Top 10 Best Dog Beds in 2019 Reviews

Dogs love to sleep in comfort. Yes, they do! Get your feline a cozy place to sleep on, and you’ll understand what that means. In fact, the canine doesn’t have to snooze on the couch or hard ground when there’s an assortment of cheap, comfy beds on the market. And so you know, that flimsy pillow your pet is sleeping on right now isn’t good for bone health. Indeed, Bailey deserves a grand sleeping place. We review the best dog beds for trouble-free resting and snoozing.

10. AmazonBasics Pet Bolster Bed

If your dog is in the crate most of the time, this bed from AmazonBasics will help it rest and relax in comfort. It is 36 inches long and has an integrated loop on the edge of the base to secure it to a kennel or crate. The polyester and polypropylene padding will undoubtedly offer the softness that your pet craves. Moreover, the cushioning will sooth stiff joints to keep the dog physically fit. Meanwhile, the outer edge serves as head or armrest.


• Polyester cushion
• Machine washable
• Dimensions 35x22x2.5 inches
• Soft fleece cover

9. Pet Trendy Modern Chic Dog Bed

Pick this bed and set your pup or dog for top-notch coziness. It features four corners so that your pet can bury their nose and micro plush fiber that’s soft to step on. The all in one design makes cleaning a breeze while the outer fabric guarantees durability. Shoppers that vouch for it say it is super comfortable. If your furry friend loves to snuggle, this bed is perfect. Plus it is available in nine unique colors to blend with your home’s interior décor.


• Reinforced micro tec center
• Machine washable
• Small to Large sizes

8. Majestic Super Value Pet Bed

Majestic is the best dog bed for the usual long, lazy afternoon naps. It comes with high loft polyester fiber fill for comfort. The breathable polycotton cover is machine washable so you can bet your canine will always stay clean. The Majestic is roomy and extra fluffy. It could as well be the best option if you have two pups. Most users hail the fact that their dogs love it and most certainly, yours won’t behave any differently.

• Machine washable
• Polycotton cover
• Dimensions 28-inch by 35-inch

7. Reversible Paw Print Dog Bed

This is another alternative if your pooch loves to stay in the crate. It boasts an ultra soft synthetic fur reversible cover. With extra stuffed poly fiber, this bed’s ability to create a cozy resting place for your pet isn’t in question. Maintaining the Reversible Paw is easy too. In fact, you can wash and dry safe it every day. Nonetheless, you need to know that it only for dogs weighing up to 25 pounds. It is ideal for puppies, though.


• Fits 24-inch folding metal crates
• Poly fiber stuffing material
• Machine/dryer safe

6. Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddle

Your dog deserves a resting place it can claim to be his/hers. Not only is the OrthoComfort comfortable but also innovatively designed for optimal comfort. As a matter of fact, it could as well be the best dog bed if your pet is struggling with aching joints. It features ample high walls to wrap around the pooch. Of course, the Sherpa fabric that covers the entire bed is irresistibly cozy and soft. Just remember that this bed will only work for dogs weighing 10 to 20 pounds.


• Sherpa material
• Cozy headrest
• Dimensions – 12 x 15x 9 inches

5. AKC Casablanca Pet Bed

If you’re scouring for a high-quality dog bed at a pocket-friendly price, you need to check out the AKC Casablanca. In fact, if you’ve owned pets before, you know that is this a brand to trust. This piece is tailor-made to meet the needs of your furry friend from sleeping to resting. Its shape mimics a lounge sofa, creating the right place for your puppy to play with the toys. You may have to check the size before purchasing. You don’t want to end up with a good bed that is too small your pooch.


• Polyester made
• Machine washable
• Dimensions – Size 21×6” inch Round

4. Furhaven Orthopedic Mattress Pet Bed

If the Sheri OrthoComfort doesn’t do it for you or is too small, the Furhaven is an equally good option. It works to soothe pressure points and joints to help your dog enjoy a more restorative sleep. The luxurious faux fabric offers a soft surface for your canine to rest the nose and the paws. Meanwhile, the zippered, removable outer cover gives the surety to protect your floor from dander and dirt. To cap it all, the Furhaven is 100% is CertiPUR-US certified.


• Water resistant canvas base
• Egg crate design
• Dimensions – 27-inch x 36-inch

3. Ombré Swirl Dog Pet Bed

The Ombré Swirl takes comfort to a whole new level! This adequately stuffed dog bed has a swirl pattern combined with an exquisite blend of Taupe to Mocha. With such well thought out construction, this piece will certainly elevate your pet’s status to that of a queen (or king). The best part is, this is a low maintenance and durable piece. And you don’t have to struggle with the cover when it’s due for cleaning. Just place it in the machine and watch as it washes.


• Synthetic fiber for nonskid grip
• Fits 36 inches long crates
• Neutral mocha color

2. MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed

MidWest, an industry leader brings you a premium dog bed for the relaxation and comfort of your pet. With a large surface area, this piece will accommodate young puppies and aging or sick dogs. It comes with an adequately padded bolster so that your pet can rest its head. The quality construction and stitching protect MidWest from tear and wear even with everyday use. Most dog owners’ note that its material doesn’t shed and like the casual design. As always, be sure to check the size before buying.


• Fits 24-inch crates
• Ultra soft fleece cover
• Dimensions 24 x 24 x 13 inches

1. Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

This is the best dog bed if you want your canine friend to join you outdoors when the weather is warm. It features a suspended design for comfort and little impact on pressure points and joint. Plus, the off-the-ground construction enhances airflow on all side to ensure your animal remains calm. The high-density fabric is breathable to eliminate hot spots. The Coolaroo is also resistant to the mite, flea, and mildew. That sounds like a dog bed you’d like to own, right?


• High-density polyethylene fabric
• Powder coated durable frames
• Up to 9 Sq. Ft of bed space

How to Choose the Best Dog Bed

When shopping for a dog bed, you certainly want something that will offer ultimate comfort to your pet. You’re likely to go for a stylish, cushy piece that will blend in with your house’s interior décor. But, it goes beyond the aesthetics as this dog bed buying guide seeks to reveal.

Weigh the Animal Before You Hit the Market

You need to be sure that you get a bed that can accommodate you pooch. It should be big enough to handle animal’s size and weight. At the least, the canine should be able to stretch when lounging. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re buying the bed online, so be sure to check the dimensions section first. (We’ve already done that on your behalf in our reviews).

Where Will You Place the Bed?

Again, size comes into play here. If you intend to position the bed on a raised platform, for instance, is should fit without going over the table’s edges. You may perhaps consider the space in your living room to determine the ideal size.

The Features

All dog beds are not the same. Some are for ailing and aging pets while others seek to provide a comfortable place for the canine to rest. Check to see if the padding is adequate for your dog’s needs. You’re more likely to get value for your money if you buy a bed with features geared to helping your pooch find absolute comfort.

The Design

Pet beds are available in a plethora of designs so be sure to choose one that aligns with your taste and preferences. Apart from helping your pet stay comfortable, the bed also needs to match your furniture, wardrobes and so on. Choosing one with an animal print is also ideal.

If you buy the best dog bed, you can be sure of value for your money. Just remember to check if the piece you want to purchase is machine washable. If it’s not, the outer cover should be removable for hand washing.

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