Top 10 Best Digital Point & Shoot Cameras in 2021 Reviews

Digital point & shoot cameras are relatively more technologically advanced travel gadgets. Millions of people throughout the globe seek this kind of cams for multiple reasons. For instance, they boast compact designs which are travel-worthy. Also, they’re stylish and work incredibly well for photojournalists. Users particularly love their easy-to-use designs. The ease of maintenance and affordability of these cameras make them ideal accessories to cover birthdays, weddings, as well as other life events. Also, they’re perfect for DIY home videos and video logs.

However, that doesn’t imply that all models are similar. They differ in various ways. In fact, you’ll come across endless models on the market. It can thus become a daunting task to select the right model for your preferences and needs. Below, we feature the top 10 best digital point & shoot cameras in 2021 reviews. They’re a result of long hours of intensive research. They’re entirely accurate and non-biased. Read on to find which digital point & shoot cam model would suit you best.

10.  Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100IV Digital Camera, 20.1MP


The RX100IV is an upgrade to Sony’s widely popular RX100 series. But, it keeps all the exciting aspects of its predecessors. Notable improvements are implemented for underwater shooters. Sony has added improved low-light performance and incorporated a faster, wider 24-70mm lens. The movies on this model are now able to shoot in 4-K video.

It’d be a favorite choice if you’re seeking wide angle (without needing a different port) and lenses which are more compatible (to acquire ultra-wide shots). However, bear in mind that this cam doesn’t have any macro mode. But, still, you’ll obtain a considerable value for your money. It’s a compelling option that’s worth considering.

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9.  Canon Power-Shot G7X, Wi-Fi Enabled


It’s the first 1-inch sensor, compact camera by Canon. But, there’s a lot more to the G7X than a G-Series Power-Shot camera that’s slapped in a large sensor. The video you’ll acquire from this unit is top notch, with a considerably high 35-mbps bit rate. In addition to the cam’s macro mode, you can add on a separate macro lens. In turn, that will allow for flexible macro shots to super macro.

The large, 1-inch sensor concept has become a hit, offering a high-end 12,800 ISO performance. The inclusion of such a sensor promotes better image quality and low light performance when compared to smaller sensors. However, it’s so small that the cam will fit in your pocket. Besides that, the G7X boasts a 24-100mm equivalent lens. Canon makes it an option to do manual or TTL strobe exposure within the Manual Exposure Mode. You’re definite to praise this device’s real one-touch white balance. It’s a model that leaves infinitely little to be desired!

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8.  Nikon Coolpix S9900, with Inbuilt Wi-Fi and 30X Optical Zoom


This 16MP digital camera offers an incredible 25-750mm focal length equivalent. We agree that that’s a notably wide focal range. It’s the cam you’d be totally worry-free with when heading out on a trip. Such cases prompt for a light, portable device. But, at the same time, you’d want a cam that works well in varying situations.

The Nikon Coolpix S9900 is among the best options you’d have on hand in case you’re seeking such a unit. Its wide focal range implies that you’ll easily capture close-ups just as the action that’s far away. The included, fully-articulating LCD allows you to the cam below or above your head. In turn, that will get you well above any crowds. We particularly love the inbuilt GPS which will geotag your photos. The S9900 is offering quite a lot for its price. Purchasing one would be an excellent bargain for the value.

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7.  Canon Power-Shot SX600HS Digital Camera, 16MP


The Canon Power-Shot SX600HS is an advanced point-and-shoot digital camera. This Wi-Fi enabled model boasts a portable and remarkably ergonomic design. If the appeal is a key consideration among your priorities, this model won’t disappoint you. It features an eye-catching red theme. Canon ensured an excellent overall build when designing this cam, including it with a powerful 16-MG CMOS sensor.

The integrated DIGIC 4-Plus image processor enables this cam to stand out as it boosts the overall processing power. Additionally, the image-stabilized lens provides for a top-notch 72X combined zoom. You’ll notice a dedicated movie button which will help you capture stunning HD videos effortlessly.

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6.  Olympus TG-4 Waterproof Digital Camera, 16MP


Simply put, the Tough Olympus TG-4 is an incredible splash-proof pocket camera for the price. It’s an improved version of the previous Tough Series flagship, the TG3.  The improved version incorporates RAW shooting capability, rather than JPEG. This model, as its name suggests, is shockproof, dustproof, freeze-proof, and crush-proof. It boasts an impressive 50-feet depth rating (without housing) and a remarkably fast f2. 0 lens. You can take this device with you in any moist environments without any concern about it getting wet.

Also, it’s able to take incredible macro. In the microscopic mode, you’ll get unbelievably close up macro without requiring any other accessory lenses. But, ensure that the lens port is spotless! The cam, when in microscopic mode, will focus so close that if you’ve got any debris or lint on the inside of the lens, it’ll focus on that instead. Besides, the TG4 features super-fast live focus, like a camcorder. For the price, this model is unbeatable, especially when we consider the fact that it’s a unit which will survive nearly all of your adventures.

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5.  Sony DSC-TX30/B Camera, 18MP with 5X Optical Zoom


This model might not be as tough as other high-end cameras, like the Olympus models. But, it’s still a Sony! In fact, its imaging specs are just top notch. This point-and-shoot digital camera is just 0.5 inches thick. Also, it features a handy magnifying macro-lens function that’s included with a LED light. The Sony DSC-TX30 is waterproof to a 33-feet depth, freezeproof, and shockproof. As well, it’s airtight to help prevent any dust from making entry into the camera. It houses an impressive 19. 2MP Exmor-R CMOS sensor.

An included BIONZ image processor provides for an extended 12800 ISO, 10-fps continuous shooting speed, as well as 1080i video capture. The incorporated lens provides for 5X optical magnification for a 26-130mm equivalent. The touchscreen control will prove especially handy in fast-paced situations. Sony avails this model in multiple different color options, including orange, black, and pink.

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4.  Ivation Shockproof Underwater Digital Camera, 20MP


The Ivation Underwater Digital Camera is designed to capture HD underwater photographs. It’s a professional-grade, 20MP point-and-shoot cam. It boasts a durable and compact design which can be immersed in water up to 10 feet. This 20MP digital camera comes in a slim case that’s dust- and shock- proof. Besides, it offers an outstanding 640×640 VGA resolution. Now, it’s undeniable that such a resolution is quite impressive for the price.

It’s a favorite model for many users who particularly praise its versatility. Case in point, it has dual, full-color LCD screens: a standard 2. 7-inch display and a front-facing one for selfies. In addition to that, you’ll get a bright, inbuilt flash. A fantastic 32GB memory card slot will enable you to store your creations. Isn’t all that value just worth it? Certainly, it is.

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3.  Nikon Coolpix S33 Camera, Waterproof


Maybe you’re the kind that often ventures on outdoor adventures. If so, then you’ll want a properly-designed point-and-shoot digital cam for everyday use. We’d strongly advise that you give the Nikon Coolpix S33 prior consideration. It’s a water-resistant camera which offers praiseworthy value for years and years. It’s incredibly durable!

The Nikon S33 bears a stylish, yet ergonomic white base. The well-thought out sturdy design incorporates a 13MP CMOS sensor. Quality is conveniently boosted by the wide-angle 3X zoom lens. Also, you’ll get a fabulous 1080p HD video recording feature (enabled with stereo sound).

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2.  Polaroid Snap Instant Camera


Are you seeking an ideal digital shoot & point camera for your kids? Well, look no further. We’d be incorrect to assume that you’ll get a model that’s better than the Polaroid Snap Instant 10MP Camera. It’s a fun, affordable shooter which features an inbuilt Ink printer. In turn, it’ll grant your children a measure of immediate gratification as soon as they press the shutter.

Also, the Snap saves files digitally. That way, they’ll be able to look back on their memories several years after the print fades out. This cam is worth consideration especially because it’s just a clinch to operate it. All you’re required to do is pop up the cam’s viewfinder, and it’ll turn on immediately.

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1.  Sony DSCW800/B Digital Camera, 20.1MP – Best of Digital Point & Shoot Cameras in 2021

sony-dscw800 - Best Digital Point & Shoot Cameras in 2021

The Sony DSCW800/B tops our reviews’ list for several apparent reasons. First, it boasts a powerful 20.1MP and a super HAD-CCD sensor that shoots detailed images. As well, a 5X optical lens is included to bring the action close. Sony incorporates an impressive Steady-Shot Image Stabilization feature which helps reduce blur and eliminate other imperfections when capturing images indoors and outdoors.

You’ll love how simple it’s to use the DSCW800/B as it makes use of a simplified menu. Also, this device bears an exclusive ability to capture 720p High Definition videos in the Movie Mode. The most appealing aspect would probably be the cost factor. Sony offers this precious, feature-packed cam at an unbelievably affordable price! This model is worth consideration if you’re seeking unmatched reliability, durability, and performance!

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The models featured above have been carefully selected and well analyzed. They guarantee you the best experience you could ever attain from a digital point & shoot camera. You’re assured of genuine point & shoot performance with these cameras. So, feel confident selecting any of the above options. It’s crucial that you take your personal preferences into consideration before purchasing any model. It’s our hope that our reviews will help you make the ideal decision when buying a digital point & shoot camera. Good luck!