Top 10 Best Dash Cam Review And Buying Guide In 2019

There was a time when people have assumed that the dashcam is merely something that people can use to show that they have the ability to purchase something luxurious for their vehicles. This has changed considerably when people realized that the dash cam can do so much more. What is the best dash cam for car? Now is the time for you to know more about dash cams in general. If you do not have a dash cam yet, then you should try learning more details about how to get one very soon.

Top Best Dash Cam To Buy Today

APEMAN Dash Cam 1080P FHD DVR Car Driving Recorder 3″ LCD Screen

You would like to have a drive that will be under your control. This is definitely one of the dashcams that you can use for this purpose.

Major Features:
  • This is a dashcam that will be able to support up to 32GB micro SD card as long as it is formatted well on the camera. The suction mount will make sure that this can stay in place while you are using it. This can be used well whether it is daytime or nighttime.
What We Think Is Good
  • This has a user manual that will make it easier for you to know how to install and use this dashcam.
  • There are two mounts that you can use for this product.
  • This has a mini USB cable to make it easier to charge.
What We Still Consider
  • The image quality is still good even at night.
  • The instructions come in different languages so there is no need to translate each one.
  • This is more affordable compared to the other dashcams that you will find.

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam Infrared Night Vision Dual 1920x1080P

Let us say that you have finally decided that you need a dash cam. Are you feeling overwhelmed with all of the dash cams that you have checked out so far? Some of the cameras seem to offer the same features but you should know that the slight differences can truly change the footage that you will get from each dash cam.

Major Features:
  • This comes with a microphone feature that will allow you to record voices too.
  • This has a motion detector when it is in parking mode.
  • This is cold and heat resistant from -4 to 194 Degrees Fahrenheit.
What We Still Consider
  • The screws would need to be tightened from time to time.
  • The mount is not as durable as people have hoped.

Rexing V1 Car Dashcam 2.4″ LCD FHD 1080p

Do you want to have a dash cam that is not too obvious? There are a lot of discreet dash cams that you can find but some are better than the others. This is one of the well-hidden cameras that you have to look at right now.

Major Features:
  • The discreet design will make this elusive to the other drivers you may encounter on the road.
  • This comes with a mount that will allow you to install this easily on your windshield.
  • This has an optional GPS feature that can be helpful when you are lost.
What We Think Is Good
  • The quick attach and detach system can be very useful depending on where you want to place the camera.
  • The lens can be adjusted depending on the angle that you want.
  • You can control the length of the video files.
What We Still Consider
  • Some say that it did not work that well for them.
  • Some have received defective units one after the other.

YI 2.7″ Screen Full HD 1080P60 165 Wide Angle Dashboard Camera

You have to realize by now that not all dashboard cameras are created equal. If you are meticulous about the dashcam that you are going to use, this is one of the products to check out. This is built with the Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems. What else can you learn about this dashcam now?

Major Features:
  • The wide angle coverage can cover up to three lanes.
  • This comes with an all-glass high resolution lens that will make capturing videos clearer than usual.
  • The G-sensor technology can help record videos during emergency situations.
What We Think Is Good
  • This can be effective in capturing images from any side of your vehicle.
  • The cost is not as high compared to the other dash cams.
  • The build quality seems durable.
What We Still Consider
  • Some say that they are not too happy with the quality of the footage that they get.
  • This will not stay on your windshield when it is too hot.

Dash Cam, Crosstour 1080P Car DVR Dashboard Camera Full HD

Finding the right dashcam can be a bit overwhelming especially if you do not know what you are looking for. If you would just research more about the different cameras, you will notice that this particular dash cam is one of the best ones to check. Now is the time that you should learn more about this.

Major Features:
  • This has a 3-inch LCD screen that will help you see the videos in real time.
  • This has a motion detector that will make it automatically start recording when you are in a parking lot.
  • The WDR technology will still keep the colors looking amazing even at night.
What We Think Is Good
  • This can definitely be used to prove that accidents are not your fault.
  • It comes with different accessories that will help you set this up properly.
  • The price is great considering all of the things that it can do.
What We Still Consider
  • Some say that the manual that comes with this is not very useful.
  • It might be a bit hard to mount this when you do not know what to do.

5 Best Dash Cam Reviews  In 2019


AUKEY Dash Cam, Dashboard Camera Recorder with Full HD 1080P

What are the things that you are looking for when searching for a dashcam? It can be a bit overwhelming when you see the different ones available. Take time to know what you want and it will be easier for you to eliminate those that come with features that you do not need.

Major Features:
  • The stealth design will allow you to mount this behind your rear view mirror without being seen.
  • The emergency recording mode will allow the camera to record accidents.
  • This comes with instructions that can be followed for a safe and secure installation of the dashcam.
What We Think Is Good
  • This camera can capture everything in wide view.
  • This can make it easy to check out license plate details.
  • This is small so installing this will not take a lot of effort.
What We Still Consider
  • Some say that they have tried to inquire but did not receive any message from the seller.
  • It suddenly stopped recording.

Rove R2-4K Dash Cam Built in WiFi GPS Car Dashboard Camera Recorder

Do you have a lot of expectations with the dashcam that you are going to choose? If you answer yes, then you should choose a dashcam that will coordinate with your high expectations. This comes with a lot of features that you will not see in other dashboard cameras.

Major Features:
  • This also comes with a built-in WiFi.
  • You can use the GPS feature if in case you get lost.
  • The suction mount can rotate up to 360 Degrees.
What We Think Is Good
  • This can make viewing easier on your phone because of the WiFi.
  • This is a very compact camera so you will have no trouble choosing the place where it would be set up.
  • This comes with a manual that you can follow to set it up properly.
What We Still Consider
  • The installation can be complicated and a wrong move will not make the camera work.
  • The mount has the tendency to be weak.

CHICOM V21 9.66 inch Mirror Dash Cam Touch Full Screen

Who does not want to have a dashcam right now? This is considered to be one of the things that people need right now. Do you agree? If you answer yes, then you know for sure that you should consider the different dashboard cameras right now. Is this one of the cameras that you want to consider?

Major Features:
  • This comes with loop recording so that it will continue the footage by going over your old ones.
  • This comes with a time lapse mode that will be very helpful when you are recording while parking.
  • The backup camera will be highly effective in keeping track of the items around you.
What We Think Is Good
  • The installation of this dash camera is easy to do so you do not have to worry about spending too much time installing it.
  • The cameras are surprisingly HD and the videos are clear.
  • This works well during daytime and it surprisingly works very well at night too.
What We Still Consider
  • Some say that when the sun is shining bright on the camera, you will not get any decent footage.
  • The button got stuck inside the dash cam and it cannot be turned on anymore.

Rexing V1P 2.4′ LCD FHD 1080p 170 Degree Wide Angle Dual Channel

One of the reasons why finding the right dashcam can be complicated is there are so many cameras that you have to consider. When you look at all of them, it may seem that they are all the same. Check out their features further and you will start to see their differences. This particular dashcam may catch your attention. Now is the time that you learn more about this.

Major Features:
  • The G-sensor will be able to detect if there is a collision and will automatically lock and record a video.
  • The design of this dashcam is discreet that it is not immediately noticeable.
  • The high temperature resistance means that this will work no matter what the climate is.
What We Think Is Good
  • The front camera can capture really clear videos that can be helpful when reviewing footage.
  • You can use up to 128 GB micro SD for more video footage.
  • There is no need to download special software anymore just to watch the videos from the camera.
What We Still Consider
  • The videos are not too clear when it is rainy or when the light is low.
  • It may take some time to install the rear camera.

WheelWitness HD PRO – Premium Dash Cam with GPS – 2K Super HD

Do you need a dash cam that will give you the ability to still record even when it is dark? If you answer yes, then there is no need to worry. There are a lot of dash cams that will come with their own features but this particular dashcam will allow you to have the right footage even when it is dark. This might be the dashcam that will serve as the perfect witness while you drive.

Major Features:
  • View footage easily with the 3” screen.
  • This does cycling recording.
  • This has an auto on and off button that can be very helpful for you.
What We Think Is Good
  • This can provide you with clear videos of your drive.
  • This can provide the video that you need in order to strengthen your evidence if needed.
  • You can easily adjust the video resolution settings.
What We Still Consider
  • This camera may not work too well when it is hot.
  • You need to check the video settings otherwise the playback may be awful.

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