Top 10 Best Double Edge Safety Razors in 2019 Reviews

Best double edge safety razors gives a closer shave while leaving you skin smooth and soft. This is what most people opt for every time they are shaving hair. Most of these razors are designed to withstand frequent use. Double edges razors eliminates razor burns and uncomfortable skin irritation. They are perfect pack for your personal toiletry either at home or while traveling.

It is always advisable to use this double edged razor correctly to avoid itchy cuts that are so painful. Most of double edge razors in this list feature extensive and non-slip handle. This contented handle allows the user to grip it using one hand for relaxed shaving. They are available in different models and quality based on the manufacturing company.

Consider the following crucial factors so as to choose the best double edge safety razors that satisfy your personal needs.


Most of the razors are sharp while others tend to be sharper than other similar brands. Sharper razors are easy to use. They also ensure smooth and safe shave. Little shaving energy is used since there is minimal straining. On the other hand, sharper blades are not perfect for beginners since they are still learning on how to shave well.


Durability depends majorly on the materials used to engineer the razors. Some brands last for longer periods while others can only accommodate 2 to 3 shaving sessions. Choose one that last longer to minimize on regular purchase of the same product.

Design of the razor

Different companies manufacture razors of varying designs. The design choose should be simple yet elegant. It should have a comfortable handle that do not slip easily. This aspect reduces chances of injuries. The head should be adjustable so that it can you can rotate freely at any angle.


The cost of double edge safety razors should be reasonable. It should match with its quality. Most of the times the quality of razors is directly proportional to the price. Some razors are available at cheap price yet they deliver great shaving experience as well as similar brands that are highly priced. Choose one within your personal budget.


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10. WEISHI 9306CL Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor

This product is worth spending on it. It features long handle that is comfortable to the user. Its design allows you to hold it simply using your hands minimizing possible injuries. It measures around 4.6 inches in length that is comfortable for standard shaving. WEISHI 9306CL Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor is compact enough to ensure safe and close shave. Additionally, it is lightweight weighing 70 grams. You can replace the blade very easily. On purchase, it includes WEISHI Razor together with YingJiLi Blades. You can buy it for your own use or to present it as gift. It makes use of “butterfly-like” opening systems to change from one blade to the other.


i)Durable and lightweight.

ii)YingJiLi Blades gives perfect shave.


i)It very expensive.

Best double edge safety razors

9. VIKINGS BLADE Double Edge Safety Razor

VIKINGS Double Edge Safety Razor blade is made of excellent Swedish material. It includes five 5 stainless steel blades together with a travelling bag. Modern butterfly head allows faster changing of blades. It is well designed so that it features lightweight and firm handle. This is very important as it allows the user to grab it easily in the hands. The company provides lifetime warranty that guarantees that the product is of high quality. It features 5 adjustable blades. Micro comb system prevents unwanted cut. Good choice of materials such as platinum boosts its durability.


i)Its blades are easy to change.

ii)The butterfly head is adjustable in different angles.


i)Causes irritation on some skin types

Best double edge safety razors

8. Edwin Jagger DE89bl Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

This product offers awesome shaving experience. It also gives wet shave at your appropriate time. Its small sizes make it perfect for travel wear. It greatly reduces the outgrowing hairs. Choose this awesome product so as to increase the interior décor of your bathroom. It is compatible with almost all standards Derby safety blades. These DE blades shaves similar to straight razor. It is engineered from durable materials to last longer.


i)The handle is well designed to fit in your hand comfortable.

ii)Gives daily and close shave.


i)It is quite difficult to change blade angle.

Best double edge safety razors

7. Seki Edge Feather Double Edge Safety Razor

This Seki Edge Feather Double Edge Safety Razor is perfect for beard and head shaving. It greatly improves your personal grooming. It assigned price is worth its great design and maximum performance. Unique handle design is comfortable to most of the users. This ensures perfect shaving with minimal injuries. It is of excellent quality engineered of outstanding materials. Though quite expensive, multiple blades make it great choice. The blades are made of stainless steel therefore sharp. Due to its ergonomic design, this razor offers great fun while shaving. It is readily available in the market to give satisfying performance.

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i)Comfortable extensive handle.

ii)On purchase it includes Shaving brush from badger hairs.


i)Highly selective so that it only works for some skin types.

ii)It is very costly

Best double edge safety razors

6. Jatai Feather Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor

Jatai Feather Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor is very popular brand. It is well known due its great service to the consumers. Its appealing stand looks so beautiful and handy. Extra razors and stunning travel box are provided on purchase. Enjoy comfy shaving with double edge razor blade. Stainless steel blades are durable and always sharp. Furthermore, the blades are disposable, hygienic and reasonable. It is available at affordable price that do not strain your personal resources. It gives some sense of fun during shaving.


i)It is highly resistant to corrosion due to its outstanding finish.

ii)Platinum coating gives smooth and close shave.


i)Highly priced.

Best double edge safety razors

5. 10 GILLETTE Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades

10 GILLÈTTE Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades is one of the great products in the market. It provides smooth and relaxing shaving. The handle is of comfortable length so as to minimize unnecessary straining while shaving. Excellent platinum coating makes the product highly resistant to daily corrosion. It is very popular is global market. It is sold out in 2 pack of five blades each.  The blades are enfolded with wax sheet during storage. Also, this blades are made of durable platinum materials. It is a great product produced by a global leader in shaving technology.


i)Made from excellent stainless steel.

ii)Ensures superior smooth finish.


i)It does not include handles on purchase.

Best double edge safety razors

4. Dorco Prime Starter Set

This product is engineered based on modern shaving technology. It is made out of good choice of materials including stainless steel and platinum. Adaptable blades are compatible to most double edge handles. It is perfect for any man desiring outstanding shave. Its micro précised edges are provided in dual edging for smooth shaving of the beads. On purchase, it includes chrome brass butterfly shaver, mirror with a travel case and stainless steel Dorco Platinum blades. The company offers guaranteed customer satisfaction.


i)Includes a travel case together with 30 different cutting blades.

ii)It is made of good quality materials.


i)It is not perfect choice for beginners.

Best double edge safety razors

3. The “Prospector” Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor

This easy to handle double edged razor blade is recommendable for daily shaving. It is very small that you can handle with your hands very comfortably. It gives close shave with minimal razor burn that is common in most cartridge razor. The razor blade has excellent quality stainless handle. The head is made chrome-zinc alloy. Satin finish makes the product highly resistant to corrosion. It also improves its appearance. Stainless steel blades are rust free. Its handle is well designed to minimize slipping. On delivery, 5 multiple double edge blades are provided.

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i)It features comfortable extensive handle.

ii)Its design ensures safe shaving.


i)The head is made of zinc which is prone to corrosion unlike other brands made of stainless steel.

Best double edge safety razors

2. Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Platinum coating ensures extraordinary evenness and longevity during shaving. It is perfect for commercial purpose such as barbershop. They are sold together including 20 pack of 5 blades each summing to a total of 100 blade for more convenience. These blades are compatible with most of the standard double edge razors available in today’s market. Astra blades are well known all over the world due to their genuine sharpness. It is made from durable especially stainless steel to last longer. Each blade is individually wrapped during storage to reduce rusting and any other form of corrosion. Buy this stunning product for more comfort and quality shaving experience.


i)It is engineered from excellent materials therefore it last longer.

ii)Delivers best results 4 to 6 shaving sessions.


i)It is does not come with an handle

Best double edge safety razors

1. 200 Israeli Personna Blue Razor Blades

200 Israeli Personna Blue Razor Blades is very popular in the global market due its outstanding features. It is made of durable stainless steel alongside platinum-chrome alloy. Platinum-chrome alloy makes the product handy attracting most of the users. Additionally, this coating prevents rusting and any other form of corrosion. Furthermore, coating ensures smooth shave. Its manufacturing company is situated in Israel due to advanced technology and availability of resources. The customers have direct contact with manufacturing company. Gives great results for wet shaving. The blades are adaptable to most of standards razors except some few that are designed specially to work with specific type of blades.


i)Adaptable blades conveniences most of the users.

ii)Perfect for those with limited budget since they are cheaper.


i)No perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Best double edge safety razors

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