Top 10 Best Dancing Water Speakers Reviews

Dancing water speakers make those normal days to be more fun and exciting. Nothing can be more pleasing than watching streams of water ‘dancing’ to your favorite jams. Dancing water speakers just set the mood right after a busy day at work. You can use the best dancing water speakers together with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or even your TV set.

These speakers are not only limited to music but you can use them while watching your favorite TV shows or playing video games. They can be connected either using auxiliary cables or wirelessly. Most of them are small and you can move them around the house. Children find dancing water speakers fascinating and can watch them for hours running without blinking an eye. It is just one of those devices you cannot afford to have it missing in your home.

Why Buy a Dancing Water Speaker?

It is a fact that dancing water speakers are not the loudest or even come close to high end speakers like Bose. They not only a great audio experience but give you what other speakers don’t offer; fun. For this reason, it is a preferred choice for young music lovers and people who just like some little peace of mind.

These are the top reasons why you should buy a dancing water speaker;

i)Fun- This is what these speakers are all about. You will be amazed by bouncing colored water dancing around to the tune of your playlist. It just adds another dimension to the way you listen to your favorite jams.

ii)Compatibility- Dancing water speakers are made to be compatible to every known audio source. They are powered by the audio source device via USB. You can also use it with a USB wall charger. If you Apple or Android products, then there is no need to worry about compatibility. You are good to go!

iii)Night and day- You can use dancing water speakers any time of the day and still get the same kind of thrill. Using these speakers at night is more fun as you get to watch the lights dance hypnotically to the background music.

iv)Great gift ideas- Most people buy dancing water speakers as gifts for their loved ones during special occasions. They are great fun and affordable at the same time.

What should you look out for when Buying Dancing Water Speakers

These are the factors that you should look out for when buying dancing water speakers;

i)Portability- Most people prefer a dancing water speaker that is portable so that they can continue with the fun even when they are away from home.

ii)Input options- There are several ways that you can feed the audio to the dancing water speakers. Most have USB slots while others can be connected wirelessly through Bluetooth. The higher the number of input options you have the better.

iii)Power input- Some dancing water speakers are powered by the audio source device be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Others are charged via a wall mounted USB charger as a standalone device. It is always better to have a standalone dancing water speaker so that the battery power from the audio source cannot be drained quickly.

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iv)Price- The price of most dancing water speakers are reasonable and manageable. Try to buy something that is within your budget but meets your requirements. Compare the price and the specific features of each speaker in mind.

Having the above factors in mind, we set out to find the best dancing water speakers in the market. We narrowed down from top 100 dancing water speakers to 10 and reviewed them individually while outlining its pros and cons. These Top 10 Best Dancing Water Speakers Reviews are listed below:

10. Black LED Dancing Water Speakers for Computer Laptop

These pair of speakers have a sleek design making it more appealing.  It has a built-in amplifier, led lamp and Hi-Fi speakers. The is a perfect match of the dancing water streams and the music beats. The speaker can be used with a variety of music players such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPads, iPods, MP3 players among others. The dancing water speakers comes with a standard USB power plug. It uses plant oil instead of water making it safer to use as oil is a power conductor of electricity.


i)Matching dancing water streams and music beats

ii)Plant oil is used instead of water

iii)Compatible with most audio playback devices


i)Has no battery hence requires a constant power source

ii)Lacks Bluetooth connectivity

best dancing water speakers

9. Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker has employed the latest connectivity technologies like NFC and Bluetooth allowing you to pair with electronic devices in seconds. It has an incredible range of 33 feet. The sound quality is also top notch. The speaker comes in a set of 3W audio driver and a passive subwoofer. This dancing water speaker gives you a daylong playtime of 12 hours and you can recharge it in a mere 3 hours. It is IP54 rated meaning that you can use it outdoors or in the shower.


i)Bluetooth and NFC connection available

ii)Splash and Dust Proof.

iii)High definition audio output



i)It is expensive

ii)It is heavier and hard to move it around.

best dancing water speakers

8. Hello Kitty USB-Powered Water Dancing Speakers

Hello Kitty USB-Powered Water Dancing Speakers has a simple construction but has unrivalled performance. It is powered via a USB cable. It can be readily connected with devices with a headphone jack. You simply need to attach your smartphone, tablet or laptop and play your favorite music. The multi-colored dances to the tune of music being played.

The pink colored Hello Kitty USB-Powered Water Dancing Speakers is a great addition to a girl’s room. The water show is an amazing delight as you listen to your favorite music. USB cable used for powering these speakers is included with every purchase. The total power output is 3Wx2. Enjoy music both visually and audibly with this amazing speakers.

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i)They are affordable

ii)Comes with a USB cable for powering it.


i)Lacks wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth and connectivity

ii)Has no built-in battery

best dancing water speakers

7. Svance Outdoor Portable Premium Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

If you have a Bluetooth enabled device, then you are ready to enjoy dancing colored water show with this Svance Outdoor Portable Premium Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. These speakers are lightweight hence portable. It has a built-in amplifier for loud high fidelity sound. You can feel water to the brim without the worry of it leaking. It is made of a high quality box that is firm to make the speakers durable and easy to carry at the same time. In addition to having a Bluetooth connection, these speakers have a Micro SD card slot and 3.5mm audio jack input. Its vivid blend of water and light gives you a quite show.


i)Portable due to its compact size

ii)Micro SD slot

iii)Has a built-in amplifier


i)Uses water instead of the popular plant oil

best dancing water speakers

6. Morpilot Wireless Bluetooth Colorful LED Fountain Dancing Water Mini Speakers

Morpilot Mini Speakers is one of the best dancing water speakers that are very portable. Weighing at 280 grams, these water speakers are easy to move from place to the next. It has 2.0 channel capability hence giving you a 360-degree stereo surround. It has a built-in 1800mAh battery that supports music playback for up to 4 hours. The v4.0 Bluetooth capability of this speaker makes it simpler and faster to connect with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The music beats and the dancing colored water streams match seamlessly to give a feeling of perfect harmony.


i)Wireless connectivity




i)Lacks NFC connection

best dancing water speakers

5. Soundsoul Wireless Bluetooth Music Fountain Dancing Water Speakers

These dancing water speakers are Bluetooth enabled and offers you a wireless music playback. It has four multi-colored LED lights that beautifully penetrates through the filled water as it shoots from the base. It has a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that can play music for about 4 hours. You can extend the battery life by powering off the fountain. The transparent tube is made of acrylic and filled with environmentally friendly vegetable oil. These speakers have a combined weight of just over 500 grams make them very portable. These speakers spice your music life and can change the feel in the house in seconds.


i)Great dancing lights show

ii)Uses plant oil instead of water


i)They are costly.

best dancing water speakers

4. Goxi LED Dancing Water Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

This high quality Goxi LED Dancing Water Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker is one of the best dancing water speakers in the market. It has four multi-colored LEDs that create an amazing myriad of colors. It has a 3.5mm audio input that allows you to connect with the common audio devices such as iPod, smartphone, MP3 player, PSP, PC or even a tablet.

You can also connect wirelessly through Bluetooth connection. The volume and the tone of the music player controls the water dance beats. This speaker has a FM radio turner. The speaker is made of high quality acrylic material that has a great texture. Water is substituted by plant oil which is more safe as it is non-conducting. There is a perfect match between the music beats and the water dance.

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i)Has a FM radio turner

ii)Compatible with most music player


i)Not readily portable due to its height.

best dancing water speakers

3. KevenAnna Bluetooth Colorful LED Fountain Dancing Water Speaker

KevenAnna dancing water speaker employs the latest v4.0 Bluetooth technology to making pairing with Bluetooth enabled devices a breeze. It also has a 3.5mm stereo audio input making it compatible with devices such as desktops, iPods, Laptops and tablets. It has 4 multi-colored LED lights that create awesome visual effects at it travels from the base to top through a column of water. This dancing water speaker has a built-in 1800mAh battery that supports music playback for 2-4 hours. The battery is recharged by the provided USB cable. The speaker also has a Micro SD card slot for playing music directly. It has a minimal design making it to be portable.


i)Has a built-in battery

ii)Available in different colors


i)Speakers’ volume need to be turned high for water to ‘dance’

best dancing water speakers

2. Supersonic SC-1122BLK 3 Watt Dancing Water Speakers

Supersonic SC-1122BLK has 2 rich stereo sound speakers that offers you a high fidelity sound. It has 4 multi-colored LED lights that lights and dances to the beat of your favorite music. The speakers have a built-in amplifier for quality sound output. It has a 3.5mm Auxiliary input making it compatible with most audio devices such as iPad, Laptop, Desktop or even a smartphone.

The speaker has no built-in battery and is powered by a mini-USB cable that is supplied together with the speakers. These black dancing water speakers are fun and can double up as ambient light for your room.


i)Great quality stereo sound

ii)Has multi-colored LED lights

iii)Has built-in amplifier


i)Has no built-in battery

best dancing water speakers

1.Sharper Image SBT5002 Water Dancing Speakers

Sharper Image SBT5002 Water Dancing Speakers offers a far better performance than its peers in the list. It utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 technology that ensures that the connection is established quickly and without any issues.

When it comes to sound quality, this is an area that this model outdoes every other product in this list. The speakers are quite small but gives a huge sound when you listen to them. The speaker comes with a separate subwoofer which makes the lower frequencies incredible to listen to.  In my opinion I would consider this pair of speakers as a full sound system than just a pair of dancing water speakers with water jumping to every beat!


i)Unique cone-shape design makes it more attractive.

ii)Small hence takes the least of spaces

iii)Easy to set up and use.


i)It is expensive hence not ideal for people working on a tight budget.

ii)Does not have a built-in battery

best dancing water speakers

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