Top 10 Best Dog Food Brands in 2020 Reviews

Since time immemorial, a dog has always been man’s companion. If you enjoy tracing man’s history, then you would know that dogs have always contributed to man’s well-being. In the past, when man thrived just like any other animal in the bushes, dogs aided man in hunting and also provided security for dangerous wild animals. Today, it’s an everyday ordeal to find well-kept dogs in our living areas. Dogs make homes lively in addition to alerting the homeowner in the case of any weird occurrence around the home. Again, security firms and professionals have upgraded their game by employing expertly trained dogs to provide extra security at homes, industrial areas, airports, country borders, to mention but a few areas. With all these services that dogs offer to humans, it’s only fair and right for every dog keeper to provide utmost care to his/her dog(s). The first step to caring for your dog is by buying the best Dog food from the best dog food brands in the world. Dogs, just like us, enjoy having the best meals. Other things like provision of excellent sleeping areas can come later after feeding your dog on the best dog food.

The fact that dogs are carnivorous, demands provision of a high amount of protein in dog food. The best dog food product should provide high protein in addition to other essential nutrients like vitamins to your dog(s). Again, it should not contain harmful elements which could end up ruining your dog’s health.

In this post, we review the top ten best dog food brands in 2020.  Our commitment lies in seeing all dogs attended to in the best way through the provision of the best meals. We sacrificed our time to sample and analyze products by the major dog food manufacturers. Finally, we were able to select the top ten brands/manufacturers who prepare the best dog foods.

List of Top 10 Best Dog Food Brands in 2020

Read on below to get a clear insight of what it takes the various dog food brands to present you with their dog food packages.

10. Merrick Grain Free Dog Food

Merrick Grain

Merrick is a dog food brand that’s humbled by the excellent acceptance and appreciation of their dog food products by dog keepers across the globe. Merrick finds motivation in the many positive reviews that the users of their products continue to provide on the market. With the Merrick brand, you are free to choose your preferred dog food option from their broad range of supplies. Their dog foods are entirely grain free. Their incredible flavors include vegetables, whole meat, among others. Appreciating the fact that dogs are carnivorous, the Merrick manufacturer includes meat as the primary ingredient in their dog foods. This brand is based in the USA. The active components in Merrick dog foods are the chicken meal, deboned buffalo, turkey meal, peas, and sweet potatoes.

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9. AvoDerm Grain Free Dog Food


What makes the best dog food? This has been the major question that the Avoderm Company has been seeking to answer throughout their research and production of dog foods. Provision of naturally, balanced, and grain-free dog meals has been the primary objective of the Avoderm Company since its establishment. They have managed to produce both dry and wet dog food products but only in two flavors. The active ingredients in the Avoderm line of dog food products are peas, potatoes, salmon, pea flour, tomato pomace, avocados and the canola oil. Through the Omega provided by the avocados, your dog will develop a healthy coat and skin. No corn, soy, wheat or animal by-products are included in the making of Avoderm dog foods. Despite featuring the best ingredients, Avoderm products are available at affordable prices.

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8.  Zignature Dog Food


If you own a sensitive, choosy pet, then it’s only wise that you consider products by the Zignature Dog Food brand. Zignature is manufacturer dedicated to researching and producing allergy-free dog meals. Their dog food products are free of the ingredients that are known to cause allergic reactions to dogs including chicken, potatoes, and all forms of grain including wheat, soy, corn, to mention but a few. Their products feature natural antioxidants and vitamins which play a significant role in improving a dog’s health and immune system. Their aim is to help you dog feel wild by providing meals that taste natural and fresh.

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7.  CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food

Canidae Grain

Canidae is one of the most successful family-owned businesses across the globe. They have been in the competitive dog food manufacturing arena for almost a decade. All their products constitute of carefully developed formulas using simple recipes. The fact that their produce comes from all-natural ingredients, makes them ideal for sensitive young pets. Vital minerals and vitamins required by dogs are included as core ingredients in the making of Canidae dog foods. You are free to make a choice from the available variety of dog food formulas made with fish or meat and then paired with other elements like peas, lentils, sweet potatoes, wheat, and soy. All their products are grain-free.

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6.  Wellness Natural Pet Food


If your dog had the power to revolt, it would take to the streets and announce its new stand- “I won’t eat grain, I’m a meat eater!” .Fortunately, the Wellness Natural Pet Food Brand is here to ensure that you co-exist in the best way with your dog. This manufacturer understands that your dog hates to feed on grain, and for this reason, it brings you grain-free dog feed products that are rather rich in proteins. Their products consist of turkey meal, peas, potatoes, deboned turkey, chicken meal, dried potatoes, among other great ingredients. Wellness dog foods are available in various flavors and both the wet and dry forms. You can be sure to make your dog happy by feeding it on any wellness products available on the market.

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5. Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food

Rachael Ray

Rachel Ray is a staunch believer that food is love. She believes that presenting the best meals to animals is the best way to express our gratitude on the excellent co-existence with animals. Rachel loves dogs. This is why she ventured into the dog food making industry. Rachel also has many years of experience in preparing food recipes and teaching kitchen enthusiasts on the various ways of making mouthwatering dishes. After many years of research, the Rachel Ray dog food brand is now known across the globe. It finds pride in preparing affordable dog food products using the rare-to-find, high-grade ingredients. Her brand has gradually grown over the years. The key constituents in her dog food products include turkey, dried peas, turkey meal, tapioca starch, poultry fat, and dry potatoes.

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4. Natural Balance Dog Food

Natural Balance

Natural Balance is a dog food brand that can be traced to the Dick Van Patten’s line of manufacturing firms. It’s a brand known for the production of grain-free dog foods with limited but rare to find ingredients in the quest to eliminate allergies in dogs. They also offer dog foods in both the wet and dry forms. The processing of their products includes healthy ingredients like chicken, sweet potato, chicken fat, Dicalcium phosphate and natural flavor that boosts a dog’s appetite. They have dog feeds for all ages.

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3.  Fromm Grain Free Dog Food

Fromm Four Star Grain

Fromm is a re-known brand in the dog food manufacturing arena. It’s a company dedicated to providing dogs with excellent foods which are free from grains. On the market, there are various dog food products by the Fromm Company. Each of the available dog food options by the Fromm Company suits a distinct dog’s age, activity, or weight. The Fromm dog food products bring dogs stunning health benefits thanks to the included natural ingredients like applesauce, pork, and game bird. The Fromm manufacturing firm is based in the USA. They have two dog food processing centers in Wisconsin. Their primary aim is ensuring that their produce serves dogs across the globe in the best and safest way.

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2.  Wilderness Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Wilderness Blue Buffalo

Rated highly by most dog keepers, is the Blue Wilderness dog food brand. It’s not a surprise to find more than four in a sample of ten dog keeping companies using the Blue Wilderness dog food products. The quality of their dog foods is the primary factor behind their popularity. The Blue Wilderness dog food manufacturer is a company that views dogs as unique beings that require treatment with utmost respect and care just like people. Their dog foods are entirely grain-free and do not contain any harmful elements. Duck, turkey, and chicken meat are the main ingredients in their dog foods. Other included items are blueberries, carrots, and cranberries all aiming at supplying your dog(s) with a balanced diet.

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1.  Taste of the Wild Dog Food – Best of Dog Food Brands in 2020

Taste of the Wild - Dog Food Brands

Among the re-known dog food brands, taste of the world dog food products stand out by being the number one bestsellers on the world largest markets like Amazon. There are various reasons why this brand has managed to be superior to its competitors. For one, all the dog food products by Taste of the Wild are entirely grain-free. Secondly, they contain probiotics, elements which auger well with any dog’s stomach without causing upsets. Thirdly, the Taste of the world dog foods consists of natural meats combined with fruits and vegetable supplements in the quest to provide dogs with balanced diets. Your dog will always appreciate the dog foods by this brand as the included vegetable and fruits supplements supply sufficient vitamins necessary in boosting a dog’s immune system. The Taste of the world dog food products is available in the dry form and various flavors.

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Dogs, among other pets, are very essentials but delicate animals. Just like we humans, they too need to feed on the best foods in addition to having the best habitats, cleaning, and going for regular health check-ups. The top ten best dog food brands in 2020 have managed to produce healthy and safe dog foods that have the power to boost your dog’s health without causing any side effects. You are free to choose your preferred brand from this list.

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