Top 10 Best Dog Harnesses of 2022 – Reviews

There are many arguments for investing in a reliable dog harness and they all revolve around your dog’s general comfort. It is well known that a comfortable dog is far more obedient than a dog who suffers from whatever indisposition, which is where a good dog harness comes into play.

These harnesses allow owners to take full control over their dog’s movement without causing them any pain or discomfort. The key word here, of course, is ‘quality’ above everything else. There are many metrics to quantify what quality means, although we should perhaps use comfort and flexibility as good enough parameters. In this regard, let us find out what are the ten best dog harnesses out there and what to look for when shopping for one.

Best Harnesses for Your Dog in 2022

10Comfort Control Four Paws Harness

metal hardwareOffering optimal control and comfort, the Comfort Control Four Paws Harness ensures owners have a secure hold of their pets when taking them for a walk. Designed and made from premium grade, long lasting neoprene mesh, it features a sturdy strap made from nylon that provides a secured fit. It also comes equipped with a special back hook harness that offers added control without any need for tugging. Available in 5 assorted colors and 6 different sizes, you can choose one that fits your pet the best.

9Adjustable Cozy Hemp Dog Harness


metal hardwareThe Adjustable Cozy Hemp Dog Harness is a rugged set of straps put together and lined with fleece, to ensure your pet dog is safe and secure under your control. Its connectors are made of plastic that is reinforced with nylon and metal hardware for added levels of safety and durability. This harness can be machine washed and is light in weight, making it easy to carry and even easier to fit onto the dog.

8RC Pet Walking Cirque Soft Dog Harness

metal hardware

metal hardwareUniquely designed with a combination of comfort, style, and security, the RC Pet Walking Cirque Soft Dog Harness is crafted especially for toy breeds. Thanks to its soft neckline that stretches and is flexible, it prevents any pressure on the neck and evenly distributes weight on the chest. Featuring an adjustable waist size, this dog harness is made from high-quality air mesh fabric that is super breathable and comfortable. It also features a D-ring at the back that is nickel plated and super durable.

7Dean & Tyler Dog Harness

Dean Tyler Dog Harness

metal hardwareFeaturing a reflective trim, the Dean & Tyler Dog Harness is perfect utilizing at night, as it enhances visibility and optimized control in the dark. Extremely easy to put on to your pet and take off, it comes with 3D rings and a sturdy handle. Thanks to its waterproof material, it is perfect for any weather and extremely comfortable overall. Not only is it a budget friendly dog harness but it can be used on all kinds of dogs and breed and is super effective by most metrics.

6EzyDog Custom Fit Chest Plate Dog Harness


metal hardwareFeaturing an ergonomic chest plate made of foam, the EzyDog Custom Fit Chest Plate Dog Harness easily takes the shape of your pet’s body ensuring optimal comfort and security at all times. Thanks to its special design it distributes the load vertically to help in better control, unlike other pet harnesses.

Designed with a cross body fit, it comes with robust quick clip buckles that are super easy to take off and put on without any hassle. For nighttime visibility, the harness features reflective stitching throughout, for extra safety and security for your dog. It also comes with an anti-rust D ring, made from durable stainless steel that is perfectly welded on to give you strength, control, and security.

5Kurgo Smart Dog Tru-Fit Walking Harness

metal hardware

metal hardwareHighly recommended by pretty much everyone who has ever used it, the Kurgo Smart Dog Tru-Fit Walking Harness is among the best out there, one that comes with a lifetime warranty for good measure. Featuring 5 different adjustment points and a plastic Weiner lock release buckle, this harness can be easily put on and taken off without hassle.

It also comes with a no-pull feature that has a special halt-ring located on the chest for when your pup pulls and tugs at the leash, it would turn them around and keep them stationary. It also comes with a seat belt for dogs including a 10-inch lead that can also be used for training or as a restraint in your car.

4Puppia Authentic RiteFit Harness

Dean Tyler Dog Harness

metal hardwareMade from 100% high-quality polyester, the Puppia Authentic RiteFit Harness comes with some truly great features to consider. Included in the package are an adjustable belt located on the chest along with a quick release buckle, and a neck opening that is padded and soft ensuring no pressure is put on your dog when worn for a long period of time.

Unlike other dog harnesses, this one comes with the actual measurement as mentioned being, 12.1 inches of neck girth and chest girth measuring 15.4 inches to 22.5 inches respectively. It can also be machine washed or hand washed and air dried.

3Web Master Harness


metal hardwareSpecially designed and uniquely put together, the Web Master Harness is a one-of-a-kind dog leash that not only offers security and control but is built to assist your pet in moving over obstacles and providing support when needed. Thanks to its anatomical design, it provides optimal control balanced lifts with even weight distribution. Thanks to its 5 adjustable fits, it can be customized to perfectly fit your dog, to help him in his motion.

The harness comes with foam padding on the chest area and special durable belly straps to ensure your pet is comfortable. It also comes with 2 leash attachment points that are a single V ring made of anodized aluminum on the top and a loop at the rear end of the handle. It also features a reflective trim that helps in low light areas and helps keep you focused on your pet at all times.

2Puppia Soft RED Dog Harness

metal hardware

metal hardwareThe Puppia Soft RED Dog Harness is a durable, lightweight harness made from 100% polyester. Featuring a fully adjustable chest belt along with a buckle for quick release, it offers a soft padding around the neck opening for maximum comfort.

It is also machine washable but can very well be washed by hand and naturally dried should you see fit. Available in a stunning red shade, this dog harness stands out through some truly impressive aesthetics as far as its design goes.

1Easy Walk PetSafe Dog Harness

Dean Tyler Dog Harness

metal hardwareThe Easy Walk PetSafe Dog Harness ensure you and your pet enjoys a stress-free walk with no tugging and pulling. Featuring a special attachment at the front, it helps to steer the dog automatically towards the owner reducing any pulling on the leash. The chest strap is well positioned to ensure the dog does not face any choking or discomfort.

Furthermore, the belly strap comes in a different color for easier differentiating between multiple straps you might own. It also features four different adjustment points to ensure the dog gets proper reliable support at all times. Also worth mentioning is that one should definitely follow the guide it comes equipped with to know the correct way and order in which each strap is adjusted so that your pet gets the best possible fit.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?


What To Look For In A Dog Harness

WeinerFinding a good dog harness can be a bit puzzling if you are not accustomed to the process or if it is your first time. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a good harness for your pup if you take the time to educate yourself on what the market has in store and what characteristics to look for when shopping for a harness at this point in time. Construction quality aside, one must always look for a harness that best suits your dog’s needs. In fact, you are best advised to completely ignore the build quality of a harness if it causes any long-term discomfort for your dog.

With this in mind, here is what you want to pay attention when looking for a dog harness:

Fabric – A good way to determine the strength and durability of a harness is to establish what materials were used in its making. While flimsy materials may not work that well for a larger breed, they might provide an extra layer of comfort for a smaller dog. Furthermore, observe the type of stitching used in the making of the harness. In this respect, top-stitched harnesses are by far the sturdiest.

Length – Another thing to consider is the length of the harness itself, mainly the straps. Depending on what breed of dog you have and how big it is, a harness shouldn’t extend beyond a dog’s waistline in most cases. In principle, you should be looking for a harness that covers a dog’s back like a vest, no farther than the dog’s ribs. You also shouldn’t assume that a larger harness provides better stability, far from it.

Corners – You want your dog’s harness to go well around the dog’s joints, especially its front legs. For this purpose, you should be looking for a harness with rounded corners, especially around the dog’s neck, arms, and strap areas. The reason behind this is that it will mold to your dog’s body faster and provide a more comfortable experience for your pup in the long run, regardless of how big your dog may be.

D-Ring Strap – Last but not least, you should always ensure that the D-Ring of the harness falls straight on the center, right where you attach the leash. To be more precise, you want the strap to run the length of the back to make it easier for you to control the dog through the leash. On a related note, make sure that the D-Ring strap is stitched under the neckline and that it benefits from some sort of reinforcement.

Types Of Dog Harnesses

Even though most dog harnesses can be expected to function the same way, there are a few differences between harnesses, especially construction-wise.

Depending on what type of dog you have, you might want to first establish what type of harness best meets your dog’s needs in terms of comfort and stability.

Dean Tyler Dog HarnessStep-in Harness – These are some of the most popular harnesses out there and understandably so. They are the easiest to put on the dog thanks to its easygoing design.

In general, these harnesses boast straps around the top and bottom of the front legs with a leash spot that connects atop the harness, thus minimizing the risk of choking the dog.

metal hardwareStandard Harness – By far the most widespread harnesses in the world, standard harnesses are both easy to fit onto the dog and easy to carry.

They feature adjustable straps designed to encircle the dog’s torso above and below the front legs. Occasionally, they will boast an additional strap around the lower abdomen.

WeinerVest Harness – Like the name suggests, vest harnesses enclose almost the entire torso in a smooth fabric, a design that involves a strap-based closure.

It isn’t uncommon for various accessories to be added to the vest to make it more fashionable.

From this point of view, it would be safe to say that vest harnesses are mostly used for smaller dog breeds.

Dean Tyler Dog HarnessBuilt-in Leash Harness – These harnesses come equipped with their very own leashes, which makes them sturdier overall.

Interestingly enough, these harnesses can be found in a variety of shapes and designs, such as vest harnesses or step-in harnesses, all with built-in leashes.

metal hardwareEasy-on Harness – When it comes to weight and comfort, easy-on harnesses are without a doubt, the most lightweight harnesses out there.

They usually come fitted with quick-release buckles that allow the harnesses to be slipped on and off the dog in a matter of seconds.

Given their design, they are mostly intended for smaller breeds, lacing the sturdiness and durability of larger harnesses.

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