why accurate cuts can be made, in order to make that French beard or a goatee look sharp and well maintained. This limits the usage to aggressive and experienced shavers, which means, running this requires practice.


  • Perfect grip and close shaves
  • Open comb and safe
  • Ergonomical


  • Needs practice for perfect use as it is aggressive

The safety razor is an open comb, therefore, the razor is sharp enough to cut through the hair and smooth enough to glide over the skin layer, without hurting it. The handles are made of metal and the highlights are chrome plated. This is the perfect fit for the perfect grip and shave.

3. VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor

Beginning the top three among the top 10 best double edge safety razors in 2020 is the Chieftain of VIKINGS BLADE. As the name may suggest, the Chieftain is built to last a lifetime. As such, you can pass it safely to your younger generation. The model mixes bronze, brass, and chrome. It is a mix that produces the optimum heavy weight Swedish razor in town. Its blades are made of high quality raw and also unpolished Swedish steel. The razor includes a patented micro-comb system that ensures zero cuts as well as resistance in every shave. The Chieftain is a manly and heavily designed razor that stands out due to its quality design. Its ability to deliver a close yet comfortable shave is another plus.


  • Its butterfly design makes it easy to replace blades
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee offered
  • It has a micro comb feature for prevention of cuts
  • The shaving products are made of top-grade Swedish materials
  • You get bonus travel case and mirror


  • The Chieftain is costlier than other brand models on the market
  • This razor does not provide as close of the best shave

You are assured of enjoying a safe and great shave with the Chieftain. Most noteworthy, with Chieftain you won’t have to feat of cases of cuts.

2. Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl

Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl

An incredibly fabulous traditional model of double edge safety razor, Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl is a marvel. It features the latest precision-made Edwin DE razor blade head. This attracts a great attention among veteran wet shavers who need an accurate and close wet shave. The results are also awesome. Its classic closed comb head is expertly engineered to cap its highly polished chrome-plated tubular brass handle. The Edwin Jagger name is proudly printed around its collar. Moreover, traditional lined pattern detail improves the well-balanced razor. This helps provide very close shave results. It also helps reduce ingrown hairs. The razor come with 5 Derby safety quality blades, so that it is always shave ready.


  • It is an aesthetically elegant razor
  • As a medium aggressive razor, it is perfect for any level shaver
  • It boasts a three piece durable design and built


  • The handle is short, deterring big-handed chaps
  • It might get too aggressive for some users
  • Sometimes it may break

That this razor has garnered thousands of positive high-rated reviews means it is doubtless great. Most of those who have used it report excellent results. You too are bound to enjoy a wonderful time and results with your new Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl.

1. Merkur MK 23C Long Handled Safety Razor

Merkur MK 23C Long Handled Safety Razor

And the only one above Edwin Jagger and Chieftain is another one by Merkur. The MK 23C Long Handled Safety Razor is a favorite of many. About traditional shaving, a whopping many choose this razor. It features a built-in guard for helping protect your skin from nicks and cuts. Again, its 4-inch lightweight handle ensures proper balance for a convenient smooth shave. It is undeniably a top pick among the top.


  • It is a top-grade safety razor yet reasonably priced
  • Features an extra-long handle for choice convenience
  • It is rust-resistant chrome-plated
  • Features an easy to remove blade head
  • Further features blade guard for starters


  • It is non-adjustable
  • The screw may rust and so break off
  • This razor can burn if exposed to hot areas or in a hot shower

Has the world seen a better double edge safety razor? Maybe it is as good as the Merkur MK 23C Long Handled model. It is arguably—and undeniably—the best product in this category today.

Conclusion: None of the products featured in the above top 10 best double edge safety razors in 2020 can fail you. You just need to determine the one that best suits your demands, regarding your level of shaving experience. Any that you buy will offer you great shaving experience and results. If you think you are loosing hair and looking for a good solution , we recommend checking out our men’s hair growth products guide.

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