Top 10 Best Dog Training Books In 2019

The dog is man’s best friend that is why it is important to invest to invest in the best dog training books. These books provide various information such as how to care for the pets. Most of these training books are written and published by highly respected dog trainers. Furthermore, these books will always help your answer any question about dogs especially those on behavioral changes. It is sometimes confusing to distinguish which dog training book is best for you as they are thousands of them.

When buying these books, it is important to reflect on your personal pet, yourself and the family. Considering the above will guide you on how to identify what information you are expecting to have. Achieving strong bond between our dogs is not easy yet imperative thus most of the dog training books focus on accomplishing this goal. It is advisable to consider dog training method employed in the training book you intend to buy.

Before deciding on which method to employ while training your dog, finds answers to the following questions;

a)How confident are you about the method? You can gather information from those who had used the method earlier on.

b)How effective? This is based on the success of the method to others.

c)Is the method easy to interpret and implement?

d)How will your dog respond to this method? Some dogs will responds positively while others respond negatively. Also, in case she will respond negatively, what will do to for her to adapt to the method?

e)What are the incentives to be offered to your dog?

f)Which techniques are employed to train your dog? Does the method make use of treats and praise incentives or use positive reinforcement technique?

g)What devices are needed to accompany the written documentation? These devices include clicker among other devices.

Tips on the Best Training methods for Dogs

Different training books are available based on the experience level of your dog. Some people might intend to train older dogs while others wish to train puppies. For skilled dogs on ultimate commands, books that give advanced training are suitable for them.

While training your dog, it is recommendable that you consider the following tips for effective training.


Ensure the commands you are giving your dog is steady as this eliminates confusion to the dog. For example is one member of the family instructs the dog to lay down by commanding ‘down’ while other by ‘lay.’ You will confuse the dog on what you expect from her. Teach all family members to harmonize the commands for each instruction given to the dog.

ii)Provide Underpinning

Whenever the dog responds positively, adequate reinforcement should be emphasized to ensure that the dog becomes used to the command until she adapts well. If this is not done, the dog will forget everything.

iii)Practice affection

Anytime the dog responds positively, be enthusiastic especially when greeting them in the lounging ground. This is because the dog will act positively based on your attitude towards them and develop a strong bond between you and your dog.

iv)Ensure harmony with you dog

Sometimes the dog responds negatively to newly introduced commands. Pay attention to your dog’s body language. Find other enjoyable means of training the dog especially if they dislike the first attempt.

v)Realistic Nature

Just like humans, dogs are living things too. They do have a learning curve. Do not force them to adapt what they dislike. Give them time to recess themselves for the newly introduced command. Be patient as a trainer.

Do not worry on which training book to go for, here are the Top 10 Best Dog Training Books In 2019 reviews. They have had great results, and you can expect the same if you get a copy.

10.The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson

This training book by Jean Donaldson is one of the versatile books that not only trains you on how to train the dog but also accounts for the behavioral response of the dogs. The writer presents the information so that we can address things from the dog’s perspective. Also, the books outline various training methods based on how dogs think. The book is very advantageous as it is very easy to read and interpret. The fascinating information states the art of various dog breeds and specific training methods. She has outlined the information showing concern to the education and well-being of the dogs.


i)It features excellent tips on healthy dog behavior and training

ii)It is very provoking and motivating


i)Some dogs did not respond to jump and rat chasing techniques in this book

Best Dog Training Books

9.The Beginner’s Guide to Dog Agility

This book is written by the well-known dog expert, Laurie Leach. It concentrates skills for training your dog to compete in sports effectively. Further, the book trains not only the dog but also the trainer on how to enjoy the fun while training the dog. It offers step by step techniques for training the dog which is ideal because you cannot introduce all commands all in a single day. Usually, it is advisable to introduce these commands step by step. Sometimes reinforcement tools such clicker are to use to ensure adequate training of your pet. The books help the trainer to learn on how to use the device correctly. Proper participation of the agility completion builds a robust bond between the dog and the owner. To conclude the book emphasizes on the essentials of the bond between the pet and human during hard times.


i)It is very easy to implement techniques in this book due to clear photos used.

ii)Offers guidelines on how to effectively train your dog sports of agility.

iii)It features a topic on etiquette that most people finds it helpful.


i)They could have provided the book in other forms such as videos.

Best Dog Training Books

8.Before and After Getting Your Puppy

The book is written and implemented by Dr. Ian Dunbar who is an expert in the animal behavior. It covers all information you wish to know about training a puppy. The books include various essential topics such as house training, dog socialization together with preventing and solving common dog undesirable behaviors. The book has been reviewed the most practical training book globally. It has been on the market for many years, yet most of the dog trainers still prefer the book. This is mainly because the book is simple, yet it gives useful training techniques that are easy to implement. The positive approach of the Dunbar has revolutionized pet’s field especially the training of puppies. His guidelines are based on finalizing education together with preparation, evaluating a puppy’s previous socialization and learning, error less house training, implementation a socialization program of meeting bizarre dogs and people.


i)It is multi-functional since it not only advice on how to raise a puppy but also kids.

ii)The book provides modern, positive and demanding dog training methods.


i)Reading the whole book is a bit tiresome.

Best Dog Training Books

7.The Other End of the Leash

The Other End of the Leash emphasizes on our relationship with our dogs. The writer has based his writings on our behavior contrasting with that of a pet. The writer, Dr.Patricia, has over 20 years’ experience in the field of dog training. He views human as different species while cogitates human behavior around dogs, the reaction of the dogs towards this behavior. Dog share a notable relationship with human beings from other four-legged animals in the world. Despite this relationship, these two species are completely different each molded by evolutionary heritage. Humans are primates while dogs are canids thus they have distinguishing native language without translation. This book addresses how a slight change in your voice together with posture can make your dog understands what you want. It further explains why dominance over your dog is not advisable.


i)Little skills are required from the trainer while using this book.

ii)It significantly influences dogs pulling behavior.


i)Some of the methods provided take longer for the dog to implement.

Best Dog Training Books

6.The Power of Positive Dog Training by Pat Miller

This training books majorly concerns on the positive reinforcement of the applied technique while training the dog. Anytime the trainer introduces a command it must be reinforced to ensure the dog would not forget the instructions. Any repeated action becomes a habit. The writer outlines her training principles with specific required for reinforcement. The book lays down the 6-week training schedule that is very easy to implement. The way the writer presents this training steps guarantees a strong understanding by the dog to all basic commands including fun tricks. Once the dog has adapted to basic commands, the books help on how to maintain skills and how to manage common dog behavioral problems. The book ensures lifetime fun, companionship and respect with your pet.


i)The author uses non-abusive and gentle training methods.

ii)It is very clear and very effective training guide.


i)Some dogs are so stubborn that they need some more advanced methods that are not available in this book.

Best Dog Training Books

5.101 Dog Tricks Dog Training Book

This book offers step by step events to engage, challenge your pet and most important on how to bond well with your dog. These books are readily available in the global market. They are printed in 18 different languages across the world for easy reading. Easy to interpret instructions alongside color photos makes it comprehensive. Tricks focused on this book includes sit, fetch, roll over, and shake among others. Most people find this tricks very effective.


i)It offers extensive information on how to effectively train your dog.

ii)Descriptions use straightforward and effective language.


i)Since the books try to cover various tricks, each trick might not be vividly described.

Best Dog Training Books

4.Don’t Shoot the Dog

Apart from The Power of Positive Dog Training, Don’t Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor further presents more explanation on positive reinforcement. The book was written by Karen Pryor who offered excellent training and behavior advice. These pieces of advice worked well with most of the dogs as well as trainers. The book provides techniques that are easy to interpret.  Moreover, the book not only focuses on how to train dogs but also how your kids should appropriately play with dogs without disappointing them.


i)Multi-purpose addressing all social problems.

ii)It clearly explains why positive reinforcement is critical.


i)Methods employed in this book is not easy to implement.

Best Dog Training Books

3.Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

Uniqueness is what most of us admire. This training book allows the dog trainer to train a dog with specific traits which ensures that your pet is sharp and always happy. The writer approaches dog personality in an amusing way and what is expected to correspond to this behavior. The book is not only available in hard copy also in video form. This is very convenient for most of the people because not all people like reading. Videos are easy to understand. This comprehensive guide covers on how to choose the right pup for you, moderate tricks to enjoy with your dog among others.


i)The book is so comprehensive and covers most training techniques

ii)Very easy to follow the step provided.


i)It offers a wide variety of techniques thus not easy to attest all of them.

Best Dog Training Books

2.Living with Kids and Dogs Without Losing Your Mind

The training book is authored by Colleen Pelar. It is not an easy thing to adapt living with dogs and children in the same residential place. Living with Kids and Dogs without Losing Your Mind gives guidelines on how to effectively coordinate between children and pets ensuring the peaceful companion. Further, the book guides on how to choose the right pet for your family effectively. It is always advisable to analyze your family composition before deciding on which pet suits you well. The book advice on how to harmonize behavior of kids and dogs at every stage of development.


i)The books guide on how to care for pets as well as you kids in the same locality.

ii)It is very all-inclusive.

iii)Readily available in the global market.


i)It takes a lot of time to cover the whole book which is tiring for some people.

Best Dog Training Books

1.Canine Body Language

This dog training book address on how a dog communicates to a human being and other dogs. Regardless of how a dog communicates, you should be ready to listen while watching. The trainer should possess all techniques to interpret the dog native language. They express their intention by body movement, facial expression alongside proximity to natural things. This book a comprehensive photographic documentation of day to day activities that the dog practice. It vividly describes the behavior of dogs alone, stressed dogs, dogs alone, dogs in water and relation of dogs to human’s beings. It also helps to analyze the behavior of dogs to avoid undesirable behavior. Moreover, the book guides on how to appreciate the intelligence plus adaptability of the dog.


i)This book covers on how the body language demonstration reinforces commands given to the dog.

ii)It is understandable and easy to interpret.


i)The quality of the photos is not very clear.

Best Dog Training Books

The above training books will ensure that your dog remains discipline and can fit your family set up. Well-trained dogs are well-behaved, are friendlier and fun to have them in our homes.

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