Top 10 Best Condom Brands in the World

Are sexually active? If the answer is a YES then it always advisable to have a packet or two of the best condom brands. Condoms allows you to indulge in sex while protecting you and your partner from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies.

There are male and female condoms in the market. Male condoms are more popular since they have been around for longer while female condoms have been introduced recently. Condoms allow you to enjoy sex responsibly. When used for birth control, condoms is a more effective method and does not have any known side effects to the productive organs.

Condoms are thoroughly checked and tested to ensure that they meet the required quality standards laid out World Health Organization as well as local standards. It is important to learn the right way to use a condom so that it can serve its intended purpose. There are several brands of condoms in the market and can be tricky to choose the best condom brand that will be comfortable to wear. What are the factors that one should look out for when buying condoms? I have summarized these factors as follows;

i)The Size of the Condom

Size of the condom is very important aspect to consider. Peoples needs do differ from one individual to the other. Sizes is determined in terms of length and width. Condom size differ from small to extra-large. Always the printings in the package shows the size of the condom. Choose the right size for yourself. Too tight condoms increases the chances of breaking while large ones slip off easily.

ii)Material Used

Type of material determines the quality of the condom. Latex is very common material used to make condom though some people develop allergic reactions. Condoms made of polyurethane are also good. The label on the package shows the type of material used thus check carefully before purchasing it.

iii)Texture and its shape

Some condoms are soft while other are rough. Textured condoms increase pleasure during sex. Condoms should be flexible so at to work well with most men.

iv)Lubricants and Flavors Used

It is important to check lubricants used in the condom. Some people have allergic reactions when a particular lubricant is used. There are other additives such as flavors that enhance the sexual experience. Choose the one that suits you well and does not cause any health problems.

Quality condoms are quite expensive. You should be aware that fake condoms do exist in the market at a cheap price. Having considered the above factors, here are our Top 10 Best Condom Brands in the World available for you to choose from.

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10.Okamoto BEYOND SEVEN Condoms

Okamoto BEYOND SEVEN Condoms are ultra thin ensuring maximum pleasure. This is because the thinner the condom the more you feel the pleasure of having sex with your partner. It is made of quality materials including latex. This ensures maximum protection is offered to the user minimizing chances of transmitting sexual transmitted diseases such syphilis and HIV & Aids. They are lightly lubricated to reduce friction. Also, this condom features natural smooth feel. The manufacturer meets health specification laid down by WHO. It is tested by electrostatic technology. The product is odorless and highly sensitive. Its light blue color is so attractive. The smooth finish surface snugs easily into your manhood.


i)It is very flexible and durable.

ii)Offers full protection against STIs.


i)The smell of latex is very strong.

Best Condom Brands

9.Kimono Microthin Premium Lubricated Condoms

Its thin nature is so seductive increasing urge to do sex. This improves the bonding between two partners. On purchase, the dealer’s provider silver case for keeping the product safe. This makes it a perfect choice for travels. It is made of latex and rubber materials thus very thin. The condom is extremely strong to avoid inconvenience to the couples. They are highly popular due to their unique shape. These brands are also available in different colors giving users a chance to choose their preferred color. It is tested and rendered good for you.


i)It is appropriately lubricated.

ii)The condom is thin and comfortable.

iii)Extra ordinary sensitivity.


i)Highly priced.

Best Condom Brands

8.One® Mixed Pleasures 40 Exotic Condoms

Exotic Condoms are available in 8 different styles. Manufacturer includes a case for keeping the condoms. This makes the brand ideal for outdoor events due to easy package. It uses modern latex formula. The product is highly sensitive. Additionally, this condom features 576 sensations. Try this brand for more outstanding pleasures. It is so soft and smooth to wear. It has numerous studs for greater stimulation. Its lightweight nature ensure great efficiency. The company have being approved by relevant authorities such as FDA. The reservoir tip hold the produced semen securely. This guarantees maximum protection from pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases.

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i)Available in variety of flavors to choose from.

ii)It does not evoke allergic reactions.


i)They are some are not available a times due to its high demand.

Best Condom Brands

7.Lifestyles Skyn Selection Condoms

This was the first premium condom made of Polyisoprene materials. It is perfect choice for those who develop allergic reaction to latex-made condoms. The soft nature guarantees full comfort during sex. They are durable featuring silky lubricant for better experience. It has profound studs in a wave like manner to arouse subtle areas. The brands assures maximum pleasure. They are available in three different categories including 10 original skyn, 6 intense condoms and 8 more lubricated skyn. The product has been proven clinically effective having no toxic substances. They are very thin, tested and proven electronically by US safety authorities. Its wider head makes wearing very simple.


i)Available in different sizes.

ii)It has no unpleasing latex smell.


i)It is expensive

Best Condom Brands

6.One the legend XL condoms

Most of condom brands are medium size. One the legend XL condoms are large enough to accommodate endowed people. It is very unique. Easily snugs into your manhood. Its design features well ventilated pores. Secure fit at the middle guarantees maximum comfortable so that the user can meet sexual confident confidently. The base measures 56 millimeters at the base, 61 millimeter head with overall length of 200 mm. It features silicone lubricant.


i)Fits most of the user securely.

ii)Offers excellent protection.


i)Some users have reported breakage when not handled well.

Best Condom Brands

5.Trustex Extra Large Condoms

This brand are readily available in worlds market. They are available in different types giving the consumer a chance to choose as per individual needs. These types include lubricated, dotted, colored, non-lubricated and ridged. Variety of flavors are included such as mint, banana, cola, grape and strawberry. The cool taste make the moments you share remarkable and more fun. It is of high quality having vibrant foils. The brand is about 0.002 inches thick thus ideal for men who wish for big condoms to fit their size. The studs and ribs are well located on the main points of contact.


i)Great choice for men who desire big condoms.

ii)Reinforced sides.


i)Quite expensive.

Best Condom Brands

4.Trojan Naturalamb Lubricated Condoms

This brand is ideal for latex sensitive people. It features water soluble lubricant for more comfort. They are perfect for those who wishes to plan their family effectively without using other forms of birth control such injection among others. It is clinically tested to certify the brand is very reliable to the customers. It includes KLING-TITE band that holds the condom securely in right position. They are highly sensitive. Avoid exposure to uninterrupted sunlight. It is recommended that you store the condom below 100 degrees Celsius.

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i)Awesome experience.

ii)Non-allergic lubricant.


i)Some users have complained of breakage during use.

Best Condom Brands

3.ONE Zero Condoms

ONE Zero Condoms are purely made of purified latex materials. Latex are strong and durable. Its manufacturing company incorporates modern technology for better results. They are thin as compared to other similar products in the market. It features spacious bottom alongside secure reservoir center. Most users have reviewed this brand very comfortable to the body. It keep you safe for more than 2 hours. The comfortable shape eliminates unusual tightness. It has FDA approval hence no toxic lubricants used.


i)Ultra-thin for more comfort.

ii)Highly sensitive for extra pleasure.


i)Evokes allergic reaction to some people.

Best Condom Brands

2.Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms

Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms provide guaranteed safety for sexual activities. They are very wide to accommodate large-body men. It easily snugs into your manhood. They are very thin and have more lubrication to ease tension while raising personal sensitivity. It is made of rubber and latex hence durable. It is advisable to strictly follow instruction given to get the best out of this brand of condoms. Latex can evoke allergic reactions to some few sensitive people.


i)Very thin yet strong.

ii)Natural feel makes it popular in the market.


i)It is a bit expensive.

Best Condom Brands

1.OKAMOTO Crown 100-Count Pack

This is one of the most sensitive condom brand available in the market. It is very thin that you can’t even feel that you are wearing it while making love. The brand is tested with electrostatic technology for reliability. The reservoir on the tip ensures that the condom is secure since the semen released does not accumulate at the sides. Furthermore, the condom has a pink tint. The condo is available at an affordable price. It delivers excellent protection from undesirable pregnancies and STIs.


i)Clinically tested and approved.

ii)Super sensitive and thin.


i)Unsuitable lubrication.

Best Condom Brands

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