Top 10 Best Dog Leashes In 2022 Reviewed

The best dog leash should give you control over your canine friend, whether you’re out for a walking or running session. Besides, it ought to prevent injuries to your dog’s trachea. When scouting for a leash makes sure that its design distributes the strain over the animal’s chest or back. Ideally, you want one that is as comfortable as possible.

To help you find what matches your needs (and those of your dog), we review 10 of the most sought after dog leashes on the market.

10. Downtown Pet Supply Dog Leash

If you like to take your dog for regular walks, you should consider viewing this leash. Not only is it comfortable on your hand, but also easy to grip, making walks more enjoyable. The soft polypropylene material is durable and doesn’t absorb water. It is mildew resistant as well which means you can use it in any weather. You will love the handy stainless fastener for seamless on and off control. And, the leash is available in a plethora of colors from black to purple and pink.


• 6′ Foot Length, 1″ Inch Width
• Material – Polypropylene

9. URPOWER Retractable Dog Leash

URPOWER, the world renowned brand makes an appearance in the best dog leashes with this piece capable of handling dogs up to 66 pounds. It comes with a robust lock button that lets you adjust the range as and when needed. The one button brake system allows the leash to stay at a constant length. Meanwhile, the retractable design ensures that you walk in full control of your pet. Regarding durability, it boasts Eco-friendly material that can withstand years of use.


• Extends up to 26ft
• TPE Anti-slip handle

8. PetSafe Leash

PetSafe has cemented its name as a leader pet behavior and containment circles in the United States. Their leash is perfect for dog walking and will handle small and big breeds. Those who’ve used it say it is soft on the animal and a better alternative to thin leads. While the design is minimalist, you can’t miss the easy on/off hook for optimal control of your animal. It will work for dogs as young as 8 months up to 45 pounds.


• Extends up to 3.5 feet
• Material – Soft nylon

7. Primal Pet Gear Dog Leash

The Primal Pet boasts two handles – one at the end of the leash at 6ft and another 1ft from the clip. In essence, this means that you have greater control, especially during casual walks. The design allows extended sniffing and easier walking in areas such as busy sidewalks or crowded spaces that demand instant and up close restraint of your pet. In short, this leash gives you absolute control over dominance and aggression. The firmly stitched handle prevents the animal’s feet from getting tangled.


• Extends up to 6 feet
• Material – heavy duty nylon

6. Primal Pet Extra Long Leash

If the dog leash above is not long enough for your needs, this is an equally great alternative. It extends up to 8 feet and will work with large to medium dog breeds. Its premium quality combined with the padded material make it one of the best dog leashes for busy sidewalks. It may catch your attention to know that this leash has attracted more than 900 reviews with an astounding 4.8 stars rating. Check it out – there must be something to it that keeps the customers coming back.


• Extends up to 8 feet
• Material – Heavy duty nylon

5. ARIKON Dog Leash

This leash from ARIKON has two layers of solid denim fabric that make it incredibly resistant to wear. The nice neat stitching makes it comfortable on the dog and your hands. You can adjust it from 23.5 to 35 inches, a perfect fit for breeds such as Miniature, Chihuahua, and Husky. If you care about aesthetics, then this one has a clean, classic look that will make your dog attractive in the park, shop or training class. Moreover, the design eliminates pulling and tugging pressure on your dog’s neck which makes walks even more comfortable.


• Extends up to 35 inches
• Material – Demin fabric

4. TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash

Undoubtedly one of the best dog leashes, this piece allows you to walk your freely in open spaces thanks to the one-hand breaking and recoil system. The ABS plastic casing offers an ergonomic grip that fits like a glove. The TaoTronics is also one of the most robust dog leashes on the market, with the ability to handle up to 110 pounds. As a matter of fact, it is an excellent option if you have a big, dominant dog. Each purchase comes with a roll of plastic bags for easy cleaning.


• Extends up to 16 feet
• Material – Heavy duty nylon

3. Flexi Explore Retractable Dog Leash

The fact that this leash has 2000 + customer reviews means that it is one of the most sought after pieces. And there are some good reasons why this is so. It can handle dogs weighing up to 110 pounds and is retractable for more control. The patented one-hand braking system ensures easy walks while the lock button allows the leash to stay at a constant length. Be sure to use the safety collar to increase the Flexi Explore usability.


• Extends up to 26 feet
• Material – Heavy duty nylon

2. PetsLovers Premium Dog Leash

Up to 90% of shoppers approve this dog leash! A highly rated piece, this one is an ideal choice if you’re looking for something other than the nylon construction. It is lighter, has a comfortable grip and two times tougher that standard nylon leashes. If your dog is a puller, this is the leash to buy. It is padded adequately to prevent hurting the animal while keeping your hands safe. And as one customer puts it, this is a “great leash for the dog that chews and pull.”


• Extends up to 6 ft
• Material – Double denim layer

1. Flexi Neon Leash

This is the best dog leash for use at night. It comes with reflective stickers and neon-colored components for increased visibility at night or in low light. It can work with dogs up to 44 pounds. The Flexi Neon is single handed for convenient use and a permanent stop feature for better control over your dog. Advertised as having the ability to give you “freedom on the leash,” unrolls smoothly and retract with ease no matter how you hold it. It is weather resistant and comes with a user pamphlet to help you make the most out of your purchase.


• Extends up to 16 feet
• Material – Heavy duty nylon

How to Choose the Best Dog Leash

When purchasing a leash, you’d better make the right choice. In fact, it will be easier to use it on your dog it has the correct ergonomics. Below, we take you through the most important considerations to make when buying a dog leash.

Start by Choosing the Correct Type

There are various types of dog leashes on the market, so be sure to select the correct one. The most common leash types include;

Standard Dog Leashes – These sport solid or braided material and are typically 4 to 8 ft in length

Retractable Dog Leashes – These are the most popular type. They are more comfortable to use and allow you to adjust the length depending on the surroundings. They also give you more lead room.

Adjustable Dog Leashes – If you want the flexibility of a retractable leash and the control of a standard leash, this is the best option. Most have a length of 6 ft and are also ideal for training. In other words, you get an adjustable leash gives you the best of both worlds.


It almost goes without saying that the dog leash material dictates the longevity. It also determines if the leash will be comfortable with your dog. Most pieces have leather, nylon and denim fabric material. You may consider the age of your dog when choosing the best material.

The Length

The length of your dog’s leash is determined by how often you will be walking the dog. If you are strolling with the canine in open fields, you may want something long. However, you are better off with a shorter leash if you will be using it in crowded places or busy streets.

Helpful Tips

• Carry and extra leash just in case the primary one gets damaged
• Ensure that the handle has a carabiner to make tethering easier
• Never use a wet leash as doing so reduces durability
• You may have to upgrade the leash as the dog grows

If you are to control your dog outdoor, then you must own a leash. As stated, ensure that it serves your needs and most importantly keeps the dog safe. The 10 best dog leashes we’ve reviewed above should give a perfect place to start.

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