Top 10 Best Cooling Pillows in 2017

Cooling pillows have become very popular due to their ability to guarantee the user comfort when they are used. They have features a different cooling mechanism some the use of gel to breathable materials. These cooling pillows do not get warm causing the user to toss and turn at night regularly. Proper air circulation allows the user to enjoy a peaceful night rest all night long.

10. Smart Home Bedding Super Plush Pillow

The packages offer two queen size pillows or two standard sized pillows. The user gets to enjoy using the pillows in any sleeping position. The pillows have cotton covers that guarantee the user of breathability. They will not only change the look of your bedroom but also provide you with comfort while sleeping. They can resist shifting and pillow compression. This keeps them in good shape all through.

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09. Coop Home Goods Shredded Certipur Memory Foam Pillow

It is made with a combination of polyester and bamboo-derived viscose rayon. The pillow can be easily adjusted to the size the user feels comfortable using. The materials used are breathable thus providing excellent ventilation. No ozone depleters are used making it safe for use. It is hypoallergenic and also resistant to dust mites. The queen size is large to the standard pillow. The price of these memory foam pillow is perfect.

08. Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow

The pillow is made with super plush gel fiber that makes it the go-to product on the market. It is designed to guarantee the user maximum support when using it in any sleeping position. The no-shift construction prevents the need to keep readjusting the pillow to the position that you want now and then. The pillow is resistant to stains thus leaving it looking brand new and in excellent condition every time it is washed.

07. Coop Home Goods Shredded Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Pillow

Coop Home is well known for the high-quality pillows it has on the market. This brand is great when it come to the breathability of the materials used. The pillows are made to guarantee the user of comfort, quality service, and durability. This king size pillow is made of a high quality material that makes it a must have product. It is safe to use for people who are allergic to some materials.

06. My Pillow Classic Series Medium Firmness Bed Pillow

The user gets to choose from two different loft levels from this brand. The pillow can be adjusted according to the users’ needs and taste. This ensures that the user is comfortable regardless of the sleeping position they choose. The pillow is machine washable and dryable to help make it easy for the user when it comes to cleaning it. The fill used is of open cell poly that allows the pillow to stay fresh and breathable at night.

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05. Coop Home Goods Shredded Certipur Memory Foam Pillow

The pillow is fully adjustable since one can be able to add or remove foam according to his/her taste and preference. The pillow allows excellent ventilation thus providing extra air circulation that helps to keep them fresh. With this pillow, the user can be able to enjoy proper alignment so as to eliminate any back pains. The pillow is made with super-high-quality material that helps keep it durable for a longer duration.

04. BioPedic Eco-Classic 240-Thread Count Standard Pillows

The user gets to have four pillow form one purchase at a very economical price. The pillows are all standard, and they are made with cotton cover. The fiber used to fill the pillows are from high recycled fiber. The pillows are very soft, and they provide the user with excellent support. The double stitched edge details make them very durable thus guaranteeing the user long term service. They can hold their shape and size.

03. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

The foam pillow is luxurious material that sets it apart from other pillows. The micro vented cover is extremely breathable thus guaranteeing the user that the pillow will remain fresh. The pillow is always fluffy and does not flatten over time. It can be washed for proper hygiene using the washing machine. The shape is conforming to support the user regardless of how they use it. The materials used to make it are very friendly thus making it safe for the user.

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02. Aller-Ease Cotton Allergy Protection Euro Pillow

From this package, the user gets a pack of two pillows. They are both made with 100% cotton that is very breathable. This cotton fabric is allergy proof and keeps dust, pollen, and other allergens from collecting in the pillow. The fiber fill used is hypoallergenic making it safe even for people who are very sensitive. The pillows will keep you comfortable when using them, and their breathability boosts airflow thus keeping them fresh.

01. PharMeDoc Contour Memory Foam Pillow

The pillows are made with a memory foam that has a cooling gel technology that helps in reducing heat. This allows the user to use the pillow without turning and tossing at night. It is curved thus aligning the spine to help relieve the user of back, neck and shoulder pains. The pillow case is hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and can be washed any time the user wants to.

There are other cooling pillows on the market but these ten come rated as the best not only on this review site but also on other review sites. They are made from high-quality materials that guarantee the user nothing but the best service. Their prices are all different, but they deliver value for every penny spent on the purchase. Be sure to buy one of these pillows for use.

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