Top 10 Best Diaper Pail in 2019

Top 10 Best Diaper Pail in 2019

Best Diaper Pail for Babies

What are the top 10 best diaper pails in 2019 and why is it important to know which ones they are? So you are a new mom, and there are so many options available to you in terms of Diaper Pails that you get lost trying to figure out which one is the best for you? Considering that your baby will go through a little over 9500 diapers in their first three years, a good reliable diaper pail is essential when planning your nursery.

When it comes to diaper pails one of the biggest draw cards is keeping it odourless. The second most important feature is how many diapers can a diaper pail take? This is important as you cannot take the trash bag out more than once a day, and preferably you only want to do it every 2-3 days, your baby is going to take up all the time you have.

Most, but not all, diaper pails need cartridges to operate. You need to keep this in mind when choosing a diaper pail, as some of these can be quite an extra monthly cost, in addition to your cost of diapers per month.


Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail with Odor Lock Technology

best overall ratingPlaytex Diaper Genie Complete

Our Review

First on our list of top 10 diaper pails in 2019 is the Playtex Diaper Genie. This is a good looking pail with a long sleek body that will fit nicely into your nursery without calling attention to itself. It comes in different colors so no matter the theme and color of your room it is sure to blend in.

The Diaper Genie has an Odour lock technology that ensures odors stay in the pail and do not infiltrate your babys room, keeping your nursery fresh smelling no matter how foul the diaper. It operates using a built-in carbon filter that absorbs and locks in all those nasty diaper odors, as well as an odor lock system with double airtight clamps and a built-in odor controlling Antimicrobial. All in all, odors stand no chance with the Genie diaper pail in use.

Then there is the height of this bin. It allows you to dispose of your diaper without bending, which is great especially if you have a baby on your hip to contend with. Added to that it comes with a convenient foot pedal so you can operate the pail hands-free. This is very necessary as you will probably only have one free hand at change time to pack up the diaper and then dispose of it as sometimes putting your baby down to try and pry the diaper pail open is not an option. On top of all of these great features, it also holds any size diapers so will last you throughout your diaper duty time.

The Diaper Genie bags can hold up to 270 diapers without letting any odors escape. That is a lot of dirty diapers in anybodys language and the Genie copes with it effortlessly. Emptying the pail could not be easier with its front tilt and cut and tie bags. Each Diaper Genie comes with one refill cartridge.

  • Nice and tall to allow for no bend disposal
  • Odour locking technology to keep babys room sweet smelling
  • Bags can hold up to 270 diapers
  • Easy to empty.
Playtex has a great diaper pail here, it not only prevents odors from escaping but looks great and will fit into any nursery so is good for a gifting idea. It has the odor locking technology which keeps your nursery smelling good as well. The bags can hold up to 270 diapers which make this diaper bin economical, despite it having to use the refill bags which is an extra monthly cost. The Playtex is a very tall pail that comes with a foot pedal for hands-free operation. These are fantastic features that allow for minimal bending when disposing of your diapers, which is a huge help when you have your baby in your arm and only one free hand.

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By Diaper Genie

Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Powered by Arm & Hammer

premium choice ratingMunchkin Step

Our Review

A great looking, sleek design diaper pail. The Munchkin is guaranteed to give you a good result when wanting to restrict foul odors from escaping into your babys room. The Munchkin diaper pail comes with a lavender-scented baking soda puck from Arm & Hammer, this absorbs the smell of old diapers that are lying in the pail. The lid holds a vented disk that sprinkles the baking soda so the pail is always preventing and absorbing odors. Remember though that this is another part that has to be replaced regularly. The pail also has a self-sealing technology, this twists the bag each time you put a dirty diaper in and close the lid, ensuring that no air blasts out when opening or closing the lid.

Again as in the case of most diaper pails you will have to purchase the refills separately, however as this is a collaboration between Munchkin and Arm & Hammer, you can choose between Munchkin paid diaper bags or Arm & Hammer refills or go for the snap, seal and toss bags. Each refill holds up to 30 diapers and snaps shut for easy sealing, no cutting or tying required.

The diaper pail has an easy hands-free operation with a convenient foot pedal which ensures hygienic operation and allows mom to hold her baby when disposing of the dirty diaper.

Like some other pails the Munchkin also offers a child lock button so your inquisitive toddler cant get his hands on the dirty diapers.

Finally one of the features is that it comes fully assembled, one less thing to put together for babys room and making it an ideal gift at a baby shower

  • Great looks
  • Good odor control
  • Easy hands-free use
  • Child lock button
The Munchkin Sep is one of the premium diaper pails available. It has all the features you need to make your most unpleasant task as easy and odor free as possible. Each bag holds about 30 diapers so you wont have to take the trash out every day. The child lock button stops any toddler from getting their hands on the dirty diapers which are important if you want to keep the mess to a minimum. This diaper pail is good looking, holds a lot of diapers, has easy hands-free use and comes fully assembled, which makes it a great gifting idea.

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By Munchkin

Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail

great value ratingDekor Classic Hands-Free

Our Review

The Dekor Classic has many great features, one of the best is a reusable cartridge which saves you money and makes changing refills quick and easy. Dekor diaper disposal system is smaller in design than some of the other diaper pails on this list, which makes ideal for your smaller nursery and for Grannies who need it for part time use. Sometimes having a smaller capacity pail is better, you really dont want those nasty dirty diapers lying around for too long anyway.

The pail itself is made out of ABS plastic which is scratch and odor resistant. It has an easy access door for emptying and sports a door mounted child-proof cutter. The large pedal makes for one hand easy disposal. It comes in three colors namely white, sage and gray- all neutral colors which allow it to be able to blend into any color scheme.

Like many of the other diaper pails, the Dekor classic has a child-proof locking mechanism so that your older sibling cannot get his hands on his little brother or sisters dirty diapers.

The Dekor diaper disposal bags can hold up to 40 newborn diapers, this means using fewer refills and again saves you money.

The added bonus of this diaper pail is that you can use it without the cartridges making it even more economical. You can use any trash bag even the reusable cloth ones. To add value you can also use this diaper pail as a regular trash can when you are finished with diapers.

  • Reusable cartridge
  • Made from non-scratch, odor resistant ABS plastic
  • Nice neutral colors
  • Holds up to 40 newborn diapers
This is a nice, compact diaper pail to cater for the smaller nursery, it is a budget beating pail with the benefit of reusable cartridges if you want to use them, and can hold a whole lot of poop. The Dekor bags hold up to 40 newborn diapers. One of the great features that give this diaper pail longevity is that you can use it as a normal trash can once your toddler is potty trained. It comes in three colors so you can get the right one to fit your home. What more can you ask from a diaper disposal bin?

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By dekor

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail, Hot Pink

Ubbi Steel

Our Review

Aside from its sleek design and good looks, the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail has an enviable 12 different colors to choose from, so you can really blend this in with your nursery whatever your color scheme. This metal diaper pail has the benefit of never having the odor sticking to it, which you sometimes have to contend with when using the plastic diaper disposal pails.

The stainless steel body is coated with powder, which is what allows for the multitude of colors, and sports rubber seals ensuring that the odors do not escape.

The low maintenance of this diaper pail will impress, there are no Ubbi diaper pail bags on the market because you can use any bag with this disposal system, saving you a whole lot of money you would have had to spend on refills. The Ubbi diaper pail will hold around 58 diapers, which is around three days worth. You wouldnt want to go without emptying your pail for much longer than that.

There is one small drawback to this diaper pail, it is not an easy hand’s free system. That said it is still simple to dispose of that smelly diaper, just slide the lid and drop it in. The benefit of the slide system is that it does not allow for air disruption so the smell of those other diapers already in the pail will not escape.

The Ubbi is a little pricier than some of its competition, but then it is made from stainless steel and it is made to be used with regular tall trash bags, so there is no need for the costly monthly refills.

  • Stainless steel body to prevent odors sticking to the bin
  • Stunning looks and variety of colors to choose from
  • Low maintenance and cost
  • Can use any trash bag
The Ubbi stainless steel diaper pail stands out among the rest simply because it is steel and not plastic. Maintenance is a breeze and you will not have to worry about scratching and odor retention inside the pail. It looks stunning and comes in a myriad of different colors as the steel is powder coated. Yes, it is a little more on the expensive side when it comes to diaper pails, although this is offset by the fact that you can use any trash bag with this pail. That saves you on monthly costs of cartridges and offsets the cost of the pail itself. The pail is completely odorless having a sliding mechanism lid, although due to this it is not completely hands-free in its design, it does prevent even the slightest of odors escaping when you dispose of your diapers.

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By Ubbi

Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe

Baby Trend

Our Review

The Baby Trend Diaper Champ is one of the most economical of all the diaper pails on the market as you can use any trash bag with this system and do not have to purchase the expensive refills adding to your monthly bills. Or if you like having the refills there is the option of using the Diaper Champ refills. This option is a bit more expensive but adds greatly to odor control and the number of times you will have to empty the trash.

The Baby Trend Diaper Champ can hold up to 30 soiled diapers, which is not the highest capacity but is a fair amount, honestly, you dont want to leave your dirty diapers in the bin for too long a period anyway.

The Diaper Champ comes in white with different blue, pink and green being used for the trimming. This makes it easy to blend it in with the color scheme of your nursery.

The Diaper Champ Deluxe is a really easy diaper pail to use and can be used with either disposable diapers or cloth ones. The pail is also easy to clean and keeps out the odor by using a rotating lid which allows for one hand operation.

  • Does not require refills
  • Easy to use
  • One hand operation
  • Easy to clean
The Diaper Champ is similar to the Ubbi in that it also uses any trash bags and does not have specific cartridges that you have to use. That is where the similarity ends though. The Champ is a plastic pail that can hold up to 30 diapers, which is not as much as some others. The Diaper Champ can be used with either disposable or cloth diapers which is a great feature as a lot of Moms have moved over to the cloth alternative. It is easy to carry having a handle at the top to lift it with. The Champ has a one hand operation model so moms dont have to put baby down when disposing of the diaper. This is an economical, easy to clean and versatile pail that will do the job adequately.

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By Baby Trend

Dekor Mini Hands-Free Diaper Pail

Dekor Mini Hands-Free

Our Review

This is the baby brother to the Dekor Diaper Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail. It is easy to use and offers ahands-free operation to make life easier for busy moms. It is also very economical as you do not have to use the Dekor refills but can use any trash bag with it. It is great for keeping one upstairs and one downstairs as it is small and does not get in the way.

This Dekor diaper pail has almost the same features as the Dekor Plus, but is smaller in size so can fit into tight spaces, allowing for it to be used in a small bathroom as well. It comes in three different colors; sage, grey, and white so will blend in with your accessories easily.

The Dekor baby diaper pail has a foot pedal for you to open the bin hands free and allows for you not having to bend down too far to dispose of the soiled diaper.

One drawback, albeit minor, is that the Dekor diaper pail refills are custom made and have to be knotted at the bottom. So if you want to avoid spills, you will have to make sure that you make a very secure knot.

The Mini Hands-Free comes with a child-proof lock that protects the trap door and this operates with a simple knob. A child-proof cutter is also mounted on the lower access door to prevent older siblings from investigating the contents of the pail.

  • Small and compact
  • Hands-free operation
  • You can use a normal trash bag with it
  • Great odor prevention
The Dekor Mini is a good diaper disposal system to use in small bathrooms and as an extra bin at Grannys home. It is easy to use, simple to clean and keeps the odors at bay. The Dekor Plus refills are also readily available from Walmart. If you are looking for a second pail to keep in the bathroom or downstairs if you on two levels, then this is a great option. You can use it with a normal trash bag which makes it economical as well. It has good odor prevention and hands-free operation, if you are going to use this with the refill bags then you must remember to knot them tightly when changing them or you will end up with a mess all over your hands.

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By dekor

Diaper Genie Essentials Diaper Disposal System

Ideal Diaper Genie Essentials

Our Review

The Genie Diaper pail has a specialized clamping system designed around its own special bag the clamp seals off each bag before letting it drop into the pail. This means that no matter how nasty your dirty diaper smells, that odor will be contained. It also helps with the small amounts of odor that sometimes escape from diaper bins when they are opened to drop newly soiled diapers into them.

You must, however, be sure that you seal up your dirty diaper so as to prevent leakages. It also means you will have to put the diaper through a squeezing mechanism when disposing of it. These, however, are minor issues that pale in comparison the benefits you get. If the diaper is considerably full of waste, then there could be leakage when you squeeze it through, but this is few and far between and not a general occurrence and could therefore not be considered a drawback.

It has a child proof scissors on the interior of the pail which are used to cut the refill film. The refill cartridge is easy to replace and easy to dispose of.

The Diaper Genie Bags are expensive and add to your monthly costs, however you need to weigh that up against the great odour prevention that you get when using this disposal system. These refill bags offer 7 layers of protection from odour and germ containment.

This great diaper disposal system can hold up to 100 newborn diapers at a time, remember this is the bag itself and not the pail, the pail can hold up to 34 newborn diapers before it will require emptying.

A great advantage of the system is that the dirty diaper never comes into contact with the pail itself, which is excellent for maintenance and preventing odors from lingering in the pail. The system also makes for easy disposal of the offending diapers as they are all compacted neatly together.

  • One of the best odor control pails on the market
  • Easy to maintain and empty
  • Specialized clamping system to seal in dirty diapers
  • Holds up to 34 newborn diapers
Although not the most economical pail out there it is the one that most Diaper Genie reviewers agree has the best odor control, and as we know odor control is the most important aspect of a diaper pail. It is also a good looking pail and has a reasonable capacity for holding your dirty diapers, it can hold up to 34 newborn diapers before it has to be changed. It is easy to empty and to maintain, both great qualities in a diaper pail. The specialized clamping system puts it up there with the best in odor control and this alone makes it a standout on our list.

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By Diaper Genie

Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail (7 gallon: 1-2 days)

Odorless Cloth

Our Review

Cloth diapers are all the rage at the moment. If you are looking to not only save yourself some money but the save the environment as well, then you will opt for using these kinds of diapers instead of your standard disposable diapers. Disposing of cloth diapers will a little different as they are reusable and you do not just want to throw out the trash when the bag is full.

This diaper pail is designed specifically for the new eco-friendly cloth diapers. It has a carbon filter that lets air in but controls the odor. This is made from recycled plastic so not only are your diapers eco-friendly so is your diaper disposal pail.

The design of the diaper pail is also convenient with two side handles for carrying. Remember you are not going to empty a bag into the bin, these diapers need to go to the washing machine so carrying the pail needs to be easy.

It is a large size pail that can hold a fair amount of cloth, so you only have to empty it on a 2-day cycle, which is about what your washing regime for these diapers is.

  • Made from eco-friendly recycled plastic
  • Prevents odor from escaping
  • Easy to carry
  • Large size and can last you up to 2 days before emptying
This specialized diaper pail is for those moms who prefer to use the cloth diapers to the disposable ones. It is large in size and can last you up to 2 days before you need to empty it, this is about the same timespan for normal cloth diaper washing regimes so it works out very well. The Odorless diaper pail has two handles, one on either side which aids in carrying the pail to and from the washing machine because unlike the mom who is using disposables, these diapers are not meant for the trash can. If you are looking to save the environment then this is the one for you, as it is not only designed for the eco-friendly cloth diapers, it is made out of recycled plastic.

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By Busch Systems

Tommee Tippee Simplee Diaper Pail with 1 Refill

Bubula Steel

Our Review

Another small diaper pail that can fit into your small bathroom, or even a cupboard if you want to hide it away. This disposal unit can only hold around 18 diapers before it needs emptying, which is notably less than some of its competition. That is the pail itself, while the cartridge takes up to 180 diapers.

Due to its compactness, it does not offer the luxury of a foot pedal, so you will have to manually lift the lid in order to dispose of your dirty diaper. So the Tomme Tippee Simplee is not a hands-free disposal system.

The pail itself is very nicely designed and looks sleek and clean. It comes in three different color trims, namely gray, blue and pink. So you are covered if you want specifically for a boy or a girl, or if you prefer a neutral color to blend into your nursery or bathroom.

They system is designed to use its multi-layered antibacterial and odor blocking film, meaning that you will have to purchase the refills to use this pail, making it a little more expensive during its lifespan than other disposal pails.

  • Compact
  • Controls odors well
  • Good looks
  • Cartridge can take up to 180 diapers
The Tommee Tippee Simplee is one of the most compact diaper pails on the market. Even though it is small it is still feature packed. It looks good and a cartridge can take up to 180 diapers before it needs replacing. The Simplee is small enough to fit into a cupboard, so even if you needed to keep it in the kitchen you could hide it away from prying toddler hands. Due to its size, the diaper paid does not come with a foot pedal, which makes it a little less easy to dispose of the offending diaper, however this is a minor inconvenience.

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By Bubula

Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail

Dekor Plus Hands-Free

Our Review

The Diaper Dekor Plus is the big brother to the Dekor Classic and holds a lot more dirty diapers. The Dekor Plus has the same advantage of the Classic and that is it is able to be used without refills.

The Dekor Plus comes in various colors including black, which is a little out of the ordinary, so again it will blend in with most nurseries. This is a very sleek looking pail that unites goods looks with good functionality.

The Dekor Plus have their own special bags that are powdery scented to aid with odor control. One of the best benefits is that you do not have to stuff your soiled diapers through a contraption, the trap door opens by itself when the weight of the diaper drops on it, this makes for easy hands-free hygienic disposal of your dirty diapers.

If you decide to use the refills with this diaper pail then you can rest assured you are also doing your bit for the environment as these are made out of 20% recycled plastic and are purportedly biodegradable.

The Dekor Plus has a capacity of 46 diapers before you will need to empty out the bag when it is time to do that, the pail has a convenient side door for easy access and emptying of the bag.

  • Easy one hand disposal
  • Child Lock
  • Holds up to 46 diapers
  • Good holding capacity
Great looking, well-designed diaper pail that copes well with odor control. It is economical to the extent that you can use either normal trash bags or their own bags and comes in various colors to blend in with your nursery. Dekor Plus can handle 46 diapers so changing the bag is not a daily task anymore. It has an easy one hand disposal system and a child lock for safety. The bags are made out of 20% recycled plastic and are biodegradable, this means that while you are taking care of your babys immediate needs you are also looking out for his future by protecting our environment. All in all a great diaper pail with great looks and great features.

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By dekor

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Diaper Pails Buying Guide

What is a diaper pail?

A Diaper Pail is a diaper trash can if you will, an essential addition to any nursery. Dealing with stinky diapers is not a moms most glamorous job. Not only that but you will be changing a lot of diapers in the first years, so you want something that is quick, easy and odourless to lessen the burden.

The humble diaper pail is it. It is used to keep your soiled, nasty smelling diapers in one place stored hygienically until you, as a busy mom, have time to empty the trash out. It is specially designed to control the odour, and as the pail usually stands in your babys room, this feature is one of the most important aspects of the pail. You dont want your babys room smelling like stinky diapers do you? You will need to invest in one of these Diaper Disposal Systems then as using a normal trash can will do nothing to keep your nursery smelling sweet.

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Although a diaper pail is one of the last things parents look at when buying goodies for their new bundle of joy, it is in our opinion one of the most important. You dont want to think of poop at that stage of the game, however, without taking care of where and how you are going to dispose of your babys soiled diapers is going to affect their overall comfort levels.

There are many different diaper pails on the market, some cater for cloth diapers as well as disposables but most specialize in either or. The difference between the two would be that you do not throw away your cloth diapers, so your disposal mechanism has to be slightly different. You can wrap your disposables up tight and seal in the stink but with cloth diapers, you cant do that so you need a system that controls the odor through the design of the units locking lid.

Why use a diaper pail?

Why use a diaper pail and not just a normal dustbin you ask? Well, diaper bins are designed to keep your bubs room smelling fresh and new, something a normal bin would not do. Newborn babies urinate every 20 minutes or so and as a result, you go through a lot of diapers in a day. If you leave them in an open dustbin, or even one with a lid but no sealing mechanism, the chances are your babys room is going to smell terrible within a few hours. Add to that most diaper pails can hold a number of used diapers without any odor escaping. You could not say that about a normal trash can.

You can use a normal trash can and simple plastic bags, but then you have no control over the odors that will escape from your soiled diapers. You baby urinates often, and because they are on essentially a liquid diet, they poop quite a lot too, this equates to a lot of diapers per day. If you do not have a pail that keeps the smell from those diapers in you have a problem. Then there is the issue of the older sibling, a curious toddler lets just say, you might come into your nursery to find soiled diapers spread all over the place. Toddlers tend to be very curious and tactile as we all know, and you end up with a lot more mess than just one soiled diaper to deal with.

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So for hygienic and ododorurposes using a diaper pail is far superior to using a normal trash can to dispose of your diapers. The other added benefit of using a diaper pail is for disposing of the used diapers, it makes it quick and easy and you can dispose of quite a few at the same time, so instead of multiple daily trips to the trash can you only have to take one trip every 2-3 days. Although they might be a little more expensive to buy and maintain than a normal bin, they are well worth the money.

Do I need a diaper pail?

Short answer to that question is yes you do, that is if you are looking to control the odour that emanates from soiled diapers permeating through your babys nursery. You may not need a big expensive one, and you may even choose to use one like the Diaper Champ or the Ubbi that do not require cartridges, but you definitely need something more than a normal trash can to hold your used diapers in.

A lot of parents question the need for having one of these disposal systems, but after a few days of having no way of controlling the smell from soiled diapers, or having to carry out the diapers to the outside trash after every change, they realise their folly and go out and get a diaper pail. Even Grandparents who babysit their grandchildren often should have one, although they would only need a small compact one for limited use such as the Tommee Tippee Simplee.

So the question is not Do I need a Diaper Pail? it is What kind of Diaper Pail do I need? The answer to this question lies in what you like. Do you want a hands-free unit, is the amount of diapers it can hold important or do looks matter to you? Also maintenance and budget play a part in this decision; do you need one that uses cartridges and refills, or are you looking for the lower maintenance ones that you can use any trash bag with.

You will have to decide – and it is worth giving it some thought before you go out and purchase one. To recap there are a few important aspects you need to consider when deciding on the pail for you.

  1. Cost – An important decision as there are some pails refills that are going to be a big slice of your budget over the lifespan of the bin. The size bin you need will also have an impact on the cost of the pail, so if you have twins, a mini pail is going to be more work and not worth the cost saving.
  2. Odour Control One of the most important aspect you need to consider when deciding which pail to choose. The whole point of getting a diaper pail vs a normal trash can is to avoid the stink.
  3. Easy disposal Disposing of the dirty diaper should be easy for you to accomplish holding your baby. Often you only have one hand free during changing times and this is where the pedal bin comes in handy as you do not have to struggle with trying to pry open a lid.
  4. Easy Refill You dont have time to mess around with trying to refill your diaper pail, you need to be able to get that task done quickly and efficiently. The snap in and out bags are great.
  5. Safety If you have a toddler in the house this is an important consideration. Curious little fingers like to pry things open, so consider this when choosing your pail, otherwise you are going to have even more poop to clean up. See our review of the top shampoos for toddlers right here.
  6. Effective The pail you get should handle the dirty diaper effectively, letting it slide down into the pail and not have to put your hand inside to push it down. This is not only unhygienic for you as you will get pee and poo all over you, but also protects the inside of your pail as you will not squash the dirty diaper into the sides.

How many diapers does a pail hold?

The number of soiled diapers one of these pails can hold varies between the different types. Some hold a lot, up to 100 diapers, others only cater for 30-40 diapers before they need emptying. Many people also often confuse the amount the pail holds verses the amount the refill cartridge holds. The pail may only hold say 40 but the cartridge holds 180. That is why most of these diaper bins include a cutter or scissors so that once the bin is full, you can cut the film and then tie a knot in it and continue using the cartridge, until capacity is reached. It is important to empty your pail regularly no matter how many diapers it says it can hold.

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If you are running a day care you would opt for a pail that holds a lot more than say the Tomme Tippee Simplee which only holds 18 before it needs emptying. In this case you would go for something like the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail which holds up to 58 diapers.

Generally speaking you would not want to keep soiled diapers in your pail for longer than 2 or 3 days at the most before emptying the pail. The smell builds up in the pail and although the pails are lined with plastic to seal in the odour, you have to open the pail to dispose of the next soiled diaper, and this lets air out, even if the amount is minuscule, the smell can be quite potent.

Of course if you are a mom who is using the cloth diapers, then your washing regime should coincide with when you need to empty your diaper pail, the normal practice when using these kinds of diapers is between two to three days.

Playtex Diaper GenieTop Pick

Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail with Odor Lock Technology

The Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail with Odour Lock Technology is an all in one diaper disposal system. It comes with the Odour Lock Technology, which prevents even the smallest of odors invading your nursery.

The Diaper Genie is the complete system, it has the great Odour Lock system with double air tight clamps and a built in odour controlling Antimicrobial. It is easy and simple to use and maintain, and then there is the fact that each cartridge holds up to 270 diapers.

This makes it one of the best diaper pails to use if you have a day care or are dealing with twins. With its sleek lovely design and multiple colors to choose from this diaper pail makes for a great stork party gift and will blend into any nursery effortlessly, it is definitely our top pick.

Munchkin StepPremium Choice

Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Powered by Arm & Hammer is our premium choice.

The Muchkin Step is a step up in design of diaper pails, the really interesting thing is that this pail uses baking soda to keep the nasty odors away and it works better than most other solutions. The Munchkin has a specialised lid that holds a vented disk that sprinkles the baking soda at regular intervals, this ensures that the pail always smells nice no matter what.

There is, of course, a cost to this as you will need to replace the disc frequently. Then there are the refill bags, these are lavender scented and are easy to use, just snap in and snap off, no cutting or tying, and each bag holds up to 25 diapers.

Munchkin offers a patented sealing system, so when the lid to the diaper pail is closed it is automatically sealed off to prevent any and all odors from escaping. On top of all the features this is also a great looking bin and it comes fully assembled so it makes for a great gift to any prospective mum.

Great Value

Dekor Classic HandsDekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail

A fantastic, economical diaper pail that gets our great value award. This diaper pail is great for smaller nurserys, bathrooms or Grandmas house. The Classic holds around 40 newborn diapers even with its small size. One of the best features for your pocket, is the reusable cartridge which saves you money and makes changing the refills painless.

Even though one of the smaller diaper pails, it comes with some great features which you find in the larger pails. It is made of ABS plastic and a large pedal that makes for easy disposal. It also offers a child proof locking mechanism which is essential when you have toddlers in the house just looking for something to dig into.

Finally making this a great value pail, is that it can be used with or without using the refills. In other words you can use it with normal trash bags if you need to and avoid added expenses. When you are finally done with your diaper duties, you can convert this pail into a standard trash can, giving it longevity as well.


So that concludes our list of the top 10 best diaper pails in 2019. By now we are sure we have convinced you that you will definitely require a diaper pail in order to protect your nose and that of your babys from the foul smelling odors that emanate from your used diapers. Your babys room should be as sweet smelling as they are and you are not going to achieve that with a normal trash can full of dirty diapers standing in the nursery. There are many different makes and models, some are great for a small nursery and some are excellent for a day care. We hope that the list we provided will help you decide which one you need, because the only thing we are sure of is that if you have a baby on the way then you are sure to have to put a Baby Diaper Pail on your shopping list.

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