Top 10 Best Cough Drops of 2022 – Reviews

When dealing with a nasty cough, a good way to prevent the situation from degenerating further is to always stay hydrated, drink hot drinks, take steamy showers, and of course, to employ cough medication. In this regard, the only non-invasive and inexpensive solution is to use cough drops.

Offering roughly the same healing power as pharmaceutic cough medication, cough drops are not only a lot cheaper but also much easier to ingest. The main reason why that is being that cough drops are usually pleasantly flavored thus more enjoyable to use. With that in mind, let us find out what are the ten best cough drops to consider if you’re ever dealing with a nasty cold.

Best Cough Drops – 2022 Reviews

10Luden’s Great Tasting Original Menthol Throat Drops

manufacturing dateThe original cough drops were nothing more than a combination of menthol and eucalyptus which is what Luden’s Great Tasting Original Menthol Throat Drops tries to emulate. They taste absolutely delicious and are not extremely hard to bite on. They are also lightweight and small enough to carry around everywhere. The drops come in 20 unit packs which are great for the entire allergy season.

9Halls Breezers Throat Drops, Creamy Strawberry

silver solution

manufacturing dateYou would never really associate strawberries with cough remedies, but when it comes to Halls, they know they’re doing just that the Halls Breezers Throat Drops Creamy Strawberry lozenge. These lip smacking drops don’t have menthol in them which ensures a sweet taste in your mouth at all times. They offer quick relief from sore throats, dry coughs, and more. With a reputation like Halls, these lozenges can be trusted to help fight any throat irritations quickly and efficiently.

8Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops, Value Size, Wild Cherry

manufacturing date

manufacturing dateThe Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops Value Size Wild Cherry flavor cough lozenges are a great way to fight off coughs and get a delicious taste in your mouth at the same time. The main ingredients in the drop are glycerine, sugar, corn syrup, citric acid, water, natural flavors, sunflower oil, carnauba wax, and elderberry concentrate. With a legacy of over 140 years, this cough drop is definitely a trusted name in homes everywhere.

7Luden’s Honey Licorice Cough Drops

30ppm silver solution

manufacturing dateIf you look for natural ingredients to fight a cough or a sore throat, one of the first things that comes to mind is honey and that is exactly what Luden’s Honey Licorice Cough Drops Releasable Bag delivers. These delicious cough drops come in a 30 count releasable bag and are made with the most natural of ingredients such as honey and licorice.

The ingredients are of the highest quality and ensure that every user gets maximum relief from dry coughs and sore throats. Because they are manufactured in the United States, they are extremely affordable and can be carried around for months without spoiling.

6Halls Cough Drops

silver solution

manufacturing dateYet again, Halls is a brand that stands out as their cough drops are some of the best in the market. These particular drops are made from menthol and eucalyptus extracts which ensure a soothing effect bound to last.

With Advanced Vapor Action, the drops start working within 10 minutes of consumption. Taken repeatedly, they fight coughs, soothes sore throats, and help open nasal passages. Interestingly enough, these lozenges are guaranteed not to interfere with any type of medication or treatment you might be taking.

5Fisherman’s Friend Original Extra Strong Drops

manufacturing date

manufacturing dateFisherman’s Friend Original Extra Strong Drops are some of the most popular cough drops out there. These powerful lozenges not only subdue a cough, but they also soothe sore throats and clear nasal passages for hassle-free breathing. They are made from all natural ingredients and are completely safe for children as well.

Furthermore, these cough drops work wonders for any light or harsh throat pain you might be experiencing. The strong taste ensures that all passages are left clear for natural breathing.

4doTerra Breathe Respiratory Drops

30ppm silver solution

manufacturing dateAre you looking for a natural way to soothe your throat or take away that dry cough you have had for days? Then trust the doTerra Breathe Respiratory Drops and their magical healing capabilities. These cough drops are great for sore throats, mild or harsh coughs, and scratchy throats.

The package contains 30 lozenges and can be consumed over a period of more than a year from its manufacturing date, which is more or less what to expect from any quality drops. The primary ingredient used is mint which is a natural soothing agent for throats and coughs.

3Halls Sugar-Free Cough Drops, Honey Lemon

silver solution

manufacturing dateHalls are the biggest manufacturer of cough drops in the world and their Sugar-Free Cough Drops Honey Lemon flavor show us what that is. They are made with Advanced Vapor Action that works really quickly and soothes any throat pain within ten seconds of taking them. Thanks to their long-lasting effects, they soothe sore throats, fights coughs, and clears nasal passages. The package contains 180 lozenges that are entirely natural and sugar-free.

2Organic Silver Lozenges – Soothing Honey with Lemon

manufacturing date

manufacturing dateThe Organic Silver Lozenges – Soothing Honey with Lemon cough drops is one of the best-tasting lozenges available. It comes with a teaspoon of 30ppm silver solution infused into the drop. They are perfect for coughs, colds, and throat aches. Just four cough drops a day are enough to keep you healthy while its silver solution is great for boosting your immunity levels. Needless to say, these lozenges come handy during the cold season.

1Ambrosoli Honees Menthol Eucalyptus Cough Drops

30ppm silver solution

manufacturing dateAmbrosoli Honees Menthol Eucalyptus Cough Drops are perhaps the best cough drops out there at this point in time. They are available in a case filled with twenty-four 9-drop bars which totals to 216 drops per unit. As for the drops themselves, let us point out that they involve a combination of menthol and eucalyptus that ensures sore throats are soothed in just a matter of minutes after taking them.

Not only that but the fact that they contain honey as the base ingredient, which is known for its natural healing properties, will surely recommend them as some of the best you can take whenever you have a sore throat. Its other ingredients include sugar, corn syrup, licorice, eucalyptus oil, and natural flavors, a formula that many high-quality drops use.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?


What To Look For When Buying Cough Drops

silver solutionYou should know that cough drops work by relieving almost any cough-related issue via dissolving and soothing irritated tissue inside the throat.

While the exact medical properties of cough drops are still debated with great arguments on each side, it is generally accepted that they do a good job at soothing the discomfort caused by a sore throat.

If you’re having such a problem, here are the ingredients you need to look for when buying cough drops:

Menthol – One of the main benefits of cough drops is that they clear nasal passages quickly and efficiently. They do this with the help of menthol extract, which is prevalent in most medicine aimed at dealing with sore throats and allergies. Although not present in most cough drops, the good ones do seem to all contain menthol to some extent, a reason for you to glance at the ingredient list whenever buying some.

Honey – The health benefits of eating honey and honey-related products have been known for thousands of years. It is generally accepted that honey provides antiseptic benefits regardless of how you ingest it. Alternatively, look for propolis-based products because for the most part, it’s roughly the same thing with the added benefit of a stronger flavor.

Dextromethorphan – Another key ingredient for any potent cough drops is Dextromethorphan, a very potent cough reliever found in almost any type of cough medicine. Although Dextromethorphan can cause serious issues if taken in large dosages, the small amount contained within cough drops is nowhere near the level that might cause you any harm. In fact, as long as you don’t eat a whole cough drops tablet at once, you are very unlikely to suffer any serious afflictions.

Benzocaine – The main benefit of Benzocaine is that it acts as a mild topical anesthetic. What this does is relieve pain by numbing the irritating sensation in your throat without causing any long-lasting or permanent damage. If you can, always look for cough drops that contain Benzocaine to some extent, be it in small or large dosages. In truth, the larger the dosage the more numbing its effects are, but we wouldn’t suggest overdoing it because of the other ingredients that cough drops contain.

Types Of Cough Drops

30ppm silver solutionDepending on your condition, there are three different types of cough drops for you to consider.

Even though you aren’t supposed to self-medicate without first consulting a specialist, when it comes to a sore throat, you are probably safe buying whatever product you have already used in the past.

Even so, there is always a chance that you’re not getting the full benefit of what cough drops have to offer if you don’t first learn about each individual type can do for your general health.

Flavored cough drops – If you have used cough drops in the past, you will know that they come available in a variety of different flavors to choose from. This is particularly useful when you’re trying to convince a small child to use them or when you have an adversity to the taste of pills or other types of medicine. Be wary, however, of any cough drops that contain too much sugar, because sugar levels can actually raise your blood sugar levels and make the pain worse.

Medicated cough drops – Formulated to provide symptomatic relief, most medicated cough drops have a more pharmaceutic use than regular drops. The fact that most of these drops contain a lot of vitamin C and zinc gives them the benefit of also boosting one’s immune system while treating their sore throats. Given their formulation, these drops can be expected to also contain numbing ingredients, painkillers, or even antihistamines.

Synthetic cough drops – Although many people look for all-natural cough drops, we should point out that there is roughly no difference between natural and synthetic cough drops. This is because a sore throat isn’t a life-threatening affliction, for which reason most cough drops only contain small dosages of whatever ingredients are needed for treating it. So in this respect, unless you have any pre-existing conditions that prevent you from using any synthetic ingredients, you shouldn’t really concern yourself with the actual composition as long as the drops work well.

Are Cough Drops Safe?

For the most part, any medically trained professional will tell you not to treat a cough unless it keeps you up at night. The general idea behind this is that you shouldn’t pump your body with numbing chemicals every time you experience a slight discomfort. In the long run, these chemicals may cause your immune system to become lazier, thus less effective at treating serious afflictions when they arise.

Furthermore, coughing up mucus can actually help keep your lungs clear, which is yet another reason not to use any powerful, anti-congestion medication. Having said that, it all usually boils down to your comfort levels and how much of an inconvenience a sore throat is causing you.

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