Top 10 Best Computer Trackballs in 2019 Reviews

Are you in the market for the best computer trackballs? Well, we have a collection of the best trackballs in the market that we have reviewed conclusively to help you get the right one. It is imperative to compare trackballs to a mouse so that you know the difference. Trackballs have various useful advanced features compared to a mouse. One you try trackballs, you will never go back for a using mouse.

Trackballs are of two types. They include Microsoft Trackball Explorer and Microsoft Trackball Optical. Microsoft Trackball Explorer is one in which the index finger runs the trackball while the thumb controls the mouse button and wheels. Microsoft Trackball Optical works opposite to the first type. Both types are very simple to operate. Trackballs make computer browsing very fun.

How Does a Computer Trackball Operate?

Trackballs are useful especially when delivering long projects. This is because they simple to operate. Makes the fingers relaxed. All you need to do is to rotate the trackball while monitoring the mouse on the computer. Most of them work by controlling the mouse in a PC, Mac computers. Another advantage is that the trackball can move in all directions.

Advantages of Computer Trackballs

Unlike the mouse, trackballs offer high precision. For those who love computer gaming, this is very essential.  It will make the gaming of more fun as it works very fast. Most designers will opt for trackballs as they are very accurate.

Factors to consider when choosing Trackballs

They are various brands of trackballs available these days. Each type trackballs offer different features. Some have extra buttons while others do not. Everyone has his/her specifications. Buy one that will serve your needs to satisfaction.

Benefits of a Trackball

i) They are versatile and occupy little storage space.

Most computer trackballs are stationery. No need of large space. Contrary to an ordinary mouse that needs a rough tracking pad, trackball work best on all surfaces.

ii) Accurate

Most trackballs are very accurate hence most adopted for gaming and designing. Very easy to operate. Incorporates laser technology to guide the cursor on the screen accurately. Some have extra programmable buttons for better working.

iii) Ergonomic design

The unique ergonomic design makes you fingers feel relaxed. No straining while browsing. No need for many arm movements while using it.

Best Computer Trackballs in 2019

They are several brands of trackballs which is confusing especially for beginners to differentiate good quality from poor trackballs. Our effort is to make your work very easy. They are various factors to consider when choosing the size, cost, and the quality. Budget your money well to avoid straining. Also, go the best quality that you can afford for better results. The Top 10 Best Computer Trackballs in 2019 are:

10.Kensington Orbit Wireless Trackball Mouse

This wireless trackball mouse is precise and is for comfort. It comes with the customizable two buttons design via the Trackball Works software. This product is also compatible with Windows and with Mac OS Computers. This device also has the wireless operation with the USB dongle. With the fact that this product is wireless, it indicates that you can easily use this device and does not get in the way of the use of computer of an individual. It has the distinctive centered-ball design which provides you with more comfort and precise cursor control on the screen. Its unique scrolling touch enables you to glide with less effort through the documents and the web pages.

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i)Operates at higher frequency of  2.4 GHZ hence no lagging.

ii)Exclusive design for both right and left-handed people.


i)Uses two rechargeable batteries. These batteries produce some nasty sounds.

Best Computer Trackballs

9.Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball

This trackball mouse is tested and certified so as to have a minimum of 90-day warranty. You will not need this warranty since it has been made to last for a long time. It is powered by a battery which has a long battery life which go for up to 18 months. This device has been designed with the sculpted shape which supports your hands. This design also keeps the mouse stay in one position without allowing you to move your arm around while you are working. With this product, there is smooth, precise laser tracking wherever you use your trackball either in your couch, desk or your bed. The Logitech unifying receiver that comes with this device allows you to connect up to 6 compatible devices all at once.


i)Suitable for people with carpal tunnel.

ii)Superior long lasting battery.


i)After sometimes, the ball will be a bit stiff to roll due to dust accumulation along the ball bearings.

Best Computer Trackballs

8.Y-10W 2.4 GHz Portable Finger Wireless Ambidextrous Trackball

This mouse is wireless, and its design does not have space restriction. The design enables it to be very convenient and suitable to be used even in your living room. It also has the button controls fitted in it that will allow you to operate it anywhere while you are lying down, Sitting, learning or even body postures. It also eases harm of wrist joint or muscles considerably for some time while you are using this mouse. When you use this device, you save more space and time while you are using it. You will get this product at an affordable price.


i)Compatible with wide range of operating systems.

ii)It can be used by both left and right-handed personnel.


i)Does not include AAA battery.

Best Computer Trackballs

7.Kensington Expert Trackball Mouse

This device has been made with a large ball design that enables you to scroll in an easy and efficient way. This allows you to have a maximum precise movement of the cursor and smooth control as you track. The diamond eye optical technology design that this trackball mouse has improves the comfort and precision. This device also has the fourth button design which is compatible with windows, windows 8 included. This model is also compatible with Mac OS computers and laptops. The uniqueness of this product is that it has soft, detachable wrist rest which enables you to work for long hours comfortably. You can get this device in both wired and wireless versions.

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i)Ergonomic design improves its performance. The thumb controls the button while other fingers on the ball.

ii)It is large enough for proper tuning.

iii)Long lasting battery life.


i)Secondary buttons default very quickly.

Best Computer Trackballs

6.Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll Ring

This scrolling trackball mouse will ensure that you get all the peace and comfort you require all day.  The scrolling device that comes with this trackball mouse ensures the precision. The scroll ring enables you to pass through the documents and web pages till you get the one you are targeting. It has also been designed with two buttons which are customizable through Trackball software. This design increases the speed and the ease while you are scrolling across your things. It also uses small desk space. The optical technology ensures precise tracking hence no cleaning needed. With this device, you cannot match the speed and the experience that this product gives you with any other mouse.


i)Scroll ring offers extended precision.

ii)Work excellently with window and Mac OS operating system.


i)Lenient rubber cushioning supports the hand and wrist.

Best Computer Trackballs

5.3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro 3D-Mouse 3DX-700040

This item is a full-sized, soft coated hand rest to ensure that your hand can always stay relaxed while you navigate around the globe. The selection of buttons that comes with this device can be easily used, and it includes shift, escapes, and control. The buttons selection also offer comfort that you need. You can also totally program the buttons according to your specification. This is one of the best devices if you are in need a large mouse that will allow you perform all the activities easily and comfortably. Purchase this product today, and it will offer you the experience of being inside monitor as you carry out your operations.


i)Its unique design makes it compatible with wide range of operating systems.

ii)For beginners, it is very easy to learn how to operate this device to attain excellent performance.

ii)Extra scrolling keys for better operation. Also, the key is useful when it comes to space navigation processes.


i)Very expensive.

Best Computer Trackballs

4.Logitech Optical Marble Mouse

This product gives you durable up to date optical technology for the smooth, superior precision and dirt resistant hence removing the need of cleaning. This device has been made to have a sleek gray flexible shape design which allows you to use any hand. This will please those individuals who will need to use both hands. Therefore, with this product, it does not matter if you are right handed or left handed as you can use any hand effectively and easily. The black button eyes make this product look real. This mouse also saves on space.  The large finger-operated trackball that it has enabled maximum control and decreased movement of hand and wrist. It also has the mouse ware software which enables easy scrolling of web.


i)Long lasting optical technology ensures accurate browsing.

ii)Highly resistant to dirt thus no need of frequent cleaning. Also, dirt makes the ball stiff.

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iii)Light in weight hence you can carry along with you without straining.


i)Rough trackball movement.

Best Computer Trackballs

3.Logitech Trackman Wheel Optical

This mouse gives the ergonomic design and the right-hand orientation for right handed individuals. This device also has the optical tracking system. The sleek design of this device will attract the attention of those individuals who need stylish mouse design in their set up. The ambidextrous design that comes with this product gives great fingertip control to improve speed and accuracy. It also gives reliable and smooth tracking. The large trackball used to make this product helps to reduce the motion of the wrist.


i)It is unique including 4 programmable buttons.

ii)Very easy to clean and maintain the ball. All you need to do is remove the ball, wet the towel and wipe the ball thoroughly.

iii) Scrolls easily.


i)Has no scroll wheels. This inconveniences most of the users.

Best Computer Trackballs

2.Tonor Portable Finger Handheld Mini Trackball

You can use this hand-held mouse with no need of any space since it has been made such that it fits anywhere. It has been ergonomically designed to have a comfortable grip. With this device, you do not harm your wrist joint or muscles. This product also has been fitted with 2 dimensions and the buttons that can be controlled easily by the fingers. With this mouse, you can relax, sit on your sofa, lie down and enjoy your time surfing. Purchase this product in the market today, and you can scroll your 4D page in a short period of about one second.


i)Portable and lightweight.

ii)Once you are used to, it is very easy to operate.


i)Hard to learn how to use especially for beginners.

ii)People with small hands find it hard to operate.

Best Computer Trackballs

1.Kensington Slim Blade Trackball Mouse

This product is very precise, and it has been designed for exceptional comfort. This trackball mouse has a low-profile, minimal design that has an elegant style which looks great on your desk. It also comes with a customizable four-button design on it through Trackball software. This device also is compatible with both windows, windows 8 included and Mac OS computers and laptops. With this trackball mouse, the users will enjoy its sleek design. The users will also enjoy integrating this product into the setup of their computers. This device is one of the best computer trackballs you should consider purchasing.


i)It makes use of trackball software along 4 programmable buttons.

ii)Comfortable to the fingers and wrist.

iii)Sleek design makes it look modern.


i)It is not flexible hence you cannot move quickly from one place to other.

Best Computer Trackballs


The moment you start using computer trackballs, you will realize what you have missing out. They are superior to a computer mouse and have advanced controls. This list is a combination of many hours of research and a passion for technology. Don’t expect nothing but the best from this article. Happy shopping!

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