Top 10 Best Distance Measuring Wheels In 2019 Reviews

Need to measure distance arises any time either planned or unplanned. In that respect, if you are armed with a surveyor’s tape measure, calculating the distances is a breeze. However, surveyors tape isn’t convenient over long distances and in a hurry. That is where a distance measuring wheel comes in.

The best thing about distance measuring wheels is that they have a wide array of applications. Ranging from carpet estimates, grass and seed fertilizer calculations, paving, to fencing, distance measuring wheel are workhorses. Because measuring wheels are used to calculate long distances fast, over a short time, they are ideal for quick checks on surfaces. Topography and surface irregularities affect the results obtained. You expect results to the accuracy of 1/200 on more smooth surfaces.

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Guide To Selecting a Distance Measuring Wheel

Type: You can choose from two type of measuring wheels. The mechanical type is simple to operate, don’t require batteries to run but mainly offers a single unit of measurement. Getting the electronic measuring wheel means enjoying multiple measurement units but works with batteries that may die in the field.

Price Versus Quality: If your focus is on quality, functionality, and standard, then you have to be prepared to cough a lot for a measuring wheel. However, don’t let the price lure you into purchasing a unit you’ll come to regret

Measurement Scale: You need to consider buying a wheel with the measuring units you desire to use. A distance measuring wheel with multiple units of measure makes the best option. That way, you can swap the setting depending on what you are measuring.

Display: A measuring wheel will feature a mechanical or analog display from where you can see numbers rotate. Some will come with digital display comparable to that of a digital calculator.

Carrying Case: How you use and maintain your distance measuring wheel will tell if it will beat the test of time. Exposure to dust and water will most likely shorten or cut off the life of the measuring wheel entirely. In that respect, a carry case is a must have. This way, you can put it when not in use. Some will come with a caring case, but when not included, you need to buy one on your own.

Warranty: Depending on the quality and maintenance, a distance wheel can even last a lifetime. A manufacturer should be ready to back their product by offering a warranty. That is usually a sign of a quality product as they are ready to stand behind. For a measuring wheel, a warranty will range between 1 year and a lifetime.

Size: You should select your measuring wheels based on the applications. This way, you make your work much easier. In some, the wheel’s connector can even collapse to save on space for compact storage.

Inside/Outside: If your plan is to use the wheel inside, a smaller wheel will work perfectly. In that case, a dual-wheel model will be okay. A 10+-inch model works best when your aim is to use it in the outdoors. With a 6-inch model, both your indoor and outdoor needs are sorted. Note that we are referring to the wheel handles.

Digi 1st W-160 8-Inch Measuring Wheel

Convenience and functionality are key facets of completing a given task and achieving exceptional results. That applies to all the works that you undertake including distances measuring, both indoors and outdoors. Although a tape measure will do the job and give almost 100% satisfaction, its applicability ends where the distance you want to measure is long. In such a situation, it means looking for an alternative. The ideal option is a measuring wheel. Digi 1st W-160 measuring wheel closes the list of the best choices in its category.

W-160 measuring wheel features a large counter strategically positioned on one side of the wheel. The counter has large numbers that make easy to record the readings from quickly and effortlessly. The wheel is 8 inches in diameter and works best when used indoors. A wheel for outdoor use will demand a larger wheel so it can negotiate the rough terrains. With this unit, you can measure up to 9,999 feet with an accuracy of 99.85%.

W-160 measuring wheel features a telescoping sturdy Aluminum handle that is durable and will not easily break under slight pressure. Also, being Aluminum, you can be sure that you will not have to deal with rust-related issues and the handle will remain in shape for the longest period. Besides, the handle features a comfortable no-slip grip positioned at the top that you won’t need to strain when working.

What’s more, the handle is adjustable thanks to the 3 sections located on the shaft. When in use, it can extend up to 37 inches. Storing and transporting the unit will not demand much space. Simply retract the handle along the adjustments to more than half the height from 37 to 15 inches to make compact and portable.

Digi 1st W-160 8-Inch Measuring Wheel

It common to see equipment described as robust with promises that it will last long. That is not the case with W-160 measuring wheel. For this unit, everything comes as described. It features a heavy duty construction that guarantees a long period of use.

Don’t be tempted to think for a moment that W-160 measuring wheel is one of those cheap units that promise heaven only to end up utterly disappointing. The unit is pretty easy to use and will, therefore not demand special skills to operate Also, you can rely on the measuring wheel thanks to the high accuracy level of close to a 100%.

Considering the size of the wheel, we would recommend W-160 measuring wheel for indoor use. We noted a single complaint on the height of the handle. That should not be a problem if you are of the average height. It can work best for extra-tall users if the distance they are measuring is not that significant.

Rolatape 32-300RP 11-1/4-Inch Measuring Wheel

Rolatape brings a new approach to distances measuring wheels. Their aim is to define versatility and convenience better. The company ranks two of its measuring wheels on the list of the giants in this category. You will note that the units that have surfaced on this list high very high ratings. Now that means one thing; they are top performers. Rolatape brings you their measuring wheel, 32-300RP.

In the outdoors are very many challenges that you have to deal with when using the equipment. What that implies is that you use a tool that is robust enough to withstand the harsh working conditions. Rolatape 32-300RP is not one of those standard and flimsy measuring wheels that have dotted the market. It comes with a heavy duty and durable steel-casted measuring counter that will survive just any environmental elements.

Also, you will find this measuring wheel easy to use. With the 5-digit counter that has a large display, you can be sure that taking your measurements will be super-easy. As such, don’t worry if you have eye problems. It will allow you to measure in feet, yard, and meters and you can measure up to 100,000 of any of the three units of measurements. What’s more, it comes with a reset button that is conveniently positioned that takes you back to zero when you want to start all over.

Besides, Rolatape 32-300RP measuring wheel features a rubber wheel with calibrations. The wheel is tough enough for use in making accurate measurements in all terrains both the paved and unpaved surfaces. The wheel is smooth to ensure that you don’t need too much effort in pushing it. That way, you will not get exhausted easily.

Rolatape 32-300RP 11-1/4-Inch Measuring Wheel

Also, the measuring wheel comes with Sky-Glo color. The color is not designed there for decoration purposes but for a reason. When in storage, either in the vehicle or store, the color will come in handy when locating it.

Besides the handle of Rolatape 32-300RP measuring wheel is uniquely designed. It comes as a separate unit from the wheel itself. So whenever you want to use it, you simply insert and lock. For transport and storage, just detach the handle to make it compact enough. This way, it does not occupy much space.

Rolatape 32-300RP measuring is all about versatility and portability. Together with the large wheel, they make this unit ideal for just any application. Be it in the landscape, construction or real estate, you can rely on 32-300RP for professional and accurate measurements.

TR Industrial TR88017 FX Series Measuring Wheel

For all your safety needs and products including safety jackets, helmets, anti-fatigue mats and more, TR Industrial remains rules the world. And to ensure that you break away from using the unreliable measuring tapes and those flimsy and disappointing measuring wheels, it comes to your rescue. The company presents you the top rated TR Industrial TR88017 Series Measuring Wheel. It is an upgrade from the TR88017 FX series which features a single wheel.

On most occasions, measuring wheels comes with only a single wheel. Well, while some may still be stable and robust enough to roll in tough areas, TR Industrial TR88017 Series Measuring Wheel cannot be beaten. It comes with two heavy-duty wheels that make it ideal for many work environments. The wheels measure 6 inches each.

What’s more, it comes with an adjustable handle. It can collapse by more than half the original height. It folds from 3′ to 1’3′ high. That makes it makes the unit high compact and super-portable. The folding mechanism comes in handy especially when you want to carry the unit to a different workstation. The reduced size allows you to fit it in your carrying case as well as occupy very minimal space in the storage area.

Even more, it has a counter conveniently located between the two wheels adjoining them. The digits are large to read from afar without straining. That allows you to take the readings effortlessly. It lets you measure both in inches and feet. TR Industrial TR88017 Series Measuring Wheel can take measurements to a maximum of 9,999 feet.

Besides, you don’t need to worry about incurring more after buying the unit. While other wheels will require you purchase a carrying case on your own, TR Industrial TR88017 Series Measuring Wheel comes with a wheel. The carrying case cushions the unit from any impacts on accidental drops and contact with water.

TR Industrial TR88017 FX Series Measuring Wheel

The handle is designed with you in mind. It features rubber ergonomic grip that allows you to work for the longest time. And to ensure that you don’t expend excessive pressure on the handle, the wheels are smooth. That ensures they roll easily and you don’t get fatigued easily. Also, the frame is made from aluminum, which renders it durable and rustproof. The only challenge and a major complaint among the customers is that those who are extra tall will find the handle too short to use.

This measuring wheel is designed for beginners and experts alike. It is simple to use with a large display that is easy to read. It doesn’t matter whether you use spectacles or not, you will see the large numbers on the display with little effort.

Don’t hesitate to invest in on TR Industrial TR88017 Series Measuring Wheel. TR industrial backs this unit with a 1-year warranty. As such, that should expel any doubts about the quality of this unit. TR Industrial TR88017 Series Measuring Wheel is recommended for both indoors and outdoors thanks to the two heavy-duty wheel.

Komelon MK3110 Measuring Wheel

Komelon features twice in this category. Not for nothing but because it offers quality products and particularly those related to distance measuring. Tape measures, measuring tape reels are just examples in the basket of the products they offer. And when it comes to long distances, Komelon MK3110 Measuring wheel promises you an experience like no other. Here is why you will not go wrong considering this measuring.

For compact storage and portability, the unit comes with a folding handle. The shaft will fold easily to almost half the original size. So every time you want to carry it for outdoor use, simply fold it into a compact size that will fit your carrying case. What’s more, it won’t occupy much space in your gear store or your vehicle when in transit.

Komelon MK3110 Measuring wheel is among the accurate units out there. It will measure even to the tenth of a foot to ensure that you get measurements as precise as possible. And yes! It takes consistent measurements and will not miss a foot. If you’d prefer to measure in meters, there is also a unit by this manufacturer that offers that.

What’s more, you’ll never again experience fatigue when using Komelon MK3110 Measuring wheel. Thanks to the comfortable rubberized and contoured pistol grip, it will always feel secure on your hands. As such, that should motivate you to work for long hours.

Even more, it features a gear-driven 5-digital counter with a push reset button that is conveniently located for ease of operation. You’ll not struggle to take the readings. The display offers large sized numbers that you can read from a distance. The unit can measure a maximum of 10,000 feet. To return to zero, simply hit the reset button and you are set.

Komelon MK3110 Measuring Wheel

Komelon MK3110 Measuring wheel comes with a robust 10 inches diameter wheel large enough for outdoor use. You can be sure it will roll without you applying much effort on the grass or even a short bush. It use doesn’t end there. On the wheel are treads that give it a tight grip with the smooth and hard surface in the indoors. So there is no more worrying that it will slip and impact on the accuracy.

Also, there is a kickstand that ensures that you keep your standing. And it is robust enough to support the measuring wheel. That is crucial in ensuring that it does not fall dangerously or come into contact water when laid flat on the ground. As already pointed out, the wheel size of Komelon MK3110 Measuring wheel favors both indoor and outdoor usage. It is ideal for concrete contractors, athletic and rec. Department, estimators, surveyors and more.

AdirPro - Digital Distance Measuring Wheel, LCD Display

AdirPro offers some top rated products varied categories including USB Cables, Camcorder Batteries, household battery chargers, distance measuring wheels and more. Allow me to focus on the measuring wheel for now. Rated 4.5 stars and attracting positive customer’s reviews, AdirPro-Distance Measuring Wheel is the thing. This top-performance measuring wheel exhibits a few noteworthy features.

AdirPro-Distance Measuring Wheel measuring wheel is not just any other distance measuring wheel out there. It is a real and quality wheel that offers nothing short of a durable construction. It features a plastic molded wheel measuring 12 inches in diameter which makes it ideal for use in roughest areas. The wheel is tough and will see better days. With a wheel that size, you can almost be guaranteed that nothing will get in its way. You’ll not need to apply much effort to get it rolling.

What’s more, AdirPro-Distance Measuring Wheel comes with a telescoping handle that you can adjust to your to suit you perfectly. It can extend up to 44 inches and retract to 27 inches. The result is a compact and lightweight unit that can store and carry hassle-free.

There is also a bonus for you. Well, you have to purchase a carrying case separately in other measuring wheels. AdirPro-Distance Measuring Wheel is different in that it comes with a free soft carrying case that offers maximum protection to the unit when in storage or transit.

The unit is built with much care to beat the test of time. The buttons are waterproof and dustproof. As such, not even a drop of water will penetrate. You’ll not need to deal with dirt problems that may lead to clogging and non-sensitive buttons. Rest assured this is a lifetime purchase.

When working, you need some rest. And that means placing the unit away so you can relax. So to avoid chances of placing your measuring wheel directly on the ground, it comes with a robust kickstand that will keep the unit propped up in whichever work setting.

AdirPro - Digital Distance Measuring Wheel, LCD Display

A project does not always have a single measuring unit. That’s why you need a measuring wheel that allows you to optimize the settings so you can have your distances in the units preferred. AdirPro-Distance Measuring Wheel can measure even tenths of feet and meters. You can be sure you’ll not get inconvenienced and embarrassed after discovering something is amiss. The measuring wheel allows you to measure a maximum of 9,999 feet.

Versatility is a key consideration when it comes to equipment. AdirPro-Distance Measuring Wheel is multipurpose and will work both outdoors and indoors. Whether you are a homeowner, a real estate appraiser or you work in a construction industry, this measuring wheel should be your best bet.

AdirPro-Distance Measuring Wheel is designed for use by experts and non-experts alike. It is outstandingly easy to use. For hassle-free readings, it has a large LCD display positioned on the handle. And the best part; it comes with a backlight making it simple to use even in low-lit areas. What’s more, it has a memory capable of storing and even recalling up to 5 values. Read also: Top 10 Best Spotlights in 2019.

Further, this measuring wheel does not require you to plug in to get it working. It runs on 3 AA batteries that can last you up to 30 hours when on a full charge. And to save on energy, it has an intelligent auto shut-off that recognizes when it is not in use.

As pointed out, you need technical skills to work with AdirPro-Distance Measuring Wheel. In the packaging is a manual that will take you step by step until you master the workings. The manufacturer backs the unit with a 1-year limited guarantee against all defects related to manufacturing. AdirPro-Distance Measuring Wheel is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Both professionals and beginners have a reason to smile for this functional unit that has been designed with them in mind.

Komelon ML1212 Meter-Man 4-Inch Measuring Wheel

Komelon is also a leader when it comes to offering distance measuring tools. In their array of distance measuring items are tape measures, measuring tape reels and now measuring wheels. A look at their products on Amazon will indicate that they are highly rated. Let’s see why Komelon ML1212 Meter-Man Measuring Wheel has made it to the list of the top choice in its category.

The unit comes with a 4 inches wheel. Now, you must note that this measuring wheel is designed for indoor use. Wheels made for use in the outdoor have diameters over 10 inches. That is a property that makes them roll in the rough areas. Meter-Man Measuring Wheel will is ideal for smooth and hard surfaces.

Meter-Man Measuring Wheel comes with an adjustable telescoping handle. That way, you can set the height to your liking, which ensures that you don’t get fatigued easily from bending or raising yours hands high. Even more, with a simple twist and lock, you can have the handle properly positioned for stability and accuracy.

Meter-Man Measuring Wheel is a perfect definition of portability. Being lightweight, you’ll have nothing to worry about when transporting it. And the fact that the handle is foldable that reduces to 15 inches. That allows you to slip it into a backpack for use away from home but indoors. At home, another tool you cannot miss in your gear a toilet plunger.

As pointed out, Meter-Man Measuring Wheel works best in the indoors, which are mainly smooth surfaces. The wheel has polyvinyl treads which ensures that it has a tight grip on the surface. As a result, it works without slipping on the surface, something that would impact on the accuracy of your measurements.

Komelon ML1212 Meter-Man 4-Inch Measuring Wheel

With Meter-Man Measuring Wheel, there is no more having to deal with rust problems. The unit comes with wheels made from ABS material that keeps corrosion at bay. ABS as a polymer is a heavy duty plastic and does not rust.

Gone are the days when you need to struggle when reading on the measuring wheel display. Tremendous improvements mean that you’ll be stuck alone in those units with analog reading displays. For quick and effortless reading, Meter-Man Measuring Wheel comes with a magnifying lens that zooms the numbers so that just anyone can see.

The counter is gear-driven 5-digits counter to improve the accuracy as much as possible. What’s more, it comes with a reset button located on the counter that you can simply hit to take it back to zero. Meter-Man Measuring Wheel can also measure in reverse. That means that if you pull it back in the reverse direction, it calculates the distance and subtracts from the total automatically. The unit can measure the distance to a maximum of 10,000 ft. It can measure in tenths of a foot.

Komelon has confidence in the quality of this measuring. In that respect, they offer a 1-year limited warranty. In the event the unit comes with manufacturer’s defects, you can get a no- hassle replacement for free. Meter-Man Measuring Wheel is ideal for indoors use where it has numerous applications. From decorators, Realtors to appraisers, this measuring wheel will not disappoint.

Calculated Industries 6540 Wheel Master Pro Distance Measuring Wheel

Calculated Industries is known for its top quality products in the various categories. They include office products, tools and home improvement, kitchen and dining, electronics, baby and more. In the tools and home improvement category is the Calculated Industries 6540 Wheel Master Distance Measuring Wheel. The measuring wheel has been specially engineered to guarantee you the best experience and precision when measuring. Look at the top best telescopic ladders in 2019.

Now, for precision when measuring, balance is a must. Otherwise, there is no way you can take a reliable linear measurement. Calculated Industries 6540 Wheel Master Distance Measuring Wheel boasts of a centre-line design that ensures the stability of the wheel while letting you take the measurements to an accuracy degree of 99.7.

This measuring wheel breaks from the standard way of construction. It features a gear transmission powers the counter. And as an assurance of a reliable wheel, the gear transmission comes with a seal.

A measuring wheel works over long distances where a measuring tape fails miserably. That means you’ll need to be as comfortable as possible when working. Calculated Industries 6540 Wheel Master Distance Measuring Wheel comes with a pistol grip that is easy on hands, so you don’t tire quickly.

Besides, you’ll never again experience trouble reading your measurements. A major complaint among customers is on difficulties they face taking readings on the measuring wheel display. Calculated Industries 6540 Wheel Master Distance Measuring Wheel was designed with you in mind. Thanks to the magnified counter placed on the wheel, you can be sure to read your distances quickly and effortlessly.

Rarely will you find a measuring wheel with a break. The handle of this wheel comes with a break that makes it possible to measure the precisely the distances you want. And it is not just positioned anyhow. It is integrated on the handgrip to for quick access. What’s more, there is a reset button that is conveniently placed such that you can reset to zero using your thumb or even foot.

Calculated Industries 6540 Wheel Master Pro Distance Measuring Wheel

Calculated Industries 6540 Wheel Master Distance Measuring Wheel is compact and lightweight. It comes with a retractable handle that features some hinges. That way, upon folding it reduces in size enough to fit in the storage case and for ease of transportation. It will reduce in height by half from 38′ to 19′. And carrying the unit is even easier thanks to the built-in carrying handle it possesses. Besides, on top of the handle is a 3-inch reflective strip fitted for safety purposes.

Also, the unit comes with a 12.5-inch diameter heavy duty plastic wheel. As such, it will roll without any hindrances even in the most rugged places. Be it in the terrains, grass or the mud, Calculated Industries 6540 Wheel Master Distance Measuring Wheel will negotiate all of them. The measuring wheel allows you to measure a linear distance of up to 9,999. You might also be interested in replacement wheels for scooters.

Even more, it comes with a robust steel kickstand that is simple to flip down through a simple kick with your foot. It will prop the unit once you have stopped working.

In addition to the built-in carrying handle, Calculated Industries 6540 Wheel Master Distance Measuring Wheel also comes with a free backpack carrying case where you can fit your unit upon folding the handle. That keeps the unit protected from any foreign materials adding onto the lifespan.

There can be no doubt Master Distance Measuring Wheel is a quality product. You can try it risk-free as you stand to benefit a limited 2-year warranty. Master Distance Measuring Wheel is commercial grade and is ideal for professionals. You can be guaranteed of accurate results in your measurements.

Keson RR318N 3-foot RoadRunner Measuring Wheel

When it comes to buying products in almost all categories, Keson should be your best bet. Our focus is on their home and improvement category where we come to find tape measures, measuring tape reels and measuring wheels. Taking the 3rd position in this category, Keson RR318N RoadRunner Measuring Wheel is a force to reckon with. It appears among the top for all the best reasons. We discuss some of the remarkable features that come with this quality measuring wheel.

For fencing, taking measurements is usually the first thing you do. Keson RR318N RoadRunner Measuring Wheel is just what you need. The wheel is made from impact-resistant ABS material. You will note that ABS is a polymer that applies mainly where impact resistance, strength, and stiffness are required. That is exactly how durable this wheel becomes. By impact resistance, it implies that they will absorb shock when rolling on rugged or uneven surfaces. The result is smooth roll and accurate calculation distance calculation.

Keson RR318N RoadRunner Measuring Wheel features a telescopic handle whose height you can adjust as you prefer. That way, you will not develop back problems or find trouble pushing it along. Thanks to the foldable handle, it renders compact enough for storage and transport.

What’s more, the handle comes with cam lock, which is a fastening mechanism that ensures it stays in place. To add on to your comfort, it comes with a contoured pistol rubber grip that feels easy on hands. That lets you can work for long hours without getting exhausted easily.

There is no more risking of your eyes reading small numbers typical with most measuring wheels. Keson RR318N RoadRunner Measuring Wheel comes with a 5-digital counter where you can take the readings. The measuring wheel can take measurements up 9,999 feet. On top of that, for easy reading, it has a magnifying lens on top of the digital counter. That way, those who have issues with their eyes are sorted.

Wait! There is one another cool thing about the Keson RR318N RoadRunner Measuring Wheel counter. While others will only allow a single unit of measurement, you get to choose between measuring in feet and inches. This way, there is no way you’ll feel inconvenienced.

Keson RR318N 3-foot RoadRunner Measuring Wheel

The term functional best describes Keson RR318N RoadRunner Measuring Wheel. While other typical wheels will ask to be reset after moving a short distance, that is unheard of with this measuring wheel. The measuring wheel is a high-performer. It allows you to measure 2 miles at a go without having to reset. That means it makes your work more accurate and faster compared to the standard measuring wheels.

Aside from being able to reset the 5-digit counter to zero, Keson RR318N RoadRunner Measuring Wheel offers more. Every time you decide to reverse, it will subtract for you automatically. That is of great significance especially in instances where you make mistakes. You won’t need to calculate the reversal manually leading to even more accurate calculations. What more, it won’t take you much time using a tape measure or using a calculator.

Besides, you will love the fact that it comes with a kickstand. That is crucial in a situation when you are working and want to relax fax. Simply apply it and refresh first. Never again should you lay flat on the ground. It would tip over either.

Keson is not new with the measuring wheels. And that is why the offer professional-grade measuring wheel that has been tested over and over. What’s more, you can be sure that you’ll be getting simply the best from the improvements made on the design over the years spanning almost a decade.

Warranty on a product remains one way of ascertaining if the company believes in what they offer. And true to their word, Keson RR318N RoadRunner Measuring Wheel comes backed by a limited lifetime warranty. We cannot recommend Keson RR318N RoadRunner Measuring Wheel to any particular group of people. It is suitable for any work setting. Convenience and reliability are guaranteed irrespective of the application.

TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel

TR Industrial is reputed for the production of safety items including safety jackets, helmets, anti-fatigue mats and more. In their broad array of industrial grade equipment is the TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel. It is designed to ensure that you measure your distances with certainty and accuracy.

It doesn’t matter where you want to use, TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel will in the toughest environments. Do you wish to measure on gravel, grass, or dirt? This distance measuring wheel is all you need to get it done. it comes with a large wheel with a diameter of 12 inches rendering ideal for just any outdoor work.

If you don’t want disappointments working with cheaply constructed distance measuring wheel, then TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel is what you need. It’s been built from heavy duty materials that make it ideal for those harsh work environments. And don’t be tempted to think that it is one of those rigid units that you have to apply all the force for you to move an inch. It has a smooth yet sturdy wheel that rolls very easily on a slight push. The wheel can measure up to 9,999 feet.

Your care and comfort are paramount, and that is why TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel has been engineered with the user in mind. It features an ergonomic grip that is easy on your hands so you can work effortlessly.

TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel offers accuracy you can rely upon. After testing on various surfaces, customers have reported encouraging news about the performance. It has received praise from all quotas. That should give you enough confidence to try it with no worries.

Convenience is usually a crucial asset when it comes to industrial equipment. The experience you have with equipment determines how reliable and convenient it is. Now, you can rely 100% on the TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel for the few things we will point out below.

TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel

Many a time, you’ll find a unit that is extremely hard to tell how it works. And that means guesses here and there, which puts your unit at risk. TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel does not require an expert to get the hang of it.

Nothing gets easier as using 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel. You only need to set the measuring wheel on the surface and start walking. It’s that simple! Besides, you don’t need to struggle reading the numbers on the measuring dial. Even the bespectacled people will read it without straining. It comes with a reset button that ensures that after measuring a certain distance you start a fresh right from zero.

What’s more, it comes with a kickstand. That is essential when you are in the field and have come completed using it or would like to relax. With it, you’ll have your unit supported until when you have to use it again.

How would you hate it having a very functional unit with the only shortcoming being too large a size? It’d make storage and transportation almost impossible, right? With TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel, that is no longer going to be a challenge. The wheel is designed to retract to about half the original size. In full height, it measures 2’9” high, but upon folding, it reduces to 1 foot 4 inches high. That renders it very compact making transportation and even storage a breeze.

Even more, it offers a bonus that you’ll love. Not all distance measuring wheels come with a carrying case meaning that you have to purchase one. Now, you cannot afford to risk your unit without a bag. That is because it can catch dirt or worse still, come into contact with water. Apparently, the result would be damage to your unit. TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel is exceptional. It comes with a sleek TR industrial carrying bag where you can slip it after use.

As pointed out, a warranty is a sign that the manufacturer has confidence in the product they offer and actually cares about the user. TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel comes with a 1-year warranty. TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel is best for those who’d like to measure long distances in the most rugged terrains. The 12-inch diameter wheel and the heavy duty construction is best suited for such environments.

#1. Rolatape RT312 12-inch Measuring Wheel

Located in the US, Rolatape Corporation has a reputation as the largest raw materials maker of distance measuring wheels. Hands down, they have the best industrial and scientific tools. Rolatape RT312 Measuring Wheel tops the list in its category. Not for nothing but because most customers think it deserves it and that’s why it has attracted huge ratings and numerous reviews. That takes us to the features making this wheel stand out among the rest.

A distance measuring wheel is a tool that you use only mainly when there is long distance to measure. That means it should not feel bulk and you should drive it with less effort. It should not feel like you were in a gym after you’ve completed your task. Rolatape RT312 Measuring Wheel features an aluminum spoke over which the tire has been molded. That renders it extremely lightweight to move without applying much effort.

It can be utterly disappointing at work when measuring distance and the wheel develops mechanical problems due to its fragile nature. You want a wheel that can work in severe conditions without experiencing breakdowns. Since Rolatape RT312 Measuring Wheel spokes are made from aluminum, you can be sure this is a lifetime purchase.

And to add more on to the lightweight weight element, this measuring wheel features a telescopic aluminum handle. The best part about the handle is that it is foldable thanks to its 3 sections. That renders Rolatape RT312 Measuring Wheel extremely compact and portable. When in full height, the unit measures 24 ½ inches. So every time you want to store it, it won’t occupy much space. Did we mention that it features a lock that ensures the wheel does not move when in transit?

Comfort when using equipment will determine your performance in that job. Rolatape RT312 Measuring Wheel comes with an ergonomically designed grip that ensures that you have a comfortable grip on it when working.

Rolatape RT312 Measuring Wheel comes with a counter that allows you to take accurate reading to as low as 1 inch. And don’t forget you are free to switch the settings by 1-inch increments. The maximum distance you can measure with the measuring wheel is 10,000 feet.

#1. Rolatape RT312 12-inch Measuring Wheel

Rolatape RT312 Measuring Wheel is designed for use in the outdoor thanks the wheel with a diameter of 12 inches. You can be guaranteed it’ll not fail to move even in those rough terrains. What’s more, there is no more lying the measuring wheel flat on the ground when not at work. You should not worry about it tipping once you want to relax. It comes with a kickstand that keeps it propped up until the next use.

Upon buying Rolatape RT312 Measuring Wheel, you are eligible for 30-day money back guarantee. On top of that, you stand to enjoy a 1-year warranty. Rolatape RT312 Measuring Wheel is ideal for outdoor use. Whether you are a farmer, a surveyor, it will be a real blessing owning functional distance measuring wheel.


It is not that the tape measures are becoming obsolete. You cannot depend on them when measuring long distances. A measuring wheel remains the best alternative. Accuracy, robustness, and versatility are key considerations when buying a measuring wheel. It is our belief that the reviews above will come in handy when selecting your next measuring wheel.

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